Exercise: Potential Partners


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Exercise: Potential Partners

I'd like to hear from some of you if we could if you're thinking through the things we thought about, this is just a technique but I'd like you to write down one partner but could be category don't what it is but a kind of personal professional company that you'd like to have to introduce yourself to first if you're going to do a full powered partnership and you may not even thought whether it's seamless or whatever but just write it down for yourself and say it's this kind of person or company or this specific one you have in mind that you think you'd like to pull in to do a more complex, full powered partnership and it doesn't have to be great effect if you write down three you'll get some of your best and worst ideas right out of you well, while they're doing that, we have another question, you know? And maybe once everybody is finished we can get their involvement with questions well time capsule had asked him if there's a specific list of must at must ask questions before kant con...

tracting am strategic partner you know if there's ideas of things that you definitely shouldn't make sure you ask or go over before you finalize that partnership well there's two checklists yeah, if you roll that will help that and there's another thing that adds to it too for follow up I think when you buy the course actually looked at the stuff that I afraid in part of that but before you finalize that is to stare I go back to ann and from the first days idea about the specific social contract that was your start of the conversation but it's also being really specific in terms of who's off what's the main goal one of the benefits to each so we acknowledge it with each other what are the steps to accomplish it or the timetables related to it who's the lead person on each task and as a fallback of something goes awry and he survives what will we do if that fall that happens so acknowledging that we're saying we don't want that to happen um and then we also think about the best and worse s case so they say if the worst happened what will we dio so we acknowledge that we think it through and we learned a lot about each other when we do that because when you learn a lot about each other and how specific they get in the partners and how some people try to push themselves a two do too much so they don't follow through and some people um they are more conservative which I find helpful about trying to just be very clear and giving allowing a lot of time front loading and I love frontloading where we do a lot of front so that there's time for mistakes that we don't get things right that we've got a some leeway so just notice if they'll do that and those would be the things that I think I really helpful um actually it's so like, you never really know anybody to see how they spend their time and money doing that contract is the final thing I'm just so glad that question came up because you're noticing their sense of themselves and whether they're grounded and whether they get concrete on it. So betsy and then I want to hear from some of you about a partner because I think a lot of people in internet will be real curious too, now that they've gotten to know some of you and your temperament, their talents and their businesses. Yes, I was interested and if there is a list of rules of engagements in with the packet that we get no, because I do that part of another course because etiquette really seems to be missing a lot since everything is online bythe yeah, I could go to it again because the time I won't hear that um but years maybe different those air the core ones that have come up for me to grade so can hear from some of you about okay, do you have one? I could tell you I love that you mentioned plumbers and seminarians and everything on that made me think a lot about our military veterans in the u s and that you know, whether it it's the spouse that's home with kids while the other spouses abroad or veteran that has returned tom and trying to find employment, what a great opportunity, tio work with some of these families and get some of these folks to be some of our online tutors and and to help promote then by telling some of their stories hot idea I hot idea. And by the way, there's associations of military spouse is it was originally military wives, they're really good and there's associations, one of us funded by deloitte on how to help veterans find jobs, so they definitely what the family is doing there's a man named people crane k r a n I k chronic, I know I'm not going to drill down more for time, but he has the cmo club avid simoes all like each other, and they're devoting themselves to helping veterinarians get back into work and I'll talk more about that later, so what's another partner? Yes, angela m e it's probably easier than martin guccifer e o s o that just thinking in terms of seamless service, yes, going into actually bringing the service into a corporation instead of them having to come to me is yes, sort of I don't know if that's the right idea behind it, but taking out less time for the people that you're trying to market, too, but I was right there imagine you offered that is a benefit to the company and said, a certain people opt in, I will give you an extra bonus gift from my partner. We'll go into that later and say, here the four things we should probably start with his topic, so it helps a more specific, it's specific thing. It's a hot idea? Yeah, I think s o company example be something linked far somebody that has a vested interest in their employees being active and, you know, in an interest in their employeeshealth and being able to bring another component besides maybe a massage or something that they might have already a gym and really focus on their mental health sleep, focus those end of things, they're the ones that be most prone to think of it, but also think of people that are physically and stressful jobs and that work long hours, and so then there might be a very different motivation for that company to be able to offer because they want to keep their top talent, make the presumptive close I know you want to keep your top talent and their skill and their stressful in their conscientious and their work long hours what if I could do something that made him happy on high performing? And they didn't have to leave it's not just the cafeteria. Just characters in their office and considered we moved all your ad onto the cafeteria. Another one? Ok, I can let somebody else go. What? I said I could let tara always like to pick on tire. Oh, boy, you have a moment, but you only have a moment and a list of potential street. You too, jake partners. I surprised, right? So, um, you know, one I'm gonna I'm gonna put this one out there because it's a little uh, so just a lot art school alumni associations. Wow. That's that's how I want to target that's very smart because they've been successful with it. They're experienced it's part of their identity and they have already have a built in network that would be helpful for you have a built in network. They also have a built in issue, right? Is work money? Well, they they need to generate revenue and they're going on. Lee do as well as their constituents do. So I have a way to help their constituents actually make money. Uh, this is cool, and I'm thinking about