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Identify Your Most Valuable Partners

I'd like to have three people one at a time come up here and talk to with me one of these that comes to mind so ok, they're and then their yes, come on up and again we're having some much needed help. Thank you. I'm coming up. Oh, yes, yes. Sorry. I couldn't be more clear. Yes. So did one come to mine in one of the three categories? Yeah, actually, renee and I were just talking about this at great that's. Why? She was grinning. Yeah. What it kind of came to mind for me is that, um one of the main ways that people talk about spreading my message or my work is through blog's and terry design blog's and things like that. And then me, I felt like I'm just lost in a crowd of all of these other people that are doing the same thing, but what would happen if one of my main products is pillows that are made from linen prints of my paintings? So what would happen if I teamed my pillows with other pillows that are sold by people that sell to my ideal client? I'm eliminating the competition. I'm s...

howing the differences between my pillows and these other pillows and I'm reaching the market if they like those pillows there very likely going to like mine and you're offering a value first of all to your other partner first of all but then where they can differentiate say, come here and you've got more options yes, so we thought it kind of tackled a couple of things that it made me an expert by showing people ways that they could put these things together could also be my furniture pieces to at some point, but it also makes me kind to the other company warms me up to that other company and it shows my customers it gives them my expert advice all in one kind of I love the space exercise, I guess and you might grow to have a third partner, so you have something that's being co displayed inside for situational cell, but you also have a chance to do a co event and I would say a twenty minute session and as you build more partners with that, so we're here we're talking about a situational cell on we're talking about a situational cell where you're in effect co branding a service on the co branding is the pillows that are beautiful of themselves and the pedals that could be made more distinctly and there I was your art and you can then build on that with the lecture and you can also of course have a video you guys talking about it and showing it so that has a life beyond it that the store may want to put in there a place like that you're good well hopeful is the leverage more value we are the people so they see the value because then when we talk later on about the tom sawyer effect you to become the co arbitrators of the other partners that you potential partners you talked about but I like that a lot thanks thank you very thank you both you so angela yeah it shares a similar kind or situational well, I think it's six situational but then it can also roll into the where most any adult can be reached oh wow okay I think um so parents are very concerned about their child's education and care early care but also about their health so every preschooler or before even considering you have to have underground screening and in early childhood you're always taking your child in frequently to the doctor. So is it a legal requirement? Our preference preschools canada and screening is legally required before their enroll so clinics, clinics or county it depends on the state where they have to have that screening. Some are with nurse practitioners some are at the county office but either way, you know clinics for parents you confined parents they're just doing regular checkups or doing the kindergarten screening or you know, some care before preschool so first of all is this situational sale around the specific need of that screening so and that's also time related, which has so there's a big magnet a certain time, right? And you're gonna take it to the other way. But before you go on to that, you might think for a lot of parents probably it's a time and making the schedule an appointment. So if there was a roomy, beautiful place that actually also had people that had healthy food for young kids and or toys and so on or that space and you said on three sequential saturdays, well, the people come in to do the screening if they could do it outside the clinic. I don't know. Yeah, but just bringing those partners so make it be very convenient and a fun experience for the kids to remember. Sure, face painting, puppets perfect. So you had an idea about how to take it into the third one? I'm interested that well, where most any adult can be reached. So I started talking about this idea more is a consultant, family consultant, a few years back, and I approached a whole foods they would have some organizations come into and do some just like on the ground marketing there to reach, you know, mothers or fathers that you know, needed their other community services, so going to grocery stores, finding those moms that are moms or dads that are stay at home with their young children and, you know, have you found the pre school of your choice that he found the kindergarten of your choice yet? And then, you know, finding out what their needs are and where they're trouble points are for locating that perfect school for them well, going to the grocery store then on we're just putting the two appear of that kind, but I think it's worth pursuing you want to find the benefit for them? Yeah, and for them it's another reason to come to their online site and their physical site because they're starting. As you know, tio have online content so you might be positioned as the expert that combines that were to take the kids to school yeah on dh but tying in what you would offer them is content, but also where they get visibility with the foods that are most recommended and you