Find Your Niche and Build Your Family Photography Business


Find Your Niche and Build Your Family Photography Business


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Benefits of Creating a Niche Family “Look”

So what are the benefits of niching? Well, first of all you're going to attract the soul mate for your business, the ideal client. The one who looks and that and goes, "That's what I want for my own family." You're going to see consistency in your work. You're gonna keep that competition at bay because they won't be able to keep up cause they're different. You're so different from them, right? And what's funny is... You know you're truly unique when you don't even worry about the competition. If you're worried about the competition right now. If you're like, "Oh my gosh, Susie Q down the street is 50 bucks cheaper." (screams) If you're thinking about that, you're not different enough. Think about that. If you're worried about Susie Q down the street it means you're not differentiating your business enough and you're not attracting your soul mate in your business. Because if you were it wouldn't matter what Susie Q was doing down the street and you wouldn't give a hoot. So by differenti...

ating and niching with a specialty you keep the competition at bay. And of course you have a reliability to your clients. You're producing consistent work that they can depend on. They know what they're going to get. You differentiate, you're recognizable in the marketplace. People know you and they go, "That's a Julia Kelleher" or "That's an Amy portrait", or "That's a Lulu portrait." People know it's you and that's fabulous. You get to that point and you're like, "Oh!" (gasps) "Oh, they knew it was me." It's like that little boost of self-confidence okay, and that grows from there. And of course you can charge more and it creates community buzz around what you do. So that's important too and then ultimately what this all leads to is that confidence that grows. So if you think specializing in families is niching I have another story for you, okay? Ask yourself if you could take it further. We're photographers, it's great. Maybe we've started in landscape. Who was it that started in landscape? It was Amy here who started in landscape and she was like "I kind of like people now" and that's fine. We all kind of have to explore. There's another class here on CreativeLive that I did about a year ago called "Finding Your Style". That is a great pre-requisite to this course. It's about finding who you are as an artist. And Amy's going through that transition where she was a landscape photographer and she's like, "I love people and I want to focus on families." And there's probably a psychological reason for that which is awesome and you have to own that and just go with it and follow your heart. So if you say to yourself, "Yeah, I want to niche in families" and probably a lot of you out there who are watching "Family Week" going, "Yeah, I want to niche in families too. Yeah, let's niche in families, great!" (cheers) Okay, let's dive deeper.

Class Description

Now that you're consistently booking family photo shoots, it's time to create a business that stands out from your competition. Well-known newborn and family photographer Julia Kelleher will show you how to create a personalized "niche" for your photography that also offers its own product line.

In this class, Julia will show you how to:

  • Develop a solid, definable and recognizable brand
  • Attract your ideal client's to your business
  • Develop products that your clients will buy

By the end of this class, you'll be working on creating your own niche while growing and expanding your photography business to include new clients and larger sales.