Fast Start Your Paper Goods Business


Handmade cards, prints, and gifts make excellent gifts, but not everyone has the patience or skills to create them – that’s where you come in. Learn how you can turn your design skills into a thriving paper goods business in Fast Start Your Paper Goods Business with Kari Chapin.

This course will encourage you to take a wider view of your paper goods business, beyond just printing cards and shipping them. You’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at a thriving stationery business as you learn about selling a range of products, both online and in stores. Kari will talk about:

  • Developing multiple revenue streams for a single product
  • Forecasting trends and staying current
  • Working with printers
  • Preparing for annual sales cycles and the holidays

No matter what kind of paper goods you make, this course will inspire you to build a thriving business.

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  • <p>By the end of the very first segment, I learned about 2 great tools I never knew about. That alone, was worth the cost of this class. I&#39;m looking forward to the rest of the class and hope to put all this great information to good use. Thank you!</p>
  • <p>really enjoyed this course by Kari! it was well-paced and just the right length of time. there&#39;s something about Kari that makes you feel like finding success in a handmade business is truly (realistically) attainable! I&#39;m looking forward to reading and listening to the bonus material and watching the course again (and again). thank you!</p>
  • <p>I am so glad that I decided to purchase Kari Chapin&#39;s &quot;Fast Start Your Paper Goods Business!&quot; course. It contains so much valuable information to refer back to. Kari is so personable. She is an excellent instructor/speaker! This course should be mandatory for anyone thinking about setting up their own Paper Goods business. Thank you Kari! 21freckles</p>