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EQ Master Class

Graham Cochrane

EQ Master Class

Graham Cochrane

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1 EQ in Action Duration:26:08
2 General EQ Questions Duration:10:43
3 Use EQ While Tracking Duration:26:23
4 General EQ Questions Duration:09:37
6 EQ Mistakes Part I Duration:32:18
7 EQ Mistakes Part II Duration:15:18
8 General EQ Questions Duration:15:44
9 All Those Knobs! Duration:29:02
10 General EQ Questions Duration:46:35
11 Favorite EQ Hacks #1-3 Duration:23:49
12 Favorite EQ Hacks #4 Duration:26:28
13 Favorite EQ Hacks #5-6 Duration:37:25

Class Description

Learn the fundamentals of equalization: when to use it, why, and exactly how it works.

In this master class you’ll learn concepts and techniques behind good EQ practices. Graham Cochrane will use stock plugins and share EQ lessons you can apply no matter which DAW you use. You’ll learn about using high-pass and low-pass filters to carve out space for each element in the mix and advanced techniques for making surgical boosts and cuts.

If you want quality mixes, you have to understand how to expertly use EQ. Tune in for EQ Master Class and Graham will show you how.


a Creativelive Student

I watched both the compression and the EQ master class, and have several comments to make. First Graham is an excellent teacher, he does a great job of explaining things in a way that anyone can understand. He covers a lot of information in both classes so for many people it would be worth the price of buying the videos. I do wish he would have spent more time talking about more advanced compression techniques. I also wish he would have talked about other ways of getting similar results for those who do not have the options that he has. Things like stacking compressors via re-tracking, I also wish he would have spent more time talking about things like side chain compression, he only briefly talked about it. However if you do not understand compressors or are just inexperienced then you could probably learn a lot as he does cover all the basics real well. To me I didn't learn much about the technical aspects of either compression or EQ, but that could be because I already know a lot I guess, but I loved hearing his philosophies toward EQ, compression and general work flow. I got a lot of confirmation in that what I am doing is the right path, as most of what he does I am all ready doing, so it was good to know that at least there is someone successful doing things the same way. He does have some basic common sense tricks that for many may be a real eye opener. Things like using subtractive EQ, and using HPF, and the use of reference tracks are great advice, and he explains why these things are so important in a very articulate, professional way that anyone could understand. Graham is very professional, very articulate, very personable, and does a great job of explaining things. However it you have much experience and you understand how to use a compressor and you understand why you should use reference tracks, a HPF and other things like that, then you might not learn anything, but if you are not that experienced, or you do not understand how a compressor works, or the proper way of using EQ, then this is the class for you and Graham is the teacher to explain all this stuff in simple terms. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is seeking this knowledge.


This has been a great class. The stream was awesome, host and instructor all very good at what you do. I have followed Graham the last moths on his site. I get daily tips and find these valuable. I will be getting some of these products very soon as I am having my 8x8 recording booth installed this weekend. Thank you Creative Live and all the behind the scenes staff for bringing us into your studio. Job extremely well done.