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Fine Art Women's Portraits

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Shoot: Forest Scene and Props Part 2

Jennifer Thoreson

Fine Art Women's Portraits

Jennifer Thoreson

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Lesson Info

7. Shoot: Forest Scene and Props Part 2

Lesson Info

Shoot: Forest Scene and Props Part 2

I don't know what's gonna happen we're gonna try there's something I don't know how flexible you are the ways I can't do it but maybe you can put your head on here and your feet can you touch your toes yeah you can't ok then in my work yeah okay so the bra can I go away for for one shot or no well I'll retouched out or tell you what let's turn to the other directions if you don't see it as much but we just need to move this stuff that way okay exactly so the feet is close to it is it is they'll go see are you doing okay there I don't know if I can touch it all the way but if you can't the leaves are making it look like you are so just let your head flopped down into your yeah yeah exactly and so the shoulders oppressed down trying to make kind of a total fold yeah very cool eyes closed just tuck your head down into your chest a little bit more very cool really pressing the shoulders down into your body there we go I'm close the eyes beautiful okay so if we put maybe your knees on that ...

long you can put him on there all the way so you're kind of in a kneeling position I don't know if there's enough room or not but let's try it perfect can we touch the dress into your leg line so we can see your landline and just pull the fabric through the way you don't lose your legs there we go and then you can sit back on your heels you okay there now it's really pretty it's a possible men to put your hands on your knees and let your head fall backwards yeah so if we can point the feet is there a way to move this way a little bit more except fuels their right so their hands are totally relaxing your head is just falling back beautiful so pretty try ruling your face yeah exactly profile and I like the arms stretched for that's really pretty thing and that is so lovely what happens if the arms come up when you're touching your neck area yeah thanks love it yeah so pretty good ok ok um let's move down the path a little bit and see what we see do we have any questions before we move that we should address we will question over there in our studio audio awesome oh I see a number of your poses air right on the edge of balance and my first thought was well for some of these things like when you're up on the chair whatever you're going to have to have a spotter nearby and then I thought that might wreck the connection you have so curious about spotters and not spotters I just have my assistant so they're always close enough teo I guess catch somebody I've never actually had anybody fall but not that I won't happen I'm sure eventually it's going teo part of that is I'm doing my very best to know what they're capable of so that doesn't happen but I've got my assistant nearby not that I don't think they're in range to kay catch anybody but they're in range to take care of a disaster at ap ever it happens but no I've never used this potter that's good question thank you uh this is from fa ho who says are these models you know the models that you're shooting look amazing and the question is can you train non models to do similar types opposing yes absolutely in fact a lot of people I photograph are not models there I mean they might have a body type that I'm looking for a tall and thin but they're not actually models in fact a lot of times I prefer that because okay don't they know we are waiting wait just start let me just ask you the question again all right so the question the question was thes models look amazing at what they're doing can regular people do the same teddy hoses yeah in fact I was before the airplane graced us with his presence um actually a lot of times I prefer people who aren't models because they haven't been previously trained you think about a photographer that already knows a ton of technique like when I teach a photographer that's eighteen and never picked up a camera they see very differently you know it's total everything is new so when you get a model that I like that it could be really really fun too it's all about communication I actually think there's not a huge difference between photographing her who I know you are a model but I'm I'm still communicating very specific instructions so I ideally that works exactly the same way on someone who's not a model I think we can move move to the next let's do it aaron yeah okay so if I just play with you for a minute as faras lighting can I just have a kind of dance around that area and let's see what happens there's a few little okay so right about there if you come toward me just the tiniest not even that much there's a little sunspot we comply with yeah okay light you up just changing lenses to the eighty five millimeter uh to try to de busy the background a little bit compress it down a touch photographing about f too get a test shot and was waiting for this come on crank okay okay let's glue those legs together so we talked earlier about the arsenal of comfortable poses or kind of that space where I know I'm safe in a safe place this would be a good start because I'm in a new location starting with her again so I'll start with a couple of safe poses that I know we're going to work and then start experimenting the thing is if you don't experiment every single time you shoot then you get into a rut you know in that safe place becomes a boring place and you you go there way too much my friend arthur always told a story about he was driving along a country road and it said choose your butt carefully you're going to be in it for a very long time so I think that happens when people say they they use that safe place too much and I'm guilty of it too but use it a little bit use it when you need it and then experiment and sometimes your experiments are gonna fail miserably and k hers I mean failures where you grow so okay let's see um I