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Full Body Strength

Lesson 13 of 29

Day 11: The Power

Patrick Beach

Full Body Strength

Patrick Beach

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13. Day 11: The Power


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Lesson Info

Day 11: The Power

welcome to the power in this practice. We're going to target key muscles in your core to create full body strength. When you're ready, all you need is a yoga mat. Let's begin. Let's start by warming up the wrists. We're going to begin this practice on the hands a bit, so it's always important to get a few circles in, just like we've done throughout all the other classes. In this, Siri's have organic movements, right? Your hands won't feel the same every day when they first touch the ground. You want to move, you're kind of fluidly. Check in. Maybe press the back of the hand on the floor, sway a little bit side to side. I like the paw the ground a bit. Have said that in almost every video. But it's just something that I don't find is very common when people talk about warming up the wrists and it actually feels really good, because you get kind of like a gripping of the hand, like you're squeezing, creating a fist, and it helps just gonna wake up the muscles. And the forum's helps you u...

nderstand that you're going to use the fingers to generate power from the floor. Take a few more moments to circling shoulders over the wrists. Then when you're ready, go and step on back into your plank posts. Just a very simple beginning for the practice. Feel the lower body lifting. Squeeze the glutes together. Press the inner hands down into the floor, holding. Here, take two more breaths. You see if you can get the legs and the hands integrated in the position and then roll all the way back downward facing good and started your downward facing dog. Bend the knees a little bit, is always sway the hips, a touch side to side. It's gonna bounce around. Stretch out the lower back. We're kind of built into a pretty challenging chest sequence here, but we'll start simple. So what do you feel? Balance could find your way into downward facing dog. Lengthen the spine as much as you can find some stillness, hips or square toes. Point forward fingers point slightly out to the sides, so the index finger points towards the top corner of the mat on its respective side, just enough so you can feel the chest moving forward. Lift heels. Ben needs Glenn and sweep heart all the way through into your plank posts. Move through one. Push up and roll all the way back. Downward facing dog. Look forward Good and roll forward again. Trying articulate the spine every step of the way. Finding your plank. Exhale, Move through the push up and rule all the way back into downward facing Doc one more time with chills. Benny's gently look forward arms. Stay straight, articulate the spine issue around the body all the way through, Finds your plank move through the push up and then roll all the way back. Downward facing Doc Shortened stands just a touch. Like maybe you step your feet up like a little micro step and bend the elbows a little bit. So we're gonna do here is to keep the hips as high as we can or the spine. As long as we can pull forward from downward facing dog right into China wrongs. You're gonna bend the elbows, pull forward charter wronger, rise up to plank back to charanga and then press back into downward facing dog. That's one pull forward plank. Chanda Ranga pushed back to pull forward plank charanga pushed back three pull forward plank Charanga. First back. Four. Pull forward plank. Charanga pushback five. Pull forward Plank. Chodorow MBA pushback six. Pull forward. Plank charanga. Push back seven. Pull forward plank. Charanga pushback eight. Last two. You got it. Pull forward. Plank. Charanga. Push back. Nine hole forward shot. A wronger plank. Chatter on good push back. It's hand Who dropped in? He said the floor. Nice work. Sit back by in the hands behind the back Taste the ground behind you The kind of him breaks the challenge that that waas Maybe in this first round today you only got five, which is just fine. You're working to build up to more overtime. And don't worry, we're going to go for it again a little bit later on. So you have another opportunity to maybe really challenge yourself through that movement. Step back into downward facing doc. Press the palms down flat. Feel the lower belly engaged for the arms active and connected. Lift your heels, Ben Journeys Look forward. And when you're ready licious float to the top of the Mac, sit the hips low, find chair pose, reach the arms all the way and straighten the legs. Hands come the heart center, said the hips down. Reach the arms up and sit all the way down to the floor. Keep the right knee glued into the chest with you. Extend the left leg long, interlaced the hands, lift the right ankle to the height of the right knee. Hands. Come on top of the right leg. Press the knee away as you pull in with the legs so you're pressing with the arms and pulling with the leg for tech No. 87 6543 to one. Switch sides. 10. No. 87 654 three to one. Switch sides 543 21 on one. Reached the left leg all the way up. Flex the right foot. Roll forward. Stand into the right foot. Keep the right knee bent. Sweep the left leg back bent Leg Warrior three. Reach the chest up slowly. Bend the right knee. Step the left foot down. Drop the left knee down on. Johnny Asana opened the chest. I think the inhale here on the exhale. Bring the hands the heart center. Lean forward. Lift the left knee off the ground, reached the chest out and then bring the left knee. to the back of the right calf. Sitting into the pose, reached the chest out a little bit, trying to feel the left knee pressing into the back of the right calf. Taken in hand. On the Exhale, step the left foot back to a high lunch. Place the hands on the ground. Step back to plank pose. Taken inhale near plank on the exhale. Lower to charter. Wrong lift. The right foot right knee comes to touch the right forum and then step the right foot back. Lift the left foot left me come to touch the left for and step right back. Rise in the plank. Post drop knees dropped forms look forward and he'll pull through upward. Facing Doc Excel roll all