ways I like, I like the breakdown that you gave, like what's the main goal so that's, we each have an agenda, right? They may they overlap clearly. Yes. My agenda is to sell my course into fearful. Fulfill my mission of obliterating the starving artist mythology. Their goal is to have their graduates thrive and to do well and hopefully give some money back or some profile back to this school. So I think it's constructive to think. Ok, well then what? So now we know what the benefits are to each other. This is what you went over, actually, so I don't know oates. And then ok. So if we agree, you know what steps can we take? What specific miss you could do? So I'm thinking, you know you have a contest for many marketing makeover for artists I could offer, you know, a za benefit to the alumni, or which the alumni would agree to publicize the results of and so on, right spreads and it's authentic. And that person's proud of it themselves. I would demo it, no problem. And then, you know, everyone who enters the contest will get a elektronik gift copy of my book. Sell your art without selling out hundreds. Something from another partner or something from another partner, so, anyway, that's what? I came to I thought every if I just hit every alumni association for every art school that would could keep you busy for a while I think so and besides it's like they're non competing to some degree to some degree so you can create a package that helps them with the template so make it easier for them to participate which is always wonderful yeah this side going after non competing separate organizations so can I do to quick ones more yes shannon's ready yes she is she's been going to u way yes yes so not specifically read him actually coming up a little bit short because one of the challenges that I find is that because I'm creating a product now there's that whole mass of products by now by now by now we're just being barraged by everything from fashion to interior design products and it's what you have a market I have him have a market and I'm not sure how tio wealth manager the ah wealth managers think of it remember the idea of some of the faceless part of some business on what wealth managers want to offer something to spoil the people to reinforce the embedded idea that they like the service and you do something that's innate lee visual so what if that s special by invitation on lee to some of their clients to say come and have a lovely evening about how you make your home more in your own mind as I were going to come up with some specifics and it's going to very brief q and a fifteen minutes then you can go ask your questions to that's just off the top my head yeah yeah so it's where your benefits that's unexpected that makes people feel fun an environment where it's not necessarily always fun to go talk about how you're going to try to save your money even when you're rich I don't know this place but um like real estate agents high end real estate agents is maybe something that they would purchases but as for the homeowners a gift if it was you know worked with there are just four to stage problem is sherry take that very carefully when when you're reaching out to ensure designers a real estate people that's like all one off stuff and I'd really like a bigger, more strategic partner so for example a company like farrow and ball they make very high end very traditional paints and also wallpapers and they're reaching a very specific market right s o I can think of other companies like that but I'm not totally sure what what you'd often picture yeah I can't really picture with partnership would be they have things in parts it's like I kia I kids one of the few stores where you can actually walk in and see scenes together so you're the one who puts things together and if I were you I'd get two or three and say I'm going to create the scenes that make your products come alive I'm going to do it with your help on your site with the videos and I liked us to do some demos some before and after you provided and because I think you're the pre mare provider of these products I would say why I'm recommending them as we do it so I would think a scenario building there we're down to just the last few minutes I want to does that ring a bell but also go after the unlikely allies the wealth managers because you can cherry pick those two because not all amar wealth managers well I'm feeling a little coming up short as well I am I think of kaiser permanent I think of again of their thrive campaign you have this this notion that visual work not just mine hold space for people's emotional process in illness is so let me be quick and invention step into their shoes right now it's going to hell in a hand basket for the hmo's and for kaiser they're trying to figure out what they're going to do how they're going to peace people realize this month that their bills gone up over twenty percent many of them so they might not they made it themselves but like that but if you go to hospitals more hospitals have to brand different shape so they're also in chaos to some degree and I mean this with all my heart, but they have two different shape they have to show performance improvement in some ways on I'd wait a year so more in that sector I think we've covered a lot during this first part it's a great bubbling up for what we're covering next because I want to go through some other specific ones and with this group I'm going to get some ideas with heat from you about full powered partnerships, so I must say them give you some quick ideas about it, but we're actually going to dive in and see which ones resonate which ones don't and how you can picture a different kind of full powered partnership and hopefully the people on the internet will be giving us some ideas as well. So um any last one word thoughts this friend of mine said ask him one word that comes up on pops to mind as we count down from this yes and I think that it's running one word mission what's your mission when this commission and where does that align or not? Yes it that's very congruent with you I see it one word cooperation one word strategery you got that down threes three's yeah, the power threes I just love three's yes commonality commonality wow, I appreciate that, um, this feels like I got off target some around some core things, but I think was helpful because it sparked ideas when we got him from the internet as well. Angela, do you have one word? You just brought this thing? Everything that I had another one. Please take angeles values. Yeah, your values line. These are resonate with me. Yes, yes. So we're going to take a break. And then when we come back, we're gonna dive into the, um, full powered partnerships we're going to hear from a friend of mine has been a popular presenter, janine warner, about how she's livered value as a soloist. And I'll just say this ahead of time she's doing some remarkable massive courses with partnerships and she's done several here and is doing another one coming up. Andan should remember the name of it. She's she's the one I turned to as a partner friend when I designed my sights, bilingual and so on. But we're also here from later on in the day from two other people who have been inspirations to me about authentic, genuine, specific concrete, profitable add value around commonality partnerships.

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