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Bundled Offers

Lesson 18 from: Find the Right Partners to Grow Your Business

Kare Anderson

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18. Bundled Offers

Lesson Info

Bundled Offers

Again, it's a seamless service of sorts what do you bundling together to co create something that takes some fewer steps to enjoy something they want enjoy unexpectedly see something new? They didn't think what interests them and like all of that's pretty fun so this was frankly, I thought, going to be an easy one, so I'll tell you how the easy looks easy every once in a while I've mentioned d o g dog lovers have a dog lovers very avid dog lovers. I think one in five people in sausalito has a dog, and when they come up with their dog, they say hi, have you seen my dad do what kind? That talk about the dog and s o not timeline all dog owners, but that well, this is because I wanted to suggest to an organization that they form its use may form an organization of dog groomers, dog park managers, designers of dog park sister is such a thing. Um, dog therapists, I was going to ask your opinion about that later on. Oh, I know they are and when I saw one video, a person being interviewed and ...

I thought no room for parody on my tweet, I have a no room for parody award when the real life is so odd, but imagine if you create an association a loose affiliation you can basically have members you can have everybody controlling tips and you call it that and you have an annual gathering where they get together and they have done most together so there's that core part well whenever people are avid there also have strong opinions and I would say well here the five things they are leptin said oh yeah and there's ten more things you want to do you know how we're worried about people wanting a partner there is the opposite problem and bringing up now they want to do everything at once real fast it would be easy and then they argued endlessly about the right thing to do it I'm not making this up there was a very bitter discussion about how many kinds of costumes we should show for the dogs in the dog show and I I was senior thinking this has been a long meeting is this really happening don't look disdainful and and I noticed some of the people were like that the same expression of the people were just in heated battle well if I'd had a video I just go make money off of this west anderson to be proud but what happened is we crystal it we'll realize those people that had that look like huh they went off and they formed a separate group and they're going to be launching it in may so that you you want to learn best practices as a groomer dog groomer as being a dog walker and believe me there's certain protocol in laws you have to watch out that gives people in my town had uproar about whether you could have three dogs or five dogs you could walk at once you know it's a lot of danger for walking five dogs because we've got a lot of crime there so what I'm suggesting is everything that looks good could have a steep side until you're looking at it more so there's also a problem whenever you're thinking boy I'm going to so it's taking a long time also worry when they say oh that's a cool idea and why don't we also do this and this and this and this and you say well maybe not quite maybe not quite so what I wanted to just do is think of this if I'm cold locating if at all possible I want to have it both in person and online I don't have a presence in both places second proximity shows in human behavior we tend to be friend and get to know and think well of people were in close proximity with and that makes such a difference because the familiarity effect in large measure really enhances it also want you to think okay if I'm cold locating in what way we've gone to a lot of different ways and I'm going to go back to ask you if any of them appeal to you or if you thought of others where there's physical co location of some sort and I'm gonna have you that's just sort of think through these different partnerships you might do and if it was a bundled offer let's think of names for it what would the bundle b but what would the name be even to make art make money? I would actually I like the rhythm that so much I rip it off from her and I might do something else make data, make that make money so I think that she's going to come up with a business plan and a branded process that we could take to other sectors and other professions not that you would necessarily want to do it, but you could give her credit for it when you have a branded process and you see the different ways that she's leveraging it so always looking from each other and say as I'm learning about this what's a piece that I can adapt to my situation it could be a label because we believe in metaphor synchronised see it could be one of these really brilliant ways to drill down that you guys have been talking about a rebecca has so in doing that slut you think just for a moment and say if I was cold locating is there any kind of collate co locating online or in person, I'd like to do it with any kind of organization so you may not think of the organization are person by category, but you might think of the kind of co locating do you want to be low risk in a way and think of have the museum on a while where the waiting areas where you're kind of people might be waiting where the places where they might be in line? So as you think through those things, say if I was to try when it might be this but I'm only going to give you a minute does anybody have an idea right now see how much information we learn? Yes, well, I had an idea for an event for school match, so a lot of trouble locating of coal o'kane cracks so a lot of times parents have to make a choice and that kindergarten this on their child to or if they're relocating just the elementary school in the spring and so having an event that is at one like a new charter school on and at their playground and their gymnasium invites schools private and public all throughout the county to that same about where they have a booth but there could also be activities for kids so you can bring theater groups to come to things you could bring artists to do art with the children so would not be co locating, but it be an event in the same player right, yeah, I think you got