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Full Body Strength

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Day 17: The Fire


Full Body Strength

Lesson 19 of 29

Day 17: The Fire


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Day 17: The Fire

Welcome to the fire. In this practice, we're gonna move through a series of challenging younger related movements to help you really build up that heat. When you're ready, let's begin. But start our practice today is always on hands and knees, warming up the wrists a little bit coming into those organic movement's checking in on the hands, seeing how they feel today, taking a few breaths here. Of all the practices in this series, this one will be the most similar to a traditional yoga style practice move. We'll move it a slightly quicker pace with a fume or physically challenging movements. But with that being said, it'll kind of be in your home base of yoga. Practice is, you're gonna move, you're gonna flow, you're going to sweat, so you'll have the opportunity to really sink with your breath and enjoy it, right? So as you're here, you're warming up the hands gripping through the fingers, creating a little bit of an alert sense of how you're setting yourself up. I may be swaying a lit...

tle bit side to side. As always, you can flip the hands, fingers pointing out to the left and right side, respectively. flipping the hands, letting the fingers point back towards the kneecaps. I really like the Paul. The floor a bit. Helps me just gonna wake up the hands, wake up the arms, and then there's always when you finish their foot, your hands back to normal and let's find a plank post pressing the palms down actively, really getting a good bit of lift through the hands, pulling that energy up into the forearms, the biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles and chest seeing. Get the glutes active, the front body active, and they wouldn't roll the body all the way back into your downward facing dog. When you get the down dog, pedal out the feet just a little bit in a gentle, swaying your movement and then inhale. Roll forward into plank pose and on the exhale roll all the way back. Downward facing dog in the lift heels Benny's post Here tuck of the tailbone, roll forward to Plank, holding the plank active in both hands. Take the in hair on the exhale, bend the knee gently post hear talk of the tailbone that roll the body all the way back. Downward facing dog. One more dislike that, but feels bad. Knees hosts here. Tuck of the tailbone really point the tailing back towards the knees, curving the lower back. Roll forward into your plank pose, inhaling in the plank, holding the position, pressing down through both hands equally, and then bend the knees. Tuck the tailbone chin to chest around the body all the way back. Downward facing dark in hell if the right leg all the way A big circle with the right knee step the right foot to the outside of the right hand dropped the lefty down. Gentle twist. Inhale reached right arm all the way up. Then exhale. Right hand back down. Press the fingertips down. Look forward. Lean the chest forward, I tell straight in the right leg as you lift the left knee. Bounce around a little bit here, right for me, especially. Always start the practice a little bit stiff, but over the course of time I wake up with it. You know the movements really help me get a new sense of lengthen the body. It's what I like to add subtle shifts in the practice in the movement. So what I'm doing press the right big toe down, read suggests forward. Press the right heel down, step forward into your active squat. Reach the hands forward, lift the belly up, trying to sit a touch lower balance a few times here and then exhale. Hands come the heart center, inhale. Reach the arms all the way up, and the next he'll sit the hips all the way down again. Really long. Low back Bounce just a few times, waking everything up and then exhale Hands to the floor. Step the left foot back long. Drop the left knee down twist and reach your right arm up to the sky. If you'd like to roll of the outer edge of both feet, really lift the hips and then exhale right hand down to the floor. Homes land flat. Gordon. Step the right foot back here. Plank house taken. Inhale here on the Exhale. Move through a push up and then dropped the knees and forms down to the floor in. He'll pull forward upward facing Doc and exhale. Roll all the way back. Downward facing duck. Inhale the left leg lifts. Big circle left. Need outside of left rib cage. Look forward. Roll forward. Left foot lands the outside of right hand. Drop the right knee down, inhale twist and reach the left arm up to the