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Full Body Strength

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Day 19: The Tension


Full Body Strength

Lesson 21 of 29

Day 19: The Tension


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Day 19: The Tension

welcome to the tension and this practice were born to use to yoga blocks to open up new opportunities to build strength. When you're ready, let's begin. So let's start warming up the risk. Just like we've done all the other videos so important to get the hands warmed up and ready to support you for the practice. We're going to move through a lot of different variations of poses using the yoga blocks in this practice so you will be able to cultivate strengthen a few new positions, implying the ground a little bit here toe wake the hands up, feel the fingers gripping, warming up the wrists. Maybe press the back of the hand down into the floor, time or two. And for the most part, you can do large portions of this practice without the blocks, but you will just get more from actually using. The blocks will help us create just a little bit more. Lift Anel Avai shin for the strength building, circling over the wrists a few more times, and then when you're ready to begin, if you have the block...

s interfering with your practice to set them off to the side and make your way onto your mat. Finding your plank posts is creating a simple, solid foundation here, active through the arms, pressing down through the inner hand, lifting the belly button up a fair bit. I'm taking a big inhale here and exhale, pressing through the teach. See the helps you lift. The lower belly will take just two. More like that. Inhale. And next year, one more. Inhale and exhale good and roll all the way back to downward facing dog. Lifting the belly button up a bit here, getting creating that lift from that space just below the belly button, allowing you to lengthen hips up to the sky, pulling your body back in space, Creating new pieces of length were moved through a few rounds of the Awakening Yoga Suriname Iscar A. Just a warm up the body and then move from there squatting and had left the right leg up to this guy. Big circle right. Need outside of right arm. Set the right foot down to the outside of the right hand. Have a bond to the fingertip does he dropped the left knee down, pulled the chest forward and through and then step the left foot to the outside of the left and reached jumps forward. Taken, inhale. Sit the hips low into your active squat. On the next, they'll straighten the legs, hands the heart. Sander any I reach your arms up to the sky, Exhale said. The hips all the way down any my hands to the floor. Elbows. Been slightly and exhale. Step the left foot back along. Drop the left knee down. Pull the chest through, lift the heart and exhale. Pull the hips back straight in the right leg. Just kind of bounce a little bit here, creating some nice fluid movement. Bend the right knee. Read such as forward. Lift the belly button up. Press the palms down flat. Step back to your plank. Polls taken. Inhale in your plank on the exhale. Move through a pushing on the pause. The knees drop, the forearms drop and he'll pull through into upward facing dog and exhale all the way back. Downward facing dog. Inhale the left leg lifts up to the sky. Big circle left. Need outside of left rib cage. Look forward. Roll forward. Step the left foot to the outside. The left hand. Drop the right knee down. Hop onto the fingertips. Pull the chest through. Step the right foot to the outside of the right hand. Sit the hips low, reach the hands forward. Active squad. Nice long position. Exhale, straighten legs. Hands the heart any. I reach the arms all the way up and exhale. Set the hips all the way down in her hands to the floor. Bend Alba. Step the right foot back. Drop the right knee down. Rise onto the fingertips. Pull the chest through and then lift the right knee. Pull the left like that straight. Allow the chest amount down a little bit. You're digging into the hamstring, opening up any of that tension and then bend the left knee. Press the palms down flat. Step back to your plank posts taken. Inhale here on your exhale. Lower through the push up. Knees dropped. Four. Arms drop and help hole through upward facing Doc and exhale. Roll all the way back. Downward facing dog floating the feet to the outsides of the hands. Look forward. Lift heels. Bend knees on the bottom of the Exhale float Defeat to the outside of the hands, landing in your active squat position. When you get there, said the hips low. Reach the hands forward and our modification. Here, we're going to pulse. So 10 nine, 876543 to one. Press the heels down, hands the heart center anyhow, reach the arms all the way out. Exhale, sit back down, pulsing again. 10 43 to one. Hands the floor. Look forward, lifted belly. Moved through your been yasa and make your way all the way back into downward facing duck. No pause when you get there. Lift heels. Ben Meat, That's how. How lightly can you float the feet to the outsides of the hands, the more you could get hang time the last time you have to spend an active squad because when we get there were pulsing 10. Nine. Feel the glutes firing a seven six five 43 to one. Press heels down, hands the heart inhale. Reach the arms all the way up. Exhale, sit the hips all the way down and pulse really long back. 10 Ni to one hands the floor, palms land. Look forward, Vin Yasa being fluid being connected and feeling energy. Just move from place to place in your physical space. Palms pressed down. Look forward. Feel that activity in action In the arms lift heels. Ben neath float feet. The outsides of hands sit into your active squad. Maybe you're a little bit. Why did this time really feel the knees opening up with the action in the glute and then pulse. 