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Book Concept Shoot: Dad with Daughter Part 2

Lesson 24 from: Family Photography: Capturing Connection

Julia Kelleher

Book Concept Shoot: Dad with Daughter Part 2

Lesson 24 from: Family Photography: Capturing Connection

Julia Kelleher

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24. Book Concept Shoot: Dad with Daughter Part 2


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Book Concept Shoot: Dad with Daughter Part 2

Thank you to belinda for bringing these people over. They drove from where? Tri cities they drove from tri cities washington which is, what, four hours, four hours to be with us here today. So thank you so so much. And there is another sister that were missing, but that's okay, we'll do it quick. Let's, get opposing stool around. Can I get opposing stool, danielle posing story that'd be awesome. Thank you. What if she were here a blue dress like navy blue or deep blue? Let's, go grab it because I think we'll just do a simple family portrait. And that way, you guys, I have something cool. Good. You guys probably have a portrait together in a while. Have you it's been a while? Yeah. Cool. Okay, so let's put dad on the stool. Nice and tall. You are jew. Um, are you into any sports like bicycle writer or anything like that? You seem logically you seem very are you really? So thank you so much. That's. All the volunteer. Is that what you did, that's? Cool. Long here, firefighter. Thank you.

Okay, so let's actually gonna wait? I want to just do them in normal clothes so that she feels a little bit is that good? So what kind? Wait, so let me take some questions while we're waiting for caitlyn's dress to show up and then we'll move on. You know, once you have a concept in your head, you know what it is, and it works and, you know, it worked, I don't need much more, and I could have shot different poses for different looks, but honestly, I kind of know where I'm going with it, and I know I got what I needed. Does that make sense? So any other questions from online or from the audience here before we move on? We've talked a little bit about this, but I wantto remind people who may be joined us today, what you're doing these creative and shoots for so questions are coming up again about what if my client doesn't agree with or like this themed hee let's talk about about what some of these shoots for okay, so, um, I think this is where you have to really understand corroboration with your client working with them if a client okay, so let's do a scenario. Let's, I want you guys to be a client, okay? We need to get on the same synergy I want one of you here, maybe who hasn't participated much at this point? To tell me about your life and your kids and what you would hope to capture in a portrait what means something special to you in a finer piece? If the client had no idea then I would start asking them some questions but I think what's harder is when a client comes to me and says well, you know we adopted our children that's what means something to us we would like to incorporate that into an image can you help us that's what they would say okay, so there's a couple ways I could go about doing it can I just say okay, well, I want complete creative freedom to do that and if you've put out enough personal work and your clients see what you're doing they might agree to that and be like that's that's great you do it and if they like your work enough and that's the best case scenario okay however, some plants are going to get a little picky with you and they're going to say, well, I had this idea in my head you have to be really careful because what you think and what the client thinks are different things so oftentimes I will tell a client okay, you wanna work with the concept of adoption and the fact that you know hope is your word and your family okay? So honestly I don't have a lot of experience with that as an artist and as a person so I would probably start interviewing you a lot about your family about your children, what you love about them what gives you hope what things you do together as a family that is it is symbolic of that and then I would want to see pictures of the children so I could get an idea what they look like as subjects as characters in the piece that I'm going to create and honestly I would have to go home and sit on it and think on it a little bit and I would have to like look att adoptive seems online I would have to research a little bit about adoption, especially international I would have to look at the country those children came from to feel out the culture and what that's about I would have to know more about becky and her family's upbringing and kind of what they said what signifies hope for them and then try to take my own experience and put that into a piece so it's a complicated process when your corroborating like this and then from that time on I might give my client a loose idea of what I'm thinking, but I would also tell them this is what I'm doing for you and you're hiring me for a commission piece of art it may not be exactly what you envisioned are you okay with that they have to be okay with that because there's you and I can't think the same thing it's impossible so when a client has to be willing to hire you for this kind of work with that trust factor that you are going to do something that they're gonna love like I told you the story about stand kordic yesterday I would have