sky. Opening the spine on your exhale left hand comes down to the floor, Rise onto the fingertips, reach the chest out, lift the right knee up and then pull the hips back in space, finding some buoyancy stretching through the left hamstring Again. Don't worry about the left leg, straightening completely to see if you can really feel the tailbone. Moving away from the left heel bend. The left knee reached the heart for WordPress, the left heel down and then step the right foot to the outside of the right hand. Active squat. Few bounces here. Hands at heart center or near it. Nice long back body and exhale. Straighten the legs. Hands the heart, inhale. Reach up. Get tall, grow tall. Exhale. Set the hips all the way down, bouncing a few times here. Notice if that tailbone tucks, it's very natural that it will happen. See if you can keep it untucked. It might hinge you slightly more forward, but you'll feel the work in the legs. Hands to the floor. Go and step the right foot back long drop the right need down. Inhale twisted reach the left arm up to the sky. It feels natural. Here. You can roll to the outer edge of both feet, really lifting the hips high. You're just waking everything up, breathing in here and then exhale. Left hands of the floor. Palms land flat. Step the left foot back to plank post. Taken inhaling your plank on the Exhale. Let's move through to push ups this time, so lower lift, lower lift and then knees drop forums. Drop hip. Sit back just enough in hell. Pull forward upward facing dog and exhale. Roll all the way back downward facing doc. Feel engagement through the front body engagement through the side body. Lift the heels, bend the knees, roll the outer edge of the left foot in the edge of the right foot, stretching the right side waist and then inhale. Roll forward in devices. Dustin twisting up and then pull the hips all the way back. Right hand lance rolled on the outer edge of the right foot, inner edge of the left hip, stay pulling back long, stretching the left side body and then roll forward into Rogie stocks in on the right hand. Twist the hard up to the sky, lift the belly button, then exhale. Bend the knees, pull the hips back and space the left hand lands Roll back to center, the palms laying flat. Look forward. Lift heels. Bed, knees bottom. The exhale. This time you're going to float the feet to the outside of the hands. Active squad. Don't worry about the height of the jump and just getting a little bit of float. Rise into your active squat. Exhale, straighten legs. Hands the heart, inhale. Reach the arms all the way up. Exhale, sit the hips all the way down. Anyhow, hands the floor. Palms land flat on your exhale you're going to charter. Wrong. You're gonna hold it. So whatever you get there, hold it for 43 to one. Rise to plank. Lower back down. Hold for 4321 rise. The plank needs job forums dropped in. He'll pull through upward facing Doc and exhale all the way back. Downward facing dog. One more just like that. Look long. Lift heels. Bend knees on the Exhale float. Defeat forward. Let them land lightly. The outsides of the hands active, squat your eyes Exhale, straighten legs, hands the heart in, you know, reach the arms all the way up. Exhale said the hips all the way down. Hands to the floor. Look forward when you get to Charter on gets a four second hold. So move there now and you're there for four three to one plank. Inhale Exhale charanga Holding. Therefore three to one plank will do three. This time. Lower down, holding their for three to one. Rising back up needs job forums dropped chest states forward. Inhale. Pull through upward facing doc and exhale all the way back Downward facing Doc Palms Press Look forward. Inhale lift heels Ben needs This time the feet will in just behind the wrists. Try and create as much flow time. It's possible. Land lightly in your halfway lift. Exhale, fold inhale. Rise up, reach up fingers touch, exhale hands the heart, rise onto the toes, sit all the way down to the backs of Achilles tendons and then onto the floor. Pressed the low back down art in the Boston polling here. And then all you're gonna do is bring the hands behind the head. Reach the right leg up to the sky. All legs will stay straight left, double towards right knee and twist. One, 23456789 10. Stay with it. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1920 2122 23 24 25 26 27 28 30. Hold up and then switched hub legs. Hold here for five for three to one to us back to center. Reach both legs up to the sky. Lift the pelvis off the ground. Bring your hands to the floor. Keep the chest lifted. Bring your niece here chest. Flex the feet. Hold here and all you can do is keep the pelvis lifted. Don't let it touch the floor and impress the feet forward for 15 14. 