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So if you girls, I'm going to give you some concealers. And if you could just do what you're gonna do both eyes at the same time. Yeah, let's, start with what would you say my my eye type is because I don't even know when we're talking about those. Yes, um deeps it definitely deep set eyes here and kind of small eyes. So even though I would stretch yours up, but I would also stretch them sideways to ellen, get them to make them bigger that way. So I'll help you do that. Awesome. So you could start off by putting a little bit of concealer. Let me give you this. Give you a sponge ages. Well, have you got a hand mirror? Just say this is like easter christmas morning with all of this makeup and stuff like every little sailor five year old girls dream toe like have all this makeup at a table and you say, how about it? It's christmas with the makeup and new years? Because someone is here. So I I have never used, uh, brush to use concealer before. Okay, so in actual fact on yourself, you can ...

use your finger because the hate of your finger will also work it in and okay yourself, khun. Kind of feel how hard you pushing and rub it in, so go ahead and try with your finger, and then use the sponge to just blend it out. Make sure that it's all smooth, so you can yet doesn't pop a little bit over your head just a little yet that's. Plenty. Yeah, and I think I need to do a mixture for years. So, yeah, I'm gonna put a little bit on your hand, a swell so you can start up with the same scene. Yet you could do both eyes, blend those two together for me, conduct with your finger, used brush. Okay, so, too did the first light content. It was this brush here, and then that one for the darker out, just out of a corner, and I was uneasy. This wanted sort of blend. Once the color was there, someone are redoing the top of our leads and the corners and let's see the bottom. We're not going to the foundation just yet. I want you to start with the top lead and then sort of just the outer corners here. Holy so I put it on the whole it? Yeah. Okay, perfect. Holy um, just that one. That one. I used to apply this here that there will be step two, one one, seven. But do the top of the hour. I first? Yes. Oh, that's, our sorry I took it away from me. There is so pop that on you can use your finger to put that on and just really gently sort of debuting and working. And you don't want a huge layer off that foundation. Yep. That's good. No, that's. Good. Did use this bunch to lend it out. Yeah. Forgot aboutthe it's. Probably easier if I held the merest for you. Okay, so now I'll come over and do one of your eyes, cannot, I think. And, um, where should I do it from here? Can I do it from here? Someone give me a nod? Yes. Can you see? Yes. Yeah. Okay. So I would go ahead and put a medium dark color all across the lid, and I'm just gonna dip into ray's yeah, I definitely struggled with what color? To use um so you've got kind of say hazily eyes with some um almost very slight brandi little flecks in your eyes so you could use a beautiful bronze color um place for me or any of the neutral soft graze would also look good it's um uh yeah I can if you give me room to stand again did you have a question? I did have a question for you um what is your experience with makeup wearing do you usually wear a lot medium or minimal so before I started to be on camera on creative life I were war minimal very minimal to no make it so the bane of kenna's existence is makeup she's constantly saying can you look at my makeup and you help me with my makeup which she's asking all of our uh photography and makeup ours friends if they can show her something so this is really a dream come true for her also has she is always really hoping someone will eventually show her how to put on her makeup right kenna well said you want to know what the next remember what to do don't close your eyes just a little bit more contour you put this one on yet so now I go into this medium color there and just create the contours in that part of the eye and then blended in well, ok. Certain colors, colors, yes. And a great way to learn what works. He's getting color chart because this helps with concealing as well um actually this is great to know if you photoshopped as well what had to cancel out colors um you know whichever colors opposite so if someone's got blue eyes these sort of tones are gonna best enhanced them but you can also just go either side so that's still gonna work for blue eyes and probably not so much yellows because that's opposite of blue violet but if your eyes are within this range really then anything sort of a warm tone is going to enhance that blue eye color but those sort of brain mutual colors they seem to go with everyone but then if you want to enhance let's say a blue I um and you do it just a really neutral brown and you add a little bit of a flick of a warmer orange tone that's gonna really bring them out so with green eyes sort of ready brace uh red base brown colors work really well with hazel eyes uh sort of violet going into violent brown's worked really well and handsome but the color will is a great tool for make about us because you could just get what you want to do here where does one find the color will uh any art shop anywhere so it's not specifically on makeup color no it's just just just her colors work yeah it's classic good knowledge so what are you doing right now okay so I'm just um putting a soft color there across hilly that's not too dark and then I'm going going to go ahead and push it dark contour your camera and that makes you feel where I'm putting it where I'm blending out where the brush is going when I'm depositing color I can feel that yet but then you brushed it up so then lend is already here so then I'm rushing it out so I'm graduating the color out because