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As I'm suggesting you want to limit the danger so you want a partner people you already know well and start with something simple low caste brief or one time I repeat this to myself every single time because I often goof because you can get sort of carried away in the moment when you're getting along with someone and you wanted to work in the long run and you want it to work well, so the idea that simple takes few resource is it's short or it's a one time thing? Those are vital things remember all alone, and for those of you get overly ambitious, I'm sure one or two of you here are like me, then this is a vital sign to remember all the time. Um, I also suggest put it in writing this is again something I resisted because it seemed clear to me, but we know that clarity is really hard even with people of good intent. So if you put down your goal, this is the goal, this is the benefit this is what you're doing, this is what I'm doing, by the way, there's other checklists that relate to thi...

s in addition to the video package, she can go through those checklists some more, and we'll be doing that later on, but the more concrete you get in terms of time resource is benefits pitfalls and how you're going to debrief afterwards it serve a wake up call for your partners to take it seriously and also realized maybe we aren't right for each other now that we've gone through this agreement this specifically so it doesn't have to be a legal document, by the way, in my view, with somewhere exceptions, I mean one stanford and the design school there did a one point, four million dollars contract to partner with the hyatt on how to co brand certain products that what? That was a lawyer, but I don't think we're that stage we need to have a lawyer for it. Next thing is, when you're estimating the cost, the materials you also want to say, see if it's more less equal. For example, if you're starting a business and someone else has an established, reputable business, that can't be calculated money, but that does have a value and acknowledge that and recognize it with them. Some of the things that can't be counted are the ones that are most valuable to be counted that's what someone said a while back and that timetable that timetable adds clarity and that's where if you have employees, are our vendors with whom you work go through that notion with, um, to, um, and doing that, you want to also identify your strongest atthe sets and what those strongest assets would be so in doing that I'd like you to think for a moment say if I was to think two of my strongest assets that I bring to the table for partnership not to the inn customers but a partnership um like you'd think for mom and say what would they be and what would be one of my greatest needs for partnering and a need convey a desire want because the way you want to grow a scale your business so thinking back on that think I'd like you to come up with two if you could and if you actually chose to write it down by the way you know if you never look at your notes again it's three times more likely that you'll remember what you heard so keeping that in mind just take a moment and maybe turned to your partner or your three partners and think ok, what assets do I bring to the table talents resource is money distribution channel mailing list um what would that be let's give you two minutes? I mean, I guess my talent, my aesthetic if it's for the you know, with the right partner we would I think I have something in people I really enjoy having in their home about you you know, just on a may I think everybody liked to hear them, so if you could just I actually going toe put you on the spot a little bit. I'll start with the person, raises their hand and then we'll go clockwise. So who has won? Yes, um a pretty strong creative problem solving ability, creative problem solving ability. Now you know that, but you can't prove it to others, so they've had experience. So you want something that's obvious ym provable. So there as a second round when you're doing it later, I think that's really powerful. Yeah. So? So I have a lot of clientele that's already just coming to me that's free to me because I don't pay for it for my partner for me to refer them their business. Two things one, you have a physical place which people see when they go in, which means you have walls. Yeah, I'm making a presumption. Yes. And you have a client base it's establishing loyal? Yeah, and it's some level of trust. Me too. Well, I think they would, since there's trust buildup since it's a personal thing and massage, you might say, and you also probably have noticed the demographics, the psycho demographics, the time of day when they come, yeah, you probably also have slow times to go to the other part, yeah, relatively speaking, so I'm thinking you have one of the most valuable assets we can have a physical place especially if a lot of our businesses online yes yeah on doing that so thank you very much. Welcome. Yes, tara, um I would see my technical and might intersection of my technical and art knowledge the visual and the technical visual on technical yeah, so I'm going to follow because I think that's really valuable I have a friend named janine mourner who's, another popular a popular presenter here and she's bi lingual technical does web based stuff and is a former journalist. So those air three different things, but if I drill down further, what kind of technical do you mean it's a it's a it's? Not necessarily the technical knowledge but it's a technical knowledge of the underpinnings of this sort of process or the things that air the technology is capable of. So here's what I want to say back we're all literal. We all are more short attention span. So if I said jenning khun do dream weaver sheikhoun do baba baba so you want to get concrete at the specific proves the general the general makes people go to sleep so it's we all tend to speak more generally it's the way our mind goes but that's part of what we're learning here together is that concrete nice makes it seem more palpable so, for example, going back to say, I've got a physical place, I've got a large client list, very specific concrete, so angela, yes, I would agree and say that my divers client clientele for those specifically early childhood education leadership, so just pause