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Fashion Flair for Photographers

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Creative In-Camera Techniques Shoot: Sisters in the Forest

Lindsay Adler

Fashion Flair for Photographers

Lindsay Adler

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17. Creative In-Camera Techniques Shoot: Sisters in the Forest


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Creative In-Camera Techniques Shoot: Sisters in the Forest

The video that I have here is I had two sisters that they're actually really sisters here in seattle um and we did a shoot of the two of them together um and I wanted them to match but it showed that basically the harmony of them being sisters because they said that now even though they're ten years apart in age they're closer than they've ever been in their whole lives um and it's just really cute so go ahead and play and I'll take a look thank you and I will let her still shoot yeah yeah great now we're going to do a shoot with two adorable sisters and they still like each other a lot which is really nice um and so what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to tell this story I went onto etc and I found a designer that would lend me two matching outfits so that's the thing that we went with we're going for soft and girly and just fun a couple things I want to play with this shoot so it's just a little bit different is something that I do is I use something that called lens flare tools um an...

d so what I'll actually doing an image is all add distortion and flair to the photograph to make it softer and more romantic and more dreamy and ge earlier on and so what you're looking for is something that's going to be translucent um and have multiple angles it might have a little bit of a color to it so for me that might be necklaces or beads christmas ornaments uh it's been candlesticks and crystals and a little bit of everything you never know until you try it so what I usually d'oh is I will go too and a seymour on michael's a craft shop I'll pick up something like this I'll go into the store I'll take my camera and I put it up against the lens and I'll just shoot a couple frames and when I look in the back of my camera I can tell the effect it has so really what I'm doing is putting up against my camera I'm catching the light from the sun or even on overcast day the light that's available and adds a soft blur around the edges so you can kind of fake lens flare in photo shop but I I think it looks a lot better when it's organic when it's done in camera so there's no right answer I can't tell you what to get I do have these um on my website so you can check those out and see what they are and how I do it um it doesn't work as well when you're shooting and shade like this I'm gonna shoot a couple of shots you can see when it's not backlit it's just kind of ah open shade shot and then I'm also into shoot the girls backless you can have an idea of what both looks like using this and a couple other tools so and I look at each other and I laugh at each other for thank you okay, I know that you're a grown adult sisters but we hold each other's hand I think you do it all the time oh it's so cute look at each other again that song and add a little bit of len slur here perfect and I get each searches each other again perfect uh a couple tips for lens flare tools as well uh it's going to work better with a longer lens so in this instance I'm only using a seventy for me it works best for something eighty five millimeters to two hundred millimeters and also works for two point eight um aperture or wider so if you're trying to shoot at four point o or a point on it won't work because you actually see the edges of lens flare tool you need to be shooting something like seventy millimeters or longer at two point eight or wider I personally like to do it around two point oh so this is kind of the edge of where I think it would ever really work practically so good and look at each other and laugh again it's perfect awesome you guys look cute in this instance because she's backlit it's beautiful, we have that nice kind of golden halo around her head. Um and so I'm going over expose and exposed for her face. So it's going to give this nice glow behind her now? The key is if I shoot down and have something light behind her, it'll be it can be kind of distracting light colored background, but if I get a little bit lower, I could also get the shade behind her, so she really just pops from the background so that something I'm thinking about and when photographing both sisters, I want shots of them alone and of course, shots of them interacting. So it's that's what it's all about their individuals, but they're also sisters for this. If I'm going to shoot my lens flare it's going to work a lot better, because since it's backlit, it catches the light. Ah lot better. Uh, the problem is, is if I put it way in front of the lens it catches the light and it basically whites out the frame because it's extending it, catching light, bouncing around the lens so I really just needed, like, half inch or an inch into the edge of the frame in order to achieve that. So I'm going to shoot a couple beauty shots of this beautiful individual um then a couple of her sister and then some more of them together so here you go uh I'm gonna have you take the hair off your front shoulder for me um and I usually have people take the hair off the front shoulder because the longer the neck on that somebody has it makes him look more slender so I'll pull the hair away so it gives them a neck otherwise you can kind of hides their neck so perfect and I'll have them keep them closed all ready one two, three perfect take a look at you great. We add a little bit of lens flare here one two, three, four five six cute and I'm gonna get shade in the background from really good bring the arm forward keep one key point right there good just like that. So by moving her arm before it was kind of making her body a little bit wider by pulling the arm forward it makes it more of a slender line so just like that perfect. Okay and that a little mean towards me like lean way out keep going keep going good I decided to walk the girls into the forest and as I'm walking through the forest the general inclination is to look for his much light on the faces possible its usual people are looking for but instead what I do is I find the opening in the trees I'll actually put that light on their hair and see what it's going to do it's going to give them a nice halo and pop them out from the background so if I need to pump up my eye so it's okay nowadays your cameras can handle it so I can pump it up to a thousand or in this case sixteen hundred and I'm going to shoot it two point oh so I have an eighty five millimeter lens at two point oh and I'm looking for that nice light in the hair the way they're dressed it's not real um it's very fantasy so I want an environment that looks like that so for me the backlight, the trees, the fern's play into that fantasy storytelling um that I have here and isaac me and a little happy and not really happy and I look at each other last happy okay now little sister you can big sister on the head good cute so for this last shot what I'm looking for is backlit leaves on trees and that's why I'm sitting on the ground here getting dirty yet again for another shoot because if I'm looking for the light coming through the leaves on the trees, what it does if I focus on them and I shoot a wide aperture so I'm shooting at two point eight or wider it creates a really, really beautiful boca when I focus on them and so what that means is the blur gives me these nice little bubble highlights behind them and again so this whole shoot I'm kind of going for really soft and dreamy and romantic feeling not certain not reality much more fantasy and so that's going to give it to me it's going to give me that nice dreaming background so I sat on the ground because otherwise I wasn't getting the backlit leaves on trees behind them um and that's what I'm always looking for I go to a park, I go into the woods and I looked to see where I can find that beautiful background so it's gonna be your guys lash up and the popular girl but just a little bit I'm looking for that negative space between their elbows and the side of their body gives definition to their shape perfect just like that, you know close your eyes beautiful and I looked like just giving each other a big hug just kind of wrapped around that good and lyla can give me a little bit of reflection just right out of frame right over here good and can back up a little bit right there good and this sister xu I covered a couple techniques that I use all the time for all different types of photography for example I covered adding lens flare tools putting them in front of your lens in orderto ad. Really beautiful soft lens slur to your portrait. I also covered the fact that when I come into a situation with trees, look, look for backlit leaves on trees and when they're shooting at one point four two point. Oh, two point eight, able to have a beautiful book of a background that keeps it clean and dreamy.