13. Don't let the pelvis touch the ground. 11 10 9 A. Don't worry how long your hips go or if you go forward. 76543 to one. Nice work pulled on his back into the chest and roll all the way up to stay meeting to Dossena. Feel the heat generating in your body being to feel warm, prepared to move through our sequence and how. Reach the arms out. Exhale fold all the way down. Step the left foot back. Lower the left knee down on Jane Austen. Inhale. Reach the arms up. Exhale hands to the floor. Palms go flat, right leg lifts all the Web. Roll the outer edge of the left foot. The right foot steps down behind the left. Need touches lightly is you can't spin in. Lift the chest on your exhale clothes off into a three legged doc. The right leg lifts bend the left knee. Look forward, hop and land the right foot by the right thumb. Doesn't matter how high you jump. You just want to create the rhythm. Find a bent leg Warrior three. Hands the heart left leg reaches back. Take the inhale. Exhale left knee to the chest. Good press the hands. Ford reached the left foot out, taking inhale here hold or pistol squats of sitting all the way down and rising all the way back up. Hands the heart sweeping to your true warrior. Three chest reaches out. Left foot reaches back. Take the inhale. Exhale hands to the floor. Press into the palms. Rise up onto the rights holes Pull the left knee into the chest breathing here for three to as high as you can into the right toes And what said the right foot down said the left foot down and you reach your arms all the way up to the sky Exhale, fools all the way down Step the right foot Back right knee lower Inhale Open the chest on Johnny Ossan. Exhale hands to the floor. Lift the right knee Sweep the left leg All the weapon back role of the outer edge of the right foot The left big toe is gonna touch the floor Lightning So put no pressure on it Lift the hips up Feel the side waist active Exhale clothes off, Roll onto the right toes left leg lift bend the right knee Look forward left foot lands by the right thumb is you hop off the right foot Doesn't matter how high you jump but you're gonna find bent Leg Warrior three hands heart Reach back through the right foot Lift the belly Taking the inhale here on the exhale Pull the right knee into the chest Hands come in front of shoulders Exhale press the right foot forward long in the spine holding here or bending the left. Me sitting all the way down Rise all the way back up Hands the heart warrior three left like stay straight spines. Days long, Stay lifted. Bellybutton holds it good in him. Exhale hands to the floor. Palm's go flat, right knee comes into the chest. Rise upon the very tip of your toes. You're holding here for five for four. Create the compression on Easter chest three to one right foot lands Gentlemen to the knees in here. Sweep the body all the way up open Exhale fools all the way down. Step your left foot back. Drop the left knee down on Johnny Asana Opened everything up. Exhale hands to the floor homes go flat, left knee lifts right leg sweeps up to the sky. Roll the outer edge of the left foot this time touched the top of the right foot to the floor. Press the top of the right foot down as you open the chest. Press into the left hand. Really create a lift on the exhale. Close everything off the re leg. Doug Bend the left knee look forward. The right foot lands by the right Some bent leg war. Your three let it land lightly. Right knee bends reached the chest. Fort hands the heart center. See how deeply you can bend the right knee? How much you're gonna reach the left foot back good and then pull the left knee into the chest. Hands coming from the shoulders. Exhale. Press the left foot forward. Last time we did one pistol spot. This time we'll do two. So sitting down and back up. That's one. And down and up. That's too. If you can only do Ah, half pistols. What? That's just fine. Sweep into your warrior three. Keep your balance, reads the chest forward. Yeah, and then slowly fold over the right leg hands. Find the floor left knee. Finds the left tries at this time, right, he finds the right tricep lean in Bakassi. Both knees are on the arms. The belly button is lifted and then set the feet back down. So no different in your normal crow posts. And how Reach your arms up to the sky a next, therefore all the way down. Step the right foot back. Drop the right knee down and I reach the arms are open the test on today. Exhale hands to the floor. Palms go flat, right knee lifts left leg sweeps up to the sky role of the outer edge of the right foot. Again. On this round, press the top of the