the way back downward facing dark. Press the palms flat. Look forward. Lift heels, bed needs. Float the feet just behind the wrists. Land lightly. Sit the hips. Low chair pups. Reach the arms up, get Longuet tall and then sit all the way down to the floor. Left knee comes into the chest. Right leg goes long, interlaced the hands press the left leg ways. You pull the left knee into the chest. You're here for 10. No. Eight, seven, 654 three to one and switch right. Needs to the Chester here for 10 not 87654 three to one. Switch left me in 543 21 Right? Like the sky look forward Role for you can use your hands if you need to come into a bent leg. Warrior. Three. Right leg swings back. Left knees bent deeply. Reach the chest out and then slowly step the right toes to the floor. Drop the right knee down. Reach arms up. Open the heart. Look up much as you can and then exhale. Hands the heart center. Lean forward. Use the weight of the chest to get light on the right foot. Try not to press off the toes too much. Bring the right need to the back of the left calf and sit as low as you can, creating this really small shape, allowing your body to sink and sit and then begin to slowly reach the right foot back. The right toes touch the floor, the hands come down. Step back to plank post. Taken. Inhale Exhale lower charter. Rhonda. Lift the left foot left knee left forearm stepped back. Lift the right foot. Right knee, Right form! Step back! Rise. The plank needs dropped. Forms dropped. Look forward and he'll pull through upward facing Doc. Exhale. Roll all the way back. Downward facing Doc in between rounds. That's one we're going to. Four will do five of those down Dog Pull forward chartering a push up So keep the spine long bend the elbows Pull all the way through the charter Wronger and rise the plank Sit back down Press the body all the way back down Doc pulled forward Lift up Sit Doctor Charanga Press back down, Doc To pull forward, rise the plank back to charter. Wrong and back to down Doc three. Pull forward Rise plank charanga pushed back down four Last one. Pull forward Charanga plink China rung down President to the hands Feel the energy flowing in your body. Lift heels. Ben needs float right forward to chair pose. And again, this is not a floating practices strength practice. So see how lightly you can move, But don't over focus on it. Sit into your chair post and then all the way to the floor. Right knee comes into the chest. Left leg is long in your lace. The fingers press and pull for 10 9 87 six, five full. Three to one in switch. Left knee comes in. You're here for 10? No, 87 654 three to one in Switz. Right in the chest. For 543 to one left. Like this guy. Roll forward. Bent leg Warrior three Reached the heart out. Reach as long as you can. Through the left foot. Bend the right knee. Step the left house back. Drop the left knee down. Inhale. Open the chest. Look up a reach up. Exhale hands the heart center. Lean forward. Reached the heart out so you can lift the left foot off the ground. This time, bring the left. Needs to the outside of the right calf. See how low you can sit. Maybe the left knee touches the floor with the left foot does'nt and then rise all the way back up. Step the left foot back to a high lunch. Place the hands on the floor. Step the right foot. Back plank pose lowered. A charter wronger. Lift the right foot. Right. Me too. Right. Form. Step back lift the left foot left the left Forum Step back. There's more. Right foot lifts, right knee, right for him. Step back, left foot lifts, Left knee, left form, Step back and flank. Post needs drop. Form, shop. Look forward. Inhale. Pull through upward facing dog and exhale all the way back. Downward facing duck. No part lift heels. Band needs float forward right into your chair. Pose lightly landing. Sit the hips le Sitting into your chair pose. We're going all the way to the floor. And remember, on these you're resisting the left. Me with your arms, The lefties pulling into the chest as hard as you can. Your pressing the lefty away with your hands for 10. No, I feel the power Challenge yourself. Seven, 6543 to one. Switch sides Right knee in your here for 10 not getting pulled The right in Challenge yourself. Push it. Seven, to one left knee back into chest. Only five more seconds here. You couldn't do it for three. Two on one right leg up to sky. Roll forward. Use your hands if you need to Bent leg Warrior three. Reach the right leg back long. Bend the left knee deeply and gently set the right toes down. Can you control the lower? Let the right Neiland lightly opened the chest on June 8. Awesome. This is your moment of respect. This is your moment to find balance. Numbering the hands. The heart center reached the chest out. Lift the right foot off the ground. This time the right knee comes to the outside of the left calf. See if you can sit all the way down to the floor, have the right knee, touch the ground and then push back up. Reach the right foot back. Let the right toes land. Hands come to floor left foot steps back. Plank pose lower to charter. Wronger left foot lifts. Left knee left for step back, Right foot lifts right knee, Right form. Step back, left foot lifts. Left me. Life form. Step back. Right foot lifts Right knee. Right form! Step back! Plank Pose needs Drop forms dropped. Look forward. Inhale. Pull through upward facing doc Exhale Roll all the way back. Downward facing dog Take a deep inhale an audible exhale round to complete. That means we have to do our down dog to Cha Taronga. Five. Push ups or bend the elbows. Try and keep the spine long the whole time. If you like your pulling the body through the charter. Wrong. Good. Go for it now Rise up plank back to China. Wrong and pull back to down Dog one. Pulled forward. Rise up! Charlie Rangel. Push back, Pull forward. Rise up! Charter wronger. Push back three. Pull forward. Rise up. Sit low. Pushback four. Last one. Full forward. Rise up lower town Wronger pushed back. Five. Press the hands down. Look forward. Lift heels. Ben knees float the feet behind the wrists. Lightly land bouquet. Toss in a chair. Puffs. Reach the arms up. Get along through the fingers. Lift the belly. Sit all the way to the floor. This is your core town show. Pull the right knee to the chest. Resist