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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: FAST CLASS: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance

Ben Greenfield

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

So of course, the question that that we have to ask ourselves as we go after these amazing performance goals, from, you know, recovering faster to being a supermom to doing the mysterious spartan trifecta, um, is are we healthy on the outside and healthy on the inside too? And this is where it gets kind of scary. And for me personally, It was really kind of almost like a come to Jesus moment when I realized that for me 10 years almost of doing ironman triathlon, and I, you know, I played collegiate tennis and did bodybuilding, and I've always been into these extreme sports. But I realized about two years ago that despite how low your body fat levels are, despite how cool of an event you've achieved, that it's actually possible to be dying on the inside.

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