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The Biz: Understanding the Agreement

Lesson 24 from: FAST CLASS: Lighting, Logistics, and Strategies for a Life in Photography

Joe McNally

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Lesson Info

24. The Biz: Understanding the Agreement

Lesson Info

The Biz: Understanding the Agreement

a few years ago. I don't want to miss speak here, but I believe it was photo district news did a huge survey of the photographic marketplace of the United States. And what the way they did. It was they solicited kind of business practices and pricing from photographers who are regionally dispersed all over the country. And I thought it was actually a really good thing that they did. Um, and the disparity was astonishing. You know, people are charging thousands of dollars here that they're charging thousands hundreds of dollars down here, etcetera. So it really impacted upon me the fragmented nature of our marketplace and how each individual marketplace, regionally speaking, is different from the other. Now the that's if it's still online. That's an excellent sort of overview, and I don't misspeak. Might have been American photo, but I'm pretty sure it was photo district news. They're really good with that. With dispersing that type of information, there's also Blink bid. I don't happen...

to use it, but I understand it's a wonderful resource. Um, that can give you the kinds of usage is that you know are spelled out and based on the licensing, what you would charge? Um, most of the photo industry membership, you know, P p A. And, um S and P is wonderful. I would highly recommend investing in a pretty nominal amount of money to join the ace and have fantastic resource. And they also have legal documentation that's available to you as well as legal. Resource is that you could access photo shelter is by and large, you know, it's we use them for image transferring and storage and this and that. But they are also very pro active members of the photo community. And they regularly published guides and kind of overall overviews of marketing strategies, etcetera. Eso there are resource is out there. A wonderful machine is another one very, very good. I don't want to forget to point out, And the reason why we have this bill here that's actually the bill that went to the client to show them that Joe's feet at the end of all this was $385 from the $2400 fee that the client said that she had, which was not a fee. It was basically this little little bucket of money and chipping away at our legitimate costs that we spent that day. That is what Joe actually earned. So we probably could mean she wanted a detailed bill. But we could have sent in, like, OK, $2400. That's it done. But Lynn, I think, specifically tried to further educate this person by in numerator ng the costs. What it costs you to be a photographer on what is ending up available or crewing to you at the end of a day like that. And you know it's not, uh, not, but that's kind of sad math. Okay, right there. This was a more elaborate, uh, estimate where there were many, many, many categories and, um, taking a crew from point A to B to C to D. We tend to like to travel with the same people. We will pick up local assistance or local stylists whomever we need to. But it's it's wonderful if you can travel with the same crew along the way, because then it's you've got it down and you know the assistance. Know what gears in what bag and stylist knows what to do next in There's no you know, you just Segway from one situation into the next. So, um, you can see that this kind of goes on and on. This is one submission, and there's the disclaimer of the cancellation policy in terms and conditions and weather. You know, all these things can come back and bite you. So, uh, Lin is a tremendous resource for our studio, obviously. But she also has resource is she relies on, as we just indicated, that was SNP, for instance, is dedicated to trying to keep the target for safe on out of the woods in legal and financial senses. You know, there's also good, good books. Um, lots of good. You know, uh, John Harrington does a lot of business books on photography and copyright and the intricacies that you could So there, days reading. And this obviously, Yeah. I mean, this is this really gets me going. This is the fun part of photography. I just can't wait to see those bids and estimates, you know,

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