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Global Book Release: Art Inc.

Lisa Congdon, Meg Mateo Ilasco

Global Book Release: Art Inc.

Lisa Congdon, Meg Mateo Ilasco

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Class Description

Lisa Congdon wants to help you build a successful career as an artist. Join Lisa as she sits down with Meg Mateo Ilasco to talk about Art Inc., her book about thriving as an artist.

In this intimate broadcast, Lisa talks to Meg about her path to becoming a fine artist & illustrator, and the lessons she shares in her book, based both on her own experience and those of other successful artists.

Hear directly from Lisa as she talks about the resources & practical actions creative people can use to turn their passion into a profitable business.

Get a personal look at what it takes to build a successful and rewarding creative enterprise.

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Denise Barker

This was a great class! Lisa was so honest, open and inspiring. Meg asked relevant thoughtful questions so no time was wasted. Thank you!!!


I highly recommend this course. Lisa Congdon is truly an inspiration! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to watch it for free.