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From Capture Through Edit Using Lightroom

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Sharing Via Connections

Jared Platt

From Capture Through Edit Using Lightroom

Jared Platt

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20. Sharing Via Connections
Learn how to use the Connections portal in Lightroom to deliver your images to professional photo services like SmugMug, White House Custom Color, and Blurb Books.

Lesson Info

Sharing Via Connections

So the next thing we're gonna talk about is sharing images through connections in light room. So over on the left hand side you'll find a tab called Connections. You'll notice that these connections down here are White House custom color blurb, SmugMug and Adobe Portfolio. Now, if I click on White House custom color, you'll see that I have several items already in there. So if I add a connection so there's right next to it, there's a little plus button. If I add a connection, there are several connections that are already made. So if you send photos to be printed or if you use blurb to make books or if use SmugMug because you use SmugMug for a website, um, those things, they're connected, and it's based on an A p I. So the company has to actually connect into Adobe, and more and more companies will do it. But you click on that plus button, and here's the options that you have currently for people who are connected and fortunately, every single one of my vendors that I use all the time ...

are already inside of light room as a connection, and it's really fantastic because Now if I want to add if I want to make a print, I could do it directly here from light room simply by going in and clicking on set of images. So let's go down to some images that I took while I was in Europe. So here we are, and I want to print, say, uh, an image of this castle. And so I click on the castle. I'm gonna choose the image that I'm most interested in printing, and that is this one. So if I want to print this image, I can simply grab it and drag it into that. Hold on, Let me scroll up here, grab it and drag it into that connection toe White House custom color. It's gonna ask me to name a new project. I'm going to call it castles and hit. Continue. If I go to the Connections area in White House custom color, you're going to see a new project called Castles. And if I view that project, it's going to take me to the website to light room dot W. H, c c dot com forward slash products, and now I can choose. I want a would print No, I want a gallery rap, so it's gonna take me to the gallery rap. It's gonna show me the image. I can choose what size image I want to create, so we want to do a 30 by 40. There we go 30 by 40. I can shift this around until it's the right composition, and then I can order whether it's gonna be a thick or thin one premium or fine art. I want it to be semi gloss or matte and then the hanging instructions here and then check out and pay for it. And so I'm able to connect directly to various vendors. Fortunately for me, I use White House custom color for all of my professional prince. I use blurb for all the books that I create. At least the smaller books on guy use, uh, Smugmug to show images to my clients. So if I go into SmugMug and I've added a project RP family photos, you'll see that it's also in the process of uploading those images into smug mugs website. As soon as it's done, I will now have a SMUGMUG website specifically for that client. So these air just connection points these connections here. Connection points to professional services, and those services will continue to grow as people recognize the value of connecting with you the photographer. But the final option and I love this option is Adobe portfolio. So if I go into the Adobe portfolio area and click on the best of 2018 finals, you'll see all the images here. And if I click on view the project, it's going to take me to the website itself on the back end. Then I can simply go up to the triple dots here. I'm going to view the actual site and you'll see that here it's Jared platt dot us, and here's the actual site and here's my projects and there's all of the projects, and here's the best of 2018, so you have the ability to create a really beautiful website in minutes from light room through Adobe portfolio. So you already have it. If you have light room, and if you're paying for an adobe creative cloud subscription, you already have a beautiful website ready to go. There's no reason not to use it if you don't like your website, or if you're like my websites. Okay, but it's costing me money. Kill it. Do this. It's awesome. It's beautiful. It's easy to use. It's easy to develop, but that's what those connections are there simply connection points between light room and other companies out there that are providing options for you to share your images.

Class Description


  • Read your histogram and light meter to get the perfect exposure in the camera.
  • Make Panoramic and HDR images that look natural
  • Take your images from good to great in Lightroom.
  • Organize and find your images quickly anywhere, anytime.
  • Share your images with the world and even make a website to share your photography.
  • Retouch and enhance your images with targeted adjustments, sky replacements, removing and replacing distractions and much more.


No matter what camera you use or what you photograph, your images will always pass through the post-production process before you share them with the world. Taking a photograph at the camera is only the first step in the process of photography. It takes a great image capture and great editing to make a great photograph but it also takes great organization to keep track of it so you can share the beauty you have created. Jared Platt is here to teach you how to create high-quality images and edit your images in Adobe Lightroom to make them even better.

In this class, you will learn how to get better captures with the camera and learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to edit and organize your images. You will learn how to organize, adjust, retouch, and share your images from your computer or your mobile device. You will learn how to add and retrieve your images from anywhere, create whenever inspiration strikes, and share your creations anytime you like. You will be amazed at what you can do to your images in seconds. You will even learn how to create panoramic and HDR images for those complicated landscape shots and how to replace a sky to make your images more dramatic. Jared will take you through each and every step of the process of capture and post-production in Lightroom.

When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge that will set you free from your desk.

Lightroom is Adobe’s answer to simple and powerful image editing and organization. Lightroom is always connected to the Adobe Creative Cloud so that your images are available on your desktop and laptop computers, your smartphone, iPad, and even on any internet browser. It is a cloud-based service that gives you everything you need to create, edit, organize, store, and share your photos across any device. Lightroom is much more approachable and simple than Adobe’s Lightroom Classic (the professional level industry workhorse). Whether you are new to Lightroom or are using Lightroom Classic, this call is indispensable in your photographic education.


  • Photo enthusiasts.
  • Photographers who want to enhance and perfect their images.
  • Landscape and travel photographers.
  • Photo artists.
  • Anyone who wants to organize and edit their photos.
  • Bloggers and influencers who post photographs.


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Teresa Piccioni

Great great great class: Jarett explains the Lightroom workflow clearly and thoroughly. I am not a native English person and my English is quite poor but Jarett explains in a very simply and clearly way everything and I understand all chapters perfectly. Thanks guys, great job. I highly recommend this lesson to everybody,


I have watched each and everyone of Jared's classes on Creative Live and they are first class. I've waited a long time for a new one and now we have it and it's another gem. This is a wonderful overview of Lightroom and will repay watching sections (or all of it) several times to absorb the wealth of information presented. For anyone new to Lightroom, this is just what the doctor ordered.


Really in depth, so helpful! Thanks