10 nine, 87 65 four three to one. Press heels down, straighten legs in her returns up to sky. Open the front hip. Exhale. Sit back down. Active position. Long spine Posting 10 nine, eight, seven, six, 543 to one. Hands the floor, palms go flat, Vin, Yasa and all the way back into your downward Basing Die hope your legs are starting to warm up. Here we have one more round, so press the hands down. Look forward. Lift heels. Ben meat feet outside the hands. How lightly can they land? Active. Squat when you get there sitting le glutes active bellybutton lifting. Take the inhale and then exhale. Pulse 10 night 8765 Feel the inside legging wider for three to one. Straighten legs, hands the heart inherits the arms up. Squeeze the good, suppress tips forward, lifting the chest and then exhale. Sit. Oh, the way back down long spine. Take the inhale and exhale pulse. 10 nine, 876543 to one Hands the foot hands pressed down. Lift the feet Vigna. So holding through and finding your downward fixing dog Press the hands down flat. Look towards the top of the map. Inhale lift heels Ben needs You have 10 seconds to get the feet behind The writs of that's gonna be 10 hops, 10 floating seconds. And doesn't matter that that journey happened. Now lift heels. Ben needs and float. 10 nine, 87654 three to one feet sat down. Well, that's fine All the way. Lift the chest, Roll the shoulders a few times, the other legs really active and then locate your blocks. It's going to take the blocks to one side of the Met. We'll start with them on the left side. The back left corner. They're going to step your right foot forward towards the top right corner than that left toes will be on the blocks. Right? He'll presses down. Taken inhale. Here lift the belly on the Exhale are gonna do his lunge right? So lower the left knee down and lift all the way up. Right left knee will get close to touching the floor but won't touch completely. That's one Will do 10. So lower and lift to three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Hold the bottom for 10 nine. Press to the left toes 87 Lift the core 6543 to one. Rise all the way back up and release. Shake out the legs and then switch sides with the blocks. It's up. Shifted blocks right over to the other side. Gives you enough of arrest. Left it on the top of the net, right foot on the blocks, right toes tucked and again just creating that pulsing action here. Do your best to focus on working the right leg. Lift the belly button and then sitting down and lifting back up for nine, eight, seven, six five, four three It's you. Hold the bottom on one for 10 nine 87 to one. Release. Rise back up and switch your sides. Shake out your right leg shake out your left leg sweep the locks over so the first side as we go right into the next round. So the right foot is again the forward foot. Maybe want to lengthen the stance that I'll scoot the blocks back? Just a touch. See if that adds a bit more to the challenge. May be the biggest challenge at first is just giving the proper landing. Lift the belly button up trying to find a nice, long position. Your left hip flexor extended. Take being hair and exhale sitting down, lowering 10 nine eight, seven six, five four, three to one. Hold the bottom for 10 nine 87 said the hips lower you can do it. Presses left house 6543 to Lease. Switch your side. Last round here. Going for the left leg is the forward like landing the foot, reaching back with the toes. Finding the perfect landing position. Lift the belly button up. I think the inhale. Maybe we go the left foot flowered a bit and then sit and lift. 10 nine, eight seven six five four three to one. Hold the bottom. 10. Nine 87 6543 to one re lease. Shake out the legs. Nice job now. Take the blocks from the back to the front. So instead of the bloc's being on the back, But this time, they're going to be on the front foot, too. High blocks tactics like we've been doing right foot lands, left foot steps back. You find the position. Press the left toes down, listed belly button up. Take the inhale here. Press through the right Here on the Exhale. You sit down and up one to three full. Five six, seven eight, nine 10. Hold the 10th spot. Press through the left toes. Wiggle the left foot as far back as you can. He pressing through the left house, holding here for just eight seven, six five for Feel. The left hip flexor opening up. Feel all the strength engaging, creating mawr flexibility. Actually, this position. Three to one. Re lease. Step forward. Shake out the legs, switch your side. Left foot is the front foot left anchors down right toes. We go back and again, really trying to focus on creating a connection with that lower position. So said the hips down, work the back right leg as much as you can and lift one to three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Hold the low spot. We go the right foot back to sit, touch, extend as much as you can. Through the right hip flexor. Lived the belly button away from the front left leg. In fact, bring your left hand top of the left leg press to the right. Toast for eight, seven, six, 54 three to one. Re police shake out the legs. 66666 This and then set the blocks off to beside. So you feel the legs pretty integrated. That being to move around for you quite a bit. Next thing we're going to work through is a shrimp squat on the right leg to have done pistol squats in previous videos. So we're going to do for the shrimp spotting again. This is definitely tough. We're gonna stand into the right foot. The left is gonna chase the but where it's gonna land the left knee on the ground somewhere behind the line of the right heel. So bend the right knee, reach the left your back left foot never touches the floor land and rise. One. We're going for five. It's you! Three, four, five. Switch sides standing to the left foot. Float the right foot, lift the belly button, right knee, lowers and touches one to three four five. No rest right foot lands right into the right foot. Left knee touches and lift. One. Feeling explosive movement up to press to the right heel. Three four five right into the left foot. Press the left fielder right knee bends. Touch the ground one to three four five right into the right foot. Right here. Ground Lefty Ben's touch. One to Nice job. Three. Four five. Left foot lands right. He'll chase is the but right knee. Drops and lift one to three, four five. Right foot length. Last set. Left heel up to the but sitting down and lifting. One to three four. And nice job. Last ground on that right leg complete. Sends the left foot finish