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Beauty Shoot: Caity

This isn't katie's outfit she just happened to be getting changed and I noticed she had this powder blue tank on which is so cool with jeans because that to me is real calvin klein and I like the simplicity of genes and and you know it's so easy so I want you to go back against the wall and smoke pictures up against the wall that way, okay? So one of the things they're going to do now is the bigger and the longer they're here, the more work it takes for simona to get in here and you shut up so straightaway I have tio allow here that time but I gotta keep the shoot flowing. Um I've got it in my mind work out how I'm gonna shoot it I'm gonna, you know, pre think out the poses I'm gonna teach you how to do that this week, but right right about now I've already seen and my head all the sequences I could do in this powder blow and there's probably about forty different sequences, so I'm just going to show you one really good one and this is where I would use the fan now I wouldn't blow in i...

ts here because she's got a fringe would he call it bangs so she's got bangs and if I blow her banks, your bangs are gonna spider up like this which doesn't work okay, I also wouldn't blow eureka's here because she suits it up in around her face and curly insane with midori they both suit that beautiful around the shoreline but when I get longer here I can put year into it in ears fun but it means it increases the amount you shoot okay? Because you have to take more shots because the fan is really unpredictable also it's very hard you're gonna have to watch us do a quick fan siri's so there's, no point doing too much shooting before we put fan in here because I'm only gonna mess it up but festival I'll just take a sharp so one of the things that it's a pretty much a big problem is always making sure that the banks are sitting right here and something else from the front of the camera I'm always trying to open up through here have a look at the difference between there if the here sits cardboard straight around the face like that it's not very flattering I always say give me the ears back so so minor put their hands in here like this and then she sprays up under the here like that and what it does is it opens up the fact that the here around the face and it frames her face a lot more and it looks a lot more beautiful so straightaway I come into here I opened this up here and I try and talk that friend's clothes drive by that usually by the end of the hour everybody's got that taste of hairspray in their mouth but that's okay did buy a brand you like okay, so the aesthetic is exactly where I wanted to be and so obviously the first thing I need to tell here is don't move because so many times you're city here and you'll see that to shoot it and then the girls look like they're soon check their brass you know, although go can you see there uh and you kind of think, okay, what I need to do right now is for you to stay still the case as soon as I set that fringe, I just take it off the I because I don't want the natural light to be too dark around that I need to pose here you need to get those bangs against because they're gonna I want you to put your thumbs into your jeans you've got flat shoes on, so you've got lots of movement there and I want you to bring your feet apart like that victor and I want you to just kick out that hip towards tiffany okay say I want your feet apart a little bit more and I wanted to be sure that fair, that fair, that fair, that fair that fair that stop okay so it's always a lot further than you think you could go and then this shoulder goes up and over there that's it so really kick it out now this albert goes around your body around but your show doesn't tuck back that's it and then you go long chin towards me so you don't go chin down because she's got a narrow face at the bottom and there was no need teo no need to push for anywhere else so then all I'm trying to do is create there is shaped through my image to fill the frame so straightaway I'm here and I get some light up yeah and I I just want you to relax your mouth little guy bring it in this way sorry lift up and chin down stop I want you to re election mouth katie I can see that. Yeah, okay, relax your mouth katie let it go. Okay, let your bottom lip fall open just lit it for that girl straightaway. Yeah, okay from there I want you teo I'm gonna take exactly the same shot chin down stop I'm gonna take exactly the same the same shop but closer okay, so I'm not going to start working it yet what I want to do is first relax your mouth more good girl and I want you to put some beer in here so minor okay, stay on make eighty let your mouth reelection mouth better and lots of smile in the eyes that good girl that's it that's it okay, no state here I can't keep lying here until I get movement but I have to watch their fan because that faneuil flicked it here and in the wrong way really, really quickly so I'm always trying to control how much fan and I'm always trying to achieve three different shots and I'll just show you quickly what they are I want you to drop your shoulders because you're standing toe hunch forward not keep your feet out right rocky hip onto one side elbow goes back a gill working that body lines and nice and tall reelection mouth now that's it straight away I'm going to take this shot here which I call the three quarter shot it's kind of sharp chin forward and down now stop it's about mid thigh it's mid thigh and is top of the head okay, so that's my three quarter this is my cover girl serious then I go to what I call the top of the head about to that about to the hips and you can shoot this with negative space at the top I want you teo, bring it in this way stop really work that hip out and I want you to go lipstick it and give me a tiny little smile more more set to go stay there. Okay, so now I go from three quarters to hit to the top of the head so I go in and three stages and it's the same every single time because it's the best crop for this pose and then I go into what I call cover go where I bring it down to the top of the head and then I go sort of just below the boob line, so every single time the top of my crop goes from up the wall to the top of a head to the top of her here line or mid here line there can you see those three crops in every single one of those crops? I was slightly asymmetrical, so a slightly off to the side and that makes a really big difference in how it looks finished and you can move in and out you if you have a twenty for one o five, you can shoot those instantaneously without moving at all, and then the idea is I move and then she moves okay? Because as soon as I move, I'm getting a different sharp. If I moved in, she moves, we're getting a whole sequence of shots, so this is where we start going now I'm going to move and you're going to move, so from here I just inside on like this exactly right don't move now kick your booty out as far as it goes. That's it until it hits and then launch in around to this front. Shoulder away keep going, keep going, keep going. Stop! Okay, so I need to get opened up through here because I don't want her to look too narrow in the face. So always I'm trying to push up through here. Can you show us doing the blow dryer without the board in front so we shall be where you're sitting yeah, take a shot. Okay, bring your chin around give me a slight tilt this way so remember how amusing my hand directions this's his showed a pan and then I've got my tilt goes this way so slight tilt this way give me a reflector into the a tiff and I'm right there. Chin down, can you bouncing a little bit more. They come around to me, then you just take this so I just turned her side on. And there I am. Dropped that bottom. That okay with that shoulder forward. Good girl. That's the ones little smirk. Big smile. Go. Okay, so from there with the fan what I do, frank, wait.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!