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Lesson 4 from: Experimental Mobile Photography

Lisa Carney

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4. Equipment

Lesson Info


let's take a few minutes and talk about equipment. And when I refer to the equipment, you know, I'm not talking about are using an ipad are using an iphone and android that's not the equipment. And talking about what I'm discussing here is maybe the extra bits that you might want to add to your arsenal to up your game for your shooting. Now, if you've taken some of my other courses, you have already seen some of these elements. However, I have a few new things I would love to show you and talk about which might add to your photographic game. So again, this is equipment in addition to your mobile device and or your ipad that you might be shooting with. Okay, let's take a look if we're going to talk real quickly about some basic equipment pieces like tripod, cas, assists, lenses, lighting cubes, some other lighting options, color charts, and pens and as I said, I've gone over this once before in another course, but I've got some new pieces for you. So on tripods, I have been using this l...

ightweight tripod forever and it has finally failed me out in the wilderness. Let's just say filming and shooting out by lakes. So I'm going to cancel this and suggest you go with something a little more sturdy. Now the issue is going to be how high will it telescope and will it go tall enough for you? So these are things to consider. I'm also a found of these gripping tripods that you can wrap around things like boulders and whatnot. I'm still a huge fan of this little grip that fits on the back of your camera and I'm still not using the gimbal for whatever it's worth. But you let me show you this new thing. All right. This is called the beast grip and it is amazing. It's light but strong weight and you can have a hot shoe on it for a flash or a mic. You can use it with your moment lenses and it's really a sturdy mount for your camera. I love this thing and it kind of gives an era of authenticity or legitimacy to shooting with an iphone. I have to tell you though it's not cheap. It will run you about $140 us dollars lanyards are still my inexpensive insurance policy and I'm still a big moment lens user. However, now I use it with my B script on my lighting. I'm still a big bloom cube loom panel and anchor iphone flash. However, oh my really gotten into these pro photo lights. But before I jump to that, let me talk to you a little bit about a flashlight. I'm going to interrupt myself here on the equipment to talk about this new flashlight. I got this is the grooviest flashlight. It's got all sorts of settings you can use to light your piece. It's super cool. But oh my gosh, look at this. It's got this little pull out light that you can use to light things. What do you want to see my nose? I have to tell you this new addition to my arsenal is phenomenal, especially when I'm lighting those figures, I can do so much with it. So anyway, check it out. A flashlight. Isn't just a flashlight anymore. All right back to the equipment. It's so excited by the stupidest stuff. These pro lights however are not stupid. They're very amazing. They are a great addition to your arsenal. Their handheld lights you can use and they've got a lot of power to them. So check those out if you find you like those, you might want to up your game and get the B- 10 lights. These are all battery, portable lights. Crazy expensive but amazing. So this is like a serious investment if you head this direction. But if you find you need more power and you have jobs that warrant it. Like I'm getting editorial portrait jobs that I can afford to pay for these lights with. So check these out again be 10 pro lights. It doesn't hurt to mention once again the colour chart that I use with my iphone to do color correction. However, please remember we're talking across the ecosystem here. So you can definitely use this with your iphone or even with your ipad using light room mobile and lastly on the equipment. I want to talk about pens and more so than ever, especially with experimental and conceptual photography. These pens come in handy. It doesn't matter if you're using the friendly sweet pen, you're using the I of the apple pencil with an ipad or if you're using awake um tablet. But to get really careful and precise work with mobile, even on an ipad, you definitely want to try these pens out. Lastly, I want to remind you if you're using an ipad and you don't like the way the texture of the pencil fields on the surface. You know, you can buy these sheaths that go over the front of the ipad that will actually give it some tooth and you might enjoy that kind of drawing or illustration work more. So check those out if you're having trouble with how smooth the ipad surfaces.

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Charles Smith

Good course. A lot of good tips and ticks. I thought there would be more on using different props to create different effects....A little disappointed that Mextures and PaintCan is only available on iPhone not on Android.....

Michael Branch

This class really helped open my eyes to the potential of mobile photography. Now I know some new apps and ways of using my existing apps to take my mobile photography in a fun, new and more artistic direction.


Oh Lisa, what would we do without you? You are one of the main reasons I keep coming back to Creative Live. If anyone is relatively new to either mobile photography or Photoshop - push through the zones where you feel a bit lost. One of the absolute joys of Lisa's teaching is that she addresses all levels of students in one go - there is always something as an instant takeaway, and always more to sink in on future viewings.

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