strong. You got it. Right. Knee drops one to three. Four and by she got the legs. Take a moment. Bend the knees, fold bounce off the back Just a little bit. They were gonna up the ante one time here, So you take one of your yoga blocks. There's gonna be a game of dress. I don't need to. Unless you've done this plane a lot of times, then you're really may be ready to try to blocks here, but we're going to. The shrimp squats with the foot on the block so you can sit just a little bit lower. Are you ready? We're standing to the right foot. Were going for president to the right heel. Left neat. Ben's sit all the way down all the way down. Trust and rise. One. Sit right to sit right. Three. Sit right. Four. Sit. Rise by five. Nice job right into the left leg. Switched the side. Feel all that energy standing to the left foot. Right? He'll chases the but stand strongly into the left leg and sitting down and up one and down up to four and five. Who? Nice job. Shake out the legs. Really good work. Those are definitely not easy. Sit all the way to the floor. Take one of your blocks, put it behind your back and just lay on the block toe. Open up and release any tension that you might have created in the lower back. Roll a little bit side to side Here on the block. Not big movements, you know, two small little pieces of opening like release. So to start, all we're gonna do is activate the lower belly just a bit here. So lift off the block, roll right onto your back, and then lift the legs up to the sky. Lower the left foot, Right leg. Points up. Right. Big toe points up to the sky. We're just going to lift the table off the ground here 20 times. Super simple. So lift. 2019 18 70 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three to one in switch sides. 1918 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Soon one needs the chest hips lifted. Flex the feet towards your face and then reach the feet out in front of you for just 10 nine eight. Try and not let the pelvis of Dylan touch. 7654321 Rock on up to Lucy. Open the front body a little bit so I touch side to side. All right, now the work begins, you can take your blocks and then you could do this work without the blocks, but it might feel nicer just to get a higher lift with your body. If you place the hands on the blocks, we're gonna do three else. It's in a rose. Won't take a slight break in between them. We're gonna hold these positions four times. Go for 15 seconds. Her else It's a lift. The chest. Lean the heart over the knees. Flex Atos towards the face. Place the block somewhere between the hit bone and the knee. Hands on the block. Spend the elbows. If you can't let the feet off the ground, Press the heels down and pull the hips back. Ready, Set. Go. And we are up. 15 14 13 12 11 10 98 seven, Release. Sit back for a moment. Brief rest. Now, this is just the beginning of this onslaught. So mentally prepare yourself right. Place the hands back down. You're ready for the next one. Your bodies recovered. Reflects the toes. Reach the chest out, taken, inhale and then exhale. We rise up. Go! 15 14 13 12 11 987654321 Set it down. Sit back. Release. It's really important to move away from the closed off position. So if you drop the forms down like a Venice beach typos like you're seeing something beautiful in front of you even though it may just be your living room or a mess you're about to clean up. Right now you're in the grind that you're taking. These else it's We are ready for the next one. Flex Atos towards the face. Lift the belly button up. We have 15 seconds. You're ready for it. Place the hands down and go. 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 eight, 7654321 Re lease. Good news else it's done. Form's dropped back. Lean away with the heart a little. Open the chest of touch and then sit back up. Spread the legs apart. Fold the chest over the straight left leg. Bounced 10 times. One, 234 567 89 10. Switch sides 10 9 to one. Okay, block in between the legs. Right. Handle going that block one block will go behind the but toes will point any. Of course, you can do this from the floor, but you may just get a bit more lift from here. We're just lifting the legs off the ground. 10 seconds. Ready, set, Go. 10 98765 Vote 321 Sit down. One block to the middle of the left hand will be on that block one block behind the, but sit away from the legs for a moment, just so you don't cramp. You may begin to feel that again. It's part of the reason we did the legs first. You have that engagement. Teach the legs to fire for you. Work to point the toes or flex the feet. One hand on the block, One hand behind you. Ready? Set, Go! Lifting up. 10 by 4321 Release. Right blocks in the middle, left locked behind the but again sitting back in a way so a little bit side to side and then reach the heart over the left like post night. Okay, seven, 65432 one right hand on the block in the middle left hand on the block behind you. 12th lift. We got it. Ready. Set, Go. 10 night. Release left. Bloc to the middle. Right block behind you. Lean back for a moment. So the test, all of its I decided who unfold over the right leg pulsing. 10 9 to one hand, left hand on the block in the middle. Right hand on the block behind you. We got a 12th lift. Ready, set. Go your up. 10 987654321 Re lease. Right. Black goes to the middle. Left blood goes behind you. Lean back. Move away from the tension. Round three. You're ready for it. Fold over the left leg Post 10 times 10 not 876543 to one. We're going for a 15 2nd hold this time. Push yourself right hand in the middle. Left hand behind you. Point the toes. Ready? Set. Rise. We go. 15 14 13 12 11 10 one. Set it down. Nice work. Left block goes to the middle right block behind the but lean away sway a touch side to side. Why a touch side to side? Fold over the right leg. 10 pulses Lift the chest. High pulse. 