I don't want a hard edge and I'm doing that with a clean brush so don't make a mess I just need a little bit more there so I just feel like I need a little more contour threw this party and that's under the arch it's kind of recreating first I'm good I'm moving it just a little bit higher with the shading okay did you do you conceal it perfectly so now go ahead and put a little bit of this same like they conceal a just a really small amount that's the eye primer and popped it all across your leads that just makes the shit shadow sort of lock on and stay on just the talks were just doing the tops of the stage okay so I'm gonna get to do that part okay think wasted muster okay said life color I'll be back with you so this color I used just on that my barley don't take it up too far just right across there and you were I was confused before the mobile mobile is a mobile goes okay opens and closes okay yeah one that's mobile yeah got it is it my accent so that color I applied with this just because it's a small brush and you've got a small it so that one goes with that and then this is a darker color now just use a dipped in just with the tips that I actually one of them apply the color ways didn't go everywhere else just to minimize the fallout okay minimize making in this okay, thank you. So, simona well, you're talking about brushes there. There have been a lot of questions in the chat room about brand and type of brush is that you recommend for people to use on themselves opposed to, you know, a professional. Is there any difference there or what do you prefer for personal use for personal use? I think as long as they don't have to be super expensive brushes, as long as they feel really soft. So if you contest the brush and just run it across your eye quite a few times and if it feels really soft and if it's not pushing your skin backwards and forwards, then it's a good brush so the hair should be quite fine and quite soft, so they blend really easily free. If they quite brittle, then you're gonna have bits of color going everywhere. Thank you. This was the brush for the mobile inn. Yes, and then I used this asshole. So apply this first and then I'll tell you next time, so you help with my blending technique? No, I think he did quite well. You just need to blend it up a little bit so with yeah ok so maybe let me do it and then you feel the difference so you're kind of going like this I get in there and I do that so it's a little bit more pressure and um very sort of direct I'm not going everywhere I'm just going where my line finishes work I feel like it's a hard line and I wanna blend it out I go on that line and slightly above and just do my blend so I'm not just flicking because that doesn't it'll blend a little bit for you but no much but thiss action will blend much faster someone have a question about this this's mac paints is that an eye shadow or that's a it looks like it looks like an usher they do come in a few colors but I use it as a primer so it's a waterproof I should've that's meant to last for twelve hours um and then anything you put on top of the color stays a little bit more intense kind of like it looks in your palate it'll look on your eyes it feels really good on creamy yeah it's really nice and he's a poet and you just need the tiniest tiniest amount to put on it I think I used more than a tiny all right so you've got beautiful blue eyes let's um do you want to try the makeup that I didn't need yesterday? Sure still lease and your next of kin are he's grabbing this brush here I've already applied some of that product on for you and probably the easiest way for you to lift itunes hold your mirror there so you can kind of see that sucker because if you just look straight ahead relax don't do that to your eyebrows where you want to start applying it is here because that's where you want the darkest part to go and then blended in woods and don't take it too far out this way kind of stop about there so that's where you want to go we'll stretch it down look down for me I'm gonna we're gonna blend it down this way for you but I want you to deposit the color there because that's the bit that we want to push back okay? So start with, um this all across the eye on it and that's that and this is your quantum yet you can use that one. Okay that's the contract so with that one first leave that part a little bit lighter but just go into that contour they're concentrating on there and so some of the lighter thing you you put that light I shot all the way to the eyebrow don't you cream base you makes one not all the way to the ground. Just just where are pushed in. So that's the contour. And you wanted to go just here okay perfect thank you so you don't know what yes that's good right yeah perfect so go ahead and put your eyeliner on with joe liner just you and you've got a little tiny brush there um I don't know if you find I find this on myself easier it's a rush that's got a little hook um on here and I think just doing it on yourself cause you know blocking your own view this is a much easier way to do it so maybe try that close your eyes that's good just a little more blend I've got a claim but see how it's some so don't lift your brows when you look straight ahead but if you just look straight ahead yourself see how it's lifted that area and made it look not as not as puffy right because it's droopy yet so you put it okay yeah so we put a dark I'm matt color there okay don't want to use anything she marie there because any shima is gonna bring light back and reflect but you want to make it nice and easy okay thank you. Do you have time for a couple questions yes um so we had someone who's asking um dana niemeyer photo was wondering why not put concealer um under the eye in the beginning because I get fall out and it all ends in the concealer grand then I've got to take it off