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Interview: Haley Maybury, Editor of Papercut Magazine

Hi haley, I so I want to introduce haley to you and paper cut magazine has been a big believer in my work from when I first started and I still work for them the great bunch of guys on dh I wantto get questions from you maybe questions from the audience and I'm gonna ask you some questions myself about how you can approach a magazine paper cut is a great online magazine and they do have some print versions as well, I'm haley I just want to say speak to you about how would and new photographer, um, approach you like, would that be best by email? Like what kind of things do you like to see in the e mail? Do you like to see attachments of pictures on what kind of things are you looking for from me? Photographers? All right, that's a great question. Well, for the past couple of years, we've been taking all submissions through e mails and stuff like that, but we just recently launched submissions age so that's, how we're reviewing images now and basically the top things were looking for obv...

iously the quality of the images and then what designers and france the photographers are using because our magazine is focused around emerging designers and talent, so we do not accept high end designers, that kind of stuff, so yeah, basically just doing it right and giving enough images for us to review and having a bunch of different selections. Okay? And are you looking for when people submit work too you you happy to just take final images or do you like when people give you an additive unedited images so you can select them for the layout? Um do you like to do a little bit of a mix of things? I'd definitely like to have more images than left yes, from unedited or edited I think it make the process easier. We just like to be able to play around with layouts. So what have been coming across lately through this submission speeches? People are only sending it one or two images, which is pretty frustrating because everything toe work off so the more images I'm not too particular about their editor or not if the photos are great that I'm not going to be you worried about the end product like once they're edited? Okay, great. Do we have any questions from you guys for haley? I love you guys to start a conversation about how king you approach her. I'm actually I have another question for you. Hayley, do you like to see if you're commissioning a story to a photographer? How what do you like to see in regards to visual inspiration? Do you like to see storyboards? Mood boards like what is the best way I know that we've worked in various different ways before but it be good to kind of explain to people yeah way don't do a lot of commissioning photographers most of it is just submissions lately but when we do commissioned photographers we do like to see a storyboard we like to get they're full idea and we have a team also like teo give our ideas and what we want to see as well okay great do we have any questions from the live audience for haley oh yeah you guys oh yeah my question wass do you put out concepts and ideas that you would like to feature in the magazine um and you know, do fucked photographers submit based on those concepts that you put out there or do you just kind of review other concepts that might kind of go with the style of your magazine that the photographer circle made up with all right? That's the real question is what? Each month we put out an open call on our website and on our feet book on our twitter and we come up with a theme that we think will work for our photographers and the people that submit over the past three years we've got a great feel for food people are that are submitting to us so we like teo really get their mind thinking and come up with different concept each month there actually was a curator on our august one, so she helped us come up with a theme and then we posted it and then we go through. It was a lot of fine way also take just general submissions with no fees and that's where we get a lot of our web editorial, which we show on our website, we do at least one or two a day and that's where we get teo, look through the ones that are just other people operation, and they're all really amazing. We get great submission, ok? Till I don't know if you mention this before. Uh, do you prefer editorial? Like a lot of pictures that kind of tell the story or just one? Um just one image? What would you first? The mission? What would you prefer to see? Yeah, definitely for at least five one is just not going to cut it, not going to tell this story. That image might be great, but we don't know where, but the rest of the images are looking at because some of the coils there could be one great images and then the rest will be bad or there's one bad image and there could be great so maur images that you consent thruster, you better chance you're going to have because we got to pick and choose than even in some of our editorial issue we might not pick your whole editorial but we might pick one or two or three of the really great ones and that's a great way to get your work published especially just beginning ok any questions from the live audience way definitely have questions coming on from online haley second sight they was wondering is there any sort of specific formatting that you require for submissions such as nine by twelve prints or files cover letters and specific layouts and fonts specific packaging etcetera? Well for this mission stayed basically all you have to do with upload your photo onto it and then give it a title you can lay it out yourself or our team usually likes laid out so I uh we prefer just to send the images don't worry about text or all that stuff images credits your team credits in the wardrobe credits is basically all that you need to submit when you're when you're bringing it the rest of stuff we take care of our side all right next question is from emi bloom who says are there any don'ts when submitting so what not to do um don't submit uh editorial that are filled with high end designers it's really frustrating because we make it clear and that's based their whole concept so that's my biggest dope because I go through