Class Description

Break free of traditional portrait and wedding photography! In this fashion photography workshop, Lindsay Adler teaches you how to apply the concepts of fashion photography to your own work to create truly striking and unique imagery. Whether using props, unusual locations, lighting, styling, or retouching, this class shows you how to give that unique edge to help you stand out from your competition!


John Yee

I have watched at least half a dozen Creative Live courses and this was definitely one of the most interesting and informative of them. Lindsay showed her wealth of knowledge in lighting, posing, post processing and marketing. I was truly impressed with her level of comfort in each field. She tackled different situations and questions with ease. I really liked the course layout as well. She shot her own themed shoots and explained them. Then she helped each student with their own very different styled shoots. It looked like a lot of fun and a great way to learn too. Then at the end Lindsay had a fun little light painting session. WELL DONE LINDSAY AND CREATIVE LIVE!!! ;-)

Allan Burch

I'm an artist and amateur photographer who has long been interested in the subject of fashion photography and how to incorporate it into my art. Lindsay impressed me with her depth of knowledge and her comprehensive and selfless method of presentation. Showing before and afters to illustrate technical differences was particularly helpful to me, as was seeing her explain the importance of concept and story. Posing, glowing skin, and lens flare techniques were also a treat to witness and learn from her. Her passion for the subject is tangible, and left me more excited about the potential for my own work. The sheer volume of information Lindsay shares in this workshop is tremendous, from idea to the shoot to post-production, and certainly worth the investment I made in my career. Thanks to Lindsay and thanks to Creative Live.


I thought Lindsay was totally amazing:) She has inspired me. I want to attend more of her workshops. She was a great teacher. I want to learn more from her. I would love to attend one of her intensives, but I will have to wait til next year:( I am just starting out and she has given me many ideas. I cannot say enough good about her. I would love to see Lindsay back:)