with hands. Pulled the right knee in for 10 night, 87 654 three to one in switch left in the chest. No. 87 Six guys, four three to one right knee in 543 to one left leg disk. I roll forward just on the right foot. That leg Warrior three reach the left leg back along, lift the belly taken. Inhale here on the Exhale straight in the right leg, as best you can reach the chest out. Feel the torso getting longer. Point the left toes and then bend the right knee. Only. Let the top of the left foot land drop the left knee down. Open the heart. Uh, look up to the sky. Press the top of the left foot down, hold here or lift the left knee up. Create a bit more space through the front chain of the body, and then bring your hands. The heart center. Everybody lean forward, left foot lifts. Left knee, comes the outside of right calf. Try and sit all the way to the floor, just the left knee touches, then press back, not bring the left knee to the chest. Keep the left toes pointing towards the back of the mat. Sit as low as you can try. Bring the left. Need touch the floor inside of the ankle. Press back up. Step the left foot back. Hands the floor plank Pose lower to chatter. Wronger with the right foot, right knee, right for step back. Left foot lifts left knee. Left warmth. Step back, right foot lifts right knee, right form. Step back. Left foot lift. Lefty left warm. Step back. Last one here, right foot lifts, writing right form and back. Left foot lifts Lefty. Left form and back. Link Force needs job forums. Drop it. Help! Oh, through upward facing dog feels amazing and exhale all the way back. Downward facing Doc. Press the palms down. No positive Thiel's Benny's trying as long as you can float defeat just behind the hand stable chair post. Luca Tosin. Reach your arms up to the sky, Get law and then sit all the way down to the floor. Left knees into the chest. You're resisting with the hints. Left knee pulls in, right. Those reach long for 10. No. Eight, seven, 654 three to one and switched No. Seven six. Pull with the right knee into the chest as much as you can. Push away. Five full. Three to one. Left me into chest. Right leg is long. Final 54 three to one right leg disk. I sweep forward Bent leg Warrior three. Right leg reaches back. Right toes. Point trying. As long as you can in the torso reaching the chest out the next you'll straighten the left leg. Reached the heart forward, lift the belly button, huh? Good point. The right toes bend the left knee. Onley touched the top of the right foot to the floor. So no toast talking when you land and he'll open up toe on Ginny Ascena. Lift through the heart. Stay here. A press The top of the right foot down. Lift the right knee up. Reached the chest up. Get Longuet tall. Everybody hands the heart center. Lean forward. Bring the right needs to the outside, off the left calf. See if you can bring the right knee to touch the floor on the outside of left ankle without the right foot touching beautiful and popped back up. Right. And he comes to the chest. Point the right toes back. See if you can bring the right. Need to touch the floor on the inside of the left angle. Pop back up. Step the right foot back long. Place your hands on the floor. Step back to your plank pose. Taking in him the plank and exhale. Lower down. You know we're going left foot. Lift left Neela form and back. That's one right foot. Lifts right, The right form that's two left, foot lifts, left knee left form three. Right foot left right, the right form four left foot lifts left. The left forearm. Five. Right foot left. Writing. Right for him. Six. Plank post. Nice job. Knees drop. Forum Stop. Look forward. Enjoy the upward facing, doc. Opening the chest. Curve the heart through Elevate the front body and then roll back to downward. Facing the take a deep inhale Here again This is your moment of pause and exhale Released We have five more Pull through down, Dr Cha Tauranga here. So bend the elbows Chunky belongs mind Bend the knees, Press off the toes to take weight Forward shot Teranga plank Charanga down dog shot a wrong a plank Charter hunger down dog. That's to charter. Wrong plank, Child erotica Down dog three Chanda Ranga plank. Charanga down, Doc four. Last one shot wrong A plank Charanga down the hook by Press the palms down. Feel the chest burning mind definitely is. Stick with it, though. You're doing great. Last full round here. Gonna float the feet right behind the hands lift heels. Bad knees float forward. Sit low into your stable chair post reached through the fingers. Lift the belly button up just a bit high and then sit all the way down to the floor, right knee into the chest, in your lace, the hands. This is your own efforts, so you're pulling the right knee in and pushing away with hands for 10. No. Eight, seven six five board. Three to one switch left me in 10 9876 543 to one. So quit right now and for just the final five, pull in four, 32 one. Left leg to sky. Roll forward bent leg Warrior three. Reach the left leg back reaching back through the left tothe bend the right knee Press to the right Big toe lift to straighten into your full variable Jacinda three. Getting as long as you can through the hamstring Point the left house, just like we did on the last round. As you've been the writing, you land the top of the left foot to the floor Open up into your on, Ginny us in a lift up. Look up. Maybe you press the top of left foot down. Lift the heart, open the body, lift the harder, lean the chest back in space. Exhale hands the heart center, shift the weight forward. Bring the left. Needed touch outside of the right ankle and then popped back up. Left knee to the middle bend. The right knee left me. Touches inside of right. Ankle popped back up. Blank pose taken. Inhale here. We have a total switches in the charter. Wrong, but you can do it. So we're down. Charanga, lift the right foot. Right knee. Right form. That's one back. Left foot Left me life form that's too right for right here at form three. Left foot left me left warm. Four. Right foot. Right, He right. Formed by left foot Have left me left. Form six. Last two. Right foot, Right near eight for seven. Left foot left Left fourth hate like bus. Nice job forms up. Pull through upward facing Exhale all the way back Downward facing, uh, palms