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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: FAST CLASS: Working Successfully with Clients: A Class for Illustrators and Designers

Lisa Congdon

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

effective communication matters, understanding what it means to be an effective communicator is really important. So in this class we're going to cover everything from, you know, deciding whether an opportunity is right for you to negotiating contracts to fees, the working process with the client and all of that involves communicating with the client and doing that in a way that isn't going to um disrupt your relationship in any negative way. So the basis for all of that is effective communication as you can imagine, mostly what we're gonna be talking today about his email, right? Because even if you end up on the phone, even if the contact, the person contacts you through social media because they want to, you know, they discovered your work there, most of your communication is going to be over email and that is actually the place where we make the most mistakes in communicating. So I'm going to really spend the most time talking about that today. But every principle we talked about t...

oday also applies to phone and video chat, which sometimes you will how many of you have ever gotten on the phone with a client to discuss details? Yeah, it happens. It's really actually when things get complicated or there's a lot to discuss, that's the place to go, you also want to pay attention to your, you know, communication manners over social media messaging systems. Um I highly recommend that if a client reaches out to you over social media that you quickly get that conversation on to email or over the phone. But oftentimes that's where an initial outreach will happen because after where we're posting our work and that's maybe where people discover us and then text again, most of the time you're not texting with your clients unless you're working on a really long term project. But manners still apply effective communication skills still apply over text. And in fact in some ways they're more important because texting is like that place where we often misread what, how somebody is feeling, right, because we use such short sentences. So you also want to think of it as customer service. So, uh those of you um sitting here do you, how many of you also have, like an online shopper or other ways that you communicate with people? So everything I'm gonna talk about today is um is sort of centered around this idea of working with a paying client. But all of the stuff that I'm gonna talk about is also relevant to your online shop, your wholesale business, your relationship with a gallery. Um any working relationship, you have, any human relationship you have in your business should use effective communication

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