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Become a Media Magnet

Lesson 21 from: Find the Right Partners to Grow Your Business

Kare Anderson

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Lesson Info

21. Become a Media Magnet

Lesson Info

Become a Media Magnet

Cole create some kind of show the people he's had on that show are remarkable. Um I know about five people now that are doing podcast where they actually turn the show I wouldn't have be more than our I think a half ours best I think you should turn into two to three minute modules so it's also available with titles for those that's away the wave is going, but that kind of show for many of you will be valuable because you can have people on that you want to pull in and it solidifies them as partners. It goes from not knowing you thinking they want an alliance to maybe being a partner even still, this surprised me how much certain people and certain stratos listen to the local radio station on the weekly call in but go deep and your niche. Um I for example, I'm just became a costco members six years ago and some people been doing all their life and they asked me to do an article about partnering and I was ok, uh, I had seven thousand e mails from that article and light email was not in ...

it, so I thought boy does costco, they have people read a print publication and so it was kind of a shocker to me s o u there's unexpected things because people believe in a brand so much there were and the e mails were intelligent, asking questions and so on so I'm saying look, it's stuff that's traditional or may not have strikes struck you yeah once and so you had a question of comment here and then here first I just wanted there's um um there's a synergistic app I believe is called if this and that so like let's say you write a block post and you want to put on twitter but you also went on facebook maybe you want to arlington if this and not let if this then that helps you link from one to the other so if I post a facebook status then it posted to twitter then it posted tilling and so that could help cover many bases if it's like a block poster if it's something that you want on all of them, I've heard of that herd of sweet it's just lovely, but what I'm reading from like gary is that you really need to curate the content to speak tio the audience so he's saying don't he's saying don't spray it like that? I want to just step in your quickly we can drill down on the technology and it can go really technical quick and so you're being generous about it and there's another one called gag a lamp so you really do want to learn the tools and look at him and take the time but the part that relates to this like gaggle lamp is going wild because I get a list of the people that are my gaggle group, and they'll retweet stuff, but it's so shallow necessary sometimes because they may not have a true connection. So I side with ann and gary that you want to go slow to go fast and cherry pick it and customize doing a few things well will probably get you further, and I'm in the minority among a lot of social media people I'd rather do less better. And so what I suggest you strongly is one of the strongest things you can do this most becoming is notice who gets what you do right, goes back to who gets what you're doing and responds with an intelligent comment back. That means they think well enough of themselves and you to add a comment, even that comment says yes, I like these three points, and I also discussed in my block if those three points for really meaty than they should get the link back. So doing that and really distinctly standing out because it's, a huge marketplace, will be helpful now going to the profitable partnerships when you've got those partnerships there still very few people that have a market in common that there's a lot of friends agree tweet. Reflexively our tweets someone was important or want to say something about it on facebook and linkedin because they hope that in the shadow and that it's shining that big spotlight I you'll see me but even if you have three five and you get up to seven, it just goes up people genuinely believe in you and your mutual market you can have leverage visibility because you'll cost refer you'll add to your co create and that's that's going to be then during trade about shared expertise so I'm just putting a heavy hand on for this first time don't want to finish the parts that I think as a reporter can be good again it's your shared expertise there getting in rhythm and sync with each other you're being briefed so that when you co create something it's not an ad when there's more than one its tip related so you might, for example, say that our three partners around this mutual market are going to identify which publications reach our people and we're going to offer them to free tips a month good tips not always about us that we think are so great and we would say to them, we think our tips will be so relevant your market we want to offer them for free just what you just have links to us or links to a landing page that relates to all of you and having those short tips, I'm working with two different client groups now where they spread, where they now appear in eighty publications regularly, same tips, but they're going after their niche market, not an ad, because they've got that ratio of not always being about how you can use our product, but something that's relevant to their market. So I say you are ready or deep experts, why not leverage your expertise and find other ways that people want to put it in? Because it's