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How to Set Up Your Email List

Lesson 4 from: Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

Jeff Goins

How to Set Up Your Email List

Lesson 4 from: Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

Jeff Goins

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Lesson Info

4. How to Set Up Your Email List

Lesson Info

How to Set Up Your Email List

We have talked about kind of the technique and I've talked about how you know tools aren't as important as techniques because tools come and go but we do need to understand how to use the tools I remember growing up and my dad was a really handy guy and I was not I inherited his gene for looking young but I didn't inherit his handy jean are maybe I just I didn't want to inherit it because it looks like hard work and when my dad will be working on a project he would ask me for a tool and I would go and I grab something that I thought resembled what he was asking me and I would you know, give him a spade or an allen wrench or you know, something that maybe doesn't look like what you think it might look like I guess a spade does anyway was a very handy said bring him the tool and hugo that's not it you know, three four trips down in the basement and you know I'd never get the right tool and he was very patient but I'll go like just use it it's fine you know, like uh a butter knife the bac...

k of a butter knife works as a hammer fine right? And he would always look at me and he would get kind of serious and he would say, jeff, you need to use things where they're made for now, I being excellent english, always I was quick to want to correct him, they don't end a sentence in a proposition, but, you know, that wasn't the point, and it was about tools, and this is true, we want to use things for what they're made foreign. So although techniques trump tools, tools are important, we do want to use these tools for how they're made, and I know the subject of email marketing, especially for more arctic artistic people, creative minded entrepreneurs, if you're like me, you just go, I just want somebody to deal with this. I just want to get my web guy to do this, and I think there's some reason to a t least understand the basics of how this works, so that when something break it's, because something might you go fix it, or if your you're like I was, we have zero budget starting out, you need to set this thing up yourself, you know how to do it. And the good news is that you can is that you have the tools available to you. There are lots of resource is I'm going to talk about some of those things, and we're going to walk you through that as well, so what we're talking about here is we're talking about something very technical I mean it's it's not over your head technical but there are some techniques to it and some tools that we're going to have to learn how to use so I want to get started you guys ready to get started to actually figure out how to do this at the beginning of this course I promise you that if you would commit he wouldn't fall asleep on you would do the things that we talked about doing that you would have an email list that is functioning by the end of this time together and the first part to doing that if you don't have an email list is getting it set up getting it started and we've been talking a lot about email lists but really we're talking about this permission marketing framework that we talked about in the previous session where you are getting permission to communicate with people and then you are building trust with them so that you can get them to do something so that you convert them to customers or two dedicated followers and fans whatever it is that you're trying to get them to do and so there's this framework but that is just a concept that's just a theory I have to take this framework and we have to fit it into a tool that's going to make that work which is an email newsletter and it's actually three components that we're going to talk about in a second but basically whether or not you use one tool over another you need three things to communicate with your audience you need a list of people write you need contacts that want to hear from you need to have their information their addresses a way to contact them makes sense right? You need a way for people to ask for information from you away to sign up and then lastly you need ada medium to communicate with them so when we talk about une male news letter or an email list we're actually talking about all three of these components a list of people ah way to get more people on board and then a way to communicate with them so what I want to do in this session is I'm going to sit down in a second and I'm going to walk you through how to set this up and we're going to use male chimp which is an email newsletter tool there are a lot of tools out there I've used many of them on I recommend a lot of them I certainly recommend male chimp I've used it for years the reason that we're using male chimp here is first of all it's free and it's not free like have to give your credit card and then like some day it's going to get charged but if you cancel before it gets started free for that time it's free forever up to two thousand subscribers so you can get set up today and you can follow along right now with me, which is what I'm hoping you'll do and you guys watching online will do is either take lots of notes or even walk through this with me as I'm doing it because in a matter of minutes we're going to get you off to the races with an email list a way for people to sign up and then a way for you to start sending your first newsletter which what we put in that we're going to talk about this afternoon so all really good we're ready to get started so the first thing that you need to do is you need to set up your list we talked about those three things the first thing that you want is you want a list now I want to be clear and go back to the permission marketing thing if you have a list of people that gave you their information a long time ago or they bought something from you and you have their contact information, you know, because you you need it for a credit card receipt or