Glamour Photography

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Bonus: Top Model Release App


Glamour Photography

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Bonus: Top Model Release App


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Bonus: Top Model Release App

so obviously the importance of signing a model release is vital when it comes to protecting yourself and so many of us do not do this if it any time you use your images for display and you have not signed off a model release you will you can get quite a backlash and just so you know a personal story about that is uh many years ago I used to not care about a model release because I used to think well everybody loves your images and I would say I can show these right never year yet put them on the website then it would be a verbal confirmation but as I built my business I went from a little garage studio to one year later having this beautiful studio in the city and one of the girls that was on my website and she was on my main card um she didn't come to may she went straight to a lawyer who sent me a letter that said I'm making money off her images and she should be entitled to a percentage of it and I had to go through that process because I had not gotten her to sign a model release b...

ecause I made friends with her why would I get it a sign a legal document s o what katherine has created she's created something specifically with the unique challenges with photographers of mind and it's there on your iphone or on your ipad there's no reason why you can't bring that to your client and have them sign it off and it will email the contract back teo you at the studio and then you have a record off it s so it's going to be there are you know many reasons why we need to protect ourselves but it's always smart when you're using your images and advertising competitions and all of those unique sort of situations that you are protecting yourself so um I call it you know they call it crossing your t's and dotting your I's but creatives and not very good at doing that so I call it you know doubting your teeth and crossing your eyes because way know we're not very good at doing legal stuff and doing business stuff and tech stuff

Class Description

When you hear the words “glamour photography,” what comes to mind? Pink backdrops, feather boas, soft focus, blue eyeshadow and lots of hairspray. You get the picture. But thanks to master photographer Sue Bryce, there’s a new kind of glamour shot, one that’s beautiful, contemporary and taking the market by storm.

Bryce has hit on a formula that’s kept her portrait photography business thriving for two decades, and she’s here to reveal all of her secrets. In this three-day workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about posing, eye lines, hair and makeup techniques, and wardrobe. You’ll also get advice on building your own business and successful marketing practices.

Whether you want to focus your business on glamour shots alone or simply improve how you photograph women, this course is a game-changer. By the end, you’ll have the skills to bring out both the inner and outer beauty of all your female subjects.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your style, brand and target market.

  • Market your business creatively and get yourself noticed.

  • Figure out what women want and sell to those desires.

  • Pose your subjects by following Sue’s rules: chin, shoulders, hands, hourglass, body language, asymmetry and connection.

  • Use natural light to make your work more modern.

  • Include husbands, boyfriends and families in your shoots.

  • Create before and after shots.

  • Make women of all shapes and sizes look and feel fabulous.