valued content and you keep reaching new aspects of your market in different ways? So going further from that here's, the goal and this is easier than you think when you've got that narrowed in itched and you've got valuable, reputable partners become your key media's favorite subject matter experts, you know what I mean? What is the opposite of that? When someone writes to the media and say, um, we're announcing a study next week, and we think you'd probably want to cover it or and I know you've all seen these, I actually have kept a list of my hundred favorite I hate them letters from people that don't bother to do the things we've been talking about, uh, conversely, if you're able to target the experts and media that cover well, your topic area and you probably have them they may be a blogger a columnist a reporter there may be some one two degrees over who covers something so well but your insights would be helpful of them and what they cover now here's the key part and I would take time to do this well and have fresh eyes of other people you look at things that happened in your world in your market crises opportunities events something that's rising the news something that's perennial and always happens and you say dear and you had that person's name I noticed that you've been writing about blank, blank and blank and that your core beat seems overlap with the market they serve in the future if you ever writing about and you do seven to ten one liners you've described the topic area you say I maybe have a helpful insight now there is calm and get me so I can get news you don't say that I may have a helpful insight and if I don't I'll try to find ah person to meet your deadline who would it's like brian it's like the rebecca's talking about the vintners where they know that they serve their market better together it's gonna be helpful of all the things that can tell you that one is a former reporter I think it's helpful for you and then even if you don't get an answer they probably put it in a file and if you do get her answer it maybe perfunctory and the first time you don't respond on time you're not interesting you don't get the point sooner you'll go further away in the bottom of that pile, so just doing that is an enormous help and what's also nice is if they've ever covered you to share that to show gratefulness to thank them to actually make it real that you are going to help them build their own leadership or viewership and so they say, wow, this is no helping me have an interesting story this is actually helping my story have legs they're helping that go through their sectors and one of the best things now that you're gonna be ringleaders within a year or something two years here six months, two months when you are it might be that you like so many of us um no your topic too well and what's just like a good person is helping someone write a memoir the ghost writer or the co writer get someone who's really experienced a interviewing are writing and asked them to pull the ideas out of you and so that you do that letter with their help or you do co created columns I have several people who have partnerships that involve five or more organizations so they have a contract rider and a contract and they get on the phone and that writer pulls content out of them, comes back and says here five teams I see let me write it feeding device and it's much easier to revise something to say this is factually wrong where the emphasis I'd rather have it here or wow, I just thought of that let's quote these two other people who wanna pull in, as we all know it's easier to criticize something that's their alter change edit then to try to write something to a blank screen but I also really say, um I've only figured this out two months ago because they kept forgetting with your smart device have a have a recording possibility whether you're talking with your partner yourself in the car you suddenly saw something I saw this big ad called got milk and I've seen a lot of times where was that going to redwood hospital? Yeah, I said, I've got it, I've got a campaign slogan for you got blood because they're trying to do a donation drive so far out in the light of that than things come to mind, you're looking for stuff that sticks in your mind that some l might add to what you want, but you're telling an editor or writer so you get more done better um and I can't emphasize that too much becoming a media magnet, I'm going back over some of things that you might want to do um you want to make it visual easy and short, you can look the's up, you can look them up. Stritch was the one where I could do this six to twelve second video I can add a collection of images from them or me still images, music, text and I've got a shareable one. If people are having an event, you want them to share it, you can even have a thing I'll pretend this is my my smartphone you can even this thing that has a spotlight effect on it. So at an event that we had, we do videos of what did you most find helpful from home? And they were showing them up on the walls and scott people is going around like this, which was not too good an idea because it was an hour into the cocktail hour, but it was so lively and fun than people taking pictures of that and turning instagram and pinterest um it gets little foggy after point, but here's this there's a free version of all of these, as you well know, and you want to add that visual that pulls others in um so thinking of that as you go along actually curry I'm just this is one that I'm not familiar with, it may be just me, but what