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Fine Art Women's Portraits

Lesson 10 of 17

Shoot: Couture Bridal Gown in Tree

Jennifer Thoreson

Fine Art Women's Portraits

Jennifer Thoreson

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Lesson Info

10. Shoot: Couture Bridal Gown in Tree

Lesson Info

Shoot: Couture Bridal Gown in Tree

I tell me your name lisa okay okay lisa um you feel like being an acrobat I knew it okay let's fry you up there we'll start with some gentle stuff and see what happens after that is that a pretty solid place to stand in there you're good well that's great yeah you just kind of pluck it off or tuck it or something do we have to have the flower thing or is that covering up something or yeah I like that better okay you're tiny it's beautiful so pretty uh okay so this is already pretty if you turn your body toward this branch this thing what is it called trunk I guess and lay yourself on that what happens yeah okay so if it's possible for you to step toward me about three or four inches so we could see a little more of you yeah well I just kind of pressed your body into the tree and I don't know is that too far to reach your arm to this other one can you barely touch a finger tips yeah let's bring them a little bit lower so way talked a little bit about the body and that kind of stuff yest...

erday and I love the sculpture of someone's body like if I put her arm out there look at her shoulder gorgeous try sep the shank of her arm is beautiful it's just gorgeous um ok the other one if you kind of shut your elbow up along and yeah then your arms come back towards your face actually what I'd look like if you grabbed his little leaves up there that are way up even one more higher yeah maybe turn the hand towards your face and just kind of so you're sort of you know and then lay your head into your arm that's gorgeous let's turn your face this way this we see more of you even even a bit more yeah I kind of just laying yourself like liquid you look like a goddess lovely let's try you know turn totally toward the tree so we can drop the arms for a moment okay so this could get crazy but let's see what happens if you put your arms back here on the other trade both of them but low and then you do a back then so your belly is touching this other one or close to it toward it anyway yeah so that's gonna work great we just need a little more graceful hand somehow so it's hard but just make it look like trying to make it look like they're barely told touching and barely holding you can that other one touchdown some somewhere somehow if not we can just hide it sure yeah yes that's lovely okay the other arm tell you what let's just let's just hide it so I don't need to see it it can just go right behind your waist over here good yes okay we just got to get rid of our branches in your face okay beautiful and let the head just fall pretty far a mcginnis your face is beautiful if you can press the shoulder down into the socket a little bit yeah and then full profile in the face turn your face aw poured for me uh even a little bit more I'm not a maybe two more inches yes if there's a way to make the fingers go down the tree will have it or at that point if you're going to use your the heel of your hand slipped him the other way all the way up yeah okay pressing the shoulder down as far as it will go there and now let your head fall back as far as it'll go just let it be heavy gorgeous in the eyes closed again uh lovely so pretty okay let's see if we can push this one step further you put your head and saying I'd put the weight of your body mostly on your head actually on that tree okay if we let your arms both just follows now one more little step if we put the back of the hands on that tree that your head is on actually still down by your side you're gonna push him back so the palms will fit would face you yeah yeah the possible pick the other one back there too or is it too far if it's too far we can hide that arm yeah in bringing up a little higher even because I'm still seeing it on under there there right there one more just working exposure oh my gosh girl okay let's get you out of herel it's not a thing for you is that e you think we could do that again then and get your head a little bit lower is that possible just so the back when this even crazier yeah you can use your hands we need them there just trying to make him as pretty as we can yeah your forehead back a little bit more just path there we go there we go the hand just kind of graceful that's beautiful oh my goodness eyes closed for me could you take that back hand and bring it on your face kind of on your forehead yeah okay and when we're weird idea but is there a way to suspend you somehow with your legs on this one and your torso on that one so you're really kind of climbing the tree yeah all right hiking boots yeah you're getting the idea you know what if we reverse that I know you already gotten up there but that branch is gonna be an issue up there so we put your face on the other side so our last shot she said she was a mom so she's usedto crazy so we're getting there because I'm trying to think if we get you into a diagonal line so your legs are straight and your hip would kind of go on to the other tree so we'll get you up a little bit higher maybe yeah we'll just kind of let that be a crown we'll just consider a charming yeah is there a way to straighten out the lights a little bit more maybe up a little higher now which food is in the front yeah so let's bring the other foot higher than yes exactly so we couldn't bend that knee a little bit and this try not to show the feet so we can get somebody over there on the gown you need to good okay so how are you feeling support wise in there can you move your tour so I thought okay can you lay your head on your knee right there oh my gosh that's great uh hand let's try it gathering a little fabric and right up under your leg so we see some form of the leg and you could just flatten it out underneath they're kind of like you're cupping the back of your knee is there's tight fabric under there right now okay let's put it all the way up on your knee then underneath the crook of your knee oh the other knee I'm sorry wasn't being very clear that one if you would reach down and grab more fabric and did exactly that yeah I just want to see the fingertips though so yeah and then roll the hand this way a little bit more even a little bit more yeah gorgeous try toe arch the back kind of like a cat and in eyes closed closed the eyes and drop the shoulder back for me beautiful in there okay one more craziness and I promise I'm done because the hands come come up over your head back there we'll do a similar bend but not quite the same suit both up there so you're gonna push off from your hands their hands will be on the tree and try the cat art as much as possible the other way actually you're gonna arch your back the other way yes okay if we could bring the arms up higher we'll have it made and really just it's it's awkward because it's officer directions try to arch the back this way yeah or just gotcha okay let's get you out of there and I think that's a wrap everybody

Class Description

Are you ready to delve into the magical world of fine art photography? Join innovative and award-winning photographer Jennifer Thoreson for an immersion into everything you need to know to conceptualize, style, and shoot photographs that double as works of art.

Jennifer will share her unique method for turning a natural setting into a fine art studio, including her one-of-a-kind-technique for creating water portraits. You’ll master the essential principles of posing, lighting, styling, and costuming. Jennifer will also cover working effectively with models, communicating your personal vision, and using Photoshop to add a fine-art-style polish to images.

By the end of this course, you’ll be inspired and empowered to bring a new level of artistry to your photographs.


a Creativelive Student

I can't review the course as I haven't seen it yet, but I am buying it. I'm buying it based on the one free session on inspiration. I was so moved by who Jennifer is and her courage and commitment. I want to know her; be her friend, because she is so fearless and courageous. She admits that it took a long time for her to find her path. She reminds us again and again that it is hard -- art is hard. She was inspired by amazing paintings -- I completely understand why they inspired her, and in the direction that they did. I can't wait to watch this whole course, because I can't wait to witness more of Jennifer and her courage, her creativity, and her big lioness heart.

Joshua Pheneger

Jennifer is a talented and genuine artist with a gentle soul. Her perspective on how to approach the creative process and how to "quiet the little voices" and practice quiet observation are very helpful. I have been tremendously inspired by this course and I feel as though I am a better artist for having participated. Thank you for bringing this wonderful artist to the amazing creativeLIVE community.

Laura Arrowsmith

I love her work and her teaching. Her perspective is so beautiful and inspiring. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with her in Colorado this summer and it was a life-changing experience. The location was spectacular. Jennifer is so brilliant, yet so warm and friendly. I really just don't have enough glowing adjectives to describe this event.