something don't mistake that for permission I'm not saying that you don't have permission because in some cases you might but just because you have somebody's information doesn't mean you have permission to start sending them an email newsletter every single week or every single day every single month it just means that you have their email list but doesn't mean that you can't ever email them, but to send them an unsolicited message without them agreeing to receive it from you is spam and and that's technically illegal. Now, if they can unsubscribe from it. It's technically ethical, but what we want to do is we don't want to just dump a bunch of people on a list that are going to be surprised to hear from this that's not really permission that's not what we're talking about. What we want to do is we want to engage with an audience and we want to draw them in we want to attract them to what we have to say so that when we send them a message it's personal it's anticipated and it's relevant, they want to hear what we have to say and a thousand or ten thousand customers that you haven't heard from you in years might not be those people. Now, there are ways to bring those people into this new framework in a way that that what you're asking permission to communicate with them, but then just dumping them into a list is what we're talking about here, so when you set up a list, keep that in mind now if you have some people who you know say you're a musician or something and this is typical at concerts where musicians will have you know, these clipboards air, you know, pieces of paper, it says senate for our mailing list and you've got a a big long list of names and e mails and said, yes, I want to hear from you about your next show, your album or whatever, then you have permission to send it to them, so don't just think justcause somebody didn't go to an email, opt in on a website and enter their email that they haven't given permission if they've explicitly given it to you in some ways where they've given you not only the address but they've given it to you understanding that there's an intent that you're going to send something to them, then you have permission, but just because you have their information doesn't mean that they're expecting to hear from you. And I think just a great test for that is if I send them an email, are they going to be surprised? You know, if they're going to be surprised then you don't have permission and in that case you're interrupting your doing what we talked about last time where you're showing up on somebody's door stepping to say, hey, look at me, listen to me and we never asked for you to show up on our doorstep ok, so we're going to set up our list now and so for those of you watching, um what you can do is you can follow along with me, I'm going to sit down and I'm gonna, um I am going to log into male chimp, but I'm going to show you how to set up a list, so this is male champion of belgian dot com within a few minutes, you can sign up for a free account, and I cover more of that in the many course I'm not going to do that here because it's just entering a bunch of information and I don't even know my password, but here's, the little monkey that's, the male chimp and when you log in, it changes the girl here, but you just gotta meltem dot com and that's real sign up when you first sign in there will be a dashboard that doesn't look like this. It will be these three things that you need to do, and we're going to go through those three things, but because I've already set this up, it doesn't have that, but basically it's going to tell you to set up your list, start importing or adding contacts, and then start sending a message, so the first thing that we're going to do when we set up a list is we're gonna go lists right and as you can see, I've created a list called subscribers I'm going to create a new list called awesome people and it's going to be for everybody who's following along this course because you are all awesome and then as you see here you khun you can have some things like this is your from names when somebody gets an email in their in box you know a lot of times in your inbox that won't just say their email address it'll say an actual name and then behind that you click that and I'll show you the email address or depending on you know what you're using behind that I will say you know jeff that goings right or not calm so so I'm gonna put use my name I'm gonna try to spell it correctly and who knows if they're going to succeed uh this is all part of the show guys like I'm glad you entertain because we planned all this and this is my real email address so if you have any feedback from you can actually email me there on dh then this is a default subject and so what this means is when you open up to send a campaign this is going to be the default thing that goes in there you can change this so you could leave it blank if you want you can see that this is optional but this is just you know, if you if you typically have like a prefix to the beginning of it of every email that you're going to send like newsletter you know number what you know one and then it's news number two etcetera and then you've got a subject after that then you could do that so I'm just going to call this um you know, awesome update we'll talk more about howto smartly uh title your subject lines but for now you can do that this is important this is a reminder an opt in reminder and inevitably you will get somebody who will go to your website and you'll see this great promise and this promise will say I want to send you free information about kitchen clogs by the way, you know, the kitchen clogs everything I do because my friend showed me that she has a kitchen clogs all the information about kitchen clogs, all I need is your email address here and when you sign up I'm going to give you a ah free discount on the best kitchen clogs you've ever had. So we've got all of those, you know, we've got the promise we've got the bait and now I'm gonna ask for their information they go in, they enter their email, then they get another email saying police confirm that this was you asking for this information okay, yeah, that was me click I confirm and