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Fine Art Women's Portraits

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Shoot: Posing Two Models with Antlers

Jennifer Thoreson

Fine Art Women's Portraits

Jennifer Thoreson

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Lesson Info

16. Shoot: Posing Two Models with Antlers

Lesson Info

Shoot: Posing Two Models with Antlers

let's start with something really simple and they just turn your body toward me all the way and have you sit back on your heels again okay so this is something I wouldn't normally do as faras the line goes because for shortening that legs when they turned toward me like that but it's kind of three idea this very square very still shape that I like so I'm gonna go with it okay if we take those antlers and just hold them right around how heavy are they not too bad what happens if they go flip him this upside down so that parton and then flip him around towards your body so okay go ahead and do that now flip them upside down toward me uh see if those go on your shoulders cool that's pretty fricking cool okay may stand you up actually when gives you really present kind of confrontational I'm going across the fence for a minute here take the baby she'll cry about her mommy so okay it's awesome just the way it is that's close your feet together really stare me down bring your chin out away f...

rom your body and then down just a little bit kind of basking in this light and I was closed for me okay um try the arms up and around like so so you see where this yes exactly let's do that on both sides e try this one out and way down so you're kind of looking down at your feet and now just stare up at me yeah awesome can the arms come up even more so when you make a triangle on your head is kind of threatening him through let's bring him up on top so we see the hands let's do one this way and one the other way it's bringing up even further almost like a box a square that's beautiful this elbow if it come down just right there right there in your arms overlap is there room there is eyes closed this hand your left can I see it this yeah yeah eyes closed for one that's amazing beautiful okay relax for just a moment let's go ahead and get our other model ready to go while we're working here well those sailors go on top your head in the same fashion yeah and bring him this way use the little things toe sit him in there huh well they balance up there oh my gosh that's so cool that's amazing let him can't you just see the shape of them all right so what I'm thinking I I literally just thought in my head what about going to other hand's spring sailors this way just trying to get him dead center there we go okay see if we bring the arms to touching very gently on either side so we may make that shape I think if this one comes down just a little bit and I just want to see the length of the hand sophie huh yeah actually can we open the palm that way way okay going close it down I'm just kind of playing right now that's pretty just like that this hand if you just move it back around on the antler a little bit more and then turn the finger tips toward me even more perfect perfect if we can make this hand looked just like this one will have it yeah flatten out the hand just a little more beautiful that is killer chin up just a little bit and uber present just lots of intensity in that body or just can we let the thing balance for a minute and see if it'll stay okay let's see if we get the hands inside of there and then on your face somehow yeah I like it around what about yeah on the other hand just barely underneath the chin I think just kind of let it flop and fall yeah I'll tell you what bringing up yeah yeah beautiful perfect she's she's understanding my crazy language happens when things get really pretty eyes closed I just start making guttural sounds at some point can you let your whole upper body fall this way just right uh and then open up toward me just a little bit right there so are you able to kind of put pressure on those that will stay on your head if you lean over with your hands where they were what if you cover both eyes that's really interesting actually and really lean yeah lena's far as you can possibly go yes and even a little further if it's there it's there it's there got it okay let's bring your dead center same thing with the fingers lips parted just a little bit chin up just a little bit right there gorgeous okay breathe for a minute that was fun yeah it could go around your rib cage to one of two way yeah that's really cool let's stay it's too big huh it's I think it's nicer though symmetrical yeah I wondered if it was supporting your back but not um what if we slip it that if you let it tip down and put that thing right at your belly button whatever it's called it's it's crown or the middle of it yeah so that is going to go under your armpits on either side that possible yeah that's cool too if you bring the antlers this way about an inch and not even that much trying to get totally lined up with your belly button so it's dead center on your body there you go and just tip him this way the tiniest bit there we go for the hands can they both come under the crown of it so you're going to like you're holding a baby yeah let's get him totally even so one on each side exactly in the same spot draw this one back this way a little bit just the hand yeah beautiful okay we shove that thing up just a little bit under the armpits so it's kind of uncomfortable looking yeah that's cool try to press your shoulder sound so they don't get tense on you though good you just let your head fall always as far as it'll go or address roll your face upward for me toward the light other way kind of rolling yeah that head to the shoulder as far as you can make it go that's gorgeous and eyes closed girl that's amazing okay she's ready okay let's let's give you a break bring her in gently ask a question yes so is a technical question from a pen regards had that were so cute you know when you're shooting two point eight and you have to people and they're one is doing a back bend over the other what are you focusing on where's your focal point somebody's face and that when we did they were pretty close to the same plane so there might be somebody that's a little bit softer but I would focus on the person in the front and then if the person pulls out a tiny bit that's okay and there I area or yeah okay I run it like when the hairline hit it was a profile I think so right around here but they were pretty much on the same plane if somebody was was really you know a couple feet in front of the other would change the f stop oh you want a war fr okay thank you can we grab the moose antlers on her are the bigger ones yeah you can rent this stuff by the way I just wonder what would happen if we make wings out of them I don't know how she's gonna hold it I think yeah yeah that's kind of awesome that's cool ok tell you what before you go too far can you flip them upside down for her so the big part becomes the top of the wing