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How to Use Facebook Comment Guards

Lesson 66 from: Facebook Chatbots: Generate Leads and Sales Effectively

Isaac Rudansky

How to Use Facebook Comment Guards

Lesson 66 from: Facebook Chatbots: Generate Leads and Sales Effectively

Isaac Rudansky

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66. How to Use Facebook Comment Guards


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Lesson Info

How to Use Facebook Comment Guards

howdy chatbots fans. And welcome back in this lecture, we're gonna talk about facebook comment guards. It's one of the lead magnets available to you within mobile monkey. And it is the most powerful way of getting leads quickly for free. Like it's a different type of lead magnet than messenger at messenger ads. You're using money to actually promote um your facebook bot and it's very powerful. We use messenger ads all the time. But the facebook comment guards are incredibly exciting and powerful way of getting them for free. So I want to talk to you a little bit about some techniques, what what it is um what is a common guard? So when you add a comment guard in mobile monkey, any or all it will talk about the difference of your organic posts. When anybody comments on a post and organic post they will automatically they will automatically be sent a facebook message and messenger from your bot. Okay let's repeat that when you add facebook comment guards as a lead magnet and you and you a...

pply it to all your posts or you apply or you apply the facebook comment card to a specific post. Anybody who comments on the post or posts that the facebook guard was applied to will automatically receive a facebook message and messenger. There's a big difference between people who were previously contacts of yours and new contacts. So previous contacts. Okay all you need to do is get them to comment on your organic post and they refresh their membership duration. Okay so they're good. You don't need to bait them with a response But for new contacts and that's the real value of this. Getting new contacts just by commenting organically, just by commenting on an organic post, it doesn't mean that you're going to get all their information, like email, phone, uh like email, name, first name location, et cetera. They have to engage with the bot. So you got to the big word here on facebook comment cards is bait. Okay? Get them to engage, get them to say something, ask them when they say they say thanks for thanks for replying to my post. Um Do you like wizards or just like something weird or like thanks thanks for applying to our post. And again, this is all business specific. Um do you like cookies, reply us for a bag of, you know, £100 bag of cookies. And they reply yes to see what happened. And it's a great way of getting tons of leads and tons of contacts in the system if you're gonna be, if you're taking if your business is a little bit more serious which many of yours is or are you could do something like reply Yes, and we'll email you a case study or reply Yes and we'll email you or we'll chat you an attachment. No one wants to email. And again, you're not asking anybody for an email. So just, you know, reply, hit, hit tap, yes. Um for, you know, our newest case study or our newest guide to this type of marketing or our newest guide to our products or services, whatever it is and you send them you send them to that as an attachment that will be your facebook comment guard funnel. Um That's a really good thing to do now there's two different ways you could use or conceptualize or think about uh comment cards. Okay it's if you see that you have a hot post and you're getting a lot of people who are um talking about, you already have a lot of people commenting on that post. Take that post, apply a comment guard to it And boost the heck out of it. Okay put a $50 boost $100 to $20, boost whatever it is. A post that already is getting a lot of traction when you when you boost it it will get exponentially more traction in any single person who replies is automatically going to get a message and individual personalized message from your messenger bot. Right wild. Okay so hot posts boost them. That's the way to piggyback the momentum of a hot post and get more leads into mobile monkey. The second way to think about comment guards is a little bit in reverse is designing organic posts for the sake of the comment guard. Right in this example where there's a hot post, we're taking the comment guard and we're piggybacking off the momentum of the hot post over here were the other way is taking an organic post with what's going to happen with a common garden mind and what do I mean by that? So for example, if you remember a little while back, we discussed a high end furniture client of ours where we were running a contest where we showed them the floor plans for a really, really small beachside condo and we said though a prize is going to be given out to the winner who comes up with the best floor plan. Um so that is a perfect example of how we could use common guard to build up our lists in global monkey. Because I could send out an organic free organic post to our facebook page, right announcing the contest, anybody who anybody who now anybody who replies or comments on this organic contest post will get rules sent to them in facebook messenger. Say these are the specific rules for the for the contest. This is the prize tap, Yes, if you're in and anybody who taps yes, if they're in they're in. And now there are leading mobile monkey. Right? So you're now taking your whole organic postgame to posting game to a new level with