kind of like this whole driving of the arm thing over here yeah and let's just put a little more energy itself the hand opens up a little bit especially the dead arm yeah and let's bring the right just up a little bit so yeah so you're kind of just falling apart and there we go maybe grab the fabric of the dress a little bit and yeah so that where that hole is a kind of open it up and then just palm open on the what just flat against you like you're really pressing in like this and getting into that that rip in the dress yeah yeah and maybe grab a little fabric so we're kind of working in an intense yeah yeah beautiful beautiful really pretty I like the head on the shoulder was trying to lower the shoulder as much as we can and still connect though yeah that's so beautiful last thing if we can show threat shove the hip that way we'll have it so your wait will go on that foot let him go this direction yeah yes your weight goes on your right foot there were heading their fabulous fabulous a little more gesture in the hand maybe you could come down a little bit so we really see it yeah I'm pressing really hard against your bodde there oh that's so pretty really worked the hip though it feels like you're falling over there eyes closed okay relax integrate that's a tough post all I'm doing is taking a safe place which would be you know this pose or this pose or this post and trying to push it push the edge of it and see where we go this is totally experimentation this is what someone asked really do you have a plan no I don't I'm just saying where where we end up so if you grab the dress like you were yeah yeah we're backed up a little so I can see all of you so are you gonna back a lot longer lens on okay so I'm aiming you can probably see this when you the pictures come up there are two trees there and I'm aiming right between them so and then I'll probably crop him out so I just have a nice blank canvas again okay so little finger tips there is good yeah and gluing the feet and then if you just let one leg slightly yeah just barely good what if you just held your head fall yes so pretty bring the chin down the tiniest bit their eyes closed let's try grabbing the address in two different places so like you're walking through tall grass yeah really long and yeah loose everything mostly just kind of yes so pretty eyes closed and the weight of your head maybe goes one direction that's lovely eyes right here for one just kind of gazing down your nose at me gorgeous good grief okay now we can experiment a little more we have that long straight stick the one with the little yellow on it when we hand somebody handed it to her now this is a thousand and one ways to use a stick way did the log earlier okay let's try a variation on what on what we did a minute ago where it goes behind your shoulders and let's just play around so what happens when I like about this this is the horizontal line what if you grab it like this and let your elbows dangle yeah yeah cool and then the feet are together and one knee up just a little bit and cross that knee in front by the way that's my go to like pose so where they're usually just kind of together bring the knee up slightly in crossing over the other leg just a little bit so there's a little bit of length and one foot and that it could actually come up even more yeah and then crossed over just like that's my go to leg post it works pretty much on every body every single time okay that looks beautiful hold the stick is bounces you can't so it needs to come this way just a touch other direction right there she's not just a little bit so this lighting is perfect is exactly what I'm looking for and this works great because of where we are we're in this little path like we talked about earlier and we're closed off on both sides were close off behind her the only way the light can get in from above so it's perfect it's like that heavenly soft butterfly pattern and when she raises her her chin it's like home my gosh you know look at the light on her face bring your chin down a minute yeah it's still interesting but as she raises that you see the light working the plains of her face and it's just gloriously beautiful laywer head forming on the kind of on the stick so you're rolling your face up yeah or just let's close the eyes momentarily good right now fighting the battle if you would roll your face from the background just a little bit more so it's totally profile and then let your head yeah and the feet could be instead of the one leg up just totally straight for this let's try that one last time yeah if it's possible to do what you're doing with your head and bring the sit down on the sidewalk will have it yes wonderful uh lori it's ok relax a minute finding the battle in this busy background it drives me nuts to have those trees show up so right now this is making like an h you know between the two trees I'm just watching really carefully where the edge is about sticker hitting is I know I'm going to put the square crop later okay here's an idea what you're doing with your arms already if we take that one step further and how you connect your hands behind your head is it possible to balance stick on your shoulders got long enough arms you know how to connect and what if they come onto your face or something so we know that that well august is kind of weightless on you it looks wait list even though it isn't yeah that's really cool maybe just fingertips touching it is gonna work I love that actually just fanned out fingers can they touch each side or no yeah yeah totally straight legs if you can do it glued together that's amazing eyes closed for just a moment get that chin up a little bit more perfect good okay relax a minute it's really cool um so if you bring is that it's about as far as we can get with the arms right if they go just yeah if that shape what if your head tips back this other way so like we were doing before actually when you were kind of broken doll at the neck and the bring your head hands if you can back over to frame your face and that we can come down and just yeah it's just a variation and feet together form I'm going to get