yeah that's awesome if you could tip him forward a little bit we'll see more of him there we go and kind of leaning this way just a little bit beautiful it's graceful and barely touchy as we can get on those hands and I know you're holding the weight but now I like him better I think yeah yeah and the reason is because we're repeating a shape again and her arms make those gorgeous acute angles that have energy and you swing that elbow toward me just a little bit yeah and just maybe with the way to the thing in the palm of your hand let your fingers free up a little habit that's gorgeous tipping toward me a little bit more if you can this way huh and then lead them that way right there let your head go that way as far as it'll go and then rotate your face that way beautiful with eyes closed for me if you can tip those things toward me even more straight toward the camera this way there and then raise him up just a little bit well we'll have some there we go there we go now letting your head fall beautiful pressing the shoulders down a ce faras they'll go roll your face up for me right there I'm going to stare me down dead center so hold your face right in the middle chin up just a little bit really intense body face try now just putting your weight on one foot and letting your hips just kind of do their thing fall into that area beautiful good let your body kind of fall this way everybody in the face and look straight up for me with your face even a little bit further kind of over exaggerate that you know roll your face toward the background that's great right there eyes closed for me you're doing great and it's hard to balance so pretty if you contempt the wings or whatever they are this way just a little right there is it possible to get your head almost on that weighing over there yeah and the hips are gonna go really far this weiss we balance that out a little bit try not to let the shoulders fall over too far I know this is a lot to balance you doing great if you turn your body toward me that's gonna be perfect beautiful right there I was right here rotate your body toward me just a touch if you can just turning right there got it got it okay relax a minute that's so pretty okay if you feel it take the wings are their wings now I have seen them wings and say some straight upwards so we could bring him around your body from in if we need teo hey can you help her with that was a little bit thank you it's caught in her dress so we can probably just hand them to her if you face him straight up so they're like this uh handem tears I'm gonna go behind your neck like that behind her on the other side try to balance them back there you know what I think we need to flip him around because the weight of it is this way this way yeah yeah cool yeah I could can they flip up even more though so they're totally yeah keep going yeah yeah can you balance that ok that's beautiful are they having you doing okay okay you just told me all right let's let your hips go that way again right and then your head the same way beautiful turn your buddy toby the tiniest little bit just other way right they're not even that far right there the head is falling as far as it'll go good tipping the antlers this way just right there right there and if you can let him come toward me there head over just a little bit more right there and I was closed for just a moment got it that's so cool if you say just deadpan center really straight body needs together and everything yeah that's really beautiful to get their hands a little bit flatter uh yeah pension way up right there now chin way down it's gonna come out and down and just stare me now right there you turn your face all the way that way full profile even further right their eyes closed gorgeous let's let him just follow over you now so they can do their thing so cool well they sit there and you need to hold him that's that's great actually like your arms out a little bit kind of tense yeah I just kind of staring through me let your head just right there and then the head dead center just right perfect now if you'll turn your face full profile one more time eyes closed try just letting your fingertips touch the very tips of um so your arms spend up you know in the in the back I think the back to bits so what kind of connecting and just kind of at the wrists and let the palm's hang open uh turn your body straight onto me one more time beautiful feet together is great you can't hunt poems all fall all the way open like it the wrist yeah and just touch it underneath there a little bit if you let your body kind of fall this way little the antlers there we go and in your head this way and well your face that way just a touch good eyes right here let's go a little further that way with your face and then I was right here gorgeous lean this way the tiniest bit there and then your head this way a little more right there right there amazing okay you think we could do one crazy thing and then we'll have it okay if we put those antlers on the ground and if you'll step this way a minute we'll get it all set for you and then we can put him back okay so they're gonna be other flip him on uh opposite just exactly the opposite so they're upside down so the tips of the antlers are gonna be on the ground yeah there we go now if we just turn him to the side so they're not yeah there we go okay all the way if we can I don't want much do I okay do you think it's possible to put your knees and feet underneath the antlers there you're going to face your body this way and put your knees and are you're okay I'm not being very clear spend your body and face that way for me and then go ahead just neil and we'll make it happen yeah you're doing it yeah right about there I think it's gonna work and go ahead and not be on the toe so they flatten out the feet good okay do you think you can reach back and catch your feet over the antlers yeah yeah that's amazing okay because of our respects restriction we got a movie this way a little bit and the antlers to anymore we'll have it right there it's great you're a phone just let your head fall back as clothes for me really try to push the shoulders in so we see that long long that good do you think you can come back on your elbows like that or is it too far come back onto your elbows crazy back bend if it's too far just tell may well we'll call it a day you can even you put your bum on the thing if you need teo yeah so you can use those beautiful hands just yeah they're beautiful get the feet together okay can you hang in there for one minute the cough well er what am I trying to say collar the roughly bit is interfering with her neckline do need to tuck it in or get rid of it or something wade turned the antlers a little more off camera just a little bit so I only see him one of them yet perfect let's try that again or just beautiful your face khun just eyes close actually the star they're banned those fingers that if you can do it there and turn your face to me just a little bit all right let's get you out of there that's a rat boats good stuff

