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Full Body Strength

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Day 13: Recover


Full Body Strength

Lesson 15 of 29

Day 13: Recover


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Day 13: Recover

welcome to recover in this practice. All you need is your yoga mat and a blanket were new some nice, gentle movements to help you restore your body and prepare for the next day of training. When you're ready, let's begin. Let's start this practice in toes pose. So go ahead and just tuck the toes. Sit back towards the heels, get nice and tall. I'll show you from the side just in case you're unfamiliar. This is just stretching out the bottoms of the feet, connecting with all the meridian lines in the body. Taking a few breaths here, just allowing yourself to stay tall to breathe. This will be our most calm and really restored of practice of this series of classes, but they'll still be a fair mobility component to it. We don't just want to drop the body into these positions of stillness. We actually want to bring some activity to them. This is much more of a mobility focus practice than a restored to focus practice. But we're going to bring in the sense of ease to these movements. So you'...

re not really gonna be working hard, but you're gonna have a few light movements that will take a few more breaths. Here. There's stretching out the bottoms of the feet sometimes like this way, a little bit side to side, feeling one foot, taking a bit more, the weight and then the other describing a general lightness. A few more breaths. Then go ahead and release. Sit on your butt and come on into what would be close to a 90 90 position. So essentially gonna have one shin down. Let's call it the right ship, and then the other need towards the in their arch of the right foot. Your service tells you can I can do sway side to side, dropping the knees down to the inside of the opposite archer, just simply going side to side, trying to keep the outer edges of the feet grounded or the in your edges of the feet ground. It's like you want to keep the feet in the same place the whole time, as you just kind of sway from one side to the other simple movements. Did you move a little bit again? That's just fine. It's really not about any sort of perfection, is trying to move through some of the stiffness in the hips. A few more here, swinging to the left and swing to the right. Trying to control the way were the places that your weight moves to. One more round here. This and then return to your center position. Gently straighten your legs out in front of you. Bring your fingertips to frame your left leg. Point the left toes and you're going toe. Press the right heel down. Lift the left leg off the ground, lift the heart, then just pulsed the left leg 10 times. Dreams lifted and go for 10 night 87 six five for three to one. Drop the left heel down. Flex left toes towards the face. Lift the heart reached the right hand towards the left foot. Lift the chest up, bring your left hand behind you. And then again, this pulsing down here for 15 14 13 12 11 and Ni 87 654 three to one frame the right leg point. The right toughs press the left, Yoda, lifting the left or the right foot for 10 nine eight, seven 65 for three to one With the chest back up. The right heel lanes reached the left hand to catch the right foot, bring some pressure into the right hand to lift the heart and then pulsing here for 15 14 13 12 11 10 nine eight, seven, 65 four three to one. Release back to the left leg. Second round point. The left toes flex the right toes, suppressing the right heel down and lifting the left foot for 10 9 may be looking a bit higher. Eight seven, four three to one. Hold it up. Set the left foot down, right hand, reaches for the left foot with the chest and pulls down here for 15 14 13 12 11 10 nine eight seven six five four three to one. Release frame. The right leg point, the right toes. You flex the left toes towards the face and pulsing the right leg, lifting up for 10 nine. Getting more height. Eight 7654 three To wanna hold it up. Hold it up straight in the right leg as much as you can. Feel the shake and then let it down. Catch the right foot with the left hand, lift the heart and then pulse. 15 14 13 12 11 10 Ni 87 65 full three to one. Holding the bottom and release last round. Last side over. Feeling a bit more, Lengthen the hamstrings. Flex right toes towards the face. Point the left toes away from you. Active through the front of the left leg. Lift the chest and then lift 10 ni eight seven 654 three to that. Told us what up on one for? 10 9876543 to one release. Reach over. Catch the left with the right hand, lift the heart and your pulsing down for 15 14 13 12 10 nine 87654 three to one. Go switch over to the right side last round. Here, flex the left toes. Point the right toe active, active right leg and you're trying to use Tall is you can try and stay up right through this mine and you're lifting up here for nine eight, seven 6543 to one. Hold at the top for 10 9 876543 to one release. Catch the right foot with the left hand, lift the heart and pulsing down for 15 14 13 12 11 and nine 87654 three to one. Hold the bottom. Reached the chest out just a little bit and let go. Nice work there. Bring the feet in towards your body canasta or butterfly post of your channeling your early year physical education classes. Then just post the legs a few times. Here's a try and step right in the spine. Doesn't matter how lo your knees go or how much they point up to this guy. Just getting a gentle flutter here. So rolling to the outer edge of the feet, the big toes will move away from each other years trying to get a little bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce spells, shaking the legs out of it. Creating this mobility right, and it could be awkward. It doesn't have to be anything perfect. You're getting a little bit of movement who go ahead and release. Bring your legs into that 90 90 esque position. Figure four shape, right, just like we were in before and words going to get open and closed the legs. So this exact same movement we did in the beginning you'll roll up. You'll probably notice a difference here. Legs are a bit more open and sliding side decide. So I decide. So I decide as one of the reasons I'd like to do this first. For one, it's a great way to warm up from the pelvis. But for two, after just