then you start setting them information about kitchen clogs in six months down the line they will send you a nasty, terrible email that says I never asked for an email from you I never signed up for this how did you get my information? It's gonna happen asleep that's happened to me a few times and I don't know what to say except you signed up for this, but it does happen and people forget about things or maybe their friends hacked their email, then signed up and then confirmed, I guess that's possible. This is a reminder, hey, fun person, you're getting this despite what you remember, I would actually put this because you signed up for free updates or something on my block and maybe even put that, you know, block address in there like I would or the you know, website, but you could basically say you're getting this because you asked for it and and this or you could say something like this is you make it fun. This is your weekly dose of awesome that you asked for don't forget that part um uh delivered straight to your inbox or something like that, but you get the idea, so you're reminding them that they opted in that they had a choice, that nobody was twisting their arm and they did sign up for this so yes, he had just had a question come in, carly ask does an email newsletter half to be at a daily weekly monthly rate? Can she do something that's effective at a quarterly rate? Great question and as a lot of things that the answer is it depends we'll talk about this this afternoon where we talk about different newsletter types, okay, um, and I'll give some examples I think the best thing to do is for me to share with you the options and then for you to choose into the things that would work well for you and your audience. What I will say is by and large, anything less than a monthly frequency feels easy to forget and if you don't know where to start and you don't know what to do, I recommend a monthly or weekly frequency because that's, when things tend to reset for us, I don't know about your schedule, but most of the things that I do on a regular basis, I do them well likely. So if I sign up to get information from somebody on I get it once a week, I think I have work that into my rhythm I go, oh, I was expecting this remember, we're trying to get people anticipate our messages, I don't do a lot of things on a quarterly basis as a business owner, I pay taxes but I always forget to do that, which is why I have my wife reminds me so that's the on ly downside to that is, um, if that's the on ly kind of messaging that you're sending out, people might not anticipated, they might forget that they signed up, and you want them to anticipate that you want them tow want it. So if you can't do quarterly, I would try to nudge you towards considering monthly. Terrific ok, so now we've got all this, and this is important. This is where people put this where you were put, put your contact information when you sign up for male chimp, they're going to ask you for your contact information and maybe like me, you're going to go well, here's my home address and you don't want to do that because it will publish your home address unless you want all of your readers to know your home address. So what you can do is you can use appeal box, which I use. This is a new account that I just created to walk you through this, but for a while I did this, I said somewhere downtown and in franklin, tennessee crazy story, and I'm crazy to share here because it'll probably happen again, I changed this. And people will see this it's a tiny little foot at the bottom of your email don't even pay attention of those things, but people see this and people email but people mail me snail mail at this address now what's crazy is it comes to my house so that's why I got a p o box because it just is jeff coins somewhere downtown and franklin tennessee that's it I live in a small town not that small though and it gets to my house so be aware of that I guess ok down here these are notifications and what this means is when you get people joining this list, you can opt in to get e mails about it this is, you know, probably the fastest way to get depressed, by the way is tio yes, email me when people on subscribe because every time you send a message somebody's going up, I don't want to read this anymore eso I will leave that up to you. I am a tender soul and I don't like to know when people don't want to hear from me, but what you could do here is you can get a daily summary and it basically says this many people signed up today and this many people unsubscribed or you can get one at a time e mails I did this when I first started my email list every time I got a subscriber, somebody would email me and I go hey thinks it's awesome. They're already getting an auto response, but I go hey, thanks so much, and then people would unsubscribe, I would go, what did I do? Like, may I'll change? They're breaking up with me, you know? And it was it was sad when my email has got over a thousand subscribers unchecked, all of this, because it was just fluctuating, you know, it was growing by a lot, but I mean, people are un subscribing. I mean, that first time I sent an email had fifty on subscribes and I was devastating and an email, the friend of mine had, like, one hundred thousand email subscribers, and I said, did this happen to you? Did they do this to you, too? And he says, yeah, he goes, happens every time I send a message, you have to be committed to your message over the whims of people because people are going to come and go and that's okay? I mean, if you think about it as a business person, this is your shop and you're you're opening the doors. People can come and go as they please, and some people are going to come and go. I thought this was for me. I appreciated the free download now that I've hung out for a few newsletters, it's not for me, I'm gonna I'm gonna take off, but people and subscribe for, you know, the most random of reasons, and I realized that it wasn't cause they hated me. It was a get too much email. I read your block everyday. I don't I don't need an extra email, right? I'm moving everything over to our ss, and the best thing that I could do is go god bless you, thanks so much. I'm