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Shoot: Beauty

So I wanted to finish on high here with a beauty shoot, I think it's important to go into this, even though we're not going to spend too much time in it because we're doing one light technique. Whenever I use a beauty dish, I have won beauty just to the side at a high angle. I have a reflector often under the chin, and these v fats had just given it a little bit of shadow, two on the side, so my settings right now, I have the pocket. Was it for this to go off? I have two hundred this second at f ten because I want some detail and I have a two hundred, and the reason for that is because we don't want to let too much light in what the detail I want the depth of the picture, so I'm gonna go ahead and start taking a few images, and then I'm gonna come back to you as well. So the main thing I want to get from me is just a kind of frame. So we shoot him from here up to here, so I'm crapping into this, so all you've got to do is move his shoulders in ways that would compliment, okay, so can w...

e start just with one? Slightly to the side like that, and I moved back slightly because of the necklace that's great! And that if we could put that just under the toon great, can you turn around to the front for me, straight on that chin down just slightly, and you'll start to see that it's got that nice grading on the backdrop I talked about earlier is the same backdrop, but we're just moving the lights the way so it gives a different field on the the beauty dishes, creating that nice contrast. You could go ahead and defuse this with diffuse the sock, which fits over the beauty dishing material, which often I do. But for this situation, I want the contrast. I have contracts in the clothes, I have contrast with the way her make appears in the hair, and also the fact that it's a fun famous well, so you can really go to town on like different lighting things and experimenting with the one light, maybe even using these on the white side a tad more light or including a second light at some point as well. So I'm just going to shoot a few more of these. See how we're going ok that's fantastic yeah if you could just do it from this side straight on it's very symmetrical down the camera yeah came down all the time for me because this light kind of fills in everything so it doesn't matter if you chin is up for this one that's beautiful that that we're just putting you on to sprinkle a little bit more towards me and again cover shot option given the space at the time if we could bring that up given the space at the top but you have this great thing and it's a great cover shot because you've got the depth in the background you've got the negative space it will fill in the text on the sides pull them down a little bit more if you show in your eyes and a little bit more and remember the hand not too much of this part of the hand more about this part okay bring that shoulder in nice and strong and just face more towards the lighthouse will be away from it yet maybe to steven just hold them just right here so that their parent what they are team down for me and a spring in the shoulder but face to that way, way back towards me and again this is a setup that pretty much anyone could do one lights set up all you need is a wall in a backdrop you don't even need the v flats, it's really approachable. It doesn't matter what kind of photography ur knew what kind of level you are or the budget you may have for it. So it's a fantastic thing to you if you want beauty in the skin it's especially good for beauty, the name the beauty dish because of the detail you get with it and the way you can process it after and that's the reason we have such a high aperture here because we want the detail in the skin that when we go into it later, we can really pull out the pores and placed him further into the faces. Well, okay, just give me some more of the top that's. It said this bit, but just bring your arm and slightly. Yep, and a little bit more as well. It's beautiful just turned down a little bit. Okay, so you can start to see how that's all coming together now, and I'd be pretty much happy with the way this is coming alive.

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In this fashion photography course, learn every stage of a fashion shoot, from casting your styling team and model to the shoot day itself: shooting in-studio and on-location, lighting techniques, model direction, and finally, retouching, business, marketing, and social media advertising.

Whatever type of photographer you are and whatever your experience level, you can learn something from this fashion photography course -- the elements of fashion photography and how to integrate them with your own business techniques! Lara will instill you with confidence as she shares her personal experiences of her journey in the industry thus far, guiding you towards making your own mark within the industry.



Having dusted off my camera after a 3 year inspiration slump I decided to head toward the fashion/editorial/Fine art/Portrait route. I discovered this course and after researching Lara Jade's work and seeing the course content I decided to buy the course. I'm completely new to the fashion world having mainly shot personal stuff. Anyway, for anyone reading this review who might be thinking 'should I, shouldn't I book this course?' I'm only up to video 6 - the vintage natural light look. I've learned so much already, even if I'd paid the same and got the first 6 videos I'd have been happy. So far it's covered so much about planning shoots, directing models. I like the fact that Jade is a working professional photographer rather than a want-to-be-but-failed or a long time passed has-been. I like that she's British (as am I). I like how she teaches and how down to earth she is and how happy she is to answer questions. I like how humble she is. The content, the teaching style is nothing short of being an assistant on set and learning first hand. Don't think about buying this course, just do it. You will not be sorry, I promise you!