that simple little hamstring activity, this movement is so much more fluid you can begin to really roll side to side with ease. You can feel the energetic shifts, and you could really see all the different places this position could eventually take you to. Okay, this is a few more switches using not just the strength of the legs but the flow of the body to create the movements. Go for just one more opening up in closing off. Oh, nice job. Stepping away from that activity, you're going to take your mat. Fold it in half. You maybe want to fold it in quarter self holding it just one more time, depending on your knee sensitivity, and we're going to take frog pose so you'll put one knee on the folded blanket. You put the other me on the Met. I did that in the opposite order, but you get the gist. And then you're going to just spread the legs wide apart, keeping interior tilt of the tailbone. So you really wanna feel the tailbone lifting up and then dropped the forms down towards the floor, keep pulling the tailbone towards the sky and then said is holding this position we're going to pulse back and forth. So you're finding the pulsing action really feeling the interior tilt of the pelvis. Keeping that action there will sway for 15 14 13 11 10 nine, 87654 three to one. Hold the backspace, press the knees into the blanket and the mat, respectively. See, really feel the legs turning on for 10 night. 87 654 three to one Release. If you can spread the needle bit wider, part magically there's more space and then again come back into the anterior, tilt the pelvis, lift the belly button up and sway forwards and backwards getting a little bit of movement. Hi, Sweeping! Sweeping! Sweeping for 10 nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three To and on one. Hold the back position, your furthest backspace, where the hips are hopefully in line with knees. Or maybe even passed the light of the knees right closer to the ankles for 10 nine. Press the knees down into the floor. 87 654 three to one. Release knees go slightly wider part. You know, if you're getting just a subtle in a lot of gain here again, you may be more flexible than me. But this is all about creating action and activity in the legs pulsing again. Tailbone tilts up slightly and you're sweating forwards and back for 15 14 13 12 11 10 nine, 87 654 three to one. Hold the bottom space. Precedents into the foot really feel that Anterior told that the Taliban pulling up attire stretching the legs for 10 nine 87 Stay active. Pressing these down 6543 to one. So they bring the hands back underneath this shoulders. Nice work and gently see how you can pull the knees back together. Three. The next activity we're going to do, you'll keep the knees on the blanket. Bring your hands or fists to the floor. Whatever feels better for you. We haven't really warmed up the wrist, so you may want to take this on the fists. Unless your risk feel fine as they are pressing the hands down flat, you're then going toe lift the right knee up. Feel the inside of the right leg lifting and almost like you can point your right shin up towards the ceiling or the sky. Whatever is above you, that's what you're looking for. You can keep the right knee bent or you can straighten. The right leg board's going to pulse the leg, keeping the interior till that. The hips right for 10. So you're gonna live for 10 nine. Thanks. Seven 65 four, three to one, holding the top position for 10 nine, 876543 to one. Release side to again. I'll do this round on fists just so you have something to look at. If you risk are not warmed up there, that feels a bit uncomfortable for you can do the exact same thing here. Lift the left knee up and again, interior tilt to the pelvis of reach the chest out. Think about a slight back men and the years living in these highs you can for 10 nine, 87 654 three to one holding the top position. Reached a chest out. 10. Not 87 to one. Re lease. Excellent work. Sit back on your folded, Matt. If you're a bit less flexible, you may want a full it one more time just so you can get on the tips of your sit bones a little bit more. They're going to take your blanket and put it in between your legs. It's high up is you can place the hands on the blanket, lift the chest. There's going to slide out and back with hands. A very similar to are sliding practice with the blanket accepted. This is probably much nicer feeling. Flex the toes towards the face. Lift the heart in this slide out and back. Slide now and back. That's to go for 10 four, five, six. Try and keep the interior. Tell seven eight, nine 10 Hold your out position for 10 nine 87 65 full, three to one taken, inhale and exhale for goes far out as you can. Let the low back rare reach the blanket far out in front of you. You're here for 10 nine. Keep active in the feet eight, seven, 654 three to what re lease. Nice work. A lot of the legs to unravel. That could be a pretty intense stretch. So hope you're feeling good. There were going to come back to that same activity. But before we do that just to give our legs a bit of arrest were taken arm and chest opening stretch. Really simple. You take your right on into a T a cactus and 90 degree angle position. As you drop the chest down onto your blanket, open up the right arm and then roll on to the right shoulder. As much as you can hear right, just opening the chest a little bit. It doesn't need to be intense. And again, you want to kind of roll in and out of that space even until we're doing a lot of pulsing to find these movements. None of these places air static where it's running gentle openings. You're touching a nice place you were. You're feeling a bit of sensation, then you're backing away. Go get a nice even pace. We're doing about 10 reps here. When you find your tent, just hold the position and breathe air for five four, three to hand one slowly returned to center. Open the right arm up like a T and then roll onto the right side as much as you can step in the left foot over. Maybe that's when we will be a bit more static. If you'd like any of the ability, you can fold the blanket up halfway and use it as a cushion for your head breathing here and slowly release. Unfold the blanket. If you fall into that, open your left arm like the 90 degree angle, cactus shaped direct extension off the shoulder and again as the chest lands down, you're just rolling onto the left side, pulsing in and out of this space, right? So