sparked by the idea of having people's potential competitors to be in the same place to learn about each other, too, yet I think the hard part is actually thinking the physical call location because I think I interrupted you rudely and you talk about the cold location online that could happen amongst the partners maybe, yeah, I was also thinking of enrolled in school match and how they could work together because once the parents find the this school for their child, they might want supplemental tutoring services for their child. So, you know, we could work together and help support each other in that e see a blossoming partnership possibility, I think it's easier to think of coal location online of having where you cross link and when you have similar looks, perhaps on a landing page for an event and we have a similar looks and some special campaign you're doing it's another big leap when you think about is it physical co location? That's? Why go to thinking about where did they have space, where my stuff appears and my stuff might appear as the collection if it's physical or might be a demo or interview, or even a captivating then yet that shows the partners and action doing something that's helpful, so you don't actually have to have a physical location yourself. You just have to be a valuable partner to someone that does so more people will walk in the door, so for example, just have to talk my head. There may be some public schools no, that wouldn't work, no mine match, but I think where else to parents go at the time when they might be thinking of needing a tutor there's probably other places that they serve. And, for example, if there isn't a children store that serving children anyway, there might be a co located video that says there's. Five things to consider when you're considering where your enroll in your school for the right match a supplemental and three pitfalls avoid it's very fast, and it has some buzz to it and there's a sign below that says, you know, learn more at this u r, l or something. Hand out, uh, barbershops specific for kids barber shops not not barbara shops, but hair salons for kids. They have hair salons just for kids. I would be perfect for a short little cole khobar big coal event being a physical place because just like what I have just a woman's night out where they're actually some hair salons and with a pedicure and a couple of things it's together, I won't go as far as a massage, but they do shoulder massage, too. They could have it for women and men why not have a children's day where the kids could be enjoying the same at france here and where they're engaged? You've got well access to the parent and paul although they actually have a salon it's just for kids well, they have yes, just kids and so the parents have to obviously bring them there so there could be a little video for your product that the parents when they're sitting waiting right idea see, that was used where your kids to dance or because you just sit there and there's nothing else to do. So if there's some materials there any location that a parent would be sitting there waiting for relocation real estate agencies they helped the people relocate our corporations that help with, um no corporate relocation then they can also say, well, this is the school you can go to like the way you did when they're just sitting there well, those are great examples of waiting areas to that's what's so exciting about it and again, whenever you think of a segment, go look and see if there's an association of people like them because then you want to be able to be the article and if it's an article by me it's an advertisement so it won't go in their publication it's an article by us that offers tips collectively then it's a chance that they get add value to the organization. So what angela just said you wanted. There is a relocation, actually, two competing relocation associations. Then when you have your partners think what's, how would we frame the title? The topic. And I believe this is a really lost opportunity that more people should be having pity short tip based things for an association's newsletter that as more value. And they haven't thought of asking the much yesterday I thought you were going for that. Yes, yes, I am also thinking in san francisco, and I know it's become really big in portland. A lot of places are what's called off the grid, where all the food trucks got together and it's a pop up for restaurants, right and a love. These the's trucks have been very successful, but there's no education around that on dh that's. Like what you're saying with the lost opportunity, you'd creating a newsletter in informing people what if at the food trucks it would be so awesome to go and learn a little something from each chef? And that there was an info booth of sorts where there was a host from, you know, like, and, you know, talking about, you know, turning your artistry into profit? And for the chefs to come out and talk about how they actually came to creating the food truck and what their background is, and you know how you could maybe start your own food track, and then, you know, someone else could talk about wellness and offer massages and how it relates to the food. And I mean, there would be this whole education center while around the food tracks and getting all of those business owners involved that is such a natural shared code space as well. I like that idea. I think it's when the food truck happens and how, because of its a noon or thing at work, you might not have a long attention span. But I know in marin and a couple of there is that having food trucks and a shopping area that's really attractive, where you get a sit outside and do it, and then you got isaac and alcohol. She's got a hot way, somebody in the chat room, derek tampa said, and this is goes right along with something that you mentioned earlier today. His daughter's preschool is co located with a senior center, so they share the auditorium and they have different times of day that they do crafts the preschool, does crafts, and then the senior center does crafts and it works out all right, well let a great idea that natural way they get a mix exactly that's oh, that's a wonderful one, thank you for sharing. Yes, and that also means there's that space in there for certain kinds of are, who knows the more different