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Practice Recruiting Potential Partners

And now we're going to take another example with no time to pacs at all yeah, but she's gonna explain that might be it for me she's not explain the situation on the person and we'll just dive right in is that okay? So I'm going to suggest that you approach concierge physicians who are going to who's, especially here in san francisco there's a number of them who served very high end clients and are always looking for alternative therapies. And since traditional physicians don't know a lot about neurofeedback, that would be a good target that potential partner for you so you might be one of those potential you'll be obvious addition, ok? Here's position she sits up authorities ready? Okay. First might stethoscope. Yeah, so I I'm questioning you write as you're approaching me, I'm e ok, I understand that you, your business offers or your practice offer some unique services to your patients or your client's. Um and I've seen what you've done and you you have a specific niche for taking car...

e of these he's caught high in very wealthy and very stressed out people. Yes, I have anxiety and insomnia. Ok, well, I think I e o u that um yes, I deal with a lot of peak performance clients who are interested in reducing their stress and improving focus and sleep spend just being the best person that they could be and I think that your clients would probably be fit that category of somebody that really wants to be at the top of their game and their optimal self and I think that it's it's a cutting edge technology that's not available tio very many people so I think that it would fit right in with what you're you're offering the types of services that you're offering these clients your what do you want to suggest to them way of partnering with you yeah no I thought to explore with you you know, maybe coming into your office and working together you know, and looking at the other things that you offer through your service what other other types of therapies that you offer and that maybe we could work together for example if you have a massage therapist that you work with and, you know, taking care of the mind and body together that's it it works quite well to for example doing neurofeedback session and then going for massage the central nervous system is calm and more receptive to the massage itself and becomes more healing so looking at some things like that to kind of work together so I'm a concierge physician so I'm very much into making money so how are you going to save me time and how are you going to make more money with your offering well, if you offer it for something that's kind of gadget not available other places it might be something that said to aside from somebody okay, that sounds interesting so I couldn't help help eliminate the competition of it. Yeah. Okay, I like that sounds interesting to me. Yeah, ok, something that you know fits all it's been it crosses a span of anything from you know, somebody they can't sleep to somebody that's depressed and there's somebody that wants to improve their golf game and so it's going to it's something is going to reach all of your clients. Let me gently step in here notice how you know your own things so well and notice that she's I love the role she's playing she cut to the chase about what she wanted she got to follow the path of the person there say, well, yes, I can help you differentiate your market and we can start in a low risk way which might be that I would do a brief lecture that you might have on your site remember you want low risk to start out with something um so moving to that next step following the style of the person who's talking to you you see what I'm saying so you get further along the line yeah mirror what do you have in your in your concierge rich, anxious patients then what? What other services to offer to them? That might be lots of psychotropic drugs to deal with their anxiety in a very ineffective way? Perfect. So then stepping in, you had a very good specific he said some treatment I don't remember and said that really helps in such in such situations. So when she says that a new dovetail right back and say one three of these situations from what I've learned from you because you know your business what I've learned from you, I think I can help them in their recovery rates that would be helpful and their sense of the treatment you've had with me but let's, just try maybe one specific situation of the people you serve and see how it feels for you and me to do that she's keeping concrete on that path knowing you heard him showing that you know her um top goal look top google specificity yes, yes but she said in the beginning yes, but but it's hard but then you can see how much you learn already. Yeah, when we tend to talk more about our own stuff we want to follow the lead of the approach the person here you both clearly care and it's nothing like being up here talking about it for the first time but it's you learned so fast when you do this a lot of people are not clear about what they want and that's even worse somehow, dreyfus said it's better deal with the jerk who knows what they want than a nice person who doesn't I don't quite agree with all that, but you get where I'm going that that she had a clarity so any comments or device that you would give them in the situation that she's recruiting for but she also let's ask pose the same question to angela in and about the actual role playing how how you felt it worked as well and what you would might have done differently view in the