left foot down, lift the hard up, open the chest big inhale, kick the left foot into the ground as much as you can and then exhales the re leg. Doc. The left leg lifts as much of a hoppers. You need to bring the left foot to the left. Um, so it's a jump in a switch. They could look like handstand are nothing like it. It does not matter. Bent leg warrior threes or position well, you want Think about is a strong back legs reached the chest out breathing here and then pull the right knee into the chest. Hands and run a shoulder steak. B Inhale Exhale. Press the hands for take the inhale half pistol squads two or two full pistol squats sit all the way down. Rise all the way. Catch the big toe if you need to, or try and keep it floating said all the way down and rise all the way up. Sweep into your normal warrior. Three full posture. You could extend the arms if you'd like. We just play the back foot actively and then hands to the floor as the poems land flat, rise up onto the left toes right. Need a right choice. F left new left triceps. Look forward. Lean Ford Bellybutton pulls in. Feel all that core strength. Try bring both knees to the middle For 4321 Maybe you collapsed. Maybe said with it. Either way, excellent job open all the way to reach the hands to the sky Exhale fault all the way down Step the left foot back Left knee Lowers inhale Reach the arms, Lift the chest Exhale hands to the floor Palms land flat, right leg lifts all the way up to the sky Roll over. Maybe this time you take full word of a Daniel Rocinha. The body feels ready. It's your third round. You feel more connected to the posing The practice wherever you are. You just there for three for two. On what? All the way back over into your three legged dog. The right leg is lifted. You're jumping off the left foot and the right foot lands by the right deep bend in the right knee. Reach the chest out bent Leg Warrior three. The heart is long. That left leg reaches back. Pull the left knee the chest hands in front of the shoulders. Exhale. Press the left foot forward holding here or three pistol squat sitting one lifting, sitting to lifting. Sitting three. Lifting war. Your three sweep all the way back, the other right leg turning on for you. Reach through the left. Uphold the belly. Button it. Nice hands to the floor. Left foot meets the right for both knees. Hold the middle of the body. You could stay right here. Or take Lassana for 10 ni eight. And if you're just prepping, lost a press both feet down, Knees into chest. 54 321 demo ing it here and one set the feet down. Inhale. Reach up. Open everything up. Exhale full all the way down just on the mat if you need to. But step the right foot back on to Nate Austin. Open everything up. Reached through the fingers. Exhale hands to the floor. Palms go flat, left leg lifts All the weapon that step the left foot over and behind the right. Like any variation we've done so far. Or maybe the order with Danny Ross. And again, you're exploring what's party or practice here. You're not there for long. Breathing to it for three for two and on one. Close everything off. The left leg is lifted. Bend the right knee. Look forward. Active left leg left. It will land by the left. Uh, remember, Could be a small jump. A quick jump that leg Warrior three is your position. Reached the chest out the other leg active for you and then pull the right knee into the chest. Hands coming from the shoulders. Excel Press the hands forward in the right foot Forward Lift the belly. We have three pistol squats, So sit down. What? And rise to sitting down one and exhale, Rising all the way. Sit down and rise. That's too nice job. One more sit down and Dr that's three hands. The heart warrior three reached the right leg out. Lift the belly button up the other left hamstring active, engaged. Fighting for you Beautiful hands to the floor, Right toes Come and meet the left house is high on the toes. You can bring the knees in between the arms, press the palms down flat and maybe you lift one foot or both feet off the ground for 10 9876543 to one feet Land in her reach the arms up sweeping the chest of the sky The next year fourth all the way down We've done three rounds. We got two more to go. Step the left foot back. You can do it. Left knee drops Open the heart, Reach up through the fingers Exhale hands to the floor three legged dog The right leg lifts Roll the outer edge of the left foot Step the right foot over and behind. In this time, you may want to land the right shin. I really just lift the hips up, creating more space, press the top of the right foot down do it Feels good to you. But either way, we're out of the mosque East Austin. A variation and into