in there a little closer I think this one may be let it go yeah but still barely touching there that's gorgeous eyes closed for me if we could just get the hip out that way more and I'm not photographing your feet so whatever we need to do there eyes closed that's so pretty okay one last thing can we do that but keep the six straight so a similar it's going to be in your head and neck emotion and hips yeah you're doing so beautiful that's great and I was closed lovely okay relax a moment gorgeous okay so yeah if you look at the images on the screen there is directional light it's not very intense but it's there and it's definitely coming from above and I'm loving that this is a perfect spot okay let's play with that some more so you see how it's naturally kind of curved this way can we make you do that too if you turn your back to it yeah and you could maybe hold onto it so here's what's gonna get may be a bit difficult but if you come up on your toes and so we almost press that thing between your feet yeah and it doesn't have to be all the way I would want to see it yeah hands what if they come up actually on the top of it so you're kind of hanging your weight on this thing yeah that's wicked cool I'm moving back beep babe okay okay can I and I'm sorry to move you but we've got folks if you move this way just a touch yes thank you lovely so the idea what effect is that your all of your weight is on your hands and you're kind of blowing forward from that thing as much as possible that's so cool just let your head all dead weight but turn your face toward me yes that's wicked killers I would say in boston hang on and you're doing a beautiful job can you come upon the toes anymore yes and a roll your face up for me they're there they're letting the head fall there there it is beautiful close the eyes oh my goodness it's cool thank you fall apart girl I'm gonna keep you forever that was cool what if we reverse that have you faced the thing so you're kind of trying to counterbalance it somehow yeah that's beautiful too ok so the dress right now is doing something crazy um we might need to tuck it and make it a little bit narrow of a skirt between your knees which I don't think we'll be we'll see mostly in the front the back it's ok fans out yeah I hear kid says since that charming ok yeah so both hands up at the top I think and if we go on to the toes and all that emotional being your back so nice back been beautiful eyes closed is gorgeous the hand it's in the front I know it's hard you know I'm beautiful I'm just trying not to see the back of the hand so yeah you can come around or you either way bring it around more other way yeah okay and the head's falling as far as it'll go good good good eyes closed try to drop the shoulders and will have it there it is got it beautiful so about that spotter you did it though you did it beautifully okay glad you signed up for this okay let's try it one more time because I think we could do something more interesting with the hands same thing everywhere else yeah so the hands maybe this arm comes around this way but I don't know how much you need for support but now that we have a better design can you do that and do the backhand or yes it's beautiful if you let your head fall in the sea if we've got the link yeah we do beautiful can you swing yourself around this way just to touch because I'm yeah yeah yeah their eyes closed up on the toes as much as possible you've got it you've got it just pressing the shoulders down and we'll have it you're doing a beautiful job yeah just take a minute take your time we're not in a hurry sorry that's one of the hardest poses we've done you got it you got it beautiful one more you don't such a great job there there thank you gorgeous the design and the arm was more interesting that way because the the first way we had it was pretty but it looked like she was holding on for dear life the idea is to make it look effortless even though it isn't and I think we've got it there it's cool okay one last experiment and then I'll leave you alone what if we go this way with the back somehow so your feet are touching the stick your hands are still at the top I think and we are still back like a mad cat and let your head fall through yeah that's cool too if there's a way to get your feet and your head can come in front of the ticket needs to this idea of brokenness is kind of what I'm after if you can come up on the toes will have it okay the front arm just bring it down a little bit and let the head just really fall that's beautiful to just want to see your face if you just turn your face up toward me good good write their eyes closed try to push the shoulder down and we'll have it you're doing great good I love that to those who would be so cool together ok take a breather a minute you're an athlete over there okay can I have can I have you please um alex so janet question came in from chris wolfe would like to know if you ever use reflectors to fill in shadows shadows are or any type of light I don't I don't use anything artificial at all I don't know okay suits you things if you ever get yourself saying I don't know why it's a good point to try to figure out why um I started to say that but I do know why um I just don't like it I like it to be is organic as humanly possible so my the most important bit of what I'm doing is trying to find perfect light so I'm not having to manipulate it at all I don't really want a it's just distracting if you've got an assistant over there with the reflector going is this ride is this right and that you're trying to deal with two things at once I don't know I just to me it's not as pure processes it could be question had come in earlier about the number of people that you have with you on set we saw an image earlier in the woods where there are a lot of people know what is the usual scenario who you help with you just me and my assistant who was also often the girl that does help me with hair and make up like that that was at a workshop okay yeah one of the best pictures I have of it great yeah just me cool well I think she's ready and then keep going let's get you in there I