a lot of them a day to make sure you read the guideline any magazine that's just going to help you and it's you know, wasting our time it's wasting your time so just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into that's great uh we've got another question in here in the audience um haley um I was wondering how many submissions do you get a day or anywhere from like fifty to one hundred sometimes two hundred so it's a lot and so let's look there because I personally almost every one I like to see what's going on and who's committing and if I could give them any guidance or feedback I like to do that uh studios co uk is wondering when submitting for editorial does the photographer have to list the clothes where to buy them in price after see articles with this information um you don't have to lift the price, but you do need teo with two designer not listen it's still early where you've got them so just basically the designer's name or the brands and a question from cates lens is do you prefer several in emerging designers and one shoot for a paper cut submission or just showcasing one? Um you know what? I don't really have a preference I think do using more than one is great you also get more of a variety and you get teo get more emerging descended out there, but if you only I have access to one that's fine if you know a bunch that's great too. So really whatever you can get access to wei have a number of different people who are wondering if you accept emergence stylists and tigers out of the u s only or worldwide oh, no worldwide from day one we've had many, many different photographers from people from london, france a lot of people from africa australia you feeling so? I don't mean to everyone and it's online magazine we also sell it and print which you can order worldwide as well. Some, uh some basic logistical questions. I'm not sure if you answer this, but do you need thio include a model release form when submitting images that's from a tea bar? No, we do have you sign a form or just a great into a form like making sure that these are your pictures that everyone in the pictures you know agreed tio submitting them to us. But there's no model of spring uh, you turtle eighty eight says, you know, you just mentioned that you have both print and webb, how do you decide which images go to print and which images go online? Actually, um that's a good question way of themes lately that's really how we decide which one we put in our prints and digital issues and then once that we think are really, really strong and we really like it don't fit our current theme or any upcoming things we like to put online on our web editorials so wait have a print and digital addition and our ipad issue which have all the same images and then we have our web editorials which are daily on the website and those are the ones that we choose if they don't fit into our current team or are you just really like them in one month? Another question in the audience as faras the announcing of the themes for a particular month do you announce a few months in advance like upcoming months themes? Or is it just the start of every month? You just put the team out there and we usually like to do it a month or two months ahead of time so people have time to conceptualize their shoe, ask questions and I'll put a team together can you list a few examples of, you know, a theme that you might have done recently on the site? Sure. So our upcoming scene which we're launching this week was our words even was called let's get freaky so we kind of just let people show their wild side and and holly are next upcoming one in november and that we're featuring on technology and future so people kind of know get freedom and looking you different futuristic shoes or kind of focus on technology because that's such a huge part of fashion in the world right now. So cool question from ron jon in kolkata is do does submission toe one magazine disqualify for submission to other magazines is their exclusivity. We do like it to be unpublished when you submitted to us. Um really, since we're not compensating anyone at this point, what will you do with it after publishing our magazine is your choice. But we do like tio haven't held us that we will not accept it if it's published somewhere else theresa tears when can you buy the clothes and give credit to the designer? Or do you have to be working with the designers for permission? I'm sure theresa thi's one can you buy the clothes and give credit to the designer? Or do you have to be working with the designer for permission? Um if you want to buy the clothes and put that that's fine, it's gonna be easier for you. Teo, contact us and request a full letter so you could go teo boutique or to the designer and say, listen, we're shooting for people magazine loved tio well, some your clothes and you get credited and you get a publicist. Sorry, can you actually define what a pool letter is to these guys? Because I think that's a really good thing for people to know how you were with the pool later and how that works with stylist as well mr on the full letter is a really great research for the photographer and for the stylus it's just saying that paper cut magazine is giving you guys permission teo submit to our magazine and that we're requesting that the store the designer lets them use their clothes for or that issue or for their editorial way have so many questions and are continuing to come in. This is really fascinating for people and maybe one or two last ones. Could you actually define what ana maria what defines an emerging designer? Sure, um emerging designers someone or or even grander you know with your musicians stuff someone who is on the cusp or even student designers, people that are trying to make it no one that necessarily like famous or well, no need not something that you're gonna recognize the need someone who's trying to make it in the fashion industry and that's our job is to promote these designers and get their names over the air through photography read through uh they're designer profiles and stuff like that, so just someone who's trying teo theirself out there is a design burger and try to make it

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