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Are you ready to delve into the magical world of fine art photography? Join innovative and award-winning photographer Jennifer Thoreson for an immersion into everything you need to know to conceptualize, style, and shoot photographs that double as works of art.

Jennifer will share her unique method for turning a natural setting into a fine art studio, including her one-of-a-kind-technique for creating water portraits. You’ll master the essential principles of posing, lighting, styling, and costuming. Jennifer will also cover working effectively with models, communicating your personal vision, and using Photoshop to add a fine-art-style polish to images.

By the end of this course, you’ll be inspired and empowered to bring a new level of artistry to your photographs.


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I can't review the course as I haven't seen it yet, but I am buying it. I'm buying it based on the one free session on inspiration. I was so moved by who Jennifer is and her courage and commitment. I want to know her; be her friend, because she is so fearless and courageous. She admits that it took a long time for her to find her path. She reminds us again and again that it is hard -- art is hard. She was inspired by amazing paintings -- I completely understand why they inspired her, and in the direction that they did. I can't wait to watch this whole course, because I can't wait to witness more of Jennifer and her courage, her creativity, and her big lioness heart.

Joshua Pheneger

Jennifer is a talented and genuine artist with a gentle soul. Her perspective on how to approach the creative process and how to "quiet the little voices" and practice quiet observation are very helpful. I have been tremendously inspired by this course and I feel as though I am a better artist for having participated. Thank you for bringing this wonderful artist to the amazing creativeLIVE community.

Laura Arrowsmith

I love her work and her teaching. Her perspective is so beautiful and inspiring. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with her in Colorado this summer and it was a life-changing experience. The location was spectacular. Jennifer is so brilliant, yet so warm and friendly. I really just don't have enough glowing adjectives to describe this event.