right there. This is important, and I'm saying something I don't do well yet myself, we start a sentence with a generalization, and then we go the specific and the specific is the gold if I standing behind you, I said there's, a gorgeous man and there is actually, but you wouldn't know what he lived no one's looking back, he said, but if I send more specific details, which I won't let you embarrass him because he's running a camera right now, but you see the specifics prove the general the general makes people go to sleep, so you want to flip it around and pull them in from the very beginning, but they're gracious enough to let me put you on the spot to alert you don't have any choice no, no also, but saying, see, you got specific and that market the specificity about a market or skill um, it gets clarity in our own mind we're training on brain to be better partners after that, do you mind going next, okay ah, huge global market that ranges in ages and backgrounds. So, um, I think that we have that as a market, a global market and of what they share in common global market of a desire to make money by sharing what they know and who are the people most likely the share money? Are there any specifics within that that large global demographic? Sure, I think that a lot of the folks that are out there trying to make money or, you know, at home and evenings are on the weekends that are trying to balance economics with another part time position here, the gold she just said the gold, the people there at home during those three times. And so then you know where to look for more them. And you can say that and you know what to say to partners because some of your partners may be serving that and they know that in other ways. So it's, when we say these things out loud and that's, why we have partners to talk to about this and I think that's huge because more people are living and working on their own on more people have flexibility. And so when you drill down to that, it starts your mind going about what kinds of partners well, because also could serve them, angela, I would say just bringing to the table something unique and that I've kind of experienced what my clients are going through, so if somebody comes to me and they've got insomnia, I've been there and can kind of relate so that relate ability to you know what, what they're going through, I think is something that's. So I say there's there's several people have specific issues from insomnia, toe blank, the blank, the blank, the blank they've turned to me, and I know there's other services that they also need in habits that they have, so that specific again makes a potential partner realize, oh, oh, yeah, I serve some of those people, so I because you have such very specific applications of your neuroscience work, you're in a great position to be able think, ok, what are the other needs and resource is that they have along the way because of that? So lucky to be in that position, salmon let's say I've worked in a lot of the homes of my target market because I've gone from decorative painting to creating a product I've spent time with those people, and I know a lot about their decision making process, and I know a lot about their lifestyle choices and even a lot having done a lot of sourcing for those clients. What they're kind of reasoning is behind the purchases that they make, what they're looking for in how they go about looking for it. So what I might say as well is this since I work with people about how they feel about their home and what they want, I have insights about what most bothers, and they like everything from their lighting to there use of smart devices, and so I can give you insights about how to approach him, and we can approach him together, maybe on a seamless package of services. So the more we get country concrete, which is the learning process for me and you guys airway far down the line on that I'm doing it. So any questions before you move on really interesting comments on in the chat rooms, actually, from people who've got their own discussion going on exactly how they handle this because so many of them saying alex mylan off on dh jesse l a post be saying they work internationally, they found partners that they never actually met, they found them in things like google hangouts, they found them on skype, et cetera, and they've worked with them for a long time work from in some cases three years with a business partner in germany alex is saying before they were actually metal connected I think using new technology to find new partners yes, this thing as well this seems to be something a lot of our chat room saying is work for them I think that's so right because you can watch people's behavior for example do they always talk about themselves to the ask questions what other people say about them who's following them? You learn a lot about the online reputation whether we want to show it or not but it's so affirming and I think like you're talking about their global audience it's going to be growing because we can check people out what's another one jesse boy just contributed his thoughts and what he where his goals are and he says my goals, location and time independent so that I'm working on line services or products I want to live anywhere and be able to do my hobby paragliding when the weather is right about me oh, I love that I wanted to have his work and be able to do what he loves also whenever he wants I think that he represents a growing sector of people for many different reasons some people are boomers and seniors anyone have autonomy but they still want to be engaged in something some people like him and crisco about of course and who's made his whole career by having a huge annual conference about his travels and what he does. He makes it so fascinating, he has a spectacular group of sponsors that partner them to underwrite it. People come to talk for free it's, a tom sawyer effect while doing later on, and I think going back to his great idea, he might have a cz one of his markets, people like him, or he can give insights, share their insights and be the source a center for that kind of insight, for people want to live everywhere. Tim ferriss started that way, and his kinds of ideas for people that he felt were like them were how he grew his market. It's interesting. Also because of the one g collective. Thank you