put in those food recommendations on your sights and part of your outreach innovations like the pt ashore I'll go one of these gerber island well, she can do for branding to thank you this is making off yes, may I do another one? Who else has an idea of a situational cell or yes one? Yes um I'm coming up oh yes please I should be more clear on one thing I thought about was um there are like national craft fairs that artists have to compete and pay a significant fee to get in and um they're often in a lot of pain afterwards if they haven't sold enough and have to pack up the car with all that aren't they didn't sell so I was thinking that that might be an opportunity to have some task rabbits pass out um an offer for my free book tell people a test repetitious oh taff grab it and I like to do a plug for tests right but taskrabbit is a is a resource where you can get someone local two different two different tasks like grow three short task groceries chopping short tasks schlepping of any thor it yeah yeah so that was my thought and you also might think you could partner with a meeting planner professional event planner and since they're doing these fares anyway you might have your own signature fair at some point yeah it might be virtual oh yeah I'd like to do that definitely but but make it with live streaming videos so people get ideas about they are participants so you're not teaching your course you're showing them more about the display which I'm sure is part of your course yeah actually it would like I am actually going do some seminars in this year I haven't there are many marketing makeovers for artists. I make it really hard for me to write this thing down, so thinking about it as a situational cell so are after art fairs is a one specific situation. And what else can we say? Good now always. This is perfect. I'm going to take three more people, okay, but this I want you just think, how good can I be for my partner's thought glues them to me. I always want to think what's the extra value, and sometimes you're going to think of ideas that they might have wanted have in their own. But they haven't. And that just is a real eye opener for people. I'm thinking deeply about that, so I would like to come next. Yes, thank you. Actually, anybody's talk so far about situational where maybe you also explore some of the similar kind of I think that was a good example where we're talking about yeah, to whom did yeah, and I've been more explicit about that, too, because the way we're explicit in talking or potential partners it's helpful, though not covers this covers two bases, yes, so my program also helps with peak performance with athletes so especially golf and so I thought about setting up on a golf course and giving a demo session and saying ok sit down to a demo session and then go ahead and hit some balls and from what I've heard people do that and they're sold on the product so the product of a team the no feedback training program training probably yes yes some affect you might be doing in many training program there and then showing the training program and then the results for the people there yeah because because it is immediate the effects on focus our immediate so some people will definitely benefit you know right away and I think that the golf course it may be a partnership with the golf course because it sets him aside because it's something that they wouldn't have it maybe would bring customers back to their their course it bring customers back more often and talk about it light of them saying I notice you do certain programs this is a program that may be of interest to them to come in with groups like guys and group just doing it together so they can kill and give each other feedback so drilling down on the scenario of how they do it I think it's a great idea the visual and I think it's really gutsy of you that they can show the results ofthe that's pretty incredible yeah yeah yeah I don't know about similar kinds of customers it's similar because they're golfers it's also situation again to see the same thing both covers both know that you find when you do it that you're going to find a certain kind of gulf customer comes more often and I think if you build in some of the partners that also already reached those avid golfers there's even a golf game that's based in san francisco that people play golf toe practice to get better I don't remember the name of the two miles good up there may be some ways that there's complimentary performance experts so it might be there yeah, yeah, thank you very much. Good. Another one to go up try yes. Speaking of mark complimentary partner here we go this well to match tomorrow tale? Well, yes, yes oh one thing that we try to think of, especially because our our students are tutors are tutors are our students and I met a company, a great nonprofit called sam a source and what they do is you've heard of them, I love their wonderful and so I particularly like that they're going to program that they have so sam a source to sweat, yes so for example, and a gun that they have a lot of schools or universities that have computer labs available in the evenings on the weekends when the students aren't using them they rent them out to do training programs for underprivileged women that are trying to create income for their families and it's particularly women that have faced quite a bit of challenges in their lives yes and so they provide him with online training that then they can do data entry really basic technical skill get jobs you know guru dot com or anything like that where you're immediately hirable for directed come by the hour but he's just really basic technical skills so I thought this is really brilliant but we have a similar problem in the u s with people that are graduating from like university of phoenix to fry gt that they're graduating with this extremes