think about the same spot be good to start very cool I love the stresses this is from like nineteen twenty two or something I think so that belt actually should probably be down a little more of a drop waist yeah and it could tie in the front I think I think so I'm one thing I love about these dresses just it is the share nous of them so as I'm looking at her I can see the light coming through the bag about dress so I can see her figure and her form they don't need to be tight they could be totally loose fitting we can still see a little light whispers of the body and that I love that idea can I just ask you to this way the tiniest bed in order to get that not even yes it's right there beautiful okay all right we start with actually gonna get up there with you for a minute okay feet together for me good see where we're at closer to so pretty okay let's bring the hands up here and get him involved somehow so trying to think but it's actually bring him in front like you had let's do one hand on the side of your face totally symmetrical exactly equal and let the the heels of the hand touched down here at your chin and let's bring him in a little closer to your heart and really let those shoulders be relaxed okay great so one hand if we get a little loose in the senate the other hand a little bit but not quite so much so right now yeah somewhere in there good and try to glue the elbows together and drop the shoulders we way way down beautiful chin down just a little bit working with a beautiful beautiful face chin up not just leave the hands right where they are then up and then out over the heels of your hands so you're gonna reach for it pretty far with your head there we go now just bring the hands a little lower and I think we'll have it has going not even that much barely there we go love it beautiful light on your face you know just little bit more kind of basking eyes closed basking even more just that left the arms and shoulders fall good okay so pretty um I'm going to try to get you oh you're so beautiful on this thing penelope is a rustic kind of girl she likes to be on the ground all right stand you on this that feel neato dig it oh yeah I like to put people up on things at height stuff like that so she kind of looks like a little doll up there are you okay up there we need to turn it just tell me we could get another one two we need a different one is there a little bit more stable log over there somewhere e even taller so we'll see what happens you know how we're getting out okay it looks awesome okay so yeah I like a little doll with the feet glued together they're good try just the hands right in front and totally symmetrical yeah I like that that's twisting and take the top hand and curled fingers and just a little bit and then draw them both up just a touch I think maybe not overlapping let's just play with him a minute I like that let's now extend the arms back down there we go and just curl the fingers on this on both hands like a little figurine and drop those shoulders forming chin way up if you can balance showing up even more if it's possible there we go can we try now grabbing your skirt with either hand you reach all the way down to the him if you if you can bend that far there we go and just grab it pull yeah good and let's bring one hand up higher than the other and let the knees kind of yeah not even that far just a little bit of a just there we go so the hipster kind of swaying this way what the head go that way to even more if you can kind of roll your face beautiful if your head can go even further yeah yeah yeah drop those shoulders for me good good you're doing great look right at me right here good beautiful okay let's get you down off there I'm gonna use that over so if we roll it onto its side and I'm let's roll along this way just a tiny yeah okay can you sit your bomb in front of the log and lay your back over the log so yes there's a bump there you okay is it possible to let yourself kind of fall back somehow and don't worry about the refit we'll just see what it does if you need to roll it yeah just roll it cool okay and let's bring those legs up so they're both right uh can you grab your skirt and pull the skirt towards your body a little bit so we see some leg line all right so I've lost your face in the reef although this is looking really beautiful so if you bring your head up a little bit and we're going to need to tuck the foliage back underneath your face some because I can't see your face yeah good and your face is going to roll that way good I think the hands can come down by on either side of the log just let him fall beautiful and then they feed upon the toes if you can do it good just transitioning something we tried earlier and we've been on location see what it looks like I like it uh can you turn your face away from me just a touch and then really press your shoulders down present impressive shoulders toward the log that makes sense yeah so I see you're net good eyes closed for me really cool good ok take a breather for me for a minute another reason I want to try this with her you just make yourself comfortable going to chat for a second to talk about different body times because we did this earlier I want to show you with her so I didn't put the log up on it then first of all so we did the similar post wasn't exactly the same we had um her bomb on the log earlier but she is a little bit more of an athletic type so she's got the strength um her core is a little bit shorter though so this right here this area is smaller so I wouldn't stand that long up on it and I put it on its side to give her something round to fall over so it's a little bit easier for and it still works it's a similar gesture but it's a little bit more successful pot's on her okay let's see about getting some people in here together let's either one r well just you know let's start with two two models were gonna come over here in a minute I'm waiting on some light over here and we're gonna come play over here too okay we can get rid of uh our friend for a minute all right get you guys a really wicked close together good let's see the height you guys