for joining us. They're saying that they went, they like to have a personal interaction. They much prefer that they say they go, teo when they go to a meeting with a possible partner, that they definitely built trust factor a whole lot faster. So they like the closed deals on, they're working out the details, so it seems in person in both are much more important to them. And I can imagine when you developing trust in developing a relationship, that is something still very important, although obviously the online meeting works for some. I can relate to that a lot, and I feel that way you feel a chemistry in person that you don't always get with technology. I'll just say two things it's partly generational because there was a twenty year study just finished by stew friedman at morton, and millennials are much more likely to either bond with the original group to do things that often don't work out because they like each other. But they didn't have a common interest that's certainly, but also they are willing to meet online and do it. Um, so it's partly generational and it's also more introverts want to meet in person wants to have the connection, according to research. Let me just say there is something that happens when you watch somebody write about how they move, speak and avoid, um things but do look for their online reputation. I'm just so glad that you brought those up because a remarkable number of people don't check other people out. The idea they choose not to be on a lot isn't wrong, but if you're going to be an online presence that's not gonna be their asset, but since it is so easy to find them out again, I just want to highlight two factors how much do they talk only about themselves as compared referring to other expertise and do they respond? Other people's questions and how specifically do they describe what they do because if they're not clear then will be harder for you to be clear on it thank you very much um when you're adding identifying the greatest needs for partnering on dh, we've gone through this a bit um I suggest to you that there's some questions that you can ask and these air just really powerful what matters most to my customers and I referred earlier to the exercise that you could do for many customers they haven't actually thought about it it's on lee really outstanding brands where they usually have they just go maybe out of convenience and price not a place you want to be and for many of the people in a creative businesses that's not what we're about anyway but remember that exercise tell me what specific thing and this is exact wording do you find most and then use an adjective that relates to the kind of business most helpful most convenient, most inspiring to you about my business? So pick the adjective that most resonates with your kind and was before you do that reciprocity as robert sheldon he wrote in the brilliant classic book influence if you give something instinctively not only the giving as I give it to that is if you're in person you give it there's a gesture that's being mirrored so you actually connecting with them by giving them something is doing and you make a presumptive close because you're saying, I want to give you a small token of appreciation for being my customer, and I want you to help me get even better if you can candidly feel that way, which is to me, the heart of mutuality, could you tell me? And then is that key question? And then notice how many answer generally you don't say, what do you think of my business? No, no, no! And then when they answer you say, could you give me a specific example? Even then many people won't and then to cap it off, say, would you mind writing down that just wanted to sentences? It was so and give us authentic positive word, it was so innovative, I hadn't thought about it are so specific are so vivid, I appreciate that, and with your permission, perhaps we could give that feedback to other people or customers and prospects, as they're thinking through whether we're right for them. So see it's, not sales language, but you're showing them mutuality and mutuality matters, and you're doing it, hussein and effect, I'm going to help you get more visibility as you've helped me at every step, how can I do that? Um, so let's, go to the resource is and we're thinking of resource is I'd like to hear from some of you now up here and she's writing for two reasons she's that legible penmanship which is helpful and I want to just be able to focus is we're doing it when you think about the resource is you've gone away a couple of times in your mind could you raise your hand and tell us your greatest resource concrete lead specifically I'd like to hear from several of you or if you want to do needs and see whatever comes to mind most because some of us have needs more in our mind but just tell it which one of this yes, I see I always try to keep it and sometimes you get distracted from it but the greatest resource is always your client or your customer so you're saying your clients you have and you have a large client base yes so speaking personally we have a large client base off global people who have free time in the evening and weekends students, parents she doesn't have to write all that down but remember that concrete mrs where we're going to really enjoy it? Okay what's another resource of need yes angela data that you can find online so for school match would be school data you know testimony resource it's a resource so the it's actually both I was thinking is available but sometimes it's hard to find and so then it's a need but you're having a resource that's data online that you make freely available and for fee yeah, yeah, thank you. That's very concrete. So what's another resource or need yes, well in need would be exposure getting to that ideal customer what's the best. I want to be more visible in front of my ideal kind of customer and I'm so glad you qualified it that way. That's paramount? Yes, what's another one a resource or need? Yes. And I just well, I wanted to help out and I was we were chatting previously about guitar or two teo and betsy and we were talking about I work out at seven cisco crossfit so athletes would be a athletes or gyms would be a good resource for her and her massage business very well put in the massage business. So you're picking people already? Some of them not all of them are