other seat, right? Okay, well, I would say if I would if I was actually a concierge position as someone came in to speak to me for the amount of time that I charge a lot of money for, um charge extraordinary amounts money for the time better cut to the chase, you know and listen, I would say be more engaged in learning what it is I'm looking for versace what you're offering because even though you can offer this whole host of services, I may actually on ly be really interested in one like I have patients with chronic insomnia and that's the only thing that's going to get my attention in terms of what you can offer so listening for that um upfront might help quite a bit because they're not going toe use all the benefits of neurofeedback, right? Very good. I think that we're you asking the question to me because I felt a little put on the spot, so I would have been more prepared. You have cameras on it. So it's, right, right, yeah. So that was a very, very helpful piece of advice. Yeah, phoning in to follow the path of what most matters to her. Yeah, so you can address the points that most matter and time constraints. I'm just amaze you got the appointment, e I would have asked what what you're may be a concern of your patients are that you don't feel like it's being addressed by yeah, so I feel that when I said they have anxiety in the of insomnia and I'm prescribing them medication, which doesn't work because it doesn't work. But neurofeedback aggad happened to know about neurofeedback, neurofeedback it does actually work, and they take that I could take them off those men. Yes. So then you responding so it's not what she does, but what she's most interested in doing for which he wants a solution, right? Right and again, that's where we've become helpers were themselves people, yeah, falling down that path, additional comments or questions sales pitching it seems to me that maybe um angela's role is also to say you know I've been thinking about this idea that would help a business like yours and mine or I don't know I just still feel like she's trying to sell you on something yeah yeah and that does not what we're trying to do so I'm trying to figure out how to adjust the conversation like if I said you know, an idea I've had around social media that I'd love to try is this and I'm wondering if you think that's a good idea or do you have an idea that you think would be I don't think it's more engaging so because it seems like the power balance is way off in these conversation here's twenty two that but remember you were talking about yourself first and I want to reverse that so it's not like I was saying this idea you do these things together a my on track right so you a show that you actually bothered to study them say in light of that um I had some ideas because I also serve that same market why'd I just tell you one or so and get your feedback and hopefully the person's let me direct what that doesn't work but maybe something else tell me about your market brevity upfront lets the other person stepped forward instead of having to be a watcher the sooner you get them engaged right the better from the less sales e and just it's hard to remember that I know that doctors are going to be like that um I think it's harder when someone's trying to be nice but has no interest and you don't even notice don't have an interesting yeah on the other side of that I've struggled I've had a number of partner meetings that were very much colleague based and really high level folks that I've met ceos and founders of other companies where it's in these really engaging conversations where like you know, talking about our passions and education at the end it's like ok so now what and so it's almost like yes there is a power and balance looking at this but at least there's maybe a little more clear cut the way that they khun work together or somebody has something in mind by putting the power and the other a person's hands that you can say ok you have a need and I want to help fill that need which will therefore give us both business right so I don't know I kind of almost have a because I've struggled with that where it's just colleagues colleagues colleagues then after a while you just like ok I've talked myself in circles around my passions now let's talk about how we can usually benefit each other and do something with it that's always the hump fit that was nine point before you have a social contract before the meeting begins right saying you know, at the end of this meeting was decide if we're going to move forward and if so specifically how and when and if not let's decide that too and then you don't have to have another meeting that doesn't go anywhere yeah, I think it's like I think it's not being scared of the pinch and you know, there's such a negativity around like the dreamforce like you meant you know and this you know, false attitude and it's it's not I feel bad for people that work in sales and especially people who work in education sales because they still get this perspective and it's not necessary true it's actually finding in need and finding a way to fill it for a cost benefit ratio that works for everybody involved but that some point somebody needs to make the sales pitch someone has to put something on paper and make it worth the wild one of the person, right? But here's why I feel very strongly it isn't the sales pitch it's clarity about the mutuality it's no one you think you understand. So yes, you have to be clear specific and vivid, but if I'm pitching you on something I want you to do at any level pitch can be more generically being