loans and not necessarily experiential skills to go out into the market and really see their income go up and pay off those loans and also but they have the labs they've got the alumni access to you know either they learned at home their online learning experts so again similar kinds of customers is more what I'm thinking that learning from sama sores and potentially working with them as a partner but also learning from their business model of you know, business model being you know this social justice service but creating something like that on a local level where we can go toe my committee college of the street and see how we can use their labs and you know, also work with brick and mortar which you might do they have a great reputation there was strong avid constituency and I know a lot of you probably already know about them, so learning from their business model and then thinking you're going to create a business model that might be helpful to them exam but also co brand give them visibility when you do it because it'll open up the doors to get people do it there, right? And went opens up the doors you've got all that market, of course of people that have the very equipment they'll need for yours, right? So it's a great warm a bit it's a triple play it's a great warmed up introduction. Yeah, and a chance for them to see an immediate result. Yeah, and trying it out maybe two three markets that are most prone to needing that, such as where mayor is running for office and wants to look good doing something politics I have even gone there yet. It's great, yes, where they want to attach themselves to your cause so you do o s a m a and then source a s o u r c thank you that's funny how how attractively look, when we're talking about an organization we're proud of it it's a trip because they they're fishing scene there biddle business model in the way they say sale and I think it's such a good partner in tip to say what other organizations are doing extremely good partnerships and how can we adapt yeah so you gave us a lot in a short amount of time thank you very much. I guess you could say you could go out stage two since I forget to say you could come on we'd like to do one more if anybody would like to do that get some feedback now I I I'm not gonna pull you, tara no, I said I wasn't going to I said I wasn't going to o mine is is of it it might be big, but oh you're ok? Okay. Do you think that leans towards one of the other both, um more of a situational cell I think ok, so one experience I had was placing my work in a women's breast center and he's magnus has breast center it's it's ah center for women that go there having a sect amis or they're getting diagnosed with cancer. God okay? And the woman who I was involved with him and um and she placed the art. It was a very powerful experience because, um I realized in going through that um she took me through all the rooms where the art was she said this is this happens in this room this is the room where people find out they have cancer this is et cetera, and it really struck me how powerful then a visual presence how it could you can attach yourself when you're going something at hole is a better yes, it could hold space, so give me shivers so I think that I have shivers to just speaking of, um, so I was thinking of our therapy, I was thinking of kaiser permanent tase thrive of campaign, how they have on a huge billboard hugs are good for your health, it's that whole mindset of art and like my heart soul botanically based so it's, this intersection of mind, body psychology garden, but you're just trying to step into the shoes with that herson vividly helping you of the people and their moment in time, that specific moment and saying, what can I d'oh to give them comfort at that stage? So you probably think about scale and look, and the idea of botanical gives an air of safety it's not specific and its pattern, yes, it's pattern from nature it's something that we all have, and I'm also interested in how the patterns of cells, the patterns of adam's, how we're made of all that stuff, since a lot of the research is showing that the best cancer research when you can get more cellular, you're going to get more efficient that's been great, but it dunn's on me even though you may not be going after the completely the same markets, and she may have insights for you about the scenes and the settings altogether, and some of your partners having been in over one hundred hospitals to speak, I think there's too many straight lines, hard walls and surfaces and harsh lights, so you might want to have a collective approach to say for clinics that were things or traumatic, um and for not just that specific, but, you know, it's, like the architect and the aquarium, start with that specific one that clearly touches you and show what it looks like, and maybe at the end, that personal walked around with you. I have a video walking through with them where they talk again about this is what happens since you say, that's, why we did these things, I think they'd be compelling it's a national story do you think she did non specific? Pretty well, I mean, that was really thank you very much. Thank you. I get shivers, it's funny how, when we're in groups, we tend to come up with more ideas. And that was just to say, I thought you might have a reason why, so what she has to say because I've been watching for that myself, and I've been in the cold, sterile straight line environment, a place that has beautiful paintings on the wall and it doesn't look anything like a doctor's office and it's amazing the different impact that it has. So I think there's a huge market for softening the lines and making it more comforting to people, should be doing I want to just also say, I know I come up with these names, but that's the way of patterns of civilian work cancer centers of america was a client