anyway, okay, I'm excited that's, why I got the girls to kind of conceal into that corner and this corner here, because once you've done your eye shadow and shading, you don't really want to go back in there with concealer. Then I will conceal just under this area that okay, and, uh, forgive my ignorance is primer and concealer the same thing because somebody periwinkle seven was asking, why does simona not start with primer on the eyes? So what send just putting on this is a primal, and when I was doing the race, I did say that, you know, if you don't have discoloration on your leads, you can just start with, um, I should have primary straight away yet, okay, I'm gonna continue and just do a little bit more on your eye, okay, doing that one wasn't yes case. I'm gonna grab a pencil close for me, and I want this part to be sort of the darker parts. I'm only going from the roughly the middle open your eyes for me. Um, roughly the middle ofthe kenna's eye, which is the highest sort of point on that top lash line out and the reason and I'm going a little bit thicker as I go out because I won that last line to instead of have debt shape, I wanted to start to get an upward angle waken blend that out I should, and that will set it and blend it out at the same time. So when you do this, you load your brush on the bristles just their next attack because that's the part of the rush that again you're going to be using? Yeah, I'm just dipping in this way looking down actually close and then I just go in and push coloring, so I've only taken the pencil to about there, but I'll go through and blend out either side just that there's a graduation of color, nothing should sort of stop and start to obviously everything needs to transition and that brush I don't want a brush like that. Is that just for specifically for you? Khun dio you khun do island? I would, despite its a little bit thick to dujail liner I think on most people, unless you've got, you know, amazing space in your eyelids, um, but this is a good one for underneath the eye. And just for shading close to your lashes so that's that's a really good brush and were you sorry since I my eyes closed were you doing in this one so well we're wash first first go this way so this is the outer corner of the eye so that it really gives me a nice angle so go down and then I flip it and I go a little bit down because I don't want a deposit color up on the lead I go right into the lash line and I go that way ok accent uh one that there's a there's a few different months um I used a nice thing pointy one um if I want to do a really fine line up this's an angled one but it's also really, really think and then I do have uh a mac angle brush which is similar to this I can't say it right now it's thin this way but just a little bit of fetter that way and that one gives me just a really good line if I want an eyeliner with a flick then that almost doesn't for you because it just with one stroke you can create that beautiful lithe um I think they're a little bit thick and hard to use um personally but you know some some women manage to do them think depends on your um if you've got a beautiful young leads that don't have any lines when you open and close them, then that's probably quite easy, but if you've got any kind of movement in your leads, you're gonna go this way and end up with black and white, black and martin, and you've got to kind of fill it and you just end up with a big c klein and they quite waterproof those those liners and hard to get off. So I think brushes much easier. General aina thing, you've got much more control, so jealous liquid is a liquid. Eyeliner is job, I don't know it's a different form of jellies in the part, right? They used to be that there's, the liquid liner, which is in kind of a miss kara type write something and they used to be k klein is a swell which you don't see around anymore, and they're activated with water. They just looked like I should've. Simona yes. Uh, sandy h from mississippi was wondering with the eye shadow applied over the island. Or just now does that keep the islander from smudging? Yes, it's that one. I just want to finish underneath the eyes. Well, I'm gonna get you to put on a right inside your eyes well, can I can do this I didn't do the other side yet. I forgot to mention that kenna does her makeup in her car outside of love studio sorry you don't know that that's natural light yeah you something different on me and kenna was that you put my eyeliner on last right before mascara that with kenna you put eyeliner on first than shadow over it yet so I used your liner on yours which doesn't really need shed over you don't need to set it I do sometimes grab accusing and while the jail linus still wit I sort of blended out if I want more of us mcgee smokey look if I don't want it to be a definite line worth with kenna I used a pencil which is basically a wax and that needs a bit of shadow over the top to sit so you go ahead and do the pencil on the other side was just there and yeah that's good good shading all right I'll get you some line of brush you can do joe liner a swell do you joe island or used the other I've been using the liquid eyeliner with liquid liner brush and exactly what you said first it doesn't come off and then it just hits me forever because I mess up over and over and over again so try it with the brush I'll clean you this pretty thing one thinks that works better simona amanda is wondering when would you choose gel liner over cake liner and jelena has a little bit more of a glossy finish to it. Um, so if if you want that beautiful strong line, then different jawline. No way not prime your other little looks like it's racing a little bit that's okay let's just put a little bit of a lighter color where's your lightest come get respect okay? Solar rays done a really good job um I just feel you can wait