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Full Body Strength

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How-To Approach This Class

Patrick Beach

Full Body Strength

Patrick Beach

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2. How-To Approach This Class


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3 Day 1: The Burn Duration:32:28
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29 Day 27: Recover Duration:30:16

Lesson Info

How-To Approach This Class

Hi, I'm Patrick Beach, and welcome to full body strength. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us on this fund mission. We're going to be on over the next month to build as much functional. Strengthen your body as possible. They're five unique strength building classes. In this plan, you'll do one of these classes each day of the week, and there's one recover class that you'll take in between some of the classes, depending on when you need it. These classes are designed to be tough, so if you don't get the movements the 1st 2nd or even third time through, don't worry about it. You're going to build up over time, you're going to get better. It's going to be a fun journey along the way. For each of these classes, all you need is your yoga mat, two blocks and a blanket. When you're ready, I'll see you on the mat.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-40 minutes
Cycle: 27 days

If you’re looking for a yoga and strength training experience in the form of a fun and challenging workout routine, this is the course for you. Full Body Strength takes a holistic approach, combining the best of yoga, calisthenics and circuit training. You’ll leave each workout fatigued, knowing that you pushed yourself to your limits and did your work for the day. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build full-body strength
  • Increase your endurance, body control, stamina and more
  • Improve your power and stability
  • Challenge yourself with drills to develop muscle endurance
  • Enhance your yoga practice

Instructor Patrick Beach is based in Los Angeles and travels the world leading classes, workshops and teacher training programs. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America, his strong presence has allowed him to share yoga internationally over the last several years. He is the creator of Awakening Yoga and has been a Global Yoga Ambassador to Virgin Active. In this yoga strength training class, Patrick will teach you how to do:

  • Slides, holds, circuits, drills and plyometrics
  • Detailed squat modifications and fire-inducing core sequences
  • One-armed movements, core work and hip mobility drills, starting from side plank and working into a strength-building flow
  • A ladder-style flow, with rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: The Burn
After a brief wrist warm up, you’ll dive into a series of one-armed movements that begin in side plank and evolve into more strenuous yoga for upper body conditioning circuits. While familiar yoga poses such as downward facing dog, crescent lunge and warrior III will appear throughout class, these poses will be reworked to wake up the body and help you develop greater body control and straight arm strength. Included in this class is a series of core work and hip mobility drills to fully round out your practice.

Day 2: The Slide
With a highlight on core and arm strength, this class uses yoga blankets and sliding movements in a circuit-style challenge to keep your body moving and heated. There will be little rest time until the end of class, where you’ll shift your efforts to hip mobility work.

Day 3: The Fire
You’ll recognize several of the poses utilized in this strength yoga workout class: warrior II, wild thing, downward-facing dog, wheel and more. While the poses may be recognizable, the sequences are unique and include strength-building rounds of pistol squats, push-up variations and challenging standing poses.

Day 4: The Power
Yoga poses that target key muscles in your core create full body strength. You’ll push yourself to the limit in a repetitious, flow-based sequence that uses the foundations of downward-facing dog, plank, chaturanga, lunges and more recognizable poses. These poses will be sequenced into challenging circuits fused with jumping movements designed to increase your heart rate. Additional core work will leave you feeling sore, and you’ll close out the class by moving through supported bridge pose.

Day 5: The Tension
These yoga poses for balance and strength increase stability by focusing your energy on holding difficult positions for longer periods of time. Throughout the class, you’ll use pulses, lifts, holds and fluid movement to strategically build strength and flexibility. Be sure to have two yoga blocks handy to assist these goals. You’ll begin class with leg work and eventually move to the floor for pick-up-based drills.

Day 6: Recover
Use this gentle restorative yoga sequence to recover and prepare your body for a day of rest. Included in this class are light stretches and drills designed to keep your body in flow while still giving your muscles a break from previous workouts.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is the first of four rest days included in the 28-day programming for Full Body Strength.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: The Burn
Day 9: The Slide
Day 10: The Fire
Day 11: The Power
Day 12: The Tension
Day 13: Recover
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: The Burn
Day 16: The Slide
Day 17: The Fire
Day 18: The Power
Day 19: The Tension
Day 20: Recover
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: The Burn
Day 23: The Slide
Day 24: The Fire
Day 25: The Power
Day 26: Tension
Day 27: Recover


Elliot S

I bought this course over a year ago thinking that I'd do some of the workouts on my days off of lifting but that turned out to be too intense. Came back to this during the 2020 isolation period and it is still really intense, but a really awesome workout and challenge. Really excited to follow through the program and see what kind of strength gains that I can make outside of lifting. Thank you Patrick for these creative movement practices.