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Find the Right Partners to Grow Your Business


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Help Each Other Through Slow Times

So this is a time and you could piggyback on top of the people they're having a fast time because you can say, can I do an ad on because we can even help you build your business when it's at its prime toe oppen eyes optimize the peak so it's not just during a valley, the slow times it's to piggyback on when there's something going on that is really robust for them. So I know some of us have been eating different kinds of food because it feels cold soups, something nursing stews so there could be a whole cozy food line for cold weather. Well, that's selective, there could be something say let's, say if they buy x amount of the ski equipment or the cold thermal theft, they get the skiff that you can get by plame over to where we are and will remind them want to give them the gift about you so whenever something happens or looks like it's going to happen, so in the new year, january is traditionally a slow news time. It's a great time for you to have an event that sparked something, and s...

ince the usual traditional thing and sparking things is what will you do different next year? Spin it on its head, you might if it's a slow time for your business say, what? Will you not change? This year because it's great for you and so you can jump piggyback on themes when things are slow it's a slow news time it's a great time to have something popping be interesting and do it counterintuitively and if it's slow for you all may be collectively you khun flip around a certain theme have something happened that's the contest had invite their participation on so you're slow and you raise highs or to get higher together or the woman who is doing the clothing design for the difficult situation she was ready for something different she want to make something that was usually homely clothing when people coming out of post operative and it's something actually felt pleasant to put on to change the move to change the setting so when you're thinking about helping each other through those times it can be a time of the day of the week or the year so I have a very inventive friend yet howto have you know you can drive by to get coffee and those old coffee shacks right off the road he invented his own coffee drive by and because he's so tech savvy or whether he corrects himself my son is so tech savvy he has a way that you can call to get your coffee as you drive by ah place where friend just has an extra road that comes off and goes on another friend as a restaurant where they don't have breakfast so but what they do is it's a stand and you can pay in advance your coffee and you have a name attached to it, and so you email it sees me email and you saying from your mobile phone I five minutes out or better yet I'm at the front road so they know how long it takes. They prefer the coffee people stall, getting go by, get their coffee and go there's no payment because they've prepaid. So that means there's more of a profit during the slow time won the restaurant's not open because he's figured out a kit to handle it. It's, just like the company method, has the healthy cleaning agents they co branded with this people from ideo and created this walled in glass truck where you could actually see clothes being cleaned, which somehow is entrancing because you don't usually see it going by, and they partnered with goodwill in new york, and so people could volunteer when they want to give away their lightly use cast off clothing that would be cleaned and sent away. So the third partner, of course, if you actually volunteered, there was a route where they go by and pick up the clothes, start the cleaning, put that cleaning you could watch it, and they would get a gift card because they did it in stages by neighborhood in certain neighborhoods were really well off, the clothes they got was especially valuable, and it tied to the people offered the gift that pulled them into their store with their upscale accessories. So when you're thinking about these kinds of things, what time of the day or the week of the year now for people's physical places, this might be more important? Remember we talked about certain times when serving a particular group is going to be very valuable, so it's a time that slow for you, maybe a busy time for them. So I talked about nurses month that's, by the way, the first week in may and it's all month if you have anything that could relate to celebrating nurses from tips for them about them or gifts that could be customized that you want to make already that relate to them, eighty percent of the hospitals in the country are going to be doing something to celebrate, honor and give them to him, and the people should be giving them to him. Are the hospital administrators or the doctors and there's? Usually a head nurse is in charge of that, and they think it out three months in advance, so that I'm seeing is not just for that nurses month, but it's a template, a window people plan for something they've got to do anyway, why not spend it on you? Spend it with your customized thing that goes for them so time of the week, time of the month, time of the day, time of the month, time of the years. So if that happens for you, you think where is something happening that could piggyback on it because they're going to spend money on something anyway? And you also think of slow times when, um, people have the facility that's open or they could customize their product to use in tandem with yours? So think about how yours can be used with them, and it could be related the seasons of the year and activity with the family or the old standby. If companies want to honor somebody, they need to have something ready at hand because it's supposed to be honoring more often, not just once a year. So going further in the difficult situation, look around you and say many of the most difficult situations or because of lost some money, something happens some physically, um, something's happening them emotionally that's a heartbreak? Uh, how can I co brand something that serves them and the people affected by them around that specific kind of difficult situation? For example, there have been