going to stop getting these e mails because this having crazy so you could do the daily summary or the one by one, uh, before both subscribing and unsubscribe ng down here on this will come into play when we look at forms where the book and sign up this is the email format. And so an html newsletter is something with graphics, and if you get any news letters where there's a header pictures they're using html. If you're getting just a plain text email that is obviously plain text it's just like human beings sending e mails and whether or not you do one or the other, we'll talk about that a little bit later, we talk about newsletter type. That depends on your business that depends on your message that depends on your brand and your audience but this right here is just letting people know if they want just the plain text version or the html version they can pick that and when they sign up so that's that's how you create a list ok let's name to fall all that stuff and now I go save and it's going to say you are awesome see male chimp is really good that monkey likes to affirm you I like being affirmed a tender soul and the words of affirmation and so they tell you what to do next at a subscriber remember, you only want to do this with permission, but let's walk through that just to see what that would look like. So this is all a part of building your list this isn't about creating a sign up for me. I will talk about that in a second. This is just let's say I've been telling people like like you, troy, you've been getting ready to launch this website for a while you've been doing these interviews, you've got content, but you haven't launched it yet, so maybe somebody has told you, dude, whenever you do that, I won't be the first guy on the list on and you know that you have permission and you could go ok like joe bob at gmail this guy's gonna get a lot of email today probably joe bob gmail how they know uh you're gonna add job you know and he's a simple guy he lives in tennessee where I'm from you little explains hacked e mails and you're saying yes definitely this person totally gave me permission to be added to my list not just they just give me their email address just cause you have any madras doesn't mean you have permission I can't stress that enough if you don't do this if you go all that's that's okay it's fine it's my mom or whatever if you don't take care of this you will get blacklisted if enough people complain about saying I didn't opt into this remember even when you make it very clear on people do opt in they still sometimes forgets sometimes people will say I never opted into this and they will complain in every email newsletter system there's a complaint system where somebody goes on unsubscribe ing and I never signed up for this that's account against you and if you get enough counts against you you're going to get blacklisted and it's very hard to get white list that once you get blacklisted and we don't need to go on the technicalities of that but it just makes it very, very, very, very, very hard to ever send an email to anybody other than your mom again so you really want she take this seriously it's better to grow slowly with permission than to grow fast without it. Ok, so yes, he did. I know joe bob ran into today, he said, when I'm going to get on your email is troy, I'm going to subscribe him and now awesome people one c is not fun there's mohr because you guys are awesome and people watching are awesome. Um, but so now we've got an email list of one, people on and you could add more, but that is how you set up a list and so then he would go back to your dashboard, go back to your monkey and now you can see this, you've got a little dashboard here and this is your list growth, so once we create a form and we embedded in your website, which we're going to talk about next there we'll see list growth will see ok, we've got, you know, we've got new people subscribing so we could do an import. Wow, look at that list growth, guys, we have two people important cause I important somebody yesterday creating the m the bonus video s o that will show you your list growth, and as you can see, you know, we're growing by two hundred percent, which is amazing, well done, um and so over time you'll see lots of everything so if I don't do the import cause I didn't that person didn't subscribe buy imported them that's why there's that discrepancy there and then it'll show you you know, the growth over time of existing so let's I had you know had zero and now went tio so it shows you you're listening that's just a little reporting okay, so any questions on that? Yeah erica so you have one list here? Do you recommend having different lists for different types of people are all just one list? How does that work? Great question. So one of the things that you need to be careful with with male chimp this isn't true for every email system is if you create multiple lists you can't email those lists all at once so if you want if if you are a business and you have a list for this product in that product and that product but maybe once a quarter you did want to send a big blast it says here's our big quarterly sale or something you wouldn't be able to do that and so you would either on ly be able to send to one list at a time uh you know only one of them or all of them separately, but then somebody who has subscribed all three of those which is possible they'd get three messages from you which is annoying I mean we all know that's kind of annoying so the way to overcome that with male chimp is to create groups and groups are you know you still have one list but then you can kind of segment those lists into different groups and I think that might be something that is on ly available with the paid version so we're on mail ship there's a free version where you can create lists but I think groups yeah, I don't I don't know that that's available oh, here we go yep never mind you can create groups so what you could do is you could say I want one list but I once let's say you know I have got I've got my let's let's talk about you piers so you've got some maybe you've got some different things that you're doing right so what would be some different groups that