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Dealing with Change in Scope

Lesson 17 from: FAST CLASS: Working Successfully with Clients: A Class for Illustrators and Designers

Lisa Congdon

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17. Dealing with Change in Scope

Lesson Info

Dealing with Change in Scope

at the final art stage. If the client comes back with more changes, new direction beware just when you thought this class was almost over some other thing that you might have to deal with how to deal with a change of scope in a project. Okay, so change of scope is any additional work that is not included in the agreement. So most of the time when you take an illustration or design project to final, um you know, the whole time the scope remains consistent and this doesn't not happen very often, but now and again for a variety of reasons. Um the scope of the project grows larger and what you agreed to in the beginning becomes larger. So sometimes scope of change happens because the client changes their mind midstream. This is also sometimes why a job gets killed. Um but sometimes they want to keep working with you, they just need something to be different. They're realizing what they originally concept isn't working. The client likes what you're doing so much, they want more of it. You k...

now, the client ends up unhappy with the final artwork even though a sketch was approved. So your sketches also you're like security, like an approved sketch that gets taken to final artwork, but then the final artwork they don't like, like that can happen, but at least you've gotten through an approved sketch. So every approval phase you get in writing is really important in the process, a new stakeholder ways in and everything changes, you know what to do when there's a change of scope. Stop negotiate additional fees before doing any extra work. So here's one way to handle it. Example, one client is happy and wants more like we love this illustration you're doing, we want more for more purposes. Thank you for your kind words. I'd love to do spot illustrations for you, but we'll need to revise the contract to reflect additional work. My fee for spot illustrations is fill in the blank for illustration. Please let me know how that sounds to you and I'll get your revised agreement. Example to client changes their mind or wants to backtrack. This is a tougher one because you have to be really delicate about how you communicate because you don't necessarily want to sound like a jerk. Um It looks like we're heading out of scope. I've completed all of the greed upon elements with your approval at each phase. So reminding them you already approved my sketch and you know, seemed happy with it. I'm happy to do original additional work or go into a new direction, but we'll need to add an addendum to the contract to reflect the changes new direction and additional fees

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