different truncated attempts that partnerships I haven't seen one that seems seamless toe work very well, but a traumatic time is a time when you go through divorce less dramatic and the scale of it is one years an empty nest when your last child goes away there's an unease e time not necessarily difficult but sometimes it is when you relocated and one spouse or partner has to do it because that's a job and that other sparse is discombobulated there's nothing yet for them they're many kinds of services that we could put together for that so I actually have a client who wants to provide services to men and the post divorce time now he's a lawyer he has an accountant those are to be expected because their financial things involved there's also emotional things and the way that men might act sometimes might be different than women. Ironically, the one that's been most successful as a partner to him do you have any wild guesses who that might be what kind of service provider fashion stylist getting close fashion styles right? You know, honey, if you're sixteen you're doing that you've gotta wear clothes that look like they happened in the last ten years that's roughly a quote that's not always true of course it all. So what was it any wild guesses? Yes matchmaker no they apparently just went online in the main but it should be if is more selective going after certain specific markets it's actually harry planting and getting rid of hair there's actually two people back here and so on you know I told you there's a disparity but the and comfort they want to redo themselves in a way that work for them and ironically a lot of people from the fitness industry three companies partnered with them but they didn't keep him for long they just didn't want to stay active that's a gross generalization generalization just with that specific market not about men in general about divorce but I'm trying to say the more you drill down to a situation and a time when it happens when we're affected you say what mix of us could customize your things to meets that situation if I go back to something that several of you said frequently if it resonates with me to soothe those people and as month quick aside about may I've done partnership consulting now for nine years and you learn some things by accident and there's a company there's a term for when people are laid off not fired but the nice term of their fire let go pardon let go it's something like well you know there's these services for them to help find jobs and part of this severance is the service that just escape my mind the name of it to help you learn what kind of job you should go for next and trained for it do resumes well I was brought into coach the people eighty percent men who have been let go from really high level financial position some jobs and one of the most difficult things for half of them at this high level or the women their wives that were not supporting them or difficult or irritated that they had a loss of income now again that's just that one scenario so I was in the middle of that night that wow, what an interesting time some for someone more equipped psychologically from that background to be coaching them because I would wind out that's what we when they got safe that's what we'd be coaching and so what many of them really wanted was a group of people to help them so they could act confident go back and a feeling that way and, uh, I suggested with no luck that there could be a blending of services was people that could provide them that health and ironically going back to the clothing it was actually dressing them up toe look different where they really like the way they look because some of them hadn't thought about it, it made them feel good and you could see their posture change and other things. So as I'm going through this, I'm saying those things to do what air in a more pro sake level painful or time consuming or boring or otherwise negative experiences that you could collectively alleviate now remember, some people get easily bored, so I'm going from the traumatic and the difficult to just the lack of capacity to take time for some people and some of the people want to pay the most it's not an accident that task rabbit is doing screamingly well when you want people deliver food to them do all these errands so we're a culture wants it now it doesn't mean that you want to offer any of those tasks, but do you think what's a negative experience or boring when something where they want to figure out more seamless way it goes back to seamless where would apply for you and uh many people? I don't know if many of our people out on the internet have heard of a community called black hawk and it's in the east bay and that's a community where you go into mcmansions already built beautifully surrounded by golf courses I can't that side look off my face now you do it too and she was just laughing but here was a smart thing that they did some people were traveling so much and work so hard and did not have confidence in their taste perhaps so you could buy a completely a complete set of everything right down to the china and the art and they didn't even have to choose the artists at that that would get some of you you could choose the team so I had three teams that would come and do everything towels I'm sitting the smart homes for the times when you'd want to have heat and light and so on so they made so much money in three years that partnership of doing it they actually save their money carefully didn't even work any the partners for two years and came back with another partnership that's going to be announced in july so imagine imagine that you can do something that in that moment is great leverage for a built in market says we're thinking of these different things it's even a matter of boring in line if you can imagine going back to one of our people online who has the life theater I was going to say this to you in a movie theater there's an association of movie theater owners and I did a series of partnerships with him one of them was called the client called the bomb bomb bomb shell and basically what happened is that when people are waiting online and certain upscale neighborhoods where the movie theater served them we'd have people fit happy looking people was silver trays with chocolate