clear and interesting and filling a need but many times it's not a need it's an opportunity so that's, why you can probably hear me say this over and over again one should do it and you notice how much we tend to talk about ourselves a lot. Those vigorous conversations where people are passionate, they're pink buying very few people are actually responding what they just heard, so it goes like that and you learned a lot, but you haven't gotten anywhere now there are I still believe a set of people that will shut down if they think they have to make a decision than in the meeting there's another is equally passionate where they felt a lot better because it's given him boundaries so it's your understanding of the sooner you get to something that interests them that shows that you're aware of them, they can at least say you're off base. I appreciate your taking the time to understand, but actually in some nice your way or not what's not a match or I don't have time right now to even think about anything, but I might march you want to get sooner the place where they can respond to what you said. Two key things are what I learned about you and your market you serve I think we have a mutual market I'd like to talk to you about how you might better serve it together, come up with some ideas I have some or not so the sooner you get with that attitude headlining it the greater chance you have for them to be candid to that is hard enough as you can tell especially among smart people feel passionate about things that they're doing um it's it's tough on easy toughen easy yes yeah online say us what's to kind of rewind to just before this meeting however so what's he or she would like to rewind two just before the actual meeting in terms of how do you actually do the pitch to just get here to get you know to say a lot of great our coffee or whatever it is to get in the door um from my personal experience having been hit on both sides don't doing whatever there's very few e mails where they say you serve this market it starts there as a setup I also serve the market I gather these air somethings you d'oh and there's some things I do have some ideas about what we could do better together could you like to talk by phone or in person for say fifteen or twenty minutes and I believe it's much easier when you use those specifics is a set up again let me just say the context in which we're living ah but if you think about your next couple weeks and you notice the emails come in from well intended friends let alone strangers who are they talking about? I mean it's going to be mostly them and this isn't good will and we reverted back to ourselves so going back to that preparation show some evidence that you know what they do for home and something you genuinely like about it and say I think since we serve the same mutual market here a few links to things about what I do it's with that market can I talk to you about some methods about how we might reach and serve more than better together and then it to follow up with that question? Do you feel I feel passionate about this way do feel it to follow up with that question how do you make that conversation different from the actual meeting? How do you build tio when you get to the meeting, you have more tio to shack shit you start from that point of reinforcement you can then say was that it was on target with the market you serve from what I looked at um do you think did you have a chance to look at mine? It's fine if you didn't, uh, can we talk about some things we might do better together and I'd really like to focus and stuff that's, low risk, low cost, short term well, we can just see if there's something and do together and then you now this is an important phrase my mother was shot last mouth with soap for saying that you shut up you shut up sooner and your answer directly the stuff they bring up and you really notice why they're trying to do it that alone put you in a vast minority we get it be time to bring another couple up I learned a lot from this and you get to get off the chairs thats pretty brave and interesting in and you guys are all showing how you really feel about it which I appreciate and so the people out there was a good question so our last group coming up we're redoing means I would get to yes what we doing this I mean yes, yes, yes, sorry. Come up, take the seat. Not just gonna ask harry because that's also coming from the chairman any thoughts you have about the way that our purse so far have have actually phrased the questioning to think there's some insight shouldn't give on there and I have to phrase the question to get really the answer you need to get to right you might phrase the question say what's one of the things from your background that's most pressing need or interest to have you see an opportunity because maybe there's something I can do that can dovetail on that toe leverage more value that's one thing you can face but I think you all are very vivid about what you do again I go back to the brief miss of it um that you say it briefly but also something that I did learn it I went to a sales course class it called the presumptive clothes you presume that they're going to buy it's just a matter of how well the only way that I felt comfortable he's say if we were to do one and use this method let's talk about even though it appears low risk and short what's the worst that could happen what's the best so we really start that way because it gets the juices going and sometimes someone will talk themselves into doing it for their own way um but don't ever press if there's not a threat