10 9 876543 to one. Lift back up. 15 2nd Hold last one. Here, you've got it. Stick with it. Point the toes. Do your best to keep the legs active and rise up. 15 14 13 12 11 10 9876 bucks for three to one. Set it down. Nice work. Swing around. Come on to the shins. Sit back on the heels and just lean back for a moment and lift the knees off the ground. Drop the knees back down. Press the hips up just a little bit. It's where you touch side to side. Okay, we have a 12th loss in the hold. In fact, three rounds of 12th loss in the holds. You conduce them on the blocks, you can do them with your hands on the floor. If the lawsuit is still poses a challenge for you, press one foot down. Bring one knee into the chest. Okay, so you'll hold like that and you'll do two on one side, one on the other, and that will just be what you do today. The next time you take on the video, you can do it the other way or you composite really quick and take the fourth round even yourself out completely just depends on how you know you're about being symmetrical. I am definitely one of those people, so I just always want to give you options. But for the rest of us, they're taking the Lassana we're doing three. I hope off Kiper jabbering has given you time to recover. Hands go down fingers just behind the line of the knees pressed the hands down. The heels are going to chase the but the belly button is going toe lift. Take the inhale and Exhale Rise up. 10 9 8765432 Will do a bonus. 543 to one Release 15 2nd holds instead, off the option for 10. The option for the bonus five after each round. In fact, that will give all of you that are just doing the one foot per side an opportunity to actually balance out because you'll have the extra time for the extra round that you would need. Take a few moments to recover, find the mental preparation, and then we have another 15 2nd loss in the hold. So place your hands down. Prepare yourself. Remember, think about everything vacuuming up to the chest. So it's like a big vortex, and all the energy is pulling right to the chest. The arms are staying straight. You're using the lower belly or using the mullahs bond of the hoodie on a bonded to create the lift. Ready set. Go 10 9876543 to one. Bonus. Five, four, three to one release. Set it down, roll the shoulders, take a big in hair and exhale. Take a moment. Here we have one more round. I'll use the blocks for this run. In fact, just in case, a little confused about what it looks like with the blocks really very similar shape. And, um, for those of you that aren't too sure what it might look like with using the foot pressing down, you'd have your hands on the blocks pressing down, pressing one foot down, pulling one knee into the chest, holding their for time, right, then dropping down and taking the other side for those you that already. We're taking this last round. Now again. Visualized everything. Pulling up into the chest, round into your back body. Feel all that strength you have inside of you. Just pulling to the middle. Taken, inhale. Here, lean the shoulder slightly. Ford of the wrist. Turn the hands up. Just a touch. Right. Even the touch more than normal. It's like you're tightening the jar on the right hand. You're opening the jar on the left. Press the palms down. Take be in hair and the exhale. We lift everything up for a tent. Not 87 six, 54 three to one. Bonus. 54 three to one three. Lease for all the shoulders. Excellent. Excellent work. Buying the hands behind the back. Chase the ground behind you. Lift. Just and then we have one more activity. Extended position preparations. So, you know, place the blocks out in front of you. You're to come into your table top post, right? Once you find your table tops going to set yourself up, feel some good length. All right? And then you're going to scoot the blocks back, closer to the niece. Turn the block out slightly or just turn your hands out slightly on the blocks. Whatever works better for you, then from here. Gonna press the hands down. Keep the chest in this outward position. Press the press both feet down the rich one. Lift the right leg and extend the right leg back. Keep the long position through the back body. So press the left it down just to lift. Left me after going a little bit. And then reach the right foot back. The chest goes out. Hold here for 10 nine, 87 6543 to one and release. Sitting back. Taking a moment round to press the farms flat. Fill the space in between the shoulder blades. Press the tops of the feet down. The left leg is going to extend this time. Remember, you're pressing the right foot down, but the writing is not lifting too much. Just enough. Think about a long, flat back position. Ready? Set. Lift the belly button up. Press the hands down. Lift the knees. Extend the left leg back. 10 nine, eight, seven, six, three To what? Re lease. Shake out the arms. Take up the arms. We have one last piece here. I know your legs are probably on fire. Your course, probably by your arms are probably on fire. But you have this in your Onley. 20 more seconds of effort. So place the hands down on the blocks chest reaches out, filled the space in between your shoulder blades. Long, flat, back position. Press the feet down. Left knee lifts a touch. Right leg reaches back. You're here for 10 nine, eight, seven, six, five four, three to one three. Lease, Check out the arms. Last one. Last piece of effort. Hands on the blocks. Press the palms down flat. Press the tops of the feet down. Remember Noto tucking here? We want to feel the full integration through the front of the leg. Lift the right knee. Extend the left leg back. You're here. 10 nine, 87 6543 to one. Worry Police. Roll the shoulders. Take your blocks. Put them on the highest height at the top of the mat. Hands on top of the blocks. You're done with the work. Excellent. Excellent job. Drop the chest down and just let the arms stretch out. You can scoot the knees back a bet. Allow a bit more of a heart open air here, taking a few breaths, this rounded down position letting the chest feel open, letting the body release. When you finish there, you'll find a child's post. But really take your time and maybe you're even there. Throughout the end of this video, you just push yourself incredibly hard. None of that work is easy. It takes time to develop that strength. But with consistent practice you will get there as always. Thank you. Thank you so much for joining me for this practice. I hope to see you again soon. Peace.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-40 minutes
Cycle: 27 days