fitness oriented. I'm sure come to massage, but there's an overlap? Yes. Good idea. You another resource I need yes and consistency. I would buy clients, you know, to come at least once a month or more. So that would be a need, I guess consistency a scheduled one it's sort of like getting to have a scheduled regularity. Yeah, so we'll talk more about how you can bundle that with others or get by giving an extra benefit for those that schedule it that way and the other benefit comes from your partner as one idea that's a very good one yes what's another resource or need yes, but try to be more specific so I haven't in my course making aren't making money I have a neat part methodology that's produced increased sales from fifty five to two hundred percent for the artists who've taken the course who had existing art enterprises so it's very specific so you can give a specific benefit of they're taking the u s so in that way I'm trying to articulate both this put the resource the specific resource in context so it's a proven resource, I suppose is my point s o if you could help me articulate that better that's e I'd appreciate your help. I will and I'll do it later so we could get around other people yeah, yeah I think I would also add this say I know how to create a methodology that feels sufficiently concrete that people feel more comfortable and confident buying it because a lot of artists people have visions and their beautiful in their art speaks for itself but you clearly can have a methodology and I think that should be appealing to a lot of people I will also say that many times a methodology gets people concreteness to buy but survey so different you're going to vary but it gives him the concrete missed by so yes star one of my needs is structure well there you are well in its instead of making yourself feel bad we set you at least know yes and I have a structure on it and I need someone who will operate the structure and keep me kidneys on it and saying car not another idea right now let's go through the structure for a while so I'm sure that doesn't happen to you but yes what's another one so this is where I was when I was looking at competitors of the company that I'm founding I was looking at you know, knowledge about the competition and so I love the masaji and I'd love to learn more about your company but that might be something some knowledge of the competition I don't know that their competitors but um lamotte cities another and it works with brain development or strengthening so different but maybe there would be some you know you could work with them in some some sort of way or learn how they're doing things some markets were in are more crowded than others and you're in a market that's crowded for the people they're interested in so differentiation and sharing of tips to a common markets can be really helpful I think yes, so two more yes what about in terms of like research like written research papers that have been published mean yours. Yeah, not my own, but personally, but research that's been done out there that I want to talk to show. Yeah, yeah, on the topic of a neuro feedback. So if so, what I would do is this since neural feedback is language that, you know, you might put it in plain language that other people would grass faster and say, if you do what I can bring to the table, is research about behavior that's going to help us home, the right method that's most likely to get people to act in the way we want them to act? I'm just making that up. She'll come up, sonny better, but plain language is important. The irony is that a lot of people in social media, they're siloed thinking about social media, and the next leap will be how they spread, so they use language that's relevant to people who don't yet see what they want to do. So anymore. This is pretty full and isn't her writing elegant, it helps a lot, it really does, and you can see how we get more specific on this. It helps us clarify as we go down the allying, any last ones, I'd like you to think about needs because that's one of the most helpful parts, yes, well I think and said it earlier kind of the branding the messaging the marketing like I think it seems like most of us are pretty clear on our message but how to communicate that how do you brand yourself differentiate yourself being consistent and how do you do that visually as well as orally and all of that well we're actually gonna have a short short segment on that as a formula called air and compared to what um and also say the block I have moving from mito wait that's all we talk about is the messaging part and connection with others now I see she's going to actually get that all him chris thank you very much yes and I also really like the idea of the partner or I already having the client ready to go that there for the introverted me that doesn't want to do any hard selling that they're just kind of ready tio received a massage to book to have them be ready to book you are ready when they come are ready to book ready to lord I have to do any hard selling they just call me hi betsy I heard about you from so and so what time's you have available exactly so you can do that very briefly in the language that you have online and elsewhere saying three things will help you so I can serve you at the time you most want yeah and so that's one start and second the language that you use with your happy clients is the language that they will use yeah on third is think of some specifics of bringing people that wouldn't necessarily do it say are you feeling that at that our data maybe what you actually need other than the hot bath is something that that is going to revive you make you feel centered and ready to go and and so you name the conditions yes, so they may be prompted that way, but we're going to that more later, okay? Um yeah, thank you very much when you're talking about them. Um the second question is, what are two or three other businesses you use and really like and that is probably one of the most powerful things you can ask, and I'll tell you why it goes back to walking down the grocery store I'll and looking for the drink you want that kind of beverage or that cold cereal what's really important is to be in a place where competitors or not. So when you ask them this question and you do it in person or online again say I'd really like your response given