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FAST CLASS: Incredible Engagement Photography

Pye Jirsa

FAST CLASS: Incredible Engagement Photography

Pye Jirsa

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2 Posing Guidance for Him Duration:08:08
3 Posing Guidance for Her Duration:08:50
4 Foundational Posing Duration:04:59
5 Posing Touch Points Duration:04:44
6 Couples Body Language Duration:05:19
7 Posing Three Point Check Duration:05:12
8 Posing Tips with Demo Duration:06:51
9 Mood Board Tips Duration:05:36
10 Camera Settings Quick Overview Duration:18:21
11 Seeing the Light Duration:17:22
12 High Speed Sync vs ND Duration:04:17
14 Editing Using Presets Duration:11:37
16 Using Photo Mechanic to Cull Duration:08:44
17 Culled Edits in Lightroom Duration:13:01
18 Natural Flash/Bounce Duration:03:52

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Full-length class: Incredible Engagement Photography with Pye Jirsa

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Couples want to capture their commitment to each other in high-quality, creatively shot photographs. They also expect their bliss to appear natural and evocative. Photographers who are trying to build their engagement photography portfolio need to be able to juggle both technical and creative expectations. Pye Jirsa’s Incredible Engagement Photography will teach students how to strike this balance with basic equipment.

In this course, you’ll discover how to:

  • Use simple on- and off-camera flash lighting
  • Communicate effectively to devise creative, meaningful poses
  • Develop post-processing and overall workflow

Drawing on lessons taught in Pye’s other courses (Photography 101, Lighting 101, and Lighting 201), you will learn how to adapt to a variety of different lighting situations – indoor and outdoor, natural and urban. You’ll also gain a sense of the importance of storytelling and of developing a disarming interaction style for putting couples at ease during a shoot.

Conducting an engagement photography shoot requires a delicate mix of technical and interpersonal skills – but not an abundance of expensive, demanding equipment.



Man, Pye just covered EVERYTHING! I love the complete process explanation of Photo Mechanic to Lightroom.

Mal Bron