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Shoot Set Up: Athlete Portrait

Lesson 17 from: FAST CLASS: Lighting, Logistics, and Strategies for a Life in Photography

Joe McNally

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Lesson Info

17. Shoot Set Up: Athlete Portrait

Lesson Info

Shoot Set Up: Athlete Portrait

And now we're gonna try to desperately squeeze in an athletic portrait. And this could be a utter, abysmal failure. Will see these air not classically the windows I would pump light through because they're already so beautiful. And they're so diffused. And, you know, that's frosted glass and all that. But I'm gonna see if I can get, uh, kind of an arc of light. That's a B me kind of light. We're going to drift some smoke into it, and then I'm gonna light selectively an athletic portrait, post workouts drenched, kind of sort of thing. And she's gonna live in this neighborhood here. All right, Come a little closer to me now, if you don't mind. Cool. All right. Yeah, right about there. Now, what I'd like you to do is maybe spread your stance out a little bit. Okay? Put your hands on your hips. Maybe. And just kind of a tip your head back like that was a heck of a workout. Okay, Something like that. Now, let's go up and over with that. Now I got get some smoke. Wrangling, please. Yes, plea...

se. If you don't mind. Thank you very much. Now this smoke machine is a Heyzer. It's not. Ah, it's not a party, fogger. It's Ah, it's a Heyzer. It it should emit just the constant sort of thin vapour into the air. What happens with smoke machines is that you hit the button and go and they vomit this dollop of smoke. It's like somebody had a large breakfast and then went running and then just vomited a whole bunch of stuff onto your set just to be kind of graphically pleasing about it. So you don't want that to happen? A little bit of haze could be kind of nice. In reference to the lake we have, we have a, ah, grid inside of it. And that's why if you saw me kind of checking behind our model here, we're just making sure that this grid is hitting our subject in a key space for not positioning the model in the right spot. We are not going to get obviously not get the right light, so that's great, is very specific, so we need to be able to position that. And that's why you see us kind of judging where that IHS arms we have smoke. We have smoke all right. Here we go. Here we go. Okay, Perfect. You're good. You're good. You're good. Step off. Here we go. Can redirect the smoke towards the wall, please. Away from the model towards the wall. Okay, angle it up. If you don't mind. Let's see if we can get a little Brad as Brad out in the street. What do you need? Okay, let's just, uh maybe if somebody could get, like, a try flip kind of thing, and we'll kind of push the smoke a little higher. That'd be awesome. Okay. All right. Here we go. Beautiful. Back off a little bit. Callie, please. Thank you. Nice. Good. Looks weak. Good. Look. Okay, there we go. Stay with it. Now, stay with it. I can't shoot too fast because I am maxed on those packs outside. They will not like me if I try to overshoot them. Okay. Let's, uh uh, we have a volume control on that taser for now. Give me just a little bit more, and then let's shut it down. All right? We're on that. Okay. All right. Uh, yeah, we're on. Yeah, we're here we go. Good. Cool. Nice exhaustion. I am done. God Almighty. Now I'm using two different kinds of light sources here outside. I'm using really massive lights before 1000 watt seconds. Bang. A lot of light. Two of them out there. They're just about getting the job done of coming through the windows. This is a B one max of 500 watt seconds. I am Max on that light. It's got a grid on it. So the grid is chewing up some of the potential of that, like you are. You're all right. Are you Are you dying here? Um, a little teary is not a bad thing. OK, that leg back this shoulder this way. Cool. Right in there. Okay. And look at me like really strong, like Nike ad. Kind of like Olympic athletes. Kind of expression. Cool. Good. Alright, Andrew, let's bring this down, please. I'm making that move because there's not enough light in her eyes right now. Okay, Cool. All right, chin up. Just a little bit. All right. I'm thinking like the the full length. Better. I want the full length better. All right, but you got to try that, right? You can't just sit like a house plant and on rap away picture after picture. Okay? Yeah. Maybe just drop your hands, like, you know, kind of. Okay. And there you go. Good, good. Nice. Even, like a stretch. Okay, nice. Nice try. Hands over your head. Kind of like, post workout stretch kind of thing. Nice. Here. Every your light is your light sources up above you. Cool. Good. Look good. Look cool. Yeah, you could try that. Nice. Just move around a little bit. That's cool. But remember the light sources up above. Cool. Nice. Nice. Nice. All right. Try one horizontal as well. All right. The thing is, I got all that. I mean, yeah, it does have to be, like, 24 maybe like, 35 or something. Cool. Beautiful. Hold that. Hold that. Nice. Nice. Nice. Stay with me. Nice. Okay. Way to go, Ken. All right. And now, last last one. Hands on, hips and up again. Exhausted. Last, last. All right,

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