what is gluten? I've not heard of that at all oh, it was way back in the first day there was a picture of me and it was a picture with text around that analysts how to form a seamless partnership well, what the actual images is a one minute video and glue it enables you to do a video, turn it into something about the frame a text around it and share it so if in the state better site you'll see um that seven of them so that again is a start up that's a second stage and I'm partnered with him to say let me find innovative, interesting people um that I think we'll generate value for your brand he said, well, let me do seven videos of you that spontaneous reciprocity it's a sign of a good partner, so they're now working with several large companies is the consequence but remember there's a free version and I'm not too technically savvy, so if I can do it two hundred classrooms have been using it through second grade and it took them an hour to show me and I realized, you know, I was just spacing out and now I can do it so you can too yeah, but this is this is a lot to cover and what I want you to think about is I want it hear from you what your takeaways are, um and the takeaway that it might have been not for me, of course it might have been from something that you heard from each other and you might have more than one, and I want you to practice pit thickness and specificity so we could maybe packing two from each of you, and I want to say what I learned from you and actually from the questions they're so as we do that I want to then go back and review what we've done, so that's going to give you a chance to have the second one review what you've done, and I make some suggested calls for action, so this isn't a close close is just part of that, but if you think you have a pit, the specific takeaway, I love to hear it. Yes, um, an excellent idea, and especially since angela has already said that we're going to definitely partner on something one of the things on its not up there is and that rebecca mentioned is creating a course with someone else that is in a similar industry and there's skill share you to me, a bunch of online course creating platforms now and you can create I'm really pretty quickly and easily included quick curriculum on and you do it as a one off but then it's out there forever and you can share the revenue on it so with angela specializing in on the younger end of things I specialize more on high school to college students what if we were to do of course together on education through the years and and pick a few topics on how to coach parents through these different elements and then we could do that together we could put it online share the revenue done and done I like that that's very specific and clear and you can turn in short modules and you might crowdsource people and say which tip was most helpful for you because we may want to include you in the book that we do afterwards of course we want to cite you and who you are because if you haven't a book of one hundred tips then you've got one hundred people of bragging rights and so you might also want to compare notes with an about how you craft of course, since you're also going to learn from each other and others short courses longer courses and remember how specifically get and what's the follow up option offer so you want to keep them close to you offer from your partner so what's another takeaway that you think a stuck in your mind right now and well I think when we started this yesterday you said you're particularly interested in human behavior is that correct? Yes and what it comes down tio this through tragic partnerships, our relationships with other people this is really the essence of what this is, who we're talking about, a lot of mechanics here that are very, very helpful, but it is bad back tio somebody, somebody at my advisory board was who's in business development said, you know, remember that rabbit, that relationship, sequel revenue and it's really about I mean, pure, sincere human relationships, and so I'm sort of I'm reminded of that through this, through this course of these two days, and then so we will do one take away time ago, yeah, go ahead, and I can go back to specific not all relationships mean revenue, right? So right, it's drilling down to the specific within it. Ok, another, um, I think the best teachers, but yet the best, like founders are lifelong learners. That doesn't just mean learning about the product and what could be what can drive your product development or your company. It means learning about one another and how you can provide a solution to a challenge for the community or to a market and miss market that you're specifically your niche market. I'm just going to keep on holding back our brings couldn't get complex, and so the idea is, what is the niche of my primarily serving? How do I serve it better? Another body? Else and who else coming partner with yeah it's clearly a passion about this year so let me just take two more anyway anything top of mine it's okay if there's not it just came up with new feelings in terms of partnerships than then the concept I had coming in just different really I love lots of different ideas about partnership and what what that can mean I'm gratified to hear that I am I'll just say um in the clothes for me and what I want for you and for the people there is to say that once you start I think changes you and you keep on going you started you just pause and we will all start and pause at different times and so that's why I'm always on the lookout for templates systems that