the possibilities, the endless possibilities of mobile monkey chat box. Because you can build these pages, you build these flows in mobile monkey specifically for your common guards. And then you run this contest. And you could do the same thing with a pole or a survey, right? You run these, you create these organic posts, you invite comments and you then individualized responses. You individualize questionnaires to the person automatically through facebook box whenever they reply to your organic or interact with your organic posts. Right? So that's a really, really exciting thing to do. Now if you guys are thinking of you know how to spark some traction on your organic posts that you're in a way in which your comment guards will become exponentially more useful because you'll now be getting not only interaction and traction in your organic page, you're getting all these people as leads in your facebook and you getting their emails and in your mobile monkey account ask people their opinions. Okay. You guys have probably all heard this advice but I'm here to reiterate that this is good advice when you ask opinions to people they care and they engage and then simply talk about um contentious issues. Thank you. Talk about hot topics. Hot button issues, hot button issues and you ask people advice, you're gonna get a lot of traction. You start getting some traction, you boost that post. You add a comment card. You either have a default welcome page bot with a with a piece of bait or you have a specifically built out. But for that specific organic post either one is fine. Of course it's always better to have a specifically or a bot built out specifically for each post. It's not practical to do it that way. But it's possible. I'm gonna show you how to set that up in mobile monkey in a second. So we're gonna use reset ivy as a as an example and we've had facebook ads that have gotten a lot of comments. People don't like this type of service and people think that it's a scam and we told our clients let's leave these, leave these comments up. The the fact that we're sparking conversation is fantastic. It's good in the eyes of facebook it's really powerful. Um Let's jump over to the computer and let me show you how to set up these facebook comment cards. So you're gonna navigate to facebook comment guard under lead magnets and we're gonna click simply new comment card and we have a couple different things we need to do. So we're gonna name this. Um And let's set up one where we're naming or let's set up let's set up a comment card where we're going to apply to all comments. So we're gonna do all comments or all posts and here is where we write a default message. Okay now if someone is interacting with your page, they're gonna get the bot that you choose if they haven't interacted with your page. You're gonna get a default message. So the default message is going to be something like um hit yes or reply ivy two here a secret. Oh to learn more about to reveal because we don't want people to think they're getting involved in anything too complex reply ivy to reveal are secret vitamin that spanks, hangovers. Um right out of you faster than you can say Advil and Gatorade please. Okay, now that's gonna be the default message for people who have not interacted with our page yet people who have interacted with our page, we could choose which bot flow to send them to. Um Now if we're sending them to all, if this is going to be a common garden is going to go on all posts, then we want to keep something generic and something that's gonna cater to everybody. If we're doing one of these strategies where we have a specific post that were um highlighting and we want to write a specific comment card for that. We would do things differently. So let's say we would go to our page and we will go to our default welcome page or our main menu. Um are looking to do the default welcome page and say something like, hey, first name. Thanks for engaging with our online community. What do you, what do you think about I. V. Therapy for people who are hung over. Okay, get them engaged. And then obviously we would have a few options here. I'm not gonna build out this entire boat right now, but I want to show you the basic idea. Um because they can go to different pages and this is what a person would potentially see if they did not interact with our page yet. So let's go back. I have this welcome page. Let's go back to I'm not sure if our comment guards saved. Let's go back to facebook comment guard. We have the all posts. We're gonna edit it. Okay good. Welcome page. Um frequency cap. If a user posts more than one comment only send them one message every one hour. So this is an important tool to use. Um Let's say you have a really hot button issue and this happens all the time. Any individual user could be in a conversation back and forth on a single post. And any given person could write 2030 40 50 comments in a short amount of time. So we don't want to keep blasting them with this facebook chat but every time they comment on the post, so I usually leave the default once an hour, people are not typically commented on the same post, more than once an hour. If you want to be safe you could do it you know, once every you could do it. You could edit it and make it once every let's say two hours is safe. OK so catch all is is the selection you want to select to respond to? All unguarded posts? Okay respond only to specify post is the selection where you could go and choose a specific post to respond to. So let's say we were responding to a specific post. I'm gonna go to reset IV's homepage and I'm gonna do how how look at this