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Lesson 8 from: Editing and Retouching in Lightroom Mobile

Jared Platt

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the last thing that we do to a photograph, or maybe the first thing that we do to a photograph based on, uh, just kind of a global thing that we're doing two photographs is the crop itself and whether or not we do it at the beginning or whether we do it at the end, it's still a very important part of your photograph because every image has four frame edges and what you do with him is everything. And so there is a tool here that's fully committed to the crop. It's just it's not up here. It's right here. So I'm gonna click on that crop tool and inside the crop tool, you have the options for different aspect ratios. So three by two is kind of a normal sized nowadays. But if you happen to be working on a or you want a four by five, uh, style crop, you would click here, Um, which would be really appropriate for this photo because this guy is actually using an old style four by five camera. So I think I'll stick with the four by five. I think that's kind of funny, Um, but the crop means ever...

ything. And so as I'm negotiating crop Aiken Group dragged the crop around like this, I can drag the center of the crop, or I mean, the edges of the crop. If I grab a side of a crop, it starts to crop. Both sides independent are together. Um, at the same time, same thing with the bottom. Um, so I'm gonna negotiate this crop based on my edges. If I want to adjust the crop kind of angle it, then I'm going to sit outside of this and I don't have to grab onto this control I can grab over here anywhere outside the crop allows me to angle it. And it also has these guidelines. As soon as I click on it to to move, it has guidelines that help me kind of negotiate so that I get this edge right here of this building. I'm lining it up with those grid lines inside of the crop tool. Um and then I also have the ability to flip the crop. I have the ability to flip the actual image itself, which would be a bad idea, because there's actual text information in there. But if you didn't have texting information in there. It's certainly capable of flipping your image either way. Um, and then there's the straighten option. And so in this case, I'm just gonna kind of crop to here and hit done, And then I'm gonna go out and I'm gonna find another image. So we're just gonna go looking for an image here that's of a landscape so any landscape will do. But I want one that has a specific or there we go. Now let's actually let's look at this all my horizons. Air two straight. I'll bet you they're not actually straight. They just already been cropped. Um, let's see if this one's already been cropped. Nope, it hasn't. But if I want to make sure that I have a perfectly straight horizon, I can use this straightened tool. Simply click on that straightened tool and it straightens it, and it didn't have to do much, but it just automatically looks for her. Rise in line so you can do that again. You can. You can follow it like this, But if you're here and you want to straighten it, just click. Straighten and boom. It finds the horizon line, and it allows you to quickly straighten your image. And then from there on out, if you just grab the edges, you can re negotiate the crop. But again, everything hinges around the crop. The crop is so important, so I'm always looking to see what am I creating in a photograph based on. See how this window down here is is playing with the edge of the crop, So I'm really looking to give myself ah, shapes over in the left hand bottom corner. There's a nice little triangle, so the crop does all of that, and it's really important to pay attention to your crops. So don't forget the crop tool click done, and now you're images cropped and ready to be adjusted further inside of your, um, local adjustment tools.

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