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Beauty Shoot: Susan and Midori

So the first thing I did work turned off all of the artificial lights in here so that I can only use their light source because that's the only light source I use so the biggest problem we're shooting natural light obviously is that I have to put a reflector and I reflected this big if not bigger tio here to get my shot okay, so I'm gonna block you in the camera so I'm just gonna put it up and drop it back down so that you can see what I'm doing so the idea with this is that I show you exactly what happens in the studio now when I'm shooting because simona comes into the shoot with me I think it's very very important if you'll make up at us can stay through the shoot with you um I like the idea if you're a male photographer that you hear if you have a female make about us that she's there to pamper your client and I also like the idea of that you don't have to put your camera down or walk around from your mono pod or tripod in order to go and play with here and move here so my makeup o...

ther stays very, very close exactly where she is now and I pretty much have started I teach my mega paris that they need to start juicing the here while I'm doing the first posing because uh I could sit here for ever while they play with here you know so it's one of those things also samonas already really she knows that she's gonna use two things one of them is a brush and the other one is here spray so throughout the shoot she will brush and spray every single time I repose here she would spray for more volume and this is how we work together so I'm gonna take a this right I'm gonna take some just really nice beauty head shots of the girls um just to show you the make up and how we change the hear up just a little wee bit um sometimes I start shooting and I want hear biggest so I asked for the here to be made bigger sometimes we throw in the heat dryer and put valium in the here and this is how we work to give it and this is pretty much where I'm so minor stands now tiffany's gonna hold the reflector up when I shoot and then put it back down again so I can show you and I'm shooting t either but normally that reflected would just stay there it wouldn't be somebody wouldn't be holding it so I don't need a third person and I don't technically need simona but I just think in terms of pampering and the speed which which you can shoot if you've got to make about it so much better so normally my reflective would be here and mike client would be in a little sort of cocoon of reflected light that I can see through so nobody can see her if these other people in the studio they can't see her, she feels safe and it's a really cool way to bounce natural light around these v boards that we've made I probably get a thousand emails about them, so what we've done is tiffany has recorded a video not only on how we're to go on by them and where to get them from how to paint them and we painted all of the colors that you're going to see today and so we'll show that tomorrow or the day after I've got that in my segments I you don't need to ask a million questions about the board's gaeta final polystyrene and I promise you I will answer all of your polystyrene christians and let's get shooting so let's take a shot so interestingly enough, I've got fifteen dollars paula storyboard and I've got them get the tape to the back, which creates a v I can pretty much put that anywhere I want as long as I have a good natural light source bouncing back to here, obviously we're susan standing in right now this ambient natural light from around the room but the only light source that's really going to make a difference and we don't have a camera on the side do way so are you getting there is I want to show you the difference on when that reflect that comes up so the one thing we don't have is a solid wall behind susan so she can actually recline on the wall okay, so she can't lean back and use his shoulders on the wall so one of the first things I teach people is she's gonna take all of her weight on her back foot and she's got to bring not go back to where you in all of go back to where you were stepping back out to where it wass yeah, now take just take all of your weight on your back foot and then bring your otherwise that's it exactly right? So from now I'm gonna I'm ready to go t the maker okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you her going into this place nice date if it's fine I'm just gonna show you going in is it stands? I'm right there and she's standing straight up and down to may okay, so she standing straight up and down to may with the war behind you what's the delay and should have bring it to the front a little bit more and down this hand goes onto the outside of the thigh, slide up albert back that's exactly right? And from there all I want you to do don't second like acres when you suck in it makes the boobs go up and when the chest goes out it looks uncomfortable in wrong so I would prefer it if you actually kept in which most people feel uncomfortable about because everybody thinks that they're making it better on the opposed by lifting up through the chest but as soon as you inhale up through the chest, you make all of this bigger okay? And it doesn't work so to stay comfortable, stay relaxed prepare the feet at the bottom ok? Because that's the first thing I said as soon as she moved her feet I compose here this knee comes across okay because we know we want to create a nice hourglass in the body and we can only move our hips side to side when we bring one foot up correct that's how we get our movement so then what I do is this hand on the hip down here, albert back good girl, I'll take a shot of that so you can see how she's transitioned then what I'm gonna do from here is we're not doing the shot yet, okay? I'm just showing you into the post so now she's lifted her arm away from her body and she's studying to get shape in her body she's studying if you look at the screen behind you say that's the tether coming up you can see that she's starting to shape your body now we're going to go like this we're going to drop her shoulders down this way now she can't lean on the wall because there's no you know it's not a solid wall no support bring that shoulder back to the wall stopped the case davia okay then what I'm gonna do bring it up to is she's slowly coming into her pose now and as that happens um you're going to slowly see her watch you start tipped down towards the camera now what you gotta do is push your hips towards tiffany so it goes all the way kick it out ok? And we want to do that until it hits this is the only time I go in touch my client so I go in there and I'll kick it out that