If you’re looking for a yoga and strength training experience in the form of a fun and challenging workout routine, this is the course for you. Full Body Strength takes a holistic approach, combining the best of yoga, calisthenics and circuit training. You’ll leave each workout fatigued, knowing that you pushed yourself to your limits and did your work for the day. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build full-body strength
  • Increase your endurance, body control, stamina and more
  • Improve your power and stability
  • Challenge yourself with drills to develop muscle endurance
  • Enhance your yoga practice

Instructor Patrick Beach is based in Los Angeles and travels the world leading classes, workshops and teacher training programs. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America, his strong presence has allowed him to share yoga internationally over the last several years. He is the creator of Awakening Yoga and has been a Global Yoga Ambassador to Virgin Active. In this yoga strength training class, Patrick will teach you how to do:

  • Slides, holds, circuits, drills and plyometrics
  • Detailed squat modifications and fire-inducing core sequences
  • One-armed movements, core work and hip mobility drills, starting from side plank and working into a strength-building flow
  • A ladder-style flow, with rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: The Burn
After a brief wrist warm up, you’ll dive into a series of one-armed movements that begin in side plank and evolve into more strenuous yoga for upper body conditioning circuits. While familiar yoga poses such as downward facing dog, crescent lunge and warrior III will appear throughout class, these poses will be reworked to wake up the body and help you develop greater body control and straight arm strength. Included in this class is a series of core work and hip mobility drills to fully round out your practice.