anything she could do anything with my child will be happy. Okay, so that's kind of where you want your clients to be does that answer the question? Absolutely. Thank you. Yeah, okay so she said I love this kid you're up you say that awesome sauce okay, so let's see your let's do a cute family portrait, shall we? Ok, dad, I want your arms just like this, okay? I kind of miss little caitlin's going to be right in the crook of your arm so you're going kind of holder like you know like that don't make sense so you know what this is guys embrace pose it's all it is modified embrace we were like this now we're just dropping like this and caitlin's going to sit right there and be all cute. Okay, you ready to get to sit on danny frighten daddy's arms perfect, yeah, here three awesome, huh? Yeah, I don't think you like him very much, do you okay, now mama, we're gonna put you on this side let's see? You know I think I want you on this site okay kind of hide mom now most moms are incredibly self conscious I know I am I don't know if she is you are okay I don't know if she is so I often will place mom slightly behind at teo teo make two slender rise her toe haider really? You know, most women don't show their body I don't. So why? I mean bringing I took a picture early and bree so cute I'm like like sometimes you just want to show me no that's what we dio it is a very strategic way and it works so if you ever have I typically always do this with the mother because they're the ones who are more self conscious sorry, dad, but let's go ahead and put miss miss caitlin right between you guys can you can you kind of screwed her over there some sauce and you can kind of be cuddled in there like that and you keep her a little low. Yeah, perfect. Awesome. Okay, we're just gonna kind of do a fun little family portrait here, okay, so now let's just get closest brothers to rules faces together and nobody touching nobody's arms are not touching each other perfect it's not also awesome hi okay actually I'm kind of not liking that lets go you come forward and kind of lean your head on her perfect then you come forward and do the same perfect a little lower I know you can get a perfect so you see what I'm trying to dio I don't want their eyes on the same plane of pop up stupid like stand up if it's right there their eyes are like on the same plane and it's too symmetrical so I'm trying to create triangles perfect see the triangle okay so that's what I'm trying to do I'm still going to shoot are you okay there mom are you okay bent over like that seal like changed my lower the light you see that it kind of has a little bit more luminescence to it okay miss caitlin can you hold mommy's hand this little mummy's hand firm because she's awesome saw you she is okay mom I think I'm gonna have that can we raise that stool anymore does that go up anywhere let's try toe it might not know dad's tall ok so let's go ahead and have him sit down the area seems teller doesn't it went up cool okay so nice and tight I want your hips close and then yeah so if you have to let pop this way to get down that's better because otherwise there's a space between you and then looks funny yeah perfect, beautiful do you see the difference see that space don't like it okay it's bugging me so I you know perfect okay now I want everybody to close their eyes close your eyes we don't we don't we don't want any eyes open ready miss caitlin close your eyes she won't close your eyes I feel like I don't want to clip my beard there all alone and on the count of three you're gonna look at me one two three perfect theo where are you caitlin did you know caitlin there's a frog in here do you know what his name is? Sorry was a little girl over here acting really cute you know what his name is howard do you know what he does? He winks at you are you ready to seo did you see that wait there we go perfect beautiful super cute okay just a simple family portrait lots of good connection you know hands aren't perfect but who cares? They look awesome okay thanks you guys so much let's move on to miss lydia she's so excited oh what do you look at how are you looking at the camera sees adorable are you ready miss olivia are you ready okay let's get you could your daddy for me can you bring him with you go don't don't forget your daddy yeah he's got to come to my god so cute you're a good dad well hi miss olivia is it your turn yeah. Mr livia was a very shy when she first came in, so I'm glad to see that she's turned it off. I'm so sorry, it's such a habit anyway. Okay, so let's, see, here, um, what I'd like to to is I think I'm going to do the same pose. Let's. Try it again with another little one. Maybe we'll put her on the air. You left handed or right handed right handed. Do you feel more comfortable with her on the other side? Note? Be like you're there. Okay. We can keep her there. What's going people there. She says she found your shoulders a lot off. She watched you watch job. Can you see a lot from up there? Daddy won't drop you daddy. Daddy won't drop. You okay? Are you okay? Daddy won't drop you. I promise. Let's, stand over here. Water a little bit. So she feels cody perfect. I love that, dad. Yeah, and I actually love that hand up here like that on her supporting. Good job, sweetie. Look at you. Are you big girl? Yeah. She's. So cute right now. Okay, so this one is much younger. Okay so she's going to have seen a year doesn't seem like a lot or six like nine months