How Style is Applied to your Brand: Studio Look


Finding, Defining, and Marketing Your Photographic Style


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How Style is Applied to your Brand: Studio Look

Your studio look. To me, Allison is the epitome of this. She knows how to display her work. I mean that studio, you walk into it, and you're just like, uh, uh can I just stay here? That's the feeling you get, whether you're just her friend, or you're a client walking in the door, like, you know, this is gonna be an amazing experience, and you know she is going to take care of you, and you know she's going to produce incredible art for your wall that happens to be your family. You just know it. Walk in that space, it's a done deal. Literally, if she gets her clients in the door for the pre-consultation, their booked. Get the interview, get the job kind of thing. She is that to a T. She barely has to pre-consult with them and their like begging to book her, but it has a lot to do with the brand. She spent a lot of money on that studio, but it's paying back tenfold. She has the benefit of a sister who is an interior designer, yes she does, but that doesn't mean that you can't spend the mo...

ney and get an interior designer as well, and I know everybody's going, I have no way, I have this money, I don't have the money to spend that. I know, it's okay, you don't have to right now. It's something to aspire to, okay. I am just, I have been in business 10 years, and I'm just now aspiring to do a studio remodel. This is my space in Bend, Oregon. It's very Joanna Gaines. I mean for Pete's sake, that's from Magnolia Market. This is a knock-off from Restoration Hardware. Okay, it's not from Restoration Hardware, it looks like the one at Restoration Hardware, but the one at Restoration Hardware is $3,000, and I only paid $250 for that one, (laughing), so that's why I bought the knock-off, okay, but decorating your studio in your feel, like what you love and what your style is, is so critical to getting the client enticed by your brand, and enticed by what you're going to be doing for them, okay. So the question is, even if you have a home studio, you need to consider this. How many of you have home studios? Okay, how many of you actually have brick and mortar studios? Okay, how many of you don't have a studio at all? Okay, there's a few of you who don't have studios at all and you don't have this piece of your puzzle to contend with or to use for your advantage, okay, that's okay, but you'll need to create a product catalog, you'll need to do other things that speak your brand that entice the client, without being able to put them in to a retail merchandising space, okay. For those of you who are in your home, I started in my home, and my home was a shrine to my business. My clients images were up on the walls, it was cute and decorated, I mean literally the furniture that you see there, was what was in my house, and then when my husband and I got married, that all went into my studio space, and we bought new stuff for the house, 'cause it was too girly for him (giggles), you know how it is. So, that was essentially what my house looked like, and often times when people walk in to my studio, they're like, do you live here? No, but I'm so glad you said that. That's exactly what I wanted you to think, because I want you to see how you can put portraiture in your home, okay. So, keep it consistent with your style and your brand; your studio space. Have it professionally decorated if you need to. If you can't do that, than for Pete's sake, get inspiration. Go to Pinterest and make a Pinterest board that you love with studio decor; everything that inspires you. Open up magazines, okay. Keep your words in your mind as you create a Pinterest board for inspiration. You can make one for studio decor. You can make on for fonts. You can make one for the colors you want in your brand. You can make one for collateral, how you'd want your packaging to look, all that good stuff can go on separate Pinterest boards or all in one. If you want to go checkout my branding board, you can go to, r-a-d-l-i-c-k, that's my maiden name, and you can check out my branding inspiration board and steal what you want from it, if you need a head start, okay, but, seriously, if you just look up photography branding on Pinterest, a bunch of images will come up, and you can start searching, and going what do I like, when it comes to brands. Search font combinations. Search just brand in general, and you'll see a bunch of stuff come up on Pinterest, and it's very inspiring, but keep those words in the back of your head always, when you're pinning, okay. Also, keep your photographic style in mind when you do this. Focus on interior design if your studio decor is what you're after, okay. So if you're trying to figure out how to make your home or your space more like your style, keep those words at the back of your head, start pinning things, and focus on interior design. My favorite, of course, is to watch HGTV (giggles), researching magazines, like like Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, any of these things will help you, even Country Home, and Flea Market Find, these magazines that have these different styles to them. I'm obsessed with Joanna Gaines. This is me, silly little iPhone shot at Magnolia Market this year in Texas, after it first opened, and I was just as happy as a little pea in a pod because I love her design, and this is not specifically her design, but it looks a lot like her, we obviously can't show her in copyrighted images without her permission on here, but this is a stock image of a very similar style that she would do. That clean, fresh, country kitchen, the farmhouse sink, the stainless steel appliances, the big island, and the stools with the wicker, I mean that is so me, I love that feeling of fresh, clean, country kitchen, that's also modern and new looking, and my work definitely reflects that, so, the studio is going to reflect that too, it already does, and now we're about to embark on a remodel to make that even better. So again, find artists (interior designers), okay, so search for interior designers whom you love, and pick out one project of theirs. This is is find it formula you guys. Break it down, analyze it, re-create those elements in your studio. I'm now asking you to apply the find it formula to your studio decor, okay, to your brand, look at other brands and pull things from it that you like, and ask yourself why you like it. Break it down, analyze it, and then re-create it using just those elements that you love.

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How can you work successfully (and profitably) as an artist in a crowded, over-saturated market? You have to make your work and your brand stand out by creating your art from a deeply authentic place that is only YOU and yours alone. In other words, you must define your STYLE. By standing out uniquely, you can attract the kind of client who is willing to compensate you appropriately for what you bring to the table.

Join master business and photography educator, Julia Kelleher, for a class on finding, defining and applying your style to your work and your brand.

In this class you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify your style as an artist intentionally rather than by accident
  • Incorporate your style into your brand
  • Use your style to help gain financial benefits
Learn how an undeviating style can bring in your ideal client, make you stand out in a crowd, command top dollar and keep your competition at arms length.


Cesar Flores

Wow wow wow, as an artist on a beginner's stage this was an amazing presentation. Julia is a pro on teaching the psychology of the artist within ourselves. I will follow her from now on and start putting in practice her step by step techniques on finding my style as an artist. Thank you Creativelive and Thank You Julia, you are amazing


This course is amazeballs. Love love love love love love love. Just buy it. :)

a Creativelive Student

Great class. A step by step way of finding a artist style that is from your heart. Stop hoping the style fairy will randomly visit you some day. I view this in-depth system as a smart exploration component integrated with a gut check component. Julia has laid it all out smartly and easy to follow. The work itself will not be easy but the steps are beautifully explained. Brilliant! Buy the course. Yeah I will be using it for years. Shelle