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Greeting Cards in Photoshop

Lesson 12 of 12

Type Inside And Mockups

Khara Plicanic

Greeting Cards in Photoshop

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

12. Type Inside And Mockups

Lesson Info

Type Inside And Mockups

Let's take a look at the inside because I thought this was really clever, ha ha. So the inside of the card or the back side if you did a flat card would say I've been trying to embrace my imperfections & apparently I'm quite the over-achiever. So I got so good at embracing my imperfections that I ended up doing something that now I want to apologize for. So I thought that was kind of funny. But this is the same thing we've been doing all along. It's just a bunch of different type faces and different doodles and dingbats and all put together in a way that created this fun hand-letter look. You'll notice that if we open the type panel here or my group collection of my fonts, you can see that a number of the fonts like the word apparently has been warped. I know that because the T in front of apparently has a little curved line under it showing that that's been warped so I warped the word here apparently. I warped over-achiever and imperfections was also, oh no that wasn't I'm quite t...

he, that got warped a little bit too. So if you've ever bought hand-written fonts before and then you've piled them all into a design, and you thought it doesn't really look very hand-drawn, that could be because the base line of those fonts is flat and it won't look very hand-drawn or it will look really incredibly perfect if you don't mess with it. So it's a really good idea if you're really striving for that hand-drawn look and you don't happen to be a lettering artist yourself, you can buy hand-drawn fonts from other lettering artists and then you can work with them in Photoshop and warp them to adjust those base lines a little bit and create more of a messy thing. So when you're creating this hand-drawn look, it's nice to be able to embrace the messiness and this is a place where it actually works well. And if you love playing with fonts it's fun because a lot of times when you're designing something it's generally frowned upon to combine a whole bunch of different fonts in one document 'cause it looks kind of cartoony and silly, but in this case if you're creating this hand-drawn look, it's like the one place where you get to work with a ton of different fonts and it's not a problem. It's actually a good thing. So I love playing with fonts and this hand-drawn thing just really works for me. So if you like it too, this is a look that you can really enjoy. So that is a peek at that. When you get all done with this, I'll show you what can also be done and what's included in the bonus materials is mockups so it's a good idea to mock up your piece if you're gonna send this to your clients. They're gonna have a hard time maybe seeing your piece and what it's going to look like if you don't mock it up. So for example, here is a mock-up that I put together for the dinosaur card. So if I was gonna try to sell this to a client or if I was gonna try to sell my design on Etsy or something, I really need to showcase it and make it look good. And there's a number of ways you can do that. You can make your own mockups, you can make 'em from scratch. You can photograph, I mean you could just print the whole thing and put it together and photograph it. That takes a lot of time, so depending on your schedule. But in this case this is actually just a background I made just from nothing. There's nothing special about this. It's just a flat color fill. This card itself is nothing more than the card, like the a JPG of the finished file. And then here is a photo of an envelope. We've got pencils and all these little toys. These things were all, actually I put the envelope in here. But everything else came from different collections of mockup templates from Creative Market. And I link to those and the resource guide too. But it allows you to build your document so you can put it in here. Here's just my envelope, and then you can create whatever kind of look you want for your piece. So you can just see a couple of these examples. Here's another one, and it just dresses up your design and helps your client see it and helps you sell it. So that's kind of a neat thing. But yeah so I hope you enjoyed it, and again I'd love to see your work so share it on Instagram, you can take me @kplicanic and with the hashtag CLCARDS and I look forward to seeing all the great stuff that you make. Thanks so much.

Class Description

A homemade greeting card is something people cherish. In this class you’ll learn to create custom greeting cards for any occasion. Using photoshop as the primary software tool, Khara will guide you through the design process for several types of cards. 

This class will cover:

  • Different approaches to greeting cards 
  • Working with type and image in Photoshop 
  • Sourcing assets for your cards (Creative Market, etc.) 
  • Getting things printed: on demand services, etc  

If you're always searching for the perfect card but can never find it, it's time to make your own! Learn how in this class.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5.1


a Creativelive Student

I bought this class and love it! I learned so much - Khara is a great teacher. She has packed in heaps of detail and new ideas, and is very easy to listen to. I am now a Creative Market addict and have had lots of fun making my own cards. Thanks Khara!

Pat Taylor Schink

I found this really really useful in many ways, like photoshop shortcuts, how to incorporate glyphs and patterns and more. I bought the Sunshine Daisies and the Fontbox pkgs and also discovered that a year ago I had purchased some other packages with glyphs/patterns/dingbat fonts and brushes and never really knew how to use until this. I have watched portions over and over because I didn't take very good notes. Khara is a great instructor. I recommend her, too.


Khara has really inspired me to try making my own cards. She has taken the intimidation factor out of the process for me. I'm purchasing her class, but I sincerely hope she'll do a follow-up class with yet more ideas. I'd particularly like to see her work through a folded card with text inside. I must say that as a teacher I think she is one of the best I've seen yet on Creative Live. She doesn't flit around too fast and really explains when she is doing (and UN-doing) various steps. Thank you, Khara!