have worked for other people and see how they apply to me or one of my other partners or potential partners. So if we have that and it's about a mutuality mindset that's the core of it and if you get specific about it and you're willing to try something even good people in bad times do not act well. And so our goal is to catch people the right time in their life in the right way and the right specificity er and as we've talked about from the beginning aa lot happens and how you observe each other and how you present it the sequence of how you say things, as I said, the steps across the pond that you prove you learned about them, you prove that you're open to saying I may be off base, you've proved is saying I have an idea that maybe some better ones, but at least you have one or two you're not trying to throw the work on them. You've listened closely when they respond and say, well, actually, when you describe what I d'oh and several this, these scenarios showed that so well wonder acting up here I follow up on the part of it that most interests them. I call it going fishing, whether you like someone dislike them hard met just met them. If you want to connect better with others, notice where you've hooked them or something, you said, interest them, notice that, and immediately fall up on their way. Because as much as we don't like selling, I think the best kind of selling is offering something it's like here. This is for us discuss and they sell themselves on why it's a good idea, and you listen closely, and again, it goes back to those two words I suggested shut up shut up sooner set up more because the idea that we listen closely and follow their path of where they want to take it and honestly say that may not work for me for these reasons can we talk intuitively about some other things around it? So the language of mutuality that we've been practicing the language of getting to the point sooner, the notion of knowing what our niche most needs, those are all things I think can help you crystallize that plan that's concrete, you can get the checklist, they're going to be helpful, even have to hear some things a couple of times that's what I mean, interested to see how people band together here on the internet, around other people are like minded. I think the best gift you can give yourself is the notion that you're going to have five people that will be allies, that you may not have us partners, but just we want to give you to the feedback as we learned a partner in our own sectors, so they're in different sectors, they don't have a stake in it, and they can say, ok, that's an idea. But I think from what you've told me, you might also want to check on this, or I think this is the best of the three things you suggested, this is why so as much as there's been a huge amount of content, it goes back to what and referenced in civil of you had have you keep on a thread on a path if you get that clarity so top of your mind as you walk through life this is my mission my passion, my talent, my expertise these are the kinds of people I most want to work around situational, seamless universal so oh, that looks like kind of tempting thing to do but I'm not going to do it I'm going to stick to this unless I see something I realized my main goal was not exactly right I'm shifting over, I'm realizing it's not just massage, which I'm extraordinary expert at but I want to help people with wellness on I want to be able scale what I do better more with others so that crystal ization of what you want to do as a partnership with others can cause a shift that's granular from the bottom up and what I want to say is the best honor is when you get clear and you think you know a lot and then you have people sitting in the seats like you are here and you pop up not just with one idea but four times someone's come up with nine parts toe toe a partnership I've never been able to do that sitting down to do it so I feel really honored that I've had the chance to be with you guys doing this much sitting insight for tip towards warm for two days and I just want to close with an odd thing the only piphany I've ever had in my life it was my last day as though reported for the wall street journal I was coming down these white marble steps at this international organization and there's so much friction and there was a life threat and then one person stood at I just got emotional and it was mandela and he was so good and the way he just acted like of course we're going to all be calm in a few minutes he did it like it's called presumptive close and so people acted nights to for a moment, so I'm going on the steps and I just sat down crash my heel in a civilization I started writing this when love is gone, we turned to justice and when justice is gone, we turned to power and when power's gone, we turn to violence. Oh, and I believe one of the missions we have in life and one of the reasons brian and I connected so well and what these people that are my friends I shared with you about rebecca and janine, they're pragmatic, practical and heartfelt they can get specific, but they believe their year to serve with their biggest talent and some clothes I just want to say that's, the blessing that we can offer because a lot of people are not using their best talents are they and and if they get its rise to seen it in partnership with you, it's not only more profitable, but it may be some of the most meaningful memories you have. When you look back at your life. It's been what it's been for me. So thank you very much.

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