kinds of people you have, um, there's, a program that many of you may have heard about that's, a partnership where prisoners are learning to train dogs, that air service dogs and boys that been inspiring to go in and watch the transformation of all the animals. And I say that in the best sense, it's yeah, so to think of it, what kinds of businesses you found most open to these kinds of ideas? I mean, have you found some that you've approached the justin? Or maybe you have a swell that just don't work or or what have been the barriers and our them? Or are they more places that tend to be where adults congregate? Do you think I don't know that there be more adult, some people it's again, the bad and good? Some people dive into it quickly in their creative, and they're quick like you guys, but some of them are not going to follow through. You've mentioned that several times, so it's not whether they do it quick, but where they seem to be thoughtful and how what they're going to do, and so just the last part is some of the people that that would be really difficult were actually good like accountants, accountants and think things through granulated when they make a decision, they're pretty clear they're going to do it, and they want some more sparkle. This is their words sparkle enjoy an interest in their life. Um, so I think that's the only part I have that's health on that question. Thank you. Um what I what I also want to suggest here, though what we're going to be talking about in the next thing, because I want to close this up and it is some of the most painful, difficult times are slow times of the year of the day in the week we'll be talking about that later on in the next section, but also one of the things that I don't think, not just renee, but we all are looking for is how to be a bigger media magnet, how to get the visibility to the media with the media and other places, and since that's something I start opinions about is a former journalist, I would like to be positive and constructive and specific and that but just when we're thinking about the things we've discussed, I want you to think more about the physical co location. If you're this quick to come up with this good an idea, and I'm also talking to people on the internet because the power of walking scene smelling driving by is wonderful and there's several clients I worked with who do have streets are busily trafficked and by car and or by foot and when they've gotten more and more whimsical with partnerships with artists, frankly, to put messages in the window would ask the question, and they don't give the answer till the next day, and we'll have rhymes and sequence going back to the burma shave thing, and when you know that they're going to have interesting videos that are short on the more interesting and quirky they are the better because you're thinking, oh, it's those three people and imagine having three of you in a short video, acting things out, I think they'd be a joy about it. Tar you sportweek example us that the woman who started yarn bombing, yes, and she it all started with her knitting uh uh, mitten for lack of a better word for her door handle because it was cold in the winter. And then she began to mitt covers for the parking meters in front of her shop and it's grown and grown and grown toe, where she's doing huge installations with yarn fabulous! Will you take your passion and see how far it can take you the court thing of yarn, but also how to make things more comforting and safe again? I go back to specificity. I mean that's, that's pretty powerful. I got emotion from over there, so just a two things and close of this section one is to think, ok, if I do call locate what do I want physically to look like? So I wanted to be in video text words so I want to show products. Do I want to cite other people again? Brevity of doing something that's so has such interesting this and I go back to air actionable, interesting nissen relevance that you want to capture them in that moment, then you're stronger magnet for your partner if you're not the owner of the physical place, but also you just want to get that first step in so they see something that wants they want to take the next step. So the final part I want to say is and the closer getting closer what's the next step if cottage hospital can have extraordinary restaurant in it better than than the usual cafeteria it's, a magnet for the community, people come in and they say, yes, if I'm ill or someone is, I want to be there so they're going to be a lot of co location the future, I believe, because attention span is one the most difficult things to get in the real world. So any time you walk by a space, your drive by a space inside outside wherever, think who would that work for, but that work for me, if it's a pop up so that's where we're going out of the box, but then back to the constraint and how could I get it for nothing or little? Because I'm going to cope, I partner with them and doing it. So this is a closed for this part as we're coming to this part, this section, I'd like to just do that one word thing once more if we could if anyone word comes to mind about co locating or out of what rebecca was saying earlier, is there anyone keyword that could be a trigger in your mind so that you do have that partnership mindset as you look around at the possible, is a co locating like the back of the bus that takes them down to google? I just thought of that, you know the old thing about being stuck in the back of the bus during segregation. Playing the words and turn around it's, good to be in the back of the bus sometimes, and just have a partnership with them that wouldn't work because they won't allow it something. So any words, one word thing, kind of mine, we'll organize, pardon, openness, open this, yeah, what's. Another word, one word and green eyes. Pardon, synchronize, synchronous, yes, that's, really act inclusive, inclusive, profitable, wait, yes, you feel strongly about that, and I think I'm making money. Yes, we are, that's, why we're here, let's, not lose sight. Yes, ok, two more words, joyful, just to be able to happen. There's, a convivial or cheerful, joyful, joyful, ok, join profit. Okay, but I won't press other people. This is a good, rounded ending, I think, for what we're doing now.

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