extra nudge said like to send you a free and I'd be a digital product were possible if you'll take the time to do is tell me or two or three businesses so the two key things are what are two or three other businesses that you already use and trust and like second, if you can answer in the next forty eight hours, I'd like to send you a free guide. Now you know where the free guide comes from, don't you from your partner or your set of partners? And you, coco, wait because we'll talk more about that later every chance you can to reward your people with something that's powerful and helpful is going to be a way that you show your value to your partner and you get to have an extra nudge. There is a book called nudge, by the way, which is very well done, like sway or a switch, so those are ones where it teaches us about messaging and so on. So when you do that and suddenly you've got an ideas that you didn't expect about partners because you're kind of people already like him, but also you can and say when we're talking about how to recruit them ah, um, you know that many of my people also like my customers that I liked your business as well. So, um then if it's a physical business or online, either way would you go before after you visit mine so that's another way for them to think about him? What comes to mind that goes for online and it goes also for digital. I'm just curious what your lifestyle's about because every time I learn it, I'll get ideas that can help me serve you better and that's my interest before we get teo what I know we're going to talk about in our next session. I should I've got a question for you, director, that I think I'd like your response to questions as well from the chat room as well, when I'm thinking, you know, with what is your greatest need for a partnership in your business? Where where if you glam inspiration for from partnerships? Yes, wow, and since I was raised not to talk about ourselves danes it's, I'm giving you permission now, thank you. I think my need is I want more technology, people who want to turn my content and a more different mediums where matches the needs and interests of my markets. So that's, why I was really interested in aps I'm really interested I'm in a board of advisers of seven startups that are involved in technology could use so I'm actually making money, but also learning whether I want them a spartan ners down the line, um and the other is to work around other people who are being able scientists that I admire, I write a column, I admire the heck adam I want to co create something that's a signature event with him where it's a participatory conference where we have a lot of sponsors and profit centers because it becomes like a family reunion each year they go back to so I get to be interviewing them as you guys do so well as well as participate because then the conference is the medium is the message me seeing that evolution change over the years I imagine I mean I'm sure when you first started in business the online world except it was was still in its infancy oh sure where is the way you found partners? I'm sure has changed too exactly and that's why the comments that you were talking about from the people in the internet I do look a lot more closely now people and how they choose to betray themselves or not online to see how that feels for me yeah, and since I value extraordinary writing and ideas uh and beauty then when I find that it's a game gate opener for me and it probably is for many of you when you say you're so struck by someone you think I'm in awe of this person, I would really learn and grow I think that's I'm more aware that over time I'm actually starting to studies that talk about actually since you mentioned a nap and jenga nebbish had requested did you mention an app for freelancers earlier he requested the name of that out it's a producer of app so it's not for the in market if he's looking for them it's a very expensive proposition and so he needs to know what he's going to be using it for so I'll just say mine is very simple and you want I'm going to say this an example two hundred tips that you can look at and she was the time of day you get him to change behavior and with the background on it so that you can send it to people as like an e card so it's only two functions twenties a max ten thousand dollars so that's what the I'm saying this so that you can scale it to your situation my friend reggie city is setting up the architecture with app maker so it has that capacity so other people could use that as well keeping his lowest ten thousand ten thousand aslo I've learned to gull cove so see whenever it's some having a partnership mindset every time I work with the vendor I think how can I partner or even just give him are her much more value because you always get the best out of them and I know many of you that's the way you think anyway there's a book called given take by adam grant who says givers are among the worst and best at success and happiness they existed both ends of the spectrum and then he says why I highly recommend the book but it comes back to is there mutuality in their mind or can we move them towards it and that to me is vital so we are coming to the end of this first segment on responding of any of our students have any comments, anything that they picked up already you know that they they already have in our moment in our first you know, usually that comes at the end of day two but I'm curious I mean, angela, I mean, anything that you've been thinking about from from the business that you're developing cause you're in in stage right now where you're coming up with something that you haven't actually rolled out to the public, right? Well, I mean, I just throw the whole session so far I've really thought about behavioral science I was used to be a psych major and I thought that I don't necessarily think of that when I am thinking of developing the platform or developing relationships that I might leverage later on and so really kind of going back to my history and really thinking about people and how to you know, really work well with them in their unique behaviors and personalities that was that was great, and I know that's an asset you have to explicitly offer that perhaps you've taken for granted as you've moved on to other adventures

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