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Shoot: Laying Down

Lesson 13 from: FAST CLASS: Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography

Elena S Blair

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Lesson Info

13. Shoot: Laying Down

Lesson Info

Shoot: Laying Down

So now, if you guys are up for it, we're gonna try some laying down poses. Does that sound good? Yes! Okay. Can I change my lens, is that okay? Mhm. So, I'm actually going to, since we have time, sorry, I'm gonna change my lens to a wider angle lens so I can do this. This is the bag that I actually take to sessions, I'm super, just easy backpack. No prob. So I'm switching to my 35. And that's because it's gonna allow me to get them laying down here. Laying down shots are really fun, because they're silly, but they're also just, like, a sweet moment. And it's an opportunity to create something that's a little more intimate with the family. And I know this is a really hard floor, so, sorry about that, but, okay. So, Dad, you're gonna start first, Dad and Mom. Sorry. Sorry. So lay down with your head kinda, like, right here. And lay like this. Facing this way? Yeah. Okay. Okay. So this is one that a lot of people are like, "How are you, like, is this awkward? To tell...

your families, like, 'Hey, we're gonna lay down.'?" It is, probably, but we do it anyway, and they end up loving it. So put your hands behind your head. So you're gonna snuggle right in next to him, lay on his arm. Kinda like you would, you know, if you were, I don't know. Like this? Sunday morning. Yeah, perfect. Just like that. All right, ladies, come on over. I'm gonna jump on mom. No, don't jump on her! Okay, Anna, come on this side and lay with Daddy over there. So, like, lay next to him or on top of him? Lay next to him, kinda like how your mom is. And then Allie, you're gonna get on top like this, okay? Yeah, family sandwich, I like that. Where is my camera? Okay. So, Trevor, turn your head towards Marci. (camera shutter snapping) This is one I'm gonna have to do this. (camera shutter snapping) Okay. And try not to fall. So when I said I get in there in families, I meant it. (laughing) This is why I'm not wearing high heels. Okay. Don't look at me, guys, look at each other. Allie, look at me. And I can't, this is like not normal, cause I... All right, we got it. Good job. Look right at each other. (camera shutter snapping) (children mumbling and laughing) Can you give Daddy kiss? Good job. (children gurgling) Aw yeah, good job, you guys. You guys killed it, perfect, okay. Alright, sorry. Did you say life's so hard? She said life's so hard. Is what she just said. (laughing) Nice work, you guys, that's hard to do. (applause) (children cheering) So, that's one of those poses that people are like, "How do you do it?" Well, that's how I do it, and they're like, "How do you get that intimate?" That's how I get that intimate. I just get in there. (laughing) And they usually are totally cool with it. I don't know, we'll see what they say later, but. So there it is. And sometimes they cry. And we still do it, because they thought this was hilarious, that she was like, "What is happening? My brothers are all over me?" But this is their, look at the mom's face, and like, it was just so much fun and this was real life, so. So this is a great time for a transition. If we had done all those shots, and I remember I said we might have transitioned between standing and sitting, if we had done all those shots in one spot, it's definitely time for a break for the kids, and transitions are a good time for that. So that's why I was talking about when choosing locations, urban locations are hard because there aren't as many places that you can go or opportunities for the family to really move around that much. We're not gonna transition right now, obviously, because we have nowhere to go, but we would have them walk, and what I do is constantly shoot through the transitions. So I always say that at family photo sessions, I feel like I'm the sherpa, because I don't-- you know, Mom usually brings a purse, or sometimes they have a bag with things that they need, like water, and I'll just throw my backpack on, throw Mom's bag on, and just continue to photograph them because I love, I always get these great shots of them walking. Transitioning. See, you gotta be ready. Look at his lip. He fell down.

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This was a great class! So much great information packed into such a short amount of time. I also LOVE Elena Blair. I would love to meet her after taking this course. She is so confident and fearless in her work and that is so inspiring!

Brooke Emery

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