pressed down, flat taking in here Lift heels Ben needs look for float right into the stable chair Settler rise, Reach the arms, Then sit all the way down. Last bit of this core work here. Sick with it. Let me the chest. In your legs and hands. Press the left Anyways, you pull it in for 10. Not have the left me closer to the shoulder than it is to the hip. Eight seven, 65 The work. Three to one and switch. Right knee in tight. No Said six. That four. Three to one. Switch last. Five, four, three, 21 Right foot. The sky. Sweet forward bent Leg Warrior three right leg goes back. Chest is out in front of you as long as you can. Through the right. Big tell in the torso. Take the in hair access. Straighten the left leg. Warrior three reached the right foot back. Long point the right toes As you bend the left knee you lightly set the top of the right foot down onto the ground Open all the way up on Johnny Carson. Lift the heart, Look up to the sky. Take a big inhale on the exhale Press the right foot down. You can keep it here or you can lift the knee. Explore a bigger backbench bigger front body opening here. Just here for three for two on one. Everybody hands the heart. Lean the weight forward. Right. Need outside Off left. Half Slowly bend the left knee to bring the right knee down to the outside of left ankle and then popped back up to the centre. Right. Need a chest? Bend the left knee, right me down to the inside of the left ankle and then reach all the way back. Plank pose. As you step back into the plank. We have eight switches in the charter. Wronger fill your mental preparation and then exhale. Lower down. Lift the left foot. Tap left form. That's one. Right foot. Right Form to left foot in the form three. Right foot. Right. Form four. Left foot left. Form by. Right foot. Right. Form six. Left foot left. Form seven. Right foot. Right for him. Eight like pose knees drop forms dropped. Look forward and help pull through upward facing die. Exhale. Roll back. Downward basing. Duh. Taking inhale. Here the finish off this around to finish off this challenging piece of movement. We're gonna do 10 of those down dog to charter on the pollsters, just like we did in the beginning. I know. Here tired. I know you're sweating, but give what you have to give lift heels Benny's men doubles Pull forward Chatah Wrong plank charanga down dot Chatah Wrong plank Chatah Wronger down doc to chart a wrong plank Charanga down, Doc three Charter Ranga plane China Wronger down dot for Chanda Ranga Plank Charter Wrong down dog By the wrong place It's not a wronger down doc six shot a wrong plank Charanga down dog 73 more shot a wrong plate Hunger down Dog ate garanganga blank Chodorow Hunger down Dog Ni That's why I got the wrong lank shot around. Get to hound dog hand job The niece of the floor Sit back on the heels Buying the hands behind the back Chase the ground behind you Lift the heart up a little, Take a few moments here, release the bind If you have it, circle the arms a few times rolling the shoulders. Any sort of fluid movement here doesn't have to be even rolling the shoulders. We have one more piece of challenging movement left plan in simple What's gonna jump forward in the squat? Find squat? Jump back to Charlie Rangel. Take a push up. Okay. Super simple. Very straightforward. Give it what you have either focus on floating, focus on speed or do 10 reps. And then that's gonna be our finishing piece of movement. All right, so the hands go down, you know, hot forward into your my last in the squat. So your low squat position not like active squad in the waking yoga. More just like a simple low position. And then hop right back to Chad. Wrong. So ready set from your down dog float feet. The outsides of hands of behind hands. Sit ins here. Low, squat and then hands go down. Charanga plank down, Doc. Nice look forward. Float forward feet. Outsides Hands squat. Hands reach out. Hands go back down. Flip back the wrong guy. Plank down, Doc, look forward. Lift heels. Bad knees float feed outside of hands low, squat, sitting low. Reach the hands. Forward hands go down. Charanga plank down. Dog. That's three. Look forward. Float feet outside the hands into the squad. Hands back down. Shot the wrong guy. Plank down dog for look forward float feet outside the hands. Getting your hang time. Sit in cancer. The floor float back, child Ranga Frank down on these. Next is we go back. You can get in a bit more Hang time. You want to hop up a bit more like a handstand? Feel free. Remember, this is more about building strength. Been handstand technique. You're probably already tired. Feed outside of hands. Sit in, Allison. A hands go down. Go back in the u Give it quick, pop up Ending the charter Ranga Blink down, Doc. Six foot forward Sit in my Lassana hands Go down hot Go back! That's finishing 73 more look forward, huh? Forward Sit down And then the last in the hands down Pop up on your journey back eight Rule back down to hug last to really make them count. Float forward, Sit in Alas in there. Hands down, pop up nine Last one Last bit of effort, Time making town float forward Sit into my Lassana last one On the go back little kits and child's pose lives have to just drop down into this child's pose life stuff to just be to find a sense of calm. There's tons of energy racing in your body right now. All the movement, all the struggle, all the work you put in. I feel that like embrace it here in this position of rest in this closing, introverted position for a practice, you came and he did what you had to do. You committed yourself fully to the movement. You commit yourself fully to your own effort and to your own level of achievement. It's not important to get every single rep it's important to do any of it perfectly. It's important to come forth, put the effort in and become more aware of how you're placing your effort. Become more aware of how you're doing the movement, doing them with efficiency, doing them with strength, connecting the proper muscle groups, feeling all the integration in your entire body to feel a full body connected movement. Experience as always. Thank you guys So much for joining me for this practice. I hope to see you again soon. Peace.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-40 minutes
Cycle: 27 days