way okay? And then what I do nice day there is a wrong statement stating just let me move you okay? I roll into here now she's really starting to ruffle but she hasn't took down into the camera yet, so so those are my five mark three then what I'm gonna do is I'm slowly moving here in so watch this tipped forward come down now this the golden rule the chin long the case as soon as you see that chin come forward and down what I do then it's gonna be a slight very very deeply till this way stop ok from there okay said bring their active now I'm simply going up one more level above her eye line okay the higher eye guy and the more she tilts down to may the slim is she's got to get so it's that simple right so at this stage here I've bought that toe up knee across hip out hand to here backhanders hourglass around the back she's doing a slight reclined down the wall I'm getting hit a tip down and then all I'm doing is going you think all I'm doing is getting you to push each in fourteen down and then I'm going up above her eye line to hear in a soon as I get above her eye line lift your chin up to me I don't want it to look like here jenna's dad I don't want it to look like I'm way about here okay lift your chin up to me half in inge and I need you to relax your mouth susan like completely re election mouth good girl there it is and as soon as I see that full relic relax ation come into her mouth then ask for it in the eyes okay so tiny little smack in the eyes beautiful okay from there I want she asked a little half sioux smile just just give me that little we have smiled what year good feel that's gorgeous bring it in this way a little bit more and beautiful big smile guy good deal beautiful okay so from here if I can get one more shot from here just by changing her body position and you can see them if I don't move into your cramp um you can see if you go between that last shot nico in the fierce shot where she was simply upright or if you can put two up at the same time I just have to show you the difference between standing straight up and down and just reclining forward is so significant and it makes such an incredible difference and you're actually saying she's just not even moving faster stand up and down straight up and down now just drop it straight down towards me and this is the only time I will kind of touch people they touch my clients a lot I definitely hold this forearm and here I like to get that s o I will quite often pull in push yeah until it hits but the best part is is here upright position it's really only such a small movement and it's significant it's really really crazy and I just absolutely love it okay so from there the the next thing I do is obviously I want to change her position up now I have the benefit of two things. One she is beautiful here framing all the way around here. She's got great boobs in a small way. So the first thing I do is before I change her position is a bring her elbows up under her boobs this way. Okay, so straight away. Just come up and hold your elbows here. Now, this does two things. One of them is it? He completely significantly changes her position from the front stop. Let me shoot it so that everyone can see it from the front. I all I've changed is I bought her hands off under her boobs. Now what I'm gonna do, I can say boobs, right? Your boots that's, right? I mean, what I say well, I can't get a no, you can't ok from there now what I want you to do is I want you to bring swap don't move anything to swap feet good girl and kick your booty back is five go! Stop now the significant change. Bring that up, tiff. When you bring it out, bring it around to may. You can kick that box out. Okay, so the significant change in this post now long chin towards may, uh, and towards your shoulder a little way, but more good girl, stop it is now I have this incredible shape through the back. Sorry, I got a blank stay there, turn your body away from me. Stop! Bring your shoulder for stop, it's it bring the adaptive and there I get this foodie shape there. Now I need to get here. So if you could just show that difference between when you recline and then a soon as you bring the arms up, all I did with the recline was her weight was on her back foot before who bum was pushed away from the camera. This way. Okay, it's a really slimming pose. I swapped the feet and kicked the booty back that way. Now, that just gives an entirely different look impose. And also what I can now do is start to shoot into the sequence. So I'm going to be doing so many shoots over the next three to five days and you're going to see lots more sequence shooting how I change and flow pose. Um, so I'm not gonna flow post today. All I'm trying to do is just get a really gorgeous beauty shot. This is where I look at the camera and I liked that shot. But I don't like the here, and it doesn't look like a beauty shot. Two may it's you know, I want the here to be a little bit more stylized and I want the shot to be a little bit more beauty. So I'll bring some minor. And now and this is where I kind of go. It needs to be bigger. It needs to be six here. It needs to look gorgeous. And so, without changing her post, she can stand in a fairly comfortable position. I just she'll come in and that's. Beautiful. Now, from there, you can bring that up to flee. Now you are currently doing what most people do, and you've relaxed your hands here and here. Okay, so you've gone back into comfort zone, but I want you to squeeze your boobs in that because it gives you a bit of shape. And now I want you to use the shoulder for me. That's. Not too far that's the one. So just bring your this reflector up and in that perfect, sir, come around. If that's it bounce it right in. So what tiffany's doing as she's holding the reflector and just bouncing that light straight into here. Okay, lift your chin up to me that's a halfway down. I just want you to relax your mouth. Good girl. Beautiful. I want you to go chin around to the car to the wall a bit more chin down, shoulder up just to touch. Okay, shoulder forward, not up. So what? That line there? This one that's it. Stay there. Okay. And chin down. Perfect. There you go. Okay, so that two may issue if you go from this one to the next round is more of a beauty shop because what we've done is we've made here bigger and now the focus has become about their face, which is really gorgeous. Ok, go on, put your teal top on. Um actually what you do have issue have extensions so I want to show you on our deal with the teal top. You can put your top on ok? From there, my joy, you keep this, I might just keep that one aside for the green. What I want you to dio is can I have that white castell that twists up and down place? Well, listen here, so