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Day 1 Creative Team Q&A

I'm gonna introduce my team for today um my two lovely models hand this is kat and shelby um do you just want to introduce your background for you represented by how long you been modeling it be great to hear no little bit about you all right uh my name's catherine I'm from upstate new york and rochester um I just got signed with red about a month ago by battling for about a year now um yeah it's really funny really love it okay shelby hi my name is shelby wander I'm twenty years old and I've been modeling full time for about four years now I start in london and then finally came to new york and I'm represented with major model management and what do you find with the new york london market you to find more work over here buses new york I think london new york very different I mean london is I think that kind of fashion on a budget new york to me is very high end designers and in london they throw it together huh? I loved ones and I definitely miss it but new york is the center of the ...

universe. Okay okay thank you. And this is alex he's our fabulous has stylist I used every shoot so little bit about you alec um so I'm alexander tone at alexander tome on twitter I'm a hair stylist been working freelance for bow five or six years now I'm doing here for close to ten years altogether um and I really enjoy it I mostly work in fashion I don't work in this line anymore because fashion stole my soul hi my name is deborah lt zio I met deborah lt zero dot com I've been working with clara for quite some time now and I'm represented in in new york by agent oliver and in allah by aim artists and I did make up today and I'll be happy to see you thank you to share my little tips and uh secrets with you thank you hi I'm kat uh cabaniss you could get me at facebook dot com slash cat the stylist I'm clearly styling here and doing the wardrobe for day one today um I have a lot of retro vintage looks that you guys well hopefully be happy to say I've been styling for about two and a half three years or so I'm freelance and I d'oh some editorial I do some commercial um do some film work as well we're job it's a little bit of everything hi I'm karina ll guy originally from israel I'm doing props and sets for today and tomorrow um been styling for four years in new york uh and it all uh been mostly doing fashion styling set in props on loving every minute of it you confined me and www dot coronel guy dot com or at communal guy on twitter and instagram can I ask how accessible props are? Two new photography is because a lot of people wouldn't have made the ability to get props silence on set and how would you go about done well, on the next shoot there were going to do now way wanted to keep it kind of food and drink oriented, so for example, the milkshake that shall be will be fashionably sipping from is actually cake mix and water it texture looks very good in it, the color just pops. So, um, so when it comes to, like food and props, you got to think a little bit outside the box about things that look similar enough to what you're trying to achieve. So we're going to use mashed potatoes as ice cream to get it away from melting to avoid the melting from the lights and things like that. So, um, you can you can think about if you're starting out to planet, she would think about what's close to you and what you know best, and I would start from there and didn't build out to stuff that are a little more impossible looking and just work your way up great, I think that's great of life, everyone can I get some questions off? Let the students, if possible, first props you already have a local stores that you keep sort of coin contact that you pulled from all the time or do you try and, like reach out different places for every shoot yeah it's it's funny styling there's not really one direct route or no real way to get there it's just kind of build up a roll index of contacts you start out assisting obviously and and that's how you get a feel for what's out there on dh you wantto start doing it for all different types of people too. So you get a feel of who does what and where you want to go and where you want, where you see yourself in there today, for instance, I got most of my looks from revival the ditch boutique in hoboken eso it's all vintage, but for instance uh, and in another editorial shoot, you know, you have a show rooms that you go to in the city that you pulled designer designer pieces rome and those were able to join us for a similar they're just the quick things you've got in the water. Not okay. And what about the stuff that we got together? The vintage stores? Yes, absolutely, absolutely. Um, so you can see shelby right now actually is wearing one of our first looks um and and actually we found the sweaters planning on doing this one next surprise we have found the sweaters in two different spot on dh say with the bottoms actually so you will do these bodies way worth drifting and whatnot you know we love fifteen yes, anything for clothes and stuff we go out there and we make a day of it yes, yes you buy out right? I'm sure with designers you sometimes borrow and return that's that's a good question it's tricky because some of these people pieces I did purchase some of when you see them, you know you can use them over and over again and in the quality and the style of some pieces for instance like this probably not going to use a whole lot because it's a standout piece so you you're going to you're going to notice it so you kind of have to pick and choose I was able to pull a lot of these pieces is well just threw my threw my contact, but a lot of places will actually let you rent vintage pieces and a lot of costume designers for tv shows and movies what they're getting their renting those those outfits for, you know like mad men and boardwalk empire so its most of those are rented ok, so can we start to get some questions from the audience? I'm just going to ask the guys here, but I'll be good to get those starting sounds great. Yeah in the chat room let us know if you have any questions for the team. Yeah, as a stylist do you tend? Are you mostly vintage? Do you depending on the shoot can you just style in a completely different do you like to change that or do you kind of like toe stick teo do you have a favorite kind of shoot? I definitely have a certain aesthetic that luckily laura loves e I love using vintage pieces because designers today are often yeah fashion is recycled everything's pretty much reference now from some of these pieces at least shapes the textures the prince so these air nice because they're one of a kind but I do work with other ones as well. It depends on who I'm working with and what its forest well, for instance, I've been working on a film that has to do with guido so obviously this has nothing to do with it it's going to be pulling a wardrobe that that's every day where in this in that so it'll very but for editorial I love I love doing vintage ask kind of mixing and matching um throwing it together maybe more that lunches look that you're talking about before uh yes okay any more questions from you guys? So, uh we good anything from the tap room? Yeah, we've got we've got a couple starting to come in question for this stylish from shawnee where do you buy the clothing? Do you have a favorite shops also do you have any online shops you go to or do you just stroll randomly in the city and happen upon them? I do I definitely have a few favorite shops uh revival vintage like I said it's in hoboken uh they were actually in the city originally but they move basically a huge warehouse that I found and there's a ton of vintage stores in the city as well you can also go thrift ing in the city I love not a lot of really amazing good accessories that are really accessible for everyone. Gypsy warrior dot com is where I get a lot of good pieces they have lots of cool rings and necklaces another just cool accessories as well top shop is a really good one top was a really, really good one and there always on trend they always have cool pieces that not necessarily any other store has a swell um and zara in terms of accessibility and you khun couldn't sometimes purchase and return sometimes you could make a deal with their contact as well. You know a rental fee like I said, it just varies on your project and who you're working with any questions for hair and makeup I have questions for actually the whole team vivid clicks is wondering what do you ascribe to look for when being approached by a photographer for the first time what I look for um well first of all you have to look at their website you have to look at the work you have to look at their current and they have uh models that you're that fit the style right now and I guess being in fashion you could really tell just about looking through the website right away and if they're not current on fashion makeup I would definitely see who the makeup artist is and it's something feels a little bit off then I would really have to go through it again and see if there's anything in there that that's true right? My interest I would also look for a lot of versatility to their work I feel like uh there are a lot of photographers that end up getting very kind of entrenched in their own style and they're they're not willing to step outside of it in any way which can really hurt the project when you're on set and like laura was talking about earlier something goes wrong you need thio think on your feet and just, you know, make something work and there's sometimes when there are flexible they can't do that uh and so it can kind of make everything fall to pieces if they're not able to adapt right thank you about about for the models do you have any input on that as well? For me yeah, I think it's about having a team that's really well organized it helps when everyone comes in with the same vision and you know what you're going for rather than being you know, unorganized and nobody knows what they want and then it's just stressed out so I think coming in today we have an amazing team so it's very easy. Um but making sure everyone's on the same page and everyone is well prepared. I definitely think that when I'm going into working of the new photographer like you said, uh, looking at their website and seeing previous work and thinking if it's gonna benefit you as a model and not make you look bad, I asked him to wait for that crane so this is from instinct how much input does the client actually now I'm not sure if this is for all of you, but, uh how much input does the client give you ahead of time and how do you handle change orders on site with the clock winding down, so does that. Who does that happen? Trying way it's about adaptability and and I feel like that's kind of half of who you are and why they choose you is well, they love obviously have to love your work and and your style, so you have to know that going into that you know, you're being you're there because they love your work. So, yeah, you want to cater to what they're doing. But you also have to put your own twist on it. That's, what they're paying you for, um, and in terms of versatility, induct ability, that's, half of half of who you are making it work on the job making, getting a lot. Yeah, and I think that you have to know previously going into it, what they're looking for, and you have to be prepared. So a lot of times, they say that they want one thing, and you get on the set. And, you know, maybe something. Lighting is different, or something happens where totally different, like you got a big blue eye shadow, and you get there and it's like, no, no, we decided to do. So at that point, you really have to be prepared with maybe like a kit of having a range of other colors just in case they threw that noble on you and you have to make it happen very quickly and that's when your expertise comes in and your professionalism, you just have to carry and I'd love to hear that from your perspective, I think it's really important. First of all, when I when I choose a photographer to work with, if they approached me and I do like their work on their website, I tried to meet him one on one to really get a vibe from them it's really important for me to work with a really positive team that, you know, you gotta keep telling yourself not only I can do this, but it's, I can rock it, and I could be awesome about it. So um, for example, I had a music video shoot that I was styling ones I was doing wardrobe for it, and in the middle of the shoot after we're like after budget and everything they wanted a wedding down. So I took the the bed sheet that we use the day before and in ten minutes and like a million safety pins later we had a wedding down and, you know, you just have to really, really be positive on set and you know, you'd see it from the photographers. Did you talk to any team that you talk to if you meet someone and they're like, well, I don't like this, and I don't like that, and I don't want this, and I don't want that. You really want someone who emphasises on what they do want and what they do like and being passionate about their work. So that's, really important. So if you have a difficulty on set or some kind of, I think that you have to whip out of thin air, you really gotta tell yourself, you can do it, and he'll do a really great job. I think so, yeah.