If you’re looking for a yoga and strength training experience in the form of a fun and challenging workout routine, this is the course for you. Full Body Strength takes a holistic approach, combining the best of yoga, calisthenics and circuit training. You’ll leave each workout fatigued, knowing that you pushed yourself to your limits and did your work for the day. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build full-body strength
  • Increase your endurance, body control, stamina and more
  • Improve your power and stability
  • Challenge yourself with drills to develop muscle endurance
  • Enhance your yoga practice

Instructor Patrick Beach is based in Los Angeles and travels the world leading classes, workshops and teacher training programs. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America, his strong presence has allowed him to share yoga internationally over the last several years. He is the creator of Awakening Yoga and has been a Global Yoga Ambassador to Virgin Active. In this yoga strength training class, Patrick will teach you how to do:

  • Slides, holds, circuits, drills and plyometrics
  • Detailed squat modifications and fire-inducing core sequences
  • One-armed movements, core work and hip mobility drills, starting from side plank and working into a strength-building flow
  • A ladder-style flow, with rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: The Burn
After a brief wrist warm up, you’ll dive into a series of one-armed movements that begin in side plank and evolve into more strenuous yoga for upper body conditioning circuits. While familiar yoga poses such as downward facing dog, crescent lunge and warrior III will appear throughout class, these poses will be reworked to wake up the body and help you develop greater body control and straight arm strength. Included in this class is a series of core work and hip mobility drills to fully round out your practice.