one here on March 30th. How epic has your weekend been rebalanced your mind, body and spirit after the fun, long weekend scheduled reset ivy to eliminate your symptoms of fatigue, nausea, headaches. Um to get you rehydrated and re energized. So if I was going to write a specific follow up to that, if somebody's commenting on that post, maybe they're interested in exactly how does eye dehydration rehydrate you and re energize you and to get rid of your headaches. We'll talk about something, you know more information wise, I'll offer a discount coupon that the sky's the limit and we can a b test all these different things to come up with the right combination of powerful facebook comment cards factors. But let's just go take a look how this would really work in the real world. So we're gonna go over here make sure that it's active. If you want to turn the facebook comment guard off, you don't need to delete it, you can just toggle it to a draft but we're gonna keep it active and and let's just consider this, let's just call this a respond, respond only to specified post so we can see it in action. I'm going to click the drop down to find all the posts. Um Oh okay. I'm actually in. I am in caress page. But that's okay, We'll go to carrie's page. We're not gonna have to read. We're not gonna redo this entire bot. We'll just find Caris facebook page and we'll choose a post. And again, we're not gonna redo the strategies here. Obviously this is not the reply. We're not gonna resent reply ivy to caress negotiating businessman. But we're gonna go over here and we're gonna look at a post from, let's say we'll choose this post from august 7th. Okay, now I'm gonna go to the carrots page and I'm gonna find, let's say once this loads up real quick posts. So here's a post from three hours ago now if I comment here. So I'm gonna comment. I'm gonna say this is great, right? Nothing's gonna happen to me and messenger. Why? Because I don't have the cat all selected. I only have the comment garden and specific post. But if I scroll down to Which post was it that we chose August seven post. I believe this is it while doing his. Yeah. And I comment something and I say this is a really cool article, right, what's gonna happen? I'm gonna get a message from facebook chat bot through mobile monkey, prompting me to respond to ivy. Um or whatever it is. But if facebook doesn't have me registered having ever to engage with this page. Then I'm gonna get the default message that I typed in the bubble monkey. Let's see what happens now. Just really quickly. I realized before I comment I have to change how I'm commenting on this page so I'm gonna go over there and I'm gonna click me now. I'm gonna comment something like oh oh this is very interesting and hit enter and what should happen is I don't think the cameras bot has any registered as having interacted with their page before, which means I'm going to get there. Um I'm going to get their default message that I typed in but let's see what happens. So sure enough it pops up and it seems like it works first. I get the default message reply ivy to reveal our secret vitamin. That's banks hangovers right out of you faster than you can say Advil and Gatorade please. And then I got the second message, the follow up, I probably got this follow up because mobile monkey knows that I am personally a page manager of this page, which is why I didn't have to respond first. But typically if this was you and this is the first time you're interacting with this, but you would have had to respond first to then get the hey Isaac, thanks for engaging with our online community. Um so that's how that works. Now, I'm just gonna delete this message here. Um and if I go back to my audience list and we haven't, I know we have my contacts lists in audience insights, we're gonna see Isaac Radinsky mail time zone, we're gonna go through this stuff later. I am now a contact. So just by commenting on on an organic post, you've got a contact in mobile monkey. And like I said before, when you do that at scale, when you design hot topic issues, when you design contests and polls and surveys and you ask people their opinions, you boost the post. You have a common garden that post with a specific flow that's relevant to that post. And one of the greatest examples that I can think of is that idea of running a contest or a puzzle or a riddle. Right? You you put out an organic post and you have a knock knock joke, you have a riddle and you say um reply I'm in. Right. Just reply. I'm into the organic post to get the answer to submit your answer and you have a prize, right? All that stuff can be run through organic posts and with comment guards, then everything can be individualized through Messenger, messenger at a person's own time where they want it. But the most important thing is you're not collecting leads, right? That's the beautiful part of it. So hot topic issues, ask opinions, run contests, giveaway prizes. Use these common guards to your advantage. Again, just to recap, there's two important ways to think about comment guards. You could piggyback the momentum of a really good organic post by adding a comment card to it and following up with a specific chatbots funnel. Or you could design a game, a puzzle, poll, a survey through an organic post and have it tied in from the outset with a pre built and thought through facebook comment cards. I think that's super exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys soon in the next lecture, and I can't wait to see the creative ways you guys come up with to use facebook comment cards, ciao.

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