almost exactly the same height okay so if you'll turn your body straight onto me when they overlap you and bring you slightly in front I think with your ruffles and now smush you guys together yeah all right is it possible for you to actually come up just a little bit so you're really really close to touching yeah you let your head fall this way um alex you're going to say stay center I think um forgetting names I'm sorry rachel and alex let your head follow the way this way I thought I okay rachel can you put your chin on alex's shoulder right there so you're kind of in the crook of her neck in a sense yeah and alex really yeah if you can drop the shoulder for rachel so rachel you're kind of turn your face toward or a little bit and really kind of smashing your face against her neck and he said and you might have to be on your toes a little bit in fact because I'm not going to photograph your legs and this is a really hard pose actually um rachel if you tip your face this way yeah even a little bit more so I'm trying to get your cheek yeah and that there we go try to relax your hands they're good um alex stare right at me and I think rachel actually both of you guys stare at me it's really pretty little further on the tip rachel gorgeous rachel even further for me if you can you could bring your face down this way a little bit there we go fabulous pressing into her shoulder there go and then I close guys it's trying to draw your arms in a little bit uh rachel you're on there we go is another gap so pretty good okay um back up a little bit and get you okay try them the tie now around your way since you guys were together way have nineteen twenties in nineteen tens going on yeah okay okay rachel if you will put your feet together for me um the idea is you're going to sort of support her body weigh in a sense so doesn't that sound like fun way okay actually let me turn your body that way see something even a little bit more you're going to be totally profile so yeah okay all right so if you're able to do it if you stay vertical alex if we put your shoulders against her shoulders facing that way yeah I'm gonna bring your feet way out here she's gonna support her body weight and we'll see if it works okay how's it going so far you might need to counterbalance her by being a slightly non vertical but ideally we want you to be a vertical as possible can you be any more vertical yeah okay now if you could put your feet down alex and archer back yeah that's cool and just looking that way there we go your head came and be your your weight there we go that's beautiful okay what about joining hands back there maybe all of them the other side to that school okay alex if you can just kind of look up for me and then rachel looking up maybe this direction lennier had kind of fallen to her those feet lined up there rachel there we go try this rachel let your head fall ford actually yeah you know and way down and just eyes close that's really cool it's really really strange but I like it biting is it possible now alex toe let your body curve in her so I don't know if it's even possible human humanly but if we get our feet touching the heels your heels touching and you both this way and let her support on you so alex before you before you arch your back let's get her set rachel you're gonna lean we could get rid of the wreath to let's get rid of it for a minute this is gonna be cool I think so rachel you'll be something like this yeah really arch your back like I'm like a cat yeah and then alex now you can lay back on her and just lay on our all the way up on your toes and just go ahead and lay on your your back will be on her back all the way there there good that's cool ok rachel we just need to get your shoulders down so we can see your your neck so they don't go back toward her exactly good and your arms can we just smash them together so they're one line and let your head rachel fall this way and look right at me roll your face way up towards scott and then good and just letting your head fall yeah that's really cool but your head fall even more if you get there they're their eyes close guys if you can pull your shoulders back toward her even more rachel more toward alex beautiful all right you guys relax it's really cool do we have like a shorter stick about four foot tall thought we did right um that could work let's give that too yeah that short one is that one piece yeah give her that short one to alex you try something for me and this might be totally wild but let's see if it works just what you did but if you put your hands on that as your support system let's try one person at a time and then we'll see if we get too because it's gonna be tough with even one is there a way to get first before we do this movie this way a little bit yeah and then turn your body that way okay the single might need to be a little further from you not quite so far yeah put both hands on that on and then push up on your toes and arch the back can you do it you need it if the state comes closer to you maybe so I just want to try to get the leg straight and whatever we need to do in the upper body if it's not quite as far that's okay it's looking beautiful already actually I'm just trying to push a little further do you need a little more lengthen the stick okay we have a longer one maybe those sturdy or one big one actually behind you there I think alex yeah that's that one you have to really we could use your hands I don't know nothing we can do this yeah we're getting there can you straighten out the legs a little more so you're arching your back through your hip more like yeah if we're but if you're up on your toes will have it might be bitten try your feet together tell you what we do is hold diagonal feet together understand you back straight back yeah yeah use this arm beautiful straighten out the legs and we've got something yes beautiful beautiful so pretty you had it that was great that's gorgeous oh my gosh hang in there got it hey the sun came out so let me check my exposure little heart but not by much now we go that's fabulous you're amazing great so actually that's a really good example of