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Get Ready to Wholesale

Kristen Rask

Get Ready to Wholesale

Kristen Rask

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Class Description

Spend an hour getting your wholesale house in order with Kristen Rask. Kristen is the president of Urban Craft Uprising, owns the adorable Seattle toy shop Schmancy, and is a veteran expert on the wholesale game.

In Get Ready to Wholesale, Kristen will teach you exactly what you need to know to get a wholesale business up-and-running. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Creating and organizing line sheets
  • What info to have on your website 
  • Product photography essentials
  • How to work with and approach store owners


Audrey Wrobel

Thank you so much! Inspiration all around, and I took notes on it.


I listened to this with an open mind and I'm totalllllly green to it all. I truly felt as though this was not for the "newbie" I personally needed something that brought me from a-z. Sorry, I thought the speaker was interesting but I prefer a step 1,2,3...... to get a newbie started