you would reach so if I were to say premarital yeah that's wonderful for you to say people have been married five years or more in another group of something like that yeah, yes you've got married people and people that are about to get married and the messaging for that is going to be different I mean you might have a siri's that you sent out the email that is here the five things that you need to hear the five questions that you need to ask your future spouse on dh then and then you've got some some other newsletter or message that you want to send out to how to keep your marriage strong and healthy. The only reason to set up a group would be, and a group is going to be with analysts, you've got a list, and then you've got different groups on, and you can email those separately, you can segment them separately, or you can email them all at once. The only reason to set up groups under one list is because you would want to eventually email all those people all at once, and I would say another benefit to that when it comes to creating the form is if you wanted tio only have one email form it's going to be for one list, so each email opt in form is going to be for that respective list. Does that make sense? So if I've got so, for example, what I did was I had a blogging newsletter, but I also had a weekly newsletter, and so whenever I blogged would get the blonde post in your inbox, but then I would also send, like a weekly update on sunday, and I wanted to at certain times I wanted to be able to email all those people all at once, and I wanted to have one opt inform where somebody could say yes, I want your free e book. I want updates from you. And then they got to click these little radio buttons he's a little, you know, xboxes that said ok, yep. I want just the weekly news that air I want the daily blonde post as well. And you got to choose any time you see a website where you get to choose that where they've got maybe like, a daily blawg post or quota of the day on, then they've got like, a weekly newsletter and you can select that they may be using male chimp. They may not, but that's what's going on here and that's what you could do with groups. So, jeff, we actually have we're getting started are we were diving in or getting into male stripper actually taking action, but I want to mention lindsey laidlaw says, should you start a subscriber base as soon as you start your business or blogger? Or should you wait to have more of a following? Is it pointless to have a base of fifteen or one on and then send them regular e mails? That is good question s o I don't think you should wait because I mean that's kind of that's an interesting question should you wait until you have a following? Well, this is how you get a following right? And I understand we're saying maybe get more twitter followers or maybe you get the list to a certain size and then you start delivering content, but think about we're talking about here, we're talking about relationships, you know, should you wait until you have five kids before you call yourself a family and actually go on a family vacation? I think that first kid would really appreciate the vacation, you know, having to wait five or six years on dh that's I mean that's sort of a, you know, an extreme, but I think if one person shows up to hear what you have to say, you better make that one person feel like they're the most important person to your business to your brand. I mean, that's that's sort of like saying I need a way they'll have fifteen people show up in one shot before I start selling stuff you want to treat that person really well and take a lot of care of them, and I get it because I as much as I don't understand numbers, I look at big numbers and I go, oh, yeah, that looks good, I want those numbers to go higher, I want more people to listen, but it really does come down to this one the one thing remember, too, that email subscriber they don't really care that they're one in a million or one in one, they want to know that they matter to you because when they get their message from you in their in box that's, all that they care about right is this is this message relevant to me, and so I would start with one and grow from there. And the cool thing is, once you start adding value, delivering content to that person, if it's good, they'll tell people about it that's one way that you can convert your readers it two more readers you might speak to this question a little bit later in the course, but vh we've heard it actually repeated a few times in the chat room, asking for suggestions on ways to build that list if you are at that smaller, smaller place where you might not have as many followers earlier last segment we talked about maybe doing the blind dating version, trying out our email list do you have any tips for people to go ahead and try that out? It's a great question I want to cover that in the next traffic, but yes, I do, and if if I don't scratch that itch, I definitely let's come back to that, okay, yes, terry, if you already have a few subscribers on a blogged, could you assume permission? Yeah, yeah so I looked at your all of your websites and twitter profiles I know that some of you do have followings on some of you are, you know, still pending your your side design and you've got a great logo, but you're going to create content. So yes, so when I started melting by actually migrated from another service on bloggers like free things, I like free things, but I liked that male chimp gave me some better analytics, they love me to measure more things, and and it looked cooler. I was able to control the look and feel of the email a lot more. Mel chip is probably the best email newsletter system for designing beautiful email templates, and so what I did was I had a bunch of subscribers through feed burger, which is a free google service on dh it's, you know, it's, it's free, it's, it's, good it's, great for getting started, but it didn't have aa lot of the tools that I wanted, and the biggest thing and it didn't have is I couldn't email people without posting to my blawg, and I think it's really important that when you build an email list, if you're a blogger and you're just sending out content