and it's a private company, so I was biased against it. Here's why it goes to this, they've got about nineteen centers around the country. I've never seen such seamless service to make it look whole and comfortable there, and the way they had much tighter collaboration between the pharmacists, the doctors, and so on to actually change during the day now calibrate the medicines and the patient rooms and knocked my socks stuff they're not a client now, and I'm just saying the stark contrast was amazing, so they might be a natural client for you as you go through it. And I'm sure some of you are thinking even more, um, of ideas for each other, and that makes such a huge difference um, can we do one more, yes. So it's funny how you learn so much about a person isn't it when you see their passions and interests come up so I think I'm similar kinds of customers as I hear some of my peers here talking would be interior designers because the kind of clients that I like to really service on my own and are people who want to be cater to who don't want to step into their car and go somewhere they want someone to show up and do everything and then lead. And so when I do my massage, I like to come to those clients who are more affluent who would you hire an inter designer or for someone to come do something that is tailored specific for them? Because that's a kind of massage I offer very nurturing is very specific tio mostly deep tissues what most of my clients like, so I guess that would be more of a similar kinds of customers as far as people who I partner with well with similar kinds this you made a really strong case for that because when she got to the subset its people there well to do that have a sense of what comfort some they wanted a stepped curator so remember you can think metaphorically to saying, you know what your body needs, what you want is consistency and a more prosaic way it's when you find a good hair stylist you like, and then suddenly they go to an emotional changing your hair has changed but that you're telling it, I promise to you that as I get to know your body better and as I get to know your aesthetics better that a regular citizen ations and even in tune with what's going on in your life and check out yeah, where you may say I'd like to come back twice here, not more than that, because you're going to go through changes and realize you want some shifts and maybe just once a year. So in other words, it's a metaphor that you share it's a chance to get them to come in on a regular basis in different ways and it's a chance as you talk more deeply again. So what kinds of customers to say many of my customers are this this this than this, not all those things? So you actually naming things that resonate with them? You're not talking about you at first? Yeah, so that some of the ways you can build on that because you've always been already been so articulate, but that yeah, you could say, and you notice the setting that were in when you come to my office, this is an example of the kind of people I served that I hope they arrested there, and I got insights from yeah, so and I'm also wondering through that how I conserve my partner, I would assume that the clients that I would get from my partners with I refer me to their friends, which then I could tell them about my partners, but how do I mix that in with my type of clientele there, relaxing? Um, I don't think you do it. Why you? Yeah, exactly that's something during this size, isn't it which they do? They don't let themselves go, but not do about sixty percent, too that's I heard from my favorite missives to, um, I won't go there that ticket to interesting in this direction, but I think what you can say is there's certain times of the year, certain situations in life where you're going toe want more help. So come up with that because the similarity and that's a way that you can give them messages they can share, and also we're going to be talking later on about helpful tips. Oh yeah, helpful tips with things you share, and I've always been interested in how certain parts of my body have more nerve endings that affect other parts of my body, so I'm not everybody's interested in that, but I think you're group might be so when we talk about that more, that might be a way that you get to learn from each other share those tips and you're passing on so it's not like you're giving a card and said sure like you to recommend what has more of that packing edge yes oh so that's what comes to mind all right, thank you sure well our students is never easy coming up onto this stage thank you all very much for taking part we're showing your ideas but we'd like to hear from the online audience is well, what are your son of similar situations? What other similar customers that you have we'd like to get out to sow his chance to get into the chat rooms and there was no about that as well. Cool um when we're talking about this, I just want to say um think a bit if you would in parallel and in parallel sometimes you just sort of had enough for thinking about your own niche market or thinking about your partners or the methods which we're going to be talking even more about so you can jump between those things and but is it always helps to write it down digitally or whatever in these different categories about which we spoke and unfortunately driving somewhere is one of the most fruitful times to suddenly have ideas come to mind my right and so picking up and just dictating something helps and it also helped I'll say to have a group of people you trust three, five or seven I say five it's best where they also choose to adopt a partnership mindset and so the only goal of you're talking and you made maybe once a month virtually in person is the compare notes on your methods, your partners, whether it's situational, similar kinds or the big golden hope of the bank koshi store