bond bonds on it cut in half and they would walk from the back of the line to the front and some of the other and walk from the front of line the back on both sides and saying while you're waiting would you like a half a bond bun? They're brand new and they're actually made they're here we've got three choices them inside and before they could even get the first three words out people saying yes and taking them and they learned to move along before they could take a second one you know where this is going so it was a successful several people complaints and I don't like bonbons ok, I'll have it there grouches they're people that liked it so and someone else was just watching and noticing what they chose to say and who seemed to really like it how fast the aid it so the third partner was a marketing professional who's actually studying the demographic and had several factors um and they were going to be included and they were and they reported the end that this marking professional deduce this thing and we're so we love to see what other people really do and think said some people took three bites a savor it some people chunked it in and tried to grab another um inside twenty three percent increase in sales of all snacks because of that one so they started doing different snacks so the movie theater owner the snack providing people really it's just a tom sawyer effect people provide for the opportunity to have their samples whether wait in line so of course what happened next is a nearby restaurant said, well, you know, since we get so packed on certain nights we're going to have people go outside and offer them half a glass of wine or a third of a glass or whatever and and good wine and good wine, and then the people in the next adjacent buildings said, no, no, they'll break the glass, so there were naysayers they had to stick to it, saying they're going to do it, but they also then put little you know, the ring around the glass. It shows that years, the different gadgets so they had once that listed the kind of wine it wass because some research shows that we actually prefer to think we know about wine and we make intelligent choices. And if if I give you an ipad when your city inside the restaurant, they're more likely that one person will take it over and choose to talk about it and they'll sell more wine to that table, then if a somebody a was telling them about the wine so it's a matter of learning it's going back to this, the restaurant had equally good response. No broken glass is a time, but they rotated and then they climbed up the tree of advantage. I just made that one up to that may not make sense, but what the notion was is after a while people raved about the wines and so on and they actually said could you tell us please just for a moment we don't want any of your meal is they're interrupting their male white why do you like the wine? Thank you very much so they then say ok, which winds going to be displayed that way so coarse the wine cost some nothing as they did it in the future outside so people even get bored when they have to wait if they're going to do it so imagine what you're going to contribute in that um even when they're waiting when those people still go inside of a bank and many people do from any transactions they have the photos on rotation of the artists in their area and on the calendar they give people which for the first time after nine years is going to be digital ahs well so again go back to where we started earlier about the three universally valuable partners the gas station, the grocery store and the bank the abyss was regional bank and think of people have to wait in line we're even having a bank explore whether they'd have a plexiglass stand four feet to the left of the time we could pull out these sheets of new every month that have three tips from different banking customers that it turned into a collective book so I believe the power of alleviating boredom as big and I thought, for those of us who tend to daydream, waiting isn't that important. So I want to just suggest this to you before you go into the next part. Um, think about times when you see people uncomfortable, painful board, even irritated, they want something different, and even if you don't think it's for you just noticed that down, because I'll bet by the time you get home, you know somebody for whom that might be a good partner. Um, slow times, difficult times boring times be the rescuer, be the champion that makes their life more interesting and find some way that they can show it off. So even in that wine thing, if you wanted to have a bottle to take home and states where they let you do it from a restaurant, they want everywhere they can actually make up at an elegant sticker that goes in the bottom that has the restaurant name on and your name. Oh, the wonders of digital media that you can create things on the spot. So how could you co brand your name on experience they buy? So I'm trying to convince the hotel restaurant change back east that they should say, do you want three packs to take home? And some people have been willing to do it. The higher prices, because it's got their name on it because they can do it. For when they come out. They pay it at a time to pick it out.

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Strong partnerships are a key component of strong businesses. In this course, Kare Anderson shows how to find, forge, and maintain the partnerships that will help your business reach new heights.

As Kare shares eight proven methods for partnering smart, you’ll learn about the ways in which partnering with complementary companies can increase your company’s visibility and profitability. You’ll learn how to attract the right partners to your brand, as well as the kinds of partnerships you should avoid. Kare will also cover ways to identify other organizations and resources that your clients like and trust, and how to use those resources to your company’s advantage. You’ll also build strategies to ensure that your first partnership — and those that follow — exceeds your expectations.

Whether you’re an independent contractor or a small business owner, this course will give you the tools you need to reduce your promotional costs while still building meaningful, lucrative relationships with clients.