a three legged doc where you're gonna jump in, switch the right foot to the right sum for your bet. Lake Warrior three reached long back through the left leg for the lower belly, active and engaged and then pull the left knee into the chest. Hands coming from the shoulders. Exhale. Press forward. You know, we got four pistol squats, so do what you can, but give it a go sit and rise. That's one. Sit and rise that's too Sit and rise. That's three last one of your fighting. The good fight. Nice job for who and reach all the way back with the left leg Warrior three. As long as you can hear, feel the chest reaching out and then ban the right knee. Hands come to the floor. It doesn't matter how how you hop, but just hop three times, right? So you could just use a little baby hops. Or maybe you're catching a little bit of hang time. But either way, you're only there for four. For three for two and on one both feet to the ground and sweep the body all the way up. This guy opened the chest and exhale, Fold all the way to the floor. Step the right foot. Back long on, Ginny Jassen, open the heart. Big lift. Exhale hands to the floor. Palms go flat left leg lives all the weapon back. Any variation of this side plank they took on the first side. I dropped the ship. You may do the same. You may want to take order, but on Iraq's and they get or kick the floor and lift the heart wherever you are. You're just in your space, your breathing. And then either way, you're right out of the post into the three legged doc. The right knees bent. You look forward and again, you're just hopping off the right foot in the left foot. Lands by the left thumb. Don't make it more or less than it needs to be. You find the bent leg warrior. Three. Remember, this practice is about rhythm. More than anything else. Pull the right knee into the chest, hands in front of shoulders. Extend the right leg out. Four. Pistol squats, even if you just do half pistol. Squad spending left me as much as you can. That's great. Let's go for it. Here, sitting down and up. One down and up to down and up. Three down and up. Four hands. The heart Warrior three reads the chest. Four. Lift the belly button hands to the floor Time for those hops again. Remembers just three hops. Give it a little go can be super small. You're just feeling that hands taking the weight into the floor if you don't want a hot take standing splits with both hands down and rise up as high as you came onto the left tippy toes. Either way, both feet find the floor. Now it's not a handstand practice. We're just moving through it as a position of strength. Inhale. Reach the arms all the way up to this guy Order Baja stops and the exhale fold all the way down to the floor routine. Ossan! Last round Step the left foot back. Drop the left me down, Inhale, Reach the arms all the way up. Opened the chest. Exhale hands to the floor, Palms go flat, right leg lifts all the way up. Stepping the right foot over and behind the left leg. Any variation of the post that you like breathing here for just three to and on one close everything off, Right leg up to the sky Bend the left knee Look forward, Right! What's gonna land by the right thumb? Give it a little spring create the landing rise into your bent leg Warrior three channel. Your inner strength is the left. Me comes to the chest hands and run the shoulders You know, we got to do five pistol squat Press the hands forward straight in the left leg. So if you're holding your just holding for a little bit, maybe you try to work the bent leg. If not, sit and rise one sit and rise to sit and right. 36 and rise for sit and rise, but hands the heart. Nice work, Warrior Three. Excellent job. I know you're sweating. If you were watching the video, you can tell I'm clearly feeling quite flush Slowly for the hands down to the floor, left foot meets the right foot Both knees come to the back of the triceps setting up for the crow pose again Lean forward, lift the feet off the ground And this time you're gonna bring the left knee to the middle trying to hold their even. It feels like it's slipping. Maybe if you're comfortable you drop the left me down to the inside of the right form and then back up. Bring the right near the middle right. Needed the inside of the left for and back up and set the feet down in the middle. Last variation. Inhale. Reach the arms up. Open the chest. Exhale pulled all the way down as the hands. Landy, step the right foot back. Law, right. Knee drops. Inherits the arms up. Exhale hands too. The floor. Three legged Talk for the vase. She starts in this step over. You know where we're going. You're taking your variation. You're feeling more comfortable with the