of interest that gross it's not right for now well so nice to see you two doing this now was going to be recruiting home only targets recruiting me okay, well I know that and suggestion of a beta beta so you're going to recruit her and who are you and who is she and the scenario ok partner that you're trying to ok well you're um uh uh like the specific position in the company and you know any kind of what kind of person is she okay, well, what kind of business is it? The kind of person that sells high end um hair and body products that incorporate a lot of natural ingredient natural ingredients good that's um that's enough detail so your pitch recruiting her right? Yes ok, here we go okay uh my name's tara and uh and I'm a botanical artist and I wanted to find out from you how, um how the market's doing with so many new people coming onto the scene have have you had any any loss of market share? Well, we have kind of had the biggest market share for a really long time because we have a huge reputation, you know? S o for us we're always focusing on kind of the next level going from using natural ingredients tio then preaching to people that we want to be concerned with the earth and doing good not just being neutral but and not doing bad also doing good and we've just recently incorporated a lot of new social media techniques and marketing tools and things like that to help us keep our word out there at the top of the so are there some concrete ways that you've been telling your customers how you're doing good? What concrete ways um we recently started this campaign way have people on facebook say what their favorite product is and what they like about it and if they would recommend it to a friend okay, are you exploring with her recruiting her? Yes ok, yeah, I actually want to find out what um if there would be a benefit to you in um having very unique botanical designs on your products that showcase at least one of the plants one of the flowers one of the components and then educating your client base about that plant well I mean we have a graphic designer way have you know, a marketing department is that what you're asking no, I'm not asking about that um uh I'm asking about if somehow botanical art could differentiate you in the market if if you think that's something that might be worth while I think its potential but I don't really know anything about your business what do you two I create the technical designs the well photograph a plant in many stages of its life cycle from seed to leave to flower and then I build a design around those components and they're highly graphic they're very clean um and they're simple and elegant and I noticed in your design that there's a certain resonance and aesthetic uh are you asking to put your artwork in our stores or I'm asking how my artwork could serve you and do you blogged are you a blogger? Are you um do you have outreach? Do you have a list of people who would like to know about our stuff? Well, I'm interested, huh e I have you know they're really big put on the spot I know it takes just do it and she's asking you quite great questions the one you want to ask her on remember we freeze in different situations, right? So you've been very brave and so you want tio um you wanted offers her some ideas who's that shaken back down right now we're the shaken consider well, it's just that you have I think it's exactly we're talking about you have to be really clear that you're not trying to sell me something, but you also make clear that you know your business so you can picture something and not try to push it is say I noticed that what my art does is really congruent with what your underlying messages as well as the products being pure and natural it may or may not be too, but it could be that having that art and some of your stores would reinforce those core values. I want to show you some and see if that's true because aren't so very personal so you leave them and out but you give them something specific are truly personal and if we did that what I think we could do this leverage of mutual interests and that's where you go it means that we could both be doing things to have access to each other's markets a different way so some of my clients because they do have established list might then hear about yours but I'd like to start if we found something to start really locate say there's got to be in evidence and understanding of who you're pitching and have something concrete that they can react against say, you know, this may not be the best or nothing at all, but sticking specific means that people have something to react against the go towards yeah, yeah, something that they can bounce yeah, and react and have an idea the more we have a mental picture in their mind. Like he said, I noticed for example, you had three walls on this one. The benefit was s and such, so it might be something like this would be benefit this resentment. But you see, I would actually say the benefit up front saying, since we serves on the same kind of people, I have a number of suggestions police to where we can have access to each other's client base because I think a lot of my people be interesting. Yours probably one of the easiest might be to have a temporary thing up for week. Why show off some of my pictures match to your messages in your store or we actually show it off graphically and a shared off, or we make for some of my products and yours is something that's, a little like breast cancer awareness month that comes to my mind yeah, away I mean, because you're going back to that site I am of yes, what she served