that home is where you you know I talk about trying to push people to a limit and that was it that was definitely a limit and it could be really easy to just give up on it and say that's not gonna work even if the shot is not perfect which I mean there's some hand does she I lost her hand or top hand up there she needs it for support though even in the picture is not perfect I'm still going to see it through in some way um and I do actually really love that I was looking at this light coming through a dress and that kind of stuff but you know I tried I'm trying I was trying my best not to person that he passed the point of frustration and I can tell I don't think she was getting frustrated but she was getting I think to the point just that put the breaking point so I think my best advice I guess is don't give up at that point just see it through already can I lay somebody longingly on this log it's with that switch back to my twenty four millimeter anybody and you're all amazing so go over here with you guys maybe well you both let's start on your back I think head this way we'll bascue let's start you on your back I think it's gonna be easier can I get the shorter lens all right so I was talking earlier about about background itself and there's a tree right there you guys see growing right out of her middle section midsection we'll deal with that a minute don't worry too much um I will probably retouched that out that's going to drive me to drink um all right so I'm trying to find a spot where the sun's not directly on your face and I think it's you know I don't know if we're gonna have it or not we might have to flip you it's just that you're going down wind that way are you okay to do that because you're going the wrong way downhill you could try and see what happens your head I might be really beautiful in the very end because there's a natural curve to the law that can follow your back yeah good yeah that's actually gorgeous that worked out okay so let's actually try to accentuate that arch in the back so uh here we go what about this arm just coming down and brushing them and go ahead yes I always do palm up almost because I think it has a kind of a presence to it so she doesn't look like dead hands bring it this way a little bit more though and if you would just bend the arm slightly there we go so it's involved good the legs are beautiful let's just draw the back leg in a little bit closer to you um your left leg closer to your body even more write obit actually and in the right leg and stretch out a little bit just barely like inches one more inch beautiful both of them up on the toes if you can do it good um tell you what let's bring the left leg and even more less by about an inch perfect that's gorgeous okay the head if you can let it really fall back so yeah the weight of the heads on the top of the head and then roll your face toward me gorgeous largest let's get those eyes close so if I were you know on my own somewhere I would try I would back myself way up and use a little bit longer lens as trying to get rid of some of the busy that's going on but I'm in the longest focal ing I get here crab all right eh that's better okay if you compress that shoulder way down chin way up so yeah yeah and I was closed what happens if you stretch the legs out quite a bit even the backline even more less by about an inch so the bag leg is going to be higher than the front leg by a little bit not even that much right there beautiful good and let their hand now just come up and touch your hip I think yeah right into the small of your back hip area down a little bit more not on your bum but somewhere let's stretch it a little bit more yeah and maybe just grab a little the fabric that's in the dress and really press that shoulder that way so it's kind of going moving toward your knees good and then roll your face full profile for me got a nice closed or just so pretty I love that so pretty okay you do one last craziness and then I think we'll have it um can I borrow my um I can't remember names today because I've got too much going on in my head uh l o okay we'll put you in there for one last shot I think we'll have it ok thank take a little break rachel no I don't think we need those so I was wondering if I think it's called a camel type in yoga do you do yoga ever okay well let's just start by putting your knees and then they're trying to give you know I think we're gonna try to make a circle you'll be on your knees yeah huh and again once again let's tuck that dress in so we don't lose the shape of your form it's pretty so your hands I think we'll go either under your feet or behind your fate and you'll be up on your knees you're gonna make kind of a circle uh lift your bomb off your feet and put your hands back behind your feet so you're gonna arch your back and that's making sense your feet are still gonna be flat if you could do it so not on the toes yeah just refreshing cat catch your feet beautiful not just let your head fall back god just my friend okay so the sun is misbehaving it's a gorgeous post can we scooped you just to touch I'm sorry I know it's hard to get into that position I think this way is gonna be the easiest about a foot I think yeah yes yeah yeah that's fine and I actually help with the lighting too I was looking at the broad issue but I'll deal with it later it's still talking of the dress it's a very full skirt on you so you guys are all brave good it sort of assistant someone you see that we're her feet were losing your feet right there we'll just move the brush back a little so we can see your foot line gorgeous this is gonna be killer all right um the hands go behind the feet are on the feet whichever is easier and then you're gonna arch your back forward so you kind of toe let yourself fall back and grab the feet with it there you go that way good good beautiful eyes closes good that's so pretty again if you're seeing these have just come up I'm going to get rid of that tree in her belly that will drive me crazy and one more can you reach behind your feet a little more there we go there we go gotcha okay fall apart beautiful beautiful beautiful