but it is a lot ok especially at this age are you okay up there we're going to give her a few minutes just kind of settle in and get comfortable and realized that she's not gonna long daddy's going hang on door I love dads inc so cool isn't it so dad go ahead and widen your stance a little bit so you're nice and secure perfect I love it awesome she's so cute one moment okay are what what are strawberries called your family buoys and what is that louise ah buoys is a strawberry and they're like her favorite thing so um okay so can we play pretend what is that like yeah let's point up to the sky like that again what's up there huh well it's up there a cute girl you don't want to what you don't want to go on the shoulders you know want to huh what's up in the sky is there another camera there can somebody put the boom up there for me then we can like where's the big camera sweetie isn't a pie in the sky no well we owe can you point to it what's that over there what's over there she's so cute now keep in mind with his age going just look up her daddy turn your whole head and look up better oh a little comfortable hon you want to get down okay you get down I don't want her to be uncomfortable guys and I've got the shot so I don't wantto you're gonna go grab some miracle get him yeah, we can put him in the picture why not let's put him in let's see what happens okay oh yeah gets done here that's fine okay let's go ahead and I like you and your problems dad let's run with it we're gonna put her on your knee okay, something happened I saw I'm going to run with it let's see what happens. Okay, perfect oh my god. So cute can you show these bear I want to excuse john like that I want to see him we'll take a pretty picture was stuck pair shall we wake you okay, so um oh my god first of all it's just taking adorable portrait oh, my god. Huh? So you okay stay there for one second. Good job. Okay, let's go look around a feeling what's up there let's go look at that camera look it's gonna talk to you? You see it? Can you pop it up maker maker uh what is that and dad I want you to look at where she's looking okay, can you just worries that camera can you point to it? What is it? Yeah good job, sweetie and often times with these kinds of shoots I will rapid fire because I know I can take limbs and put them in different places if I want teo okay, I could do head swaps I can move arms so in one image if she's got the perfect pointing finger but in the other one she has a better expression I can switch everything around should I should I want to can you take stop there over to daddy oh my god, I love that just never stand next to you and hold stump there there we go. Oh you're gonna put him awesome sauce let's have a tea party with daddy okay? I just got another idea for a shoot okay, a tea party with daddy how cool would that be so cute right there he's got to sit right there, huh? No right there. Ok, what? Ok let's give her a break and take some questions while we while we work with her here so do you guys see how this could turn into something totally different should you let it so can you sit on daddy's lap no. Oh yeah so very sorry she's a little sensitive I don't want to tell her I'm o oh she's so cute okay, can we let's can we put some hair on your body no, you don't want daddy to have him, huh why don't you put some hair on your lap while you can you sit like dad here you go can you sit like daddy and then kidding let's let's move her closer to daddy if we can he's like no I don't want teo yeah somewhat answering the question from judith matthews whatever child won't do what you want how do you decide what to do can you just change your ideas totally that's what we're doing totally I got the shot I know I have what I want because we started in the very beginning when she was still not quite comfortable with the situation and she was willing tto tto listen and now we've been here for a little bit she's used to everything uh okay let's have let's have oh can you see there were stunned bear with you yeah let's look at some pear daddy what you just look down on her for me here on let's take something over there I don't want her looking at the camera, huh? Oh, is he out of the way where there isn dad can you put your arms over just around her and lots of touching in connection perfect cue beautiful now here's dad and daughter sitting somewhere I mean you could put them anywhere in a grassy field with little fireflies running around them on and this is one of the reasons I don't want them looking at me this is not about me it's about them seeing being in an environment and he started looking, we're totally going with the flow right here, and this is mean go ahead and give her a break, she's fine, she's good, I'm just it's probably as much as I'm going to get out of her and I'm okay with that. I think I've got what I need and she's just like awesome sauce cute, and I'm gonna let her I really try to let the kids be themselves, you know? I don't want them toe be something they're not, but I got my shots. I got what I needed but usually only get one. Once you put that age, my son, I can't even photograph he won't even let me like I always liked really believe, though, that you can't. Your kids are gonna be better with someone. Sadly, my sister's kid poses for her all the time, but my mom tells you a lot about me doesn't, uh oh, yeah, genetics, beautiful thing, huh?

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