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Synchronizing Edits

Lesson 12 from: Editing and Retouching in Lightroom Mobile

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

12. Synchronizing Edits

Lesson Info

Synchronizing Edits

Okay. Finally, the last thing that we should talk about when it comes to our adjustments inside of the develop module. So when we're working on images here inside of our develop module, like, say, we had just worked on this when we brightened it up, we like the way it looks. We need to synchronize those because I don't need to go to this image and do the same stuff that I did on this image. It's just a waste of my time. So instead, what I want to do is I want to copy the information from this image to this image, and so there are several ways to do it. The first way do it is if you come to the second image and you want to steal all the stuff that you made in the one image you can simply go and click on. So there's a little button right over here and you click on it and it's saying, Apply from previous photo and I can just to apply the adjustments or I comply everything. So adjustments air kind of those global things, and all would suggest anything in everything, including, you know, a ...

spot removal or anything like that. So I'm gonna click all and boom. So now I've got this image that's done, and this image is almost all done. It's It's almost perfect. It is a little darker. And so I might come in here and just increase maybe the shadow just a little bit. Or better yet, what I would do is come in with my local adjustment brush and just paint in right here. Oh, any did go bigger on that brush? I would just paint in right here a little bit of brightness. So I go into the light and just just brighten up her face just a little bit and hit done, and then that would be perfect. So I didn't have to redo the whole photo. I just simply said, Hey, whatever I did on the last one, go ahead and apply it to this one. Um, the other way that we can work on photos is to select a set of photographs. So if we click on, say, this image here and we know we like that image, um, we can apply all of those settings so we could just say I like, So I'm going to go in here and select this image, and I'm in a copy all of my adjustments, So I just copied. So by hitting that copy button, I copied all of the adjustments, and now I'm going to select a bunch of photos that are similar to each other. There we go, and now I'm gonna paste and it's gonna ask me, Do I really want to paste it to these 11 photos? I'm gonna hit, apply, and it's pasting each one individually, and it's it's saying, Okay, this one, this one, this one, all of these each one is going to get that same a setting pasted onto it. Now, one of the problems that you'll find inside of working in light room like this is that it's not quite as fast as working inside of light room. Classic Light from Classic has a lot more synchronization options, including Auto Sync, which you do not have inside of light ra mobile or even inside of light from desktop. So if you are used, if you're if you need a workhorse and you need to get through a lot of images really fast, this cut and paste mentality is not really the fastest way to do things. And so I consider the The IPad is kind of a sketch pad. It's a place where I take several images and I work on the image that I want to work on, and I don't try and work on every image. I don't try and finish a job. I just work on the images that I need to get out the door or that I want to send to social media while I'm in the process or while I'm traveling. And I just want to work on some images and sketch my ideas, because as soon as I get back to my my office, I can open up light room classic and I could just copy. I just I can just click on the one image that I did select. And then I did adjust in the light in, um in my IPad, and I could just highlight another photos and sink him, and it will just sink across, and it won't take that long, so this had to do it individually. It just does it. And so that's the value of working in tandem, using the IPad and light room Classic because you could do some sketching here, and then when you get home, you can apply it to other images. So that is the process of copying and pasting the work that you've done on one image to another image.

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