just opening, opening, opening, moving through tightness Slowly, gradually more and more space each time and on your 10th posts, you'll hold the position holding their for 10 nine Ain't seven six, five four, three to one gently returned to center. Straighten the left arm out directly and then roll onto the left shoulder. You can take any leg variation you'd like here again. I like to recommend rolling up the blanket because it just creates a nice pillow for the head of relying to relax. A little bit more space will become just a touch more comfortable. And this is just a nice opportunity to recover. You've done a lot of work so far in this practice, and these trainings, these classes that you've been doing. So this is this a nice chance to keep the body moving and create mobility without the need it to just be static in these positions, Slowly roll back to center, allow the blanket to unfold as you press all the way back, and then we are going to find our frog pose again. So one me on the blanket, one meat on the mats. Hopefully your legs had chance to recover. This will be our last set of this. So really give it what you have to give. Allow the legs to spread out big interior tilt of the pelvis, right and maybe few. It's better to have the hands up so you can really push back. Or it's natural for you to drop the forums down. Do what feels best. That's really the goal in the work that you're doing here. So pushing back for nine a seven six, five four, three to one. Holding this place. Pressing the knees down really active legs for 10 nine, 87 65 four, three to one. Bigan Head. Exhale. Released. Legs spread a little bit wider, apart and again, bringing the hands or forms to a comfortable position for you and pulsing back. The son will do. 15. So 15 14 13 12 11 10 nine 8765 Full three to one. Holding your back position. Press the knees down active legs. 10 night 87 65 four three to one Big inhale Exhale release. Spread. The needs just a little bit wider. Even if it's only a centimeter or an inch, you're probably feeling a big stretch here and again, pulsing backwards and forwards. 15 again. 15 14 12 11 10 nine 8765 four three to one. Holding the back position static here for just 10. Pressing the knees down and in the oh, you're not quitting on the place. Nine eight seven 65 full. Three to one release. Hold the knees back together. Excellent work. Bring both knees onto the blanket fists, their hands flat to the floor. and tear tilt of the pelvis. Press the left me down, lift the belly button up if the right knee off the blanket and again you could straighten the leg. Or you can just pulse with the lift. But really focus on creating a little bit of a back. Bend here through the spine and you're lifting the right knee up for 10 nine eight seven 65 four three to one. Holding here for 10 not 87 full. Three to one. Release knee returns, left knee lifts. Last bit of work here. Create that a little bit of a back bend through the spine, point the left toes back and then lift the left knee. 10 nine, 654 three to one. Holding the top position for 10. Nice. 87 6543 to Police. Excellent job. Although that is tough, it actually is one of the best things to help you create more space through the hamstrings and through the inner hips. Open the legs up you. Boavista can assign a light position. Simple seeded strata sit on the blanket, and again, I think I rolled it double on the first time. I'll do that again here, in case you want to do it as well. It helps a little bit if you're a touch less flexible, cause you can really get on top of the pose a little bit more for the toes towards your face. Taken inhale, lift the chest to stay active in the legs. I mean in here. Don't worry about sliding out far. Just try and keep a long spine reaching out for one to three for eight nine 10. Holding your out position for 10 nine 87 654 three to one. Taken inhale Exhale Release reached the hands all the way out as long as possible. Melting down here for 20 19 18 17. Stay active in the feet. 16 15 13 12 11 10 nine 87 six five for three to one. Release. Nice work. Lift all the way up. Shake the legs a few times if you need to, and then go ahead and come on to the belly again. Drop the forums onto the blanket. Drop the hips down towards the floor. You could unravel the Matt if you want, but you just taking a simple sphinx pose here, lifting a chess, really focusing, grounding the hips forward for me personally, like this current set of having my knees on a slightly role that met have my hips pressing down towards the floor and my heart lifted. It feels like a longer back bend because the knees are slightly elevated and again it's not much, but it's just enough to feel a bit more curve through the spine. Feel the chest pulling forward, Try and get as long as you can hear breathing in active legs. Heart opening. Just take four or five more breaths if you want to place the hands down in front of the regular on the blanket and lift the heart a little bit. Sore is getting gentle, pulsing while you lift the chest. That might feel nice if you do go that route. Let's take 10 nine eight seven six five four, three to one. Hold your top position wherever that is getting along through the spy. Remember, doesn't need to be anything close to your biggest Backman. We haven't done any back bending. This is just a gentle counter to all the folding. We've been doing? Exhale, go ahead and release. Use The blanket is a pillow across your forms out in front of you. Well, your chest to drop down to the floor. Allow your face to drop down into the blanket. Allow yourself to close off from all this mobility work. Just lay long for a few breaths. There's no more you need to do. You can just allow yourself to be there. Absorb these moments in this introverted space by yourself to take time to count your breath. Interview without movement. Even in this calm practice, we added that component of movement component of bringing new awareness to the way you create space in your body, and it's gonna help you recover. But it's not a place of stillness right now. Where you are is so allow yourself to melt towards the floor. Allow yourself to close off from the effort, the effort of your week, the effort of your month, the effort of whatever is going on in your life right now, and just completely let go. Thank you so much for joining me in this practice today. I hope we can share this moment again soon. Have an amazing day