Day 2: The Slide
With a highlight on core and arm strength, this class uses yoga blankets and sliding movements in a circuit-style challenge to keep your body moving and heated. There will be little rest time until the end of class, where you’ll shift your efforts to hip mobility work.

Day 3: The Fire
You’ll recognize several of the poses utilized in this strength yoga workout class: warrior II, wild thing, downward-facing dog, wheel and more. While the poses may be recognizable, the sequences are unique and include strength-building rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses.

Day 4: The Power
Yoga poses that target key muscles in your core create full body strength. You’ll push yourself to the limit in a repetitious, flow-based sequence that uses the foundations of downward-facing dog, plank, chaturanga, lunges and more recognizable poses. These poses will be sequenced into challenging circuits fused with jumping movements designed to increase your heart rate. Additional core work will leave you feeling sore, and you’ll close out the class by moving through supported bridge pose.

Day 5: The Tension
These yoga poses for balance and strength increase stability by focusing your energy on holding difficult positions for longer periods of time. Throughout the class, you’ll use pulses, lifts, holds and fluid movement to strategically build strength and flexibility. Be sure to have two yoga blocks handy to assist these goals. You’ll begin class with leg work and eventually move to the floor for pick-up-based drills.

Day 6: Recover
Use this gentle restorative yoga sequence to recover and prepare your body for a day of rest. Included in this class are light stretches and drills designed to keep your body in flow while still giving your muscles a break from previous workouts.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is the first of four rest days included in the 28-day programming for Full Body Strength.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: The Burn
Day 9: The Slide
Day 10: The Fire
Day 11: The Power
Day 12: The Tension
Day 13: Recover
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: The Burn
Day 16: The Slide
Day 17: The Fire
Day 18: The Power
Day 19: The Tension
Day 20: Recover
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: The Burn
Day 23: The Slide
Day 24: The Fire
Day 25: The Power
Day 26: Tension
Day 27: Recover


Elliot S

I bought this course over a year ago thinking that I'd do some of the workouts on my days off of lifting but that turned out to be too intense. Came back to this during the 2020 isolation period and it is still really intense, but a really awesome workout and challenge. Really excited to follow through the program and see what kind of strength gains that I can make outside of lifting. Thank you Patrick for these creative movement practices.