on that one there um that's the eye that I did close for me just a little bit lighter through there and that doesn't seem to have that shadow there so I'm just going to pop it on for her don't you scar and then we'll need to go through and wave and just blend some of that medium color back into the contour and I feel like I've got a little bit more from this dark color out of a corner booth so see how grab your mirror so your eyeliner he has gone down and it's almost making a shadow there so I would actually rather take it up a little or just wipe that little just a little underneath it away so I'll give you a cue teo you've gone might need to use a little bit of remover on that. Yes so uh I think I think that I went to heavy starting in the middle yet did you start in the middle or did you go out? I think I started in the middle and went that way was that on the top is that with what I was supposed to go on just depends how you come on over the pencil. So maybe starting on the outside is easier because you wanted to be a little bit thicker on the outside and then just blend in towards the middle. You could easily fix that with a q tip and just wipe down closed down, and if the color doesn't come off, even go and apply a little bit more of your initial I should of color and just fix that mistake. But if you look now that little speech that you had there sitting in the middle that's gone, okay? What's the question she, um she asked if she applied the honor too sick, and it was a little bit too sick right in the center of her. I I wanted it to be secret on the outside and sort of blending really nice and thin towards you in a corner, and I started in the middle going out, whereas somebody then recommended that I yeah, outside middle, and I used to put it all the way across, so you're having it just half well. In essence, I am lining your eye all the way across, but I'm then doing that when I pushed the guy shadowing and that's. Just give me a softer line rather than a hard pencil line. Thank you. You can't do the other side, he'll do it, boy, it is holding a mirror and doing it at the same time. I was a bit of a challenge, I think it's uh, pulling doing like he's, trying to pull your eye, you need a third hand, someone to lift you close for me. How do you normally get right into the inner corner of your eye when you apply the gel liner? I've been using that liquid eyeliner, so I start start like in the middle on and go out of the engine and make it pretty thick. And then I come back in and do it in one all the way down, but that gets really messy on. Then the makeup gets stuck on the bottom part of my lower lip because I put so much on that when I blink and ends up black down here. So why helps many more time cleaning yeah so good ways if you look straight ahead and you kind of paint more straight on and probably can't do that with the applicator that using its easy always brush so if you look straight ahead for me it's almost where you want to get the line and you could do this with joey I thought this was a pencil is some gonna have close your yes it's nothing a little bit on yourself with pencil with the liner coloring that part and that really defines that part of your eye and it's riding the lashes this that makes the lash line look sicker but it doesn't mess up the hole in the corner and so you were saying to start in the middle of your people for the bottom line or another top line um where if you look at my I think my highest point is about there so that's where I wanted to be thin and then from there I wanted to go secret out and then only thin going down from there because you want to create that line good did you powder that for me did you go over it with the shutter idea that went over with this? Yes that's right? And then what I would do is maybe even with a q t you could go a little stronger. I'm nothing wrong with using q tips for certain things he always you know you don't always need a brush it's mona what percentage of good makeup do you think is really all about having good brush is having the right after right applicators um it does make a big difference. I think the job of blending is so much easier having a really good brush and knowing how to use it and also having brushes that are really nicely cut so they applied just we want them to apply um and also buying shadows that have good pigment because then you don't need to keep going backwards and forwards all the time so now I just wanna dark and this whole outer area on kenna so it makes her eyes look bigger and stretches it out wayne actually dark in that crease just through here just to push it back a little bit more sometimes if you can't blend and you feel like you know oh my god, what have I done? You can grab kind of color that's quite a few shades lighter that will help to graduate it out for you. You didn't do that. You know that feeling well, what have I done? Okay, all right. So you're gonna go with this color he and darken you just that sort of area going? Yeah, good now yes, just take it from there go now the other colors that I used on you yesterday underneath the eye was this does it make it easier using some sort of professional brushes girls so well I just feel like there's so many different options and so just knowing which one to use when you when you go and look for brushes well no because I look at the ones you up here okay I don't have that you know that particular one yeah this's really the whole time we've probably been using that which this and this is the same thing this one's got longer here you know they're both blender brushes but that is just a really good contour brush so you could you know you could just do those two and an island a pencil for you I think this one will be a good one yeah don't forget you can use a pencil and actually if you have trouble applying the line or you can do this