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In this fashion photography course, learn every stage of a fashion shoot, from casting your styling team and model to the shoot day itself: shooting in-studio and on-location, lighting techniques, model direction, and finally, retouching, business, marketing, and social media advertising.

Whatever type of photographer you are and whatever your experience level, you can learn something from this fashion photography course -- the elements of fashion photography and how to integrate them with your own business techniques! Lara will instill you with confidence as she shares her personal experiences of her journey in the industry thus far, guiding you towards making your own mark within the industry.



Having dusted off my camera after a 3 year inspiration slump I decided to head toward the fashion/editorial/Fine art/Portrait route. I discovered this course and after researching Lara Jade's work and seeing the course content I decided to buy the course. I'm completely new to the fashion world having mainly shot personal stuff. Anyway, for anyone reading this review who might be thinking 'should I, shouldn't I book this course?' I'm only up to video 6 - the vintage natural light look. I've learned so much already, even if I'd paid the same and got the first 6 videos I'd have been happy. So far it's covered so much about planning shoots, directing models. I like the fact that Jade is a working professional photographer rather than a want-to-be-but-failed or a long time passed has-been. I like that she's British (as am I). I like how she teaches and how down to earth she is and how happy she is to answer questions. I like how humble she is. The content, the teaching style is nothing short of being an assistant on set and learning first hand. Don't think about buying this course, just do it. You will not be sorry, I promise you!