from your block teary mellis, that you have the ability to sometimes when you want email them directly, because an email list sounds different from a block post doesn't it and sometimes you want to say hey how's it going everything okay or as I had to do last year hey my web sites down because I forgot to pay my hosting cause please don't go anywhere I'll be back soon I had their email list and was able to do that but if I had if I was using feed burner had to blawg to tell them that my blood was down that would have never happened there are a lot of benefits to having an email interests just as they are there are in real life where you can email somebody just hey heads up this this is happening for that permission just send them email to those old email address addresses explain what you're doing and ask for permission well if they've already given you permission there's not necessarily need to ask for it again so if I am a subscriber of years and uh and I wanted teo and I said yeah I'm terry stafford dot com I want blawg updates from you and you're just behind the scenes kind of changing your systems and and you're taking a lump of subscribers and you're moving them into another lump um then you don't need to ask my permission because I go well of course I already gave it to you now if you're changing the format if you're introducing a weekly newsletter then you might want to give them a heads up, but in that case, they've already given you permission and it's ok, I think it's okay for you too evolved for your blogged for your website for the way you communicate with your readers it's ok for to evolve and for people to at any time say, this isn't for me. This is for me. We could drive ourselves crazy going I promised, you know, ten years ago that I'd always send one email every other leap here, and I feel like I need to break that promise now you could be upfront with people and say, I think I'm gonna block a little bit more a little bit less, so I'm gonna try this weekly newsletter and you guys let me know if this works and if it doesn't, you know I'll change it back it's okay to try things and it just give people a heads up, it doesn't have to be ok. I'm doing this new thing now I need you to give me permission because what you don't want, what I what I can't handle is having a different things that I gotta manage this newsletter for these people that want this, I think grouping things is good, but I like having you know one or two lists. Uh unless it's just a one off you know where I'm going to go download a free copy of my book here and I know everybody won't want that and I'm acquiring emails for that, but I've got some sort of content delivery system I want keep it simple, you know, one core group of people and if I want to segment it a little bit, I could do that, but I want to keep it simple because that will allow me to do what I do, which is create content and create the best amount of content and I just I create better content when I'm focusing on one project versus ten, but no, I don't think I have to ask for permission in that instance and if you've got a list of subscribers you can important them see that you can so you don't have to add them one at a time, you know? So if you had a thousand or eight thousand or even one hundred email subscribers on another system and you wanted to move it to male chimp, you could do that here and you could export it as an excel spreadsheet or csp file uh you khun you, khun hook it up if you're on sales force with your business, all of these are ways to import contacts into male chimp now remember just because you've got these little tools here if somebody didn't asks to receiver newsletter they bought something from you you know a few years ago that doesn't mean you should put them on your newsletter list but you might want to pull them in the male chimp justcause you want to email them you know once in a while or let them know that you know there's a new something that makes sense that's relevant where they gave you their information but they weren't explicitly signing up for your newsletter but you can import all that stuff here and it will let you know if they'll accept the email so mel ship won't accept all the e mails if females dead it's clearly dead or it was a bogus email that somebody put in and the previous system didn't catch it s o you know there are some parameters to that and then once they're imported you know you could let them know that they've been imported into the system they were explicitly get a confirmation and unless you decide to do that really quick question for you jeff we have a couple actually related to feed burner part one is from skill as can newsletter subscriptions replace the duty of feed burner as a blogger email subscription for example can I set it up so that when they subscribe viet male chimp there not only added to my newsletter list but also subscribe to the email or ss feet on my block and then there you go. Yes, it's called a nora says campaign in that that many course I don't know that we have time to go through it right now otherwise won't get through the other stuff, but you can see right here this is an r s driven campaign you can create basically the equivalent of feed burner feed burner is you've got an r s s camp a narcissist feed of all your content that's pulling from your website and this is just pulling that feed and it's sending out the email just like feed burner does but it's doing it here and this is why I started with mel ship in the first place is I had feed burner, but I've heard about an email list there are all these different things and I wanted them all in one place and you could do that with male chimp. We had another question from aaron w says I've been using feed burner but have recently switched to male chimp any tips on that transition? Additionally, can you use the e mails from phoebe burner and import to male trump? Or do I need permission again? Great question we just we just talked about I just showed howto import you don't need permission again if you're sending the same kind of content you can't import using that an important oh well that I just showed great thank you

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