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Fashion Flair for Photographers

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1950s Alley Shoot: Vintage Car Interior

Lindsay Adler

Fashion Flair for Photographers

Lindsay Adler

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22. 1950s Alley Shoot: Vintage Car Interior


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1950s Alley Shoot: Vintage Car Interior

I'm going to take I don't know fifteen minutes twenty minutes or so where I'm going to try to just shoot the session like I would actually shoot a session uh where I'm shooting details I'm sure starting storytelling and I'll tell you what I'm doing but I'm going to do a little less talking to camera and a little less demo and more just talking through what I'm thinking and you can see the quality and the type of shots I would get when I'm not necessarily focht focused on saying okay, here's the before and after, eh? So I'm just going to shoot and so I've actually just stuck them in the car um as a starting point I'll tell you what lenses I'm shooting and what not so I think we'll go from there but I am happy if you guys need to stop and ask a question that's totally fine I'm just gonna do less before after and just more shooting all right? So I have them in the car what's great about the car it's overhead blocked off light and all the light is coming from the front and the sign I have ...

my fifty millimeter one point four I'm going to shoot in black and white all right? So keep your hands up like you're driving good alright and so I'm going teo focus on her looking over him longingly good look here oh, miss focus shoot at two point oh oh good, good, beautiful I think it's a little underexposed open up a little bit more. Um the background there because it's so much brighter than her it is going to go out of is going to get blown out but it'll also make her look darker. Is that's why I need to open up just a little bit more good. Turn your head a little bit to the sides, it's not quite straight towards the camera. Good. Just like that. Well, that's really cute that's perfect gettinout lean in and put a hand on his shoulder kind is this moon okay? Good, perfect that's really cute but I think he's taking you like to dinner now turn your head, robbie down and to the right just keep putting down just a little bit more just like that. Perfect. Both of you close your eyes. Ideally, this would not be well, you guys, you're driving good and put your head towards him a little bit more. So you kind of put your forehead against him? Good. Just like romantic. Take a look could I get a little more? They're kind of half open there. Good, good, I'm probably exploding your tether oh, let me let me slow down a little bit it's not exploding it a little bit going to pump up my ice o to t like eight hundred because shooting at four hundred one hundred but it's really dark in there so I'm gonna try to six that okay? So same thing well that you just look forward um and I'm gonna have you honey just lean for just a little bit good and put your need down just a bit okay? So I'm gonna get a shot that they're framed by the outside of the car good and look over at me robert you look forward still good enough both of you look at me good shoot from over here can look really happy good now laughing look at each other you're like ok, give me that cue. All right? Those are looking good. Susan basics okay, I'm gonna get some detail shots ofyou now, so I'm gonna have you look straight forward, okay? And I'm watching the shoot let's see, I'm gonna shoot you and focus and hurt out of focus so, robbie look at me for a sec and you're just gonna afford good and lean towards me just a little bit more good make it look a little bigger can I lean forward towards him and turn your head towards him just a little right there good and close your eyes now put your head on his shoulder see romantic date but don't put your headset like we see it a little more kind of like yeah put your usual they're back a tiny bit maybe drop that hand good thing and chin down a little and I'm gonna shoot that from right good good framing of the car again let me get let me get the side view mirror and and a bonus if you look at me just look your eyes at me good and so you had a little bit more to the side good cute there's a really cute so again my background goes totally totally blown out but it's ok it's just a nice soon it's a nice background especially like this when this is a nice highlight and that's not just kind of bright blown out not too much detail so that's really cute I like that story telling we're driving we're looking at him cute nice okay I'm going to get details your hand so do your tough driving like you said before you put your hand a little bit more this a little bit further down good um put your hand more at try try putting it kind of nine o'clock for a second yeah good and then I'm gonna have you lean in so I can see your face in the reflection there okay and make sure you can see have to see my camera so look for my camera in this yes yes and even closer and say that you robby, turn your head towards her lena in towards your good suffer I just put my finger print on that. Can you buff out that fingerprint? Yes. So I was wondering is that was I don't know how old car horns works only if it was gonna make the horn you know what I mean? Okay, good. Um and look in that and lean your head more towards her. Good. No, look at each other right there. Good overexpose fold up way over exposed to exit again. Heads foreheads together include rise good. Take a look at that much better. Okay? And one more of those one more heads together. Okay, some getting reflection and the steering wheel of them with their heads together. Very cute. All right. And shoot one more clear arm out the window like you're like kind of in control and you're gonna look out at me just like that. Okay, good, good don't put your hand in had a little highlight on the hand. Good right there. Perfect that's much better. And I think everything's gonna back up just a little to get the side view mirror in I'm going to switch to a wider land, see how it got that got that kind of graphic they're fish which of wider lands I can have it lots of negative space in the background corning into garbage okay, same thing and look straight board good. I'm gonna have you in for just a little bit good and then both of you put your heads together they're gonna shoot at wide open lots of negative space focused on their faces good o need to open up a little all right? So I'm gonna jump in the car now and I'm gonna bring couple lenses with me thank you. Ok, I'll get it and then I'll just take like the fifty as well thank you. Okay, now I'm in the car, I guess. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, thank you very much. Ok, so I'm going to dio can you put your hands together with your hand on top and fix the ring perfect and put it closer to his body. Okay, look, the dough you both your hands closer to his thigh. Good. All right, so we switch to my fifty millimeter one point for and I'm gonna focus on the rings. This is going to be kind of my ring shot and then I'm gonna have the steering wheel and see and what? Not in the background take looking good little overexposed right there yeah, right something some holding hands in the car shot okay, how about you put your hand um put your hand on your leg and then you put a hand on his hand I'm gonna get that steering wheel and a little bit better good that's better okay like that really nice they really like that. Okay. All right. The next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get a shot of you come over here so just kind of look over at him and pull the hair off of your shoulder on the science I can see the necklace good. Uh I do see the camera high icarus sorry and this look over him good. I take a look at that exposure gonna need to open up okay, I got it okay? And you're gonna come in and you're going to put your head kind of right in this area I'm a switch lenses I can get this shot and put both your foreheads together actually do the kind of snuggle thing again foreheads together you can close your eyes if it feels weird. All right, get this cute. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Mature one more of those tits is a cute good I mean, shoot one more really wide with a different lens. You shoot the twelve to twenty four area put your faces you're looking right at each other and you don't have to be that close you can back up just a little bit and look your face is good looks forward. Allied. One more. Look forward so you can hear a car. Okay. Okay. All right. So how much did they totally miss? All of it. You can hear me. Okay, look straight for it. And you put your head? Um, kind of leaned up against him. I put on what I never shoot for hundreds of twelve to twenty four, but I'm gonna get this really nice. Clean kind of graphic shot. So you look at him second to your profile. Good for your forehead up against him. Good. And I'm gonna shoot that shuts nice and clean. And yes, it makes his head look larger than going for kind of ah, yeah. Not school. I'm gonna thank you. Okay. Thank you. Got hi. Nice to meet. You know, we're good. Okay, I'm going to shoot some from her side and then I'll take them outside. Um, I'm going to shoot the fifty. Okay. Hi, guys. Like they're alright, guys getting more comfortable with each other. Got your cool you like each other way. Lobster dinner. They've planned it out. That's what? The story. They're telling it. Okay all right so I'm gonna shoot from this sign can you lean out the car window just put your hand like really dainty on on the side good yeah good nice and that's perfect that light looks great reason light looks great it's hitting over here which is a big reflector hitting on her face so that looks really nice and it don't need to be overexposed anymore and I can ship they're okay but they're really soft on the top good looking a little better a little bit nico head in the back okay and then hand down it's okay, okay, well he was he is enjoying his hair is okay for your hand up there one more time yep just like that beautiful that looks gorgeous. You look so pretty. Okay look really pretty yes, very nice. Okay, now look like you're fixing the mirror just a little bit but you look funny oh, yeah, you know me okay and then put your hands back in one more time good and I'm just get one more shot here, okay? I'm gonna get a shot where you you're where I'm looking, you look at me, I was having him in the background, okay? Nice and tight asses committee I want to break them like I'm leaning against the mic thing right now it's pretty obvious was a little can look a little happier and then one laugh good okay robbie look at me good now you look for it okay now you look at me perfect that looks nice okay perfect robbie and now look at each other and uh look your head a little bit to the right just a little bit good and then back again okay look have you or me because like kind of have that sorry let's get okay good so I'm gonna have you guys come out of the car now so I shoot him on the outside so I wish you guys could see what I'm shooting it looks really cool come look over it we come looking for the real quick quick I don't ask this is ok already we did okay looking back at him um then I have the shots of her with him in the background let's receive all nice that light is reflected off of her face and then I have her they're in the car so it's all storytelling and I did a lot of framing so that's what we're trying to do is kind of frame her a lot so you have her there kind of storytelling this is what I put on the twelve to twenty four so I don't use use a twelve point for portrait but for that since that's so clean and graphic those leading lines lead to them so that's what I was thinking about for those I have them sir it's not on the head again. I don't usually shoot portrait at twenty four, but I needed, you know, I guess I could try to shoot through the back window, but probably it glare, some shooting right behind them. Their heads were bigger than I'd like, but it looks nice, and I have that shot to see that it's, some focussing on the steering wheel, her looking over. I got the engagement, hand shots on dh, then kind of clean, graphic, and then all the shots of him. This is reflections of them in the steering wheel. So that's the field.