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-40 minutes
Cycle: 27 days

If you’re looking for a yoga and strength training experience in the form of a fun and challenging workout routine, this is the course for you. Full Body Strength takes a holistic approach, combining the best of yoga, calisthenics and circuit training. You’ll leave each workout fatigued, knowing that you pushed yourself to your limits and did your work for the day. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build full-body strength
  • Increase your endurance, body control, stamina and more
  • Improve your power and stability
  • Challenge yourself with drills to develop muscle endurance
  • Enhance your yoga practice

Instructor Patrick Beach is based in Los Angeles and travels the world leading classes, workshops and teacher training programs. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America, his strong presence has allowed him to share yoga internationally over the last several years. He is the creator of Awakening Yoga and has been a Global Yoga Ambassador to Virgin Active. In this yoga strength training class, Patrick will teach you how to do:

  • Slides, holds, circuits, drills and plyometrics
  • Detailed squat modifications and fire-inducing core sequences
  • One-armed movements, core work and hip mobility drills, starting from side plank and working into a strength-building flow
  • A ladder-style flow, with rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: The Burn
After a brief wrist warm up, you’ll dive into a series of one-armed movements that begin in side plank and evolve into more strenuous yoga for upper body conditioning circuits. While familiar yoga poses such as downward facing dog, crescent lunge and warrior III will appear throughout class, these poses will be reworked to wake up the body and help you develop greater body control and straight arm strength. Included in this class is a series of core work and hip mobility drills to fully round out your practice.

Day 2: The Slide
With a highlight on core and arm strength, this class uses yoga blankets and sliding movements in a circuit-style challenge to keep your body moving and heated. There will be little rest time until the end of class, where you’ll shift your efforts to hip mobility work.

Day 3: The Fire
You’ll recognize several of the poses utilized in this strength yoga workout class: warrior II, wild thing, downward-facing dog, wheel and more. While the poses may be recognizable, the sequences are unique and include strength-building rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses.

Day 4: The Power
Yoga poses that target key muscles in your core create full body strength. You’ll push yourself to the limit in a repetitious, flow-based sequence that uses the foundations of downward-facing dog, plank, chaturanga, lunges and more recognizable poses. These poses will be sequenced into challenging circuits fused with jumping movements designed to increase your heart rate. Additional core work will leave you feeling sore, and you’ll close out the class by moving through supported bridge pose.

Day 5: The Tension
These yoga poses for balance and strength increase stability by focusing your energy on holding difficult positions for longer periods of time. Throughout the class, you’ll use pulses, lifts, holds and fluid movement to strategically build strength and flexibility. Be sure to have two yoga blocks handy to assist these goals. You’ll begin class with leg work and eventually move to the floor for pick-up-based drills.

Day 6: Recover
Use this gentle restorative yoga sequence to recover and prepare your body for a day of rest. Included in this class are light stretches and drills designed to keep your body in flow while still giving your muscles a break from previous workouts.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is the first of four rest days included in the 28-day programming for Full Body Strength.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: The Burn
Day 9: The Slide
Day 10: The Fire
Day 11: The Power
Day 12: The Tension
Day 13: Recover
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: The Burn
Day 16: The Slide
Day 17: The Fire
Day 18: The Power
Day 19: The Tension
Day 20: Recover
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: The Burn
Day 23: The Slide
Day 24: The Fire
Day 25: The Power
Day 26: Tension
Day 27: Recover


Elliot S

I bought this course over a year ago thinking that I'd do some of the workouts on my days off of lifting but that turned out to be too intense. Came back to this during the 2020 isolation period and it is still really intense, but a really awesome workout and challenge. Really excited to follow through the program and see what kind of strength gains that I can make outside of lifting. Thank you Patrick for these creative movement practices.