Day 2: The Slide
With a highlight on core and arm strength, this class uses yoga blankets and sliding movements in a circuit-style challenge to keep your body moving and heated. There will be little rest time until the end of class, where you’ll shift your efforts to hip mobility work.

Day 3: The Fire
You’ll recognize several of the poses utilized in this strength yoga workout class: warrior II, wild thing, downward-facing dog, wheel and more. While the poses may be recognizable, the sequences are unique and include strength-building rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses.

Day 4: The Power
Yoga poses that target key muscles in your core create full body strength. You’ll push yourself to the limit in a repetitious, flow-based sequence that uses the foundations of downward-facing dog, plank, chaturanga, lunges and more recognizable poses. These poses will be sequenced into challenging circuits fused with jumping movements designed to increase your heart rate. Additional core work will leave you feeling sore, and you’ll close out the class by moving through supported bridge pose.

Day 5: The Tension
These yoga poses for balance and strength increase stability by focusing your energy on holding difficult positions for longer periods of time. Throughout the class, you’ll use pulses, lifts, holds and fluid movement to strategically build strength and flexibility. Be sure to have two yoga blocks handy to assist these goals. You’ll begin class with leg work and eventually move to the floor for pick-up-based drills.

Day 6: Recover
Use this gentle restorative yoga sequence to recover and prepare your body for a day of rest. Included in this class are light stretches and drills designed to keep your body in flow while still giving your muscles a break from previous workouts.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is the first of four rest days included in the 28-day programming for Full Body Strength.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: The Burn
Day 9: The Slide
Day 10: The Fire
Day 11: The Power
Day 12: The Tension
Day 13: Recover
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: The Burn
Day 16: The Slide
Day 17: The Fire
Day 18: The Power
Day 19: The Tension
Day 20: Recover
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: The Burn
Day 23: The Slide
Day 24: The Fire
Day 25: The Power
Day 26: Tension
Day 27: Recover


Elliot S

I bought this course over a year ago thinking that I'd do some of the workouts on my days off of lifting but that turned out to be too intense. Came back to this during the 2020 isolation period and it is still really intense, but a really awesome workout and challenge. Really excited to follow through the program and see what kind of strength gains that I can make outside of lifting. Thank you Patrick for these creative movement practices.