Class Description

Break free of traditional portrait and wedding photography! In this fashion photography workshop, Lindsay Adler teaches you how to apply the concepts of fashion photography to your own work to create truly striking and unique imagery. Whether using props, unusual locations, lighting, styling, or retouching, this class shows you how to give that unique edge to help you stand out from your competition!


John Yee

I have watched at least half a dozen Creative Live courses and this was definitely one of the most interesting and informative of them. Lindsay showed her wealth of knowledge in lighting, posing, post processing and marketing. I was truly impressed with her level of comfort in each field. She tackled different situations and questions with ease. I really liked the course layout as well. She shot her own themed shoots and explained them. Then she helped each student with their own very different styled shoots. It looked like a lot of fun and a great way to learn too. Then at the end Lindsay had a fun little light painting session. WELL DONE LINDSAY AND CREATIVE LIVE!!! ;-)

Allan Burch

I'm an artist and amateur photographer who has long been interested in the subject of fashion photography and how to incorporate it into my art. Lindsay impressed me with her depth of knowledge and her comprehensive and selfless method of presentation. Showing before and afters to illustrate technical differences was particularly helpful to me, as was seeing her explain the importance of concept and story. Posing, glowing skin, and lens flare techniques were also a treat to witness and learn from her. Her passion for the subject is tangible, and left me more excited about the potential for my own work. The sheer volume of information Lindsay shares in this workshop is tremendous, from idea to the shoot to post-production, and certainly worth the investment I made in my career. Thanks to Lindsay and thanks to Creative Live.


I thought Lindsay was totally amazing:) She has inspired me. I want to attend more of her workshops. She was a great teacher. I want to learn more from her. I would love to attend one of her intensives, but I will have to wait til next year:( I am just starting out and she has given me many ideas. I cannot say enough good about her. I would love to see Lindsay back:)