or gas station but having people are supporting you and doing that, you're going to move more quickly to not tart start talking to them about you first so I think you'll be deeper into the partnership mentality and you'll get ideas because explain chalet of course that small group is a partnership and the only thing have devin carmen is a commitment to be growing productive, meaningful, profitable partnerships so after five it's a lot more difficult tio get a sense of that? Um, so we've covered a lot in that, um any last thoughts because this has been pretty rich areas I don't want to cut it off and I don't want to press you I actually have a question for you regarding similar kinds of customers yes, I'm thinking about my moms business and she does marine canvas so she makes changes marine canvas that she makes sales and cushions for boats and anything that well out on the water, that type of thing so would a similar kind of customer would be somebody else within the marine industry that she could partner with and potentially have the same customers is with that? Is that an accurate description of what's in that description? And it can go a couple of different ways? Ok, so it's depends on actually, who usually buys it as a starting point, people who own boats so it's a yes, various sizes. So it might well, they don't think about why did you know about the bank that's where the money is? There are a lot of people now that are forming both groups where they take executives out on posh boats for outings, so taking to a ball game or something. So I guess I'd look up first and say, who are the people that are going after a high level clientele so she can sell the most expensive over stuff to them? Great, then who else reaches that high level of boat clientele? And also I'd look even at the marinas themselves who manages the marinas and what they do. But yes, I think that's a great example of somewhat kind of customers, and but there's a certain kind of temperament and the people that own boats there is absolutely so that's a start. Okay, thank you. Yeah, any questions at this point before I move on I'm also actually interested in any other similar kind of customers that you've had actually in your present we talked a little bit about them but some of the some of the early ladies on station necessary actually if I was working with on education product company their national company when I lived out of state and they were the so there they have early learning materials, books and toys and what not manipulative for preschoolers and so they're the type of families that would be interested in looking at a specific type of school for their child so they might want private they want amount of montessori they might want charter and so those parents who are looking at different learning materials purchasing those were also looking at where can I have my student taught in the best um you know, the best environment setting for them I think they were similar right that's a great example yeah, the similarities come to you over time just by keen observation and it goes back to how do they spend their time in their money? I look at another way we could just hold your hands up like this for a moment we have invisible scale in her hand by doing that twenty thing just briefly it's their self talk it's stepping other people's shoes, his partners or and customers what's the bulk of their self talk about or in other words whatever they're hot buttons they dislike it irritate them and whether things they most desire and like and they're aspirational about it's funny but when you do that and you think about your own customers you think about the kind of potential partners you want um certain things come to mind because it's always better to get to piggyback on what's already in their mind alleviate a problem or um help them capture an opportunity and in doing that we're able to think to how we're going to better differentiate ourselves together so for example just something as simple is this there's certain tourist towns I live in a tourist town three thousand bice levels come down that tourist town every two days it's doesn't make us happy all the time because they're renting their bikes and whatever no one yet is specifically serving them except one restaurant that put out by cracks so there's a huge miss market now other people have got to serve those people and I'll bet there's some things they want to eat um and I bet you don't even need an outlet so just look around you and online and think ok where is there a group aggregating that might relate to me and in doing that um what do they have in common and just anything come to mind when you think about where the group's already aggregate and there's something that could be good for you? Yes I created a workshop earlier this year with a really high invented shop in mill valley near you and we both invited our customer list to come for just a color theory workshop which is for my high end client who wants to do it themselves and and I had them all bring a piece of art or home something from their house great and we created a color palette around that piece for them paint colors and the boutique also offered I think a small discount that day for anything that they purchased but what it did for me is it gave me four color consulting jobs that day from only fourteen people attending and I sold my first piece of upholstered furniture with one of my painting prints on it just from that is that so it kind of kept going tio so for me I'm always looking for other people who understand that collaborative process is at a high end beauty store is that ah ah high end landscaper someone that compliments my work if you want the inside of your home to be beautiful you probably want the outside to be beautiful too and just bringing people in for that common passion could expand both of our businesses