there l swimming it happens it happens just go back to these certain things when you're there because the fair especially among you is that you're selling the only way to avoid that is to talk more about them than you that's questions sooners like she's talking about and follow the thread of their interest. So having something you can propose based on what you think say I may be wrong about who you're serving or your priorities on it or how because it's so impressive to me this means you heard her that you have a blogger, you have that that data that that's that's impressive so I a similarly reach out to my people probably different ways so there may be a shared technology we can use for those tips that way we d'oh so sticking those specific ideas and not pushing them is where there could be some flow more than I robust conversation about each other's business now that's tough it's tough in a way but to step outside of your shoes is probably one of the most compassionate ways to reach mutuality to see what is that like for her so you want to go for last fund or a quick one? Um no, I think we're so yeah ok, we get it do you question comfortable? Do you feel about switching e switch now? I think it's like wait to see that you see exercises help. Okay, so I would like to approach a furniture store, um it's a really high and naturally, but mostly sofas made with natural materials locally crafted. And so I would like to approach you about an idea. Okay, partnering I was got enough this very clear. Good. Yes, I but tara, I am really excited to talk to you because I absolutely love your product. And I've been a fan of cisco home for twenty something years, so I know all about you and your family and what you've created in san diego with local resource is and and also local trades and training people giving them jobs that provide for their families. So I wanted to find out where your ad in terms of your social media programs and what kind of things you do to outreach to people using pinterest and things like that is that some of you guys are engaged in the pinterest is one of our most active, um, platforms for reaching others good because I've had this idea for collaborating, and I just kind of want to run it by you, and it might spark an idea that you have for me I'm an artist, I make linen pillows based on prince of my artwork and what I would love to do is kind of easy little photo spread where I take photos on your beautiful sofas with my pillows and we can share that information that's incredible content for all of us thea other thing is I would like to invite other pillows other companies and artists that make pillows so that we could kind of do this really cool you know, my pillow on a cisco sofa I sort of thing and that way um anything that I blogged about and any other blog's that pick up these photos so do you know other artists that you could bring in here and so that's my one question and then my other question is what's the direct benefit to me I love those questions I've been thinking about this so first of all, yes, judith ross is an amazing artist in new york and she makes embroidered pillows that I think perfectly suit the style and the materials of your sofa. I think the road company makes some incredible pillows needle point pillows so I'd love to start even curating some other artists and generating some really cool interest that suit that very sort of local trade are based home that I think your company promote so you're interested in a photo shoot basically a photo shoot but what I would like to do is sort of create a partnership around how we disseminate the content of those photos do we take turns putting them on pinterest do we set up a little facebook campaign? I don't know maybe you have some ideas um well, I've never worked with you, so ken crushed how how how do I know? You know that it it would be good to work with you? We think we could start with something really small, you know, I can start my own blawg post that just says my favorite pillows francisco homes or something like that and just start to see how people respond to it and see how they linked to you, so I'd want to figure out what is the most effective way for people to link to your company is it to link to your store or just your website of your factory and let's figure out what's the optimal way for me to get people to know that you're the one creating this environment for my product? How big is your live? My list right now is about three thousand people and I want to grow that so that's where I think the notoriety of your company would be fantastic. I think your company could really benefit from having other artisans around with kind of the same focus is you we're coming here that close for a break and was going to say, see how getting specific on one idea helps her home you're a good tough cookie she gets very specific assets that of questions and you responded very directly to her and so saying that first action so she can sell it so one thing we do a collective photo shoot and it's nice that she knows those different artists assume more important to say with a set of prestigious artists there I know it's only going to add class and already classy brand but more importantly it's going to bring my people to your site just very concrete things and if I can prove that and the way we do it with the photo shoot there's nothing you have to do if you like the photo shooting stuff you might put on your site then if we like that we might go to something else or you might have something that's even lower risk but this way I'm using my talent and doing the lay out the