Class Description

Are you ready to delve into the magical world of fine art photography? Join innovative and award-winning photographer Jennifer Thoreson for an immersion into everything you need to know to conceptualize, style, and shoot photographs that double as works of art.

Jennifer will share her unique method for turning a natural setting into a fine art studio, including her one-of-a-kind-technique for creating water portraits. You’ll master the essential principles of posing, lighting, styling, and costuming. Jennifer will also cover working effectively with models, communicating your personal vision, and using Photoshop to add a fine-art-style polish to images.

By the end of this course, you’ll be inspired and empowered to bring a new level of artistry to your photographs.


a Creativelive Student

I can't review the course as I haven't seen it yet, but I am buying it. I'm buying it based on the one free session on inspiration. I was so moved by who Jennifer is and her courage and commitment. I want to know her; be her friend, because she is so fearless and courageous. She admits that it took a long time for her to find her path. She reminds us again and again that it is hard -- art is hard. She was inspired by amazing paintings -- I completely understand why they inspired her, and in the direction that they did. I can't wait to watch this whole course, because I can't wait to witness more of Jennifer and her courage, her creativity, and her big lioness heart.

Joshua Pheneger

Jennifer is a talented and genuine artist with a gentle soul. Her perspective on how to approach the creative process and how to "quiet the little voices" and practice quiet observation are very helpful. I have been tremendously inspired by this course and I feel as though I am a better artist for having participated. Thank you for bringing this wonderful artist to the amazing creativeLIVE community.

Laura Arrowsmith

I love her work and her teaching. Her perspective is so beautiful and inspiring. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with her in Colorado this summer and it was a life-changing experience. The location was spectacular. Jennifer is so brilliant, yet so warm and friendly. I really just don't have enough glowing adjectives to describe this event.