this is so beautiful on so many levels because when you bring a piece of yourself to it you already have stepped into wanting the seminar to be good you also have shared a piece of yourself and so the idea of the coal creation is very practical on specific it also shows that you don't need a big crowd need a crowd that you can nudge toe by at that moment, and also your students and figuring out it's the aesthetic I'm going after, who else understands that and offers it? And so the only other thing I would add to that, because it's brilliant is there's all the people that may seem more prosaic, but the quality of their work ranges, for example, lighting in the home. I'm sure you you already doing that, and the people can actually put in all this smart devices and make everything we're seamlessly with his fewer chords as possible and actually describe it. So you have an endless set of people, some of whom may not be not, and nearly is adept as you at describing it, but yet are the service people underneath that would bring in? So, I think, that's something where the tom sawyer affect your prime in yourself to be that when we talk about it tires, and I, because in this whole speaking about these partnerships, I haven't image of the rock that goes into the pond, but with partnerships, it's, if there's a lot of rocks going in at the same time, and there's this beautiful overlap where the the waves, the rings meat and these partnerships or it's a beautiful metaphor yeah let me say somewhere one to it because if imagine their steps across the pond uh the first time that there's not a step I fall off it goes awry and that's my metaphor I tell myself is at each step when I'm communicating to the partner potential partner am I saying it in a way that I'm keeping them with me so that's why our biggest mistake is to say ideal dead ita and I think we to start the first thing that first step is about you and you guys have been doing it um really definitely stepping into that space on and I think it changes how we act in other situations as well yeah, I want to just say um when you have you already know people identify your most valuable partners somebody already know or know someone who does again I go back and say I observed them in action another situation do they treat people like their own staff and so on the way you want to pair them treat your people um and it send those moments when they're not on do they have compliment and resource is we talked about that and how concrete weaken get among the whole list of them so again I would really think more deeply about the re sources you have by your background or knowledge age or by the asset of your place on dh say because the more concrete you can be there and then how you serve each other's needs and explicitly thinking you now seen without my even saying it that there's some there clearly one of the other and there's some that overlap I also believe you only need three niches and that's stretching it if you do one niche well you're going to do fine most people are reluctant to think of their niches and a niche means something they have in common with who they are or what they do or what they need and so that continuing threat is important and that list that you have is a referral it remind yourself and if you have people that work for you it's important for them to see that list and the other part about niches is when you define them you can then make choices there's a book called why quitters when and I badly needed the book nick wrote it and he's talking about the biggest problem with leaders and I think a lot of istanbul leaders who just wanted to stuff we enjoy is that we don't quit the anus the less important stuff sooner we think that we can focus on the brain research shows that we focus better one we've eliminated that not one or just trying to set this time aside so your clarity about the kinds of customers you have the more you see their habits, the things they do instinctively the people they strongly dislike, the places they go and when they get into a space where time is just sort of for gotten that's where you want to serve them and the last part of this is like all piggybacking, so if if I'm going to race you and we both start from a standstill it's going to take us longer right to get to a certain place oh, but piggybacking means there's already something happening, the culture or a need like your time at the time of year you're serving people there's already identified emotion that's gonna happen? I've actually see worked with a lot of accountants they pay on time but you know, to think accounts and cps they get so stressed at a certain time and it was surprising to me that no one had packaged around that but then I noticed there's nuances among them by generation by kind of bar on the country. So there are different ways that when you package is your partnership group how you serve subgroups within your niche that you didn't even know existed. So I talked about that triple niche um filipina women methodists I know a man has become a millionaire a man who's become a millionaire who's not any of those three things because he's learned how to serve them he knows what their interests are in their family and their medications in the clothing design so he's become an expert and he's bundled people together and he gets paid for do the bundling of the partnerships so when you go deep into that niche, you have a acid there just in doing that. So for example toms choose you know tom by sugen he got so indio noticing what kinds of people bought the shoes with that in mind because someone to show off that they were good people, some people were good, you know, there's the range of stuff and he could start to tell that their motivations how they did it, how they showed it off. So this is that next lever that next level that you get, which is this asset that's prices