sequence of movements. Maybe you're finding the full wheel. Maybe you're finding a nice piece of back bending for you or holding a steady side plank for just three to in the under one. Set yourself up for the jump switch. The left leg is high, the right knees. Bet you're looking forward to try and find a little hang time because it helps you escape the pistol. Squats that are coming. Find your bent leg Warrior three The left foot is down the hands or the heart. The right leg extents reached the chest Forward. Hold the right. Needs the chest. Hands to the shoulders. Exhale. Press forward. We got five. You can do it sit and rise One sit and rise to sit and rise three city and rise four Last one Sit and rise and rise and rise five Nice work, hens. The heart left leg A strength war Your three Reach the chest out Hands to the floor Standing sweet variation Bring the big toes to touch Needs the backs of triceps Crow pose with, um one He coming to the middle trying to get a forearm tap So the heels lift. Maybe this is just your first round, right? Because middle, that's step one. Maybe right knee touches left for And then sweep it back up. Left me the middle left me to write for and its sweep it back up Holding here, bring both knees The middle for three for two, for one The feet Land your heels land and you roll right onto you're back. Take a deep inhale and exhale. Open the knees, SUPT. Obata cannot stand on one hand. The heart, one hand to the belly. We're not done yet. We're gonna take two rounds of five wheel push ups. If your shoulders are too tight to take wheel, all I want you to do is hold bridge for the extended period of time of each round. Okay, so you don't need to make it more or less complicated. You're just holding the bridge if you feel comfortable in the order. Madani, Rawson, That's naturally a part of your practice. You're open for it. You're ready. Let's place the hands. Place the feet. All right. And then we'll rise right up into it. So find your order. But down here, Austin, take a moment for your preparation. Feel the legs is part of the practice. Adjust the stances you need, Teoh. Cool. And they were gonna lower the head down and lift up five times. So lower the head and lift one to three. Four in five. Holding the top position here in your 5th 1 for five, four, three to. And one slowly lower. So the floor shoulders drop. Hips drop. Step your feet out. Just a little bit. Slightly, Pastor. Bitch Post set up. Bring one Hands of the heart. Feel the heartbeat. Feel it. Racing all this energy flowing through your body. You have one more piece of effort here. Whether it's set to Bonn. Dawson of the bridge pose ordered done. You're awesome. the wheel pose whether you've done zero pistol squats or everyone offered every child wrong the offered or none. You've came here. You've give when you have to give. So take this moment and push yourself one last time. In this practice hands go down palms press, take the inhale. Exhale rising into your prep and inhale you open and tear back. Ben. Okay, adjust the stances you need to. And then just five of thes wheel push ups. So, though where the head down and lift one to three for and five holding the top position for just seven six. Feel the legs or the arms. Five. Open the spine four three to And what let everything melt down to the floor. One hand to the heart, one hand to the belly. Soups about a Can ascena feel this energy in your system just like you checked in before he was taking a moment to breathe here, allowing yourself to digest what you just did Gonna take a simple supported pile, pose or soup. The posse Motown asana. So reach your legs up to the sky very gently. If you do prefer to rest. After all the back bending feel free to stay as you are and slowly bring the toes to touch above the head. But when you get there, stay on their shoulders and catch the backs of the Achilles tendons with hands and reach the hips forward. Reach the hips for holding here, just breathing into the lower back. Findings of release. Finding a gentle nature. Allowing yourself to let go and you're here to close your practice so you can stay in this pose for as long as you'd like. You can allow yourself to rest. You can allow yourself to feel introverted, to close off, maybe to spell your own sweat. That's definitely intense practice, but you're finding a sense of ease. You've put forth the effort you've given of yourself, and now you're just allowing the opportunity to let go. Allow yourself. Allow the opportunity toe. Let go. Be thankful for your effort. Be thankful for the opportunity to get to spend on your mat as always. Thank you for joining me. Hope to practice with you again soon. No mistake

