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Filters and Smart Objects


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Create Environment with Alien Skin Software

You show them what you made for that nonexisting job. Again, back to the something out of nothing. This was given me, this was a job, and they wanted, they called it a train wrap, station domination, so they'd take an entire subway, print out the entire inside and outside and wrap the train. These train cars are 120 feet or so, and then eight-foot tall ceilings, floors, and everything gets illustrated. Everything gets printed, and these guys in all their wisdom come up with a little dinky piece of artwork this big and go, "Here, we just need you to make this 120 foot long." I'm like, "Uh-huh." When you were talking about file size, you have no idea the pain of a layered file. And deliver those files, bought a hard drive, and from four in the afternoon till four in the morning, all I did was just res stuff up. I worked on it in a proper size, res it up, charge them for the hour, take a nap, wake up an hour later, that one's done, do another one, gave them a hard drive, shipped it ...

off to them, went to bed, charged them. However, the really important point, and he's gonna do just a quick little demo about this. So as we talked about with business and work and life, what ends up happening often is Netflix, for example, they're releasing a film a week, or a show a week. They don't have time to shoot a gallery, so you're getting what we call "screen res" or "film grubs." So I'm gonna guess that file size was 1K maybe 2K. Here. Small. And they wanted a train wrap, so just to give you all an idea, this pattern went, what, floor to ceiling, seven feet? The entire of this, yeah, the whole screen right here probably. Could we get that tomorrow? (talking over each other) When can we get that? I mean what are you gonna do? This had to be 100% completely reillustrated. That's why I started pathing. Pathing is your friend. But again, do you remember we said we're trying to give you some tools for your arsenal, you know, bag of tricks? I would have gone, "Holy Jesus, what am I gonna do? And he was like, "Well, Alien Skin." So I bought Alien Skin for the tenth time. I was like, "Here's my credit card number. Give me that thing again, man." Worth it's weight in gold. Yup, so that's what we started with. I went in-- Wait, wait, wait, don't go fast over this. Do me a favor just for a minute for the wow factor. Will you turn that "before" on again? All right, now turn the "after." Sweet Jesus, Mary, mother of God. That's all I have to say. (man laughs) Now, I don't know if you would have, before this class, thought of Alien Skin for this, but it's amazing. You do some pathing. So I looked at this, and I was like, "Where do you start?" I was like, "Okay, so it's got spearheads at the top." I went in, and I started to path out a spearhead. As you do. I started with that path there, loaded that up. I'm gonna go into Alien Skin there, filter, Alien Skin, Eye Candy, and hit Chrome. Hit OK. There's that pit. Now we've just got 120 feet more left to go. But at least he's got a plan of attack, right? So you start looking at it like, "Okay, those buggers are done." Turn that back on now. Now, leave that on, and turn your original on. No, I'm sorry, your high-res file. And then turn that gray back on. All right, so on a production level, here's what you gotta consider, there is no way he is gonna be able to have a smart object with all these at file size. Can you zoom out for a second? I'm not sure how big you did this or you're showing here, but he had panels, so what he ended up doing, I hope you don't mind me talking over you. So What he did is he made panels. So can you zero up? All right, so you make panels. You don't do this 15 times; you do this once and then go ahead and rasterize it and then make your duplications, so you kind of have to commit, but at this point, I think you're committing because they're not gonna have any choice. You did this in, what, two days? I mean it was ridiculous. It was a crazy amount of time. And there were people. There were people, there were things going on. Yeah, this is one part of it. And light rays. This was just the background. So again, the good thing is you're not doing 75 of these. You do one of these, and then you flip it. You do this part, and then you flip it. It's not quite as horrible as it looks once you have a game plan, and so hopefully you guys can think about this as a plan of attack, yeah? That's it. So I looked at the original, so the spearhead's out of there, so the next thing I looked at was, the brightest thing grabbed my eye, so there's this kind of stop-signy looking thing, kind of a square, beveled corners, and it looks like it's got a circle in it somewhere. So I pathed that one out. Stop sign. Yeah, I just called it a stop sign. And that's another thing, I just name these things. The first thing that hits my head, whatever comes in there, that's the name because I don't wanna go, "Well, that's a stop sign. Well, no one else gonna look like that. Better call it 'diagonal diamond.'" If things get tired, I'm not gonna find "diagonal diamond with a circle" in it. I'm gonna find "stop sign" real quick though. So I need things that just make sense to me. I gotta go back and rename them afterwards when I turn in the file. Yes, rename them afterwards. So there was that one. That turned into this one, and Alien Skin. It looks like the square part was one Alien Skin, and then I did a button much like that hubcap on the plane, so this is probably a two-step Alien Skin. So now I have my spearhead done. Now you could do a bevel for the back too possibly. Yup, so now my spearhead's done, and then this part's done. The next bit looked like these little fleur-de-lis fellas right there, so that was that, loaded that up. Yeah, paths are your friend here. Very much like that filigree piece that we had. Now, if you're afraid of drawing a path, you could get some filigrees that are already made really cheap if that was your thing, and you could do this easily. You don't have to be decent at paths. You could get someone else to do it. And then looking at this, I did one side, and now I'm not gonna illustrate the other side. I'm gonna flip it so it's a mirror image of itself. So just do the left side, and then flip it, and now I have this crown. But he flipped it before he made the bevel so that it has the same bevel. So the bevel, the light direction continues on across the whole thing as a unit. This one I can do. You're clever. I got my moments. So lets KPT that bugger, back into filter, Alien Skin, Eye candy, Chrome this up. It looks good. There you are. It looks really good. Than with that, not too big of jump. There's my hubcap again on these little buttons. I just made some basic paths, horizontal bars, vertical bars, and then back in here, I think it was a frame, I made one or two of these little S's. And once those were step and repeated, just made it, and then you can start seeing the repetitiveness, but once it was interlocked, it looked like one big chain link kind of pattern. And then this, although I gotta tell you, this probably went on about 15, 20 panels wide, just (purring sound) 120 feet down. Another way of looking at it, something from nothing. Cool, yeah, well done. Thank you. It's all about knowing your bag of tricks. All right, so now what Simon's gonna take a look at is using a 3D created logo in Photoshop, kind of a basic little logo, and using Alien Skin to make some nice technique on that as well.

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Learn how filters and smart objects can enhance your images when you incorporate them into your retouching workflow. Make adjustments to your file without overwriting your original image. Professional high-end retoucher Lisa Carney will show you the many tools within filters and how to use them to improve and speed up your post-processing workflow. You’ll learn about:

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