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Gear Overview

Lesson 3 from: FAST CLASS: Lighting, Logistics, and Strategies for a Life in Photography

Joe McNally

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Lesson Info

3. Gear Overview

Lesson Info

Gear Overview

There's no way to get around the fact that you need the gear, right? This was I was at the Rio Olympics last August. There's my bed in my hotel room, okay? Early in the morning and sorting out what I needed for that day. Okay? It's a lot of stuff, you know, This was an extraordinary kind of an event. The Olympics is the Olympics, you know. Thank God they only come around every four years because it really beats up your body. As a photographer, I've been I've had a relationship with the Nikon company for many years. You know, I'm very happy of that. I bought my first Nikon camera in 1973. Um, there's there's our equipment. That's that's my savings account, E. I wish I had to save his account to, but this is basically my savings account. Okay, um, there's a studio truck. We go on location VL. That's some of the T shirts that we were on location. It might know what Avielle stands for. Voice activated lights stand. Um, so that's Callie up there in the studio suburban. This we're going Teoh...

have as a record of this class. Basically, these next. Few images are stuff that we use. Um, and you we will use on location, and you'll have the benefit of all of this kind of downloaded for you in a pdf kind of deal. I think so. Yeah. The speed lights will be using. We use Maha Chargers and Power X batteries. They're very efficient. We use ah, whole variety of different light shapers gripping accessories. I I use name brand stuff, you know, like that's a get so tripod back in there someplace. I you know, if you, um you know, things like that stay with you, they won't fail on. Look, I mean, you know, trust me. There's technical problems galore when you get on assignment, but I give myself my best fighting chance, and I use name brand stuff.

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