I want to be a transition really quickly between my shoots, and I also want to transition um, so I have all my props, obviously um all in a very small corner which is where I shoot I think I'm going the wrong way it doesn't move. Okay, well, come and sit here anyway and we see her ghost nobody wants to watch us play with, um with the sugar but so box the little ones there should be one right here that you actually think this product that's minus using right now we're gonna talk here tomorrow but the product that tooth in uh that's amazement using right now it's just such an amazing product to use in terms of volume and styling. It's just so incredible one day here is I want you, teo, turn to the front. Enjoy that way that's it and I want you to cross your legs it's exactly. And I just want you to lean forward. Um but not your body just here out by yeah, this your elbow forward that and the other one could go through there through there. Yeah. That's it stay there now don't get too narrow there and there are always looking for asymmetry and we'll always love you for relaxed hands. Eyes to me what I want you to do is I want you to move your upper body this way a little bit more, so bring your elbow this way bring you robert to the end of your name the reason that I do that from the front not there and pull your torso back here the reason I'll come in behind her into this the reason I like to move people over is obviously middle he's got a small butt and I want to make it look like she's got some kids so I'm trying to stick it from out this side so I can show this give line of your body just make sure you stay relaxed in your hands yeah that's exactly right now sitting up nice and tall through the back of your shoulders and I want you to go long chin towards may to just your chin and bring it towards me now like this yet good girl don't move I can't relax your eyebrows so something that a lot of people do when they're posing as they have the eyebrows up I it's tension in the face I looked for eyebrows then I looked for mouth and then I looked to the eyes okay so I go eyebrows first and then I say relax your eyebrows it's the first thing I do okay so relax your eyebrows again madurai relax them down that's it and now just eyes to make a girl now I just need a tiny little smile on your lips I could feel a little bit more little bit more little bit more got it okay I just want a tiny little smile like little let me see. Just a little bit of teeth that gorgeous good girl from their swap out that box. So bucks for the bigger man and I just want one foot on here take out here tiff so that she has to reach out for it. So from the front one of the first things I do whenever imposing anybody is I don't want hear knee to go higher than her boobs. Because as soon as I bring this in here and her name comes right up, put up any comes higher. Now put upon to hear the sinners who need goes too high. I start too block her body line and I want to keep it really gorgeous. So from the front, the way I can do that is just by pulling the box away from here. See what it's doing to affront lee soon as I pull a box away from here, the first thing I do is that because I want the needs to go together because that gives her an hour glass from the front. Then when she leans forward again on this name. Okay, it's a little bit higher now the league always looks longer when there's a nice pointed toe lifting right out, and I always tell people to take the shoes off when I photograph them because I'm a portrait photographer and I never see feet and I think it is so much easier to post your feet when you don't have a shoe or a heel onto right up onto this toe. Now, as soon as she brings this toe up, this league looks fabulous, right? Great leagues, nan, relax the hand down, sitting up nice and tall. Now we always want the elbows and the arm line to come into the center of the body. So we're always trying to create that line there with the girls were trying to bring the elbows and so that she goes out here in here and out here, okay, so they were trying to create an hourglass sitting down and it's really, really important that we make this feminine as we can. So beautiful pointed toes long chin towards may. So actually, midori, I wanted not to put your chin down, but just forward. Okay, now the lena your client is the longer their chin goes forward. Okay, the curvy a your client is the longer your chin comes forward and down you will find most lean people my spleen. Clients don't need to put the chin down the k it's you just don't need to so just still goes forward, so that gives you a long nick, and when it goes down, it gives you a long and slim nick okay from there I want you to relax those eyebrows bring that chin towards may and you can drop your chin down just a little weak but more keep going okay, give it up I'll take a shot with her chin up and then I'll take exactly the same shot bring your chin towards me and down down down that's a good girl and there it is there the difference for me when you look at that china is the isa smaller in the chin is larger as soon as you flick to the next one when her chin comes forward and down see the eyes engage in the differences is when your face is looking at the camera and your chin is up and you're not a supermodel okay cause supermodels do this and it looks really good but normal people don't okay so you might think you're a supermodel uh but what you need to do is bring your eye line and your chin towards the camera's faras possible until it connects right there and it just makes a difference nice pointed toes bring that knee beck and rework like reworked the position make them work their bodies constantly working their bodies chin down just a touch just to touch now I want that beautiful expression just give me that little we smoke good girl that's beautiful do that again a beautiful big smile go that the k and the difference being as soon as she dropped her chin forward and down she's there. Okay, I used this name now because it's, just below the bris line, I used this knee and I bring this hand straight up to cut the face, okay, I don't want it to touch it's, just going to cup. And so the idea is that it goes under the door line. It's, it's beautifully there. I bring the chin back this way, that's it and lift up nice and tall. Ok, stop. I want you to lift up from the back of your neck. Good, gil that's it. So it's elongating her body a ll the time and from here, shin down. Okay, just bring your chin into your palm like that, but don't let it lots of reflected light in there and give me that gorgeous little debt. Beautiful, beautiful, big, smart go wow, you are so cute, way happy with that!

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!