he set up a platform he announced last week and it's a buying platform where he recruits other people. Other companies are willing to the same thing one for one. I mean, what could be a more simple concept of started with psych zappos a concept of actually letting people get his means they want tryem on and send him back so you could be building a platform where other people need your insight or knowledge and reputation and you're in the position tow actually escalate the visibility in value of young business but you may have a whole nother profit center so I'm just saying we don't have to do all these things we just have to know their options as we start thinking and the most important thing as well because we're just going to be closing in a few minutes is for you to be drilling down because in the coming segments we're going to be talking about how you recruit partners um and actual scripts and giving to the feedback it's a joy to learn from you guys, I just say that it's it it's really fun and part of me, which is I had this my recording have a body recorder, we can record people, but you need to ask the permission, but I get a watch the class, so I thought I didn't need that. This is the last reason some of these tips well, suit your lifestyle where you are in your life, you're introversion extra version um, so this is a time when you shouldn't do things you don't really want to d'oh just discard some of the stuff. The biggest thing is how concrete you'll get about who you really like to serve. I could name two professions, but I want when I make a lot of money giving speeches, but at that same level I get irritated around him and it's unbecoming of me and I think I cover it and I make money from him there's two others where I'm just overjoyed when I come back from speaking around them and set up partnerships I get on the airplane looking different you know and so I know that's two for you as well so we want to go for joy and profit and I think those congar to get I just made that up but but there's something about deep joy that it communicates like when so once you think when several of them were standing up it just glows out of you so that's where I wanted to be and I believe that yes tar partnership who would joy and profit a zoo name I went to in that yeah sure some of you might call create it but it just it struck me and I do believe in the contagiousness of ammon ocean there's a book called connected which I highly recommend it shows were contagious to the third degree, which means how you act affects your friends, friends, friends, behavior including an obesity and other things so how we act its partners is a connective behavior that is neatly attractive especially after the first one works well and you actually trust you can trust them which is something we're going to be talking about later on trust but verify so a couple of questions about nishi is actually sure mad lizzie whose we're told that earlier about her jewelry business matters is asking how specific should johnny b she's not sure how to define hers and she perhaps needs more guidance on that. I think in her situation to things would be important what is the distinctive personality put on my jewelry line like a person if I'm characterizing my jewelry jewelry very since hardly anybody does it say our jewelry is the kind that looks whimsical fun that you can dress up or dress down an outfit? Ice made that up, but our jewelry's for the classic understated, um, discerning seats something that describes that but also if going to the niche, who did who nationally buys it now notice they're not just all people coming in to buy she already has one and it's just getting deeper for it, and again I go back to doing profit. I'm just kind of like that, um, whose people attended by julie most often or have a reason to buy it more often after being very specific about your nations that important? I think it's that one of the biggest ways you make more money because you stepped out set of issues and you're not selling your company you're talking to people about why they would find your work helpful ah and that's pop it for some people one of the hardest things to do step outside themselves and stop selling and to do that I think it's particularly hard when you are part of what you're selling you know, a lot of artists feel that yes, they create is kind of part of them onda lot of performers have that a lot of first feel that way and I think the more you're passionate about what you do it's also hard tio really define what that niche is absolutely think you're right, we have got a great comment actually for shannon again was matters saying it may not be your target audience, but is there a way to do the our pillows perhaps in the burgeoning pet pocket? But you know, I never you're right I never thought of that, but why not? I feel like my paintings are becoming textile design and I love making beautiful things for people in their homes I like them to come into the home sees something I've created and smile, so that would be actually an easier connection I ever could have imagined thank you, sweetie dogs they're most likely be bought by upper income people, huh? What does remember that I'm going to write them down? I remember what because I actually start cast about something but thank goodness they didn't know says being sarcastic, we're doing then it's the one that's hypo allergenic really cheerful the poodles let labra labradoodle and then there's a little white plus you can tell I a real expert on this on then I'm actually consulted with the group overseas so they don't have anything in the market here where they want upscale one of a kind designs for the, um bed the clothing for time of years for the dogs and the branch out to cats and they want to partner with you can't make this stuff up sometimes I'm dog therapists oh way have to worry about the