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-40 minutes
Cycle: 27 days

If you’re looking for a yoga and strength training experience in the form of a fun and challenging workout routine, this is the course for you. Full Body Strength takes a holistic approach, combining the best of yoga, calisthenics and circuit training. You’ll leave each workout fatigued, knowing that you pushed yourself to your limits and did your work for the day. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build full-body strength
  • Increase your endurance, body control, stamina and more
  • Improve your power and stability
  • Challenge yourself with drills to develop muscle endurance
  • Enhance your yoga practice

Instructor Patrick Beach is based in Los Angeles and travels the world leading classes, workshops and teacher training programs. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America, his strong presence has allowed him to share yoga internationally over the last several years. He is the creator of Awakening Yoga and has been a Global Yoga Ambassador to Virgin Active. In this yoga strength training class, Patrick will teach you how to do:

  • Slides, holds, circuits, drills and plyometrics
  • Detailed squat modifications and fire-inducing core sequences
  • One-armed movements, core work and hip mobility drills, starting from side plank and working into a strength-building flow
  • A ladder-style flow, with rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: The Burn
After a brief wrist warm up, you’ll dive into a series of one-armed movements that begin in side plank and evolve into more strenuous yoga for upper body conditioning circuits. While familiar yoga poses such as downward facing dog, crescent lunge and warrior III will appear throughout class, these poses will be reworked to wake up the body and help you develop greater body control and straight arm strength. Included in this class is a series of core work and hip mobility drills to fully round out your practice.

Day 2: The Slide
With a highlight on core and arm strength, this class uses yoga blankets and sliding movements in a circuit-style challenge to keep your body moving and heated. There will be little rest time until the end of class, where you’ll shift your efforts to hip mobility work.

Day 3: The Fire
You’ll recognize several of the poses utilized in this strength yoga workout class: warrior II, wild thing, downward-facing dog, wheel and more. While the poses may be recognizable, the sequences are unique and include strength-building rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses.

Day 4: The Power
Yoga poses that target key muscles in your core create full body strength. You’ll push yourself to the limit in a repetitious, flow-based sequence that uses the foundations of downward-facing dog, plank, chaturanga, lunges and more recognizable poses. These poses will be sequenced into challenging circuits fused with jumping movements designed to increase your heart rate. Additional core work will leave you feeling sore, and you’ll close out the class by moving through supported bridge pose.

Day 5: The Tension
These yoga poses for balance and strength increase stability by focusing your energy on holding difficult positions for longer periods of time. Throughout the class, you’ll use pulses, lifts, holds and fluid movement to strategically build strength and flexibility. Be sure to have two yoga blocks handy to assist these goals. You’ll begin class with leg work and eventually move to the floor for pick-up-based drills.

Day 6: Recover
Use this gentle restorative yoga sequence to recover and prepare your body for a day of rest. Included in this class are light stretches and drills designed to keep your body in flow while still giving your muscles a break from previous workouts.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is the first of four rest days included in the 28-day programming for Full Body Strength.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: The Burn
Day 9: The Slide
Day 10: The Fire
Day 11: The Power
Day 12: The Tension
Day 13: Recover
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: The Burn
Day 16: The Slide
Day 17: The Fire
Day 18: The Power
Day 19: The Tension
Day 20: Recover
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: The Burn
Day 23: The Slide
Day 24: The Fire
Day 25: The Power
Day 26: Tension
Day 27: Recover


Elliot S

I bought this course over a year ago thinking that I'd do some of the workouts on my days off of lifting but that turned out to be too intense. Came back to this during the 2020 isolation period and it is still really intense, but a really awesome workout and challenge. Really excited to follow through the program and see what kind of strength gains that I can make outside of lifting. Thank you Patrick for these creative movement practices.