situation and the others I know so it's not just about may so you create that final word picture yeah you guys too pretty fabulous so that such brief time I'm always impressed when people can do it with no preparation but also what comments and editions can you do to help them? We've got a few minutes left any advice you'd get about which part will help to most or a suggestion of how you do it differently? Yes back here one of your initial points that you said about specificity and thinking this through in advance before you sit down course in fairness this is all made up on the fly but it seems like you know if you don't go into that meeting without knowing how you can save them time add re sources or help them make more money yes I don't know that they're going to be very interested in you for very long s o I think going back to but your other point which is making it not about you but also but thinking how you could be of service potentially I think being very specific about that was his critical otherwise it just turned you know you're going to get this and that will also help me yes very concrete yeah this time how are you going to save me time how going to add more resource is or how you gonna make me more money and don't you think it was an interesting when the roles were reversed how good she got into you know is very pointed questions that like that yes yes absolutely I wanted to come home that you both on saying positive things about one another because I think as an educator I start with positive feedback and reinforcement and that brings forth a an atmosphere that you both want to talk more and longer and learn about each other more so I just want to compliment you both on complementing each other and coming off from a positive aspect for the other person not just positive about what you bring to the table just remember if you're not the one recruiting you're the other person playing that different roles is really important to see because you have to get them interested at first I thought they did a good job that last one yes if you don't do it now about partners who I'm a fast mover harder czar moving fast enough I'm like I'm out of here it's what might be losing potential partners so how I work with people like that? I'll just be brief right now because I think that's vital remember I said talk about summer fast thinkers summer slow thinkers many my best partners had to process it and I said I'll send you something specific about the one that most interest to do because you might realize it not right at all or I have a better way so I don't want them to all have to think in the moment okay? And I tend to get a lot of ideas and it's gonna be if someone's not that way and we can go then I know my summer minor the opposites yeah temperament so you're right okay? We can be put off by someone's temperament approach when in fact they're valuable partner this well intention so those first emotions can override what's really in our interest the core thing is do they have integrity about what they do and you can always tell that by how nice they are? I think that almost gets back to one of the very first comments we have the the day wasn't when our online community was sharing that they have often found partners yeah through online through different things through pinteresque you're absolutely right, yes, but then when they actually met these people years later it hasn't bean is good in person as it wass without it and it is the chemistry between people is so vitally important I think you know when you're looking for partners it is something you want to consider, but you won't understand that if you are looking for them simply online. On the other hand, some people get along better on yes and doing person and it works fine it's when you see people there's a lot of other factors which we misjudge because of projection so there's interesting ways to there's always an up and down side to everything on four choi and so I guess it's knowing what you feel comfortable with and actually realizing we all have biases, so we have to feel what they are and we all have blind spots mine is literal on us if they literally say they can do it, I know that the trust but verify is very been very important but also just say, for the amount of time you had to prepare, you guys were pretty impressive today, and this is this full section has just been great. Um, yeah, it's been fantastic. It's never easy for our students that come here and they were very involved in all the programming. We always appreciate them, but then to throw them up onto the stage on the campuses, what is always very difficult, I think they did a great job. Thank you, teo. Like watching you go into this question. Good you got yeah. So at this point, we are going to take our final break of the day, our last fifteen minutes. We've talking about actual crew partners in the next segment. We're going to talk about low risk. Hi, opportunity weighs two partners what's that going to involve curry? Well, this is gets more meaty, and I think it's helpful when you realize there are things you can do, teo teo, just really see people in action so we would go through several them quick, brief and simple, and I have a feeling we're going to learn a lot from you and from the people online for things that they've done remember, the goal is low risk, short term. But we're going to get very concrete in that level. And it might bring a whole set of ideas. Tio of people, you're sort of on the fence about not sure whether you want to go with or not. Yeah.

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