moon's um so there is a whole many complex around that but none of them have gone after petco or any of the other dog food providers and so on or dog walkers so I was saying having association of dog walkers dog park managers had a do dog parks is set but we don't want to take you off from that angle. Yes, I would just I think that you know, niches are huge big white canvas of infinite possibilities and I think it's really important to stay grounded in your own values and your own personal mission. Yes, before you start searching for a niche that's the place to start from what's important in value what you know, how can you add a greater contribution to the planet because that mr valdez start their planet? Well, no, no, no, I'm not talking about the environment necessarily I'm saying is that my point is that these niches are infinite and I think a good place to start is to start with what you value as a human being first otherwise because if you really do you really care that much about dogs, then it doesn't make sense if you really love dogs and it makes sense we won't press you on it yeah, I guess I would say doing it to it once because we all americans are becoming more self absorbed, so I do believe in clarity and your own value yeah, but also it's nice to notice what you think your values are and who you're pulling in well, conserve well, who you have already been pulling in to be aware of what you're attracting and try knows why you may want to add to that, but and you may choose don't neglect this but it's nice to know what the attraction is brought you and we have a few more minutes so I think it speaks tio what you're saying about the other service providers that service the same client is mine. So maybe I'm not going to become the dog bed designer, but knowing whose some of those people are after you can have a kind of party where you could make reference to those where that's their interest and it doesn't have to be years, but it doesn't mean you're gonna do in a lab but partnership with um, way, but I think also secondly two ends point when I was given advice when I wrote a book a few years ago that this person said, pick one person that needs to hear your message and right to that one person because that niche speaks universally to everyone else who is going to ask those same questions or has that same passion, desire and that's how you I think you define your net authentically instead of just grabbing at straws I go, they look good, that could be nice. I don't believe in grabbing stars just go back and reiterate because it that so few people that will step outside of themselves, they believe they know themselves well. So I'm taking that as a given, and the part that I think is still needed is to know who else can also serve them as well. So I don't think it's an either or thing, and there are a lot of niches and there aren't there's some that are when you define it, where you're much better at serving those specific people better and understanding them better. Um, and so this is great because we feel like we've covered so much already. Andi, I think when you get that clarity and we'll be talking about it, when you talk about recruiting room, your integrity and your focus on that shared concern comes across when it's on the track you're supposed to be on, um yes, well, we have one more slide, I think, doing and your most valued part of serving the same situations, unexpected allies, and less innately, more interesting to your prospects that more unlikely it is. I think we hit on that. What the dog effect we'll call it, um, one of the ones I did, I just say how you can stretch it. Is there three kinds of groups that we're interested in having more art in public places? Just one of them didn't know that they were interested. It was some socialites in los angeles who wanted to have a law passed a certain amount of public new buildings to go to art, and there were a group I was already working with, which are prisoners that aaron for prisons in california, desperate situations, they don't have much in the environment, and they're getting out the part of them, I would do it pro bono is socializing them, and those two groups and a group that does public art got together and took a stand, and I remember the woman I said dress up and where your wedding ring, because it's gorgeous and you're best off it, and for ex cons who got out and personal believes in pat, passionate in public art, that's participatory in polls, people in the three of them stood in front of the mayor's office and did a a joint press conference about why they felt it was important and it's something they truly felt the unexpected thing and that's. Why I wanted end on this is that the socialite woman? And she says, I want a label, so we can all have our categories and do it. She really hit it off with two of the prisoners who had become extraordinary athletes in prison, and her husband owns a series of racquetball clubs, and they became instructors at the record ball clubs but kept up original partnership that went on for seven years because the more the prisoners became aware of the art and they had insights no one else did because you get observant in different way. I'm just suggesting, as we conclude, this section there's unexpected benefits going back to what dan was saying, when you follow some that's a core value, it gets expressed, sometimes through partners in ways you didn't even know would come up. But, yes, stickina, what rings true is vital, and then just being open to the serendipity of the unexpected that's what I suggest to you and that's why the clarity is important, because I think a lot of you like me have many interests and you care about a lot of things and set streamlining, going back to why quitters when that's part of what I discipline might be in this course.

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