technique that I showed yesterday where you apply the pencil onto the brush and then try and push it into your delicious that way that might be easier to do while I'm driving a car yeah definitely save her I think is what did you put the line in I put a little bit I don't know if I put enough let's put a little bit more on the outer actually you try and do it and maybe try with this one um for the line I hope more more liner I think on the outer on you. One more question I know you talked about a little, uh, cat piece of eyeliner that you do out here, and you said, you're not supposed to know what do what do you think about people that do the more sixties eyeliner with big black? I like it, but you need to kind of have the island space like I can't really do it because I've got this bit that comes here and then all he sees these black flick and nothing no other shading, um, and your eyes a little bit on that side as well. So I think you better off with a blended out stretched I rather than a hard sort of lined, kicked out kick out here. Did I kick out a line a little bit just on that one way? Can't see you put your back to the camera, just clean that up, look down for so if you ever get too much, you just go underneath and soften it up just with a q tip with a bit of remover or, um, water on a bigger and just trying. Do that very in a corner for me as well because I feel like you know if the liner stops short then you I stopped short so it's almost like you need to stretch it right down to the lashes yes, very even so go ahead and do the concealer and foundation on the other side yeah, a little bit have you got time to grab a clean one and you need to win it otherwise they're just rubbing your skin backwards and forwards so are these fixed plus to remove my fallout or a bit of eye makeup a river or a bit of cream moisturizer is well yeah that's good so what we might do now is concealing your foundation and then we can go ahead and do the underneath of the eyes so great. So so one of the things that I struggle with this very pink skin around my nose and I haven't found a product that I was that maybe you're not using you found a good foundation should be able to come flash that, um you you know, or you might just need a she foundation everywhere else but just something a little bit heavier around that area look up from that we've got a bit of fallout, okay let's get your foundation what do you use at the moment? Just only could I just use a tinted moisturizer okay so that's why you're not getting coverage this it's sort of a dilution down foundation that's why I've been some power yet so you need thio step up foundation just a little bit on trying for somebody who who didn't wear a lot of makeup historically when I go into say a makeup store and ask somebody to put makeup on me but I always felt that it was like too kinky and so that's why I keep going back to tint it moisture tinted moisturizer but then it feels like it's not enough you know bring it okay so just wanted you've got a little bit you mentioned uh clear what clear foundation or think that's what you said translucent foundation or translucent powder just because there's the different shades but you said just justin yeah uh no I don't think so sorry I don't know dick shit crazy no I said that she's using tinted moisturizer which which is like a diluted foundation but before that you said to use one on her face and then a different one on the red no okay so I said you could use a lighter foundation like a more less coverage really like coverage foundation all over and then a heavier one sorry where she wants the coverage here so how do you determine what color to start with? Well I'm looking at your chest here your neck is lighter and I sort of wanna match thiss area and then blend it down your neck, so I think I'm mixed up one forty with something. Just touch light. So, of course, when you buy your own foundation, you buy the one perfect color, but I still find for, you know, for summer and winter, you really need to different colors, and then for the seasons in between. It's, good to have those two colors, because you can always dark and all lighten, depending on what color you are for in seattle, where it's always growing. Yeah, you just need you. And then, if you do get a bit of telly, you could always just with a man, not a shimmery bronzer. But just go ahead and give yourself a little bit of warmth on the outside of your face, and just a little bit across. Not everywhere. Um, down your neck, you know, to to bring the color up. Okay so I'm doing the wrong side and I on the other side okay so this is it's a very thin layer and it's it's not looking cakey but already I feel like it's cut quite a bit of the redness and it's sitting reading us in your skin rather than on your skin as well have a look so I'll give you some more put it on your hand blended for you go ahead and do a layer of that and then if we need more we'll give you a little bit more coverage let's have a look okay this is where I always have a hard time with makeup when you put the dark in the creases get out of control uh you don't you don't get blending yeah I can't I don't get blending is that what it is but I'm not sure where it starts and where it ends ok so let's you know what else I learned that a little bit for years just so you could see what I have done I they are they're out of control when you say I don't control what do you mean by that she means keep looking it's just a messy and see how this just looks like kind of a line and it stops right there doesn't graduate and blend out so that's what she's having hot and they're not the same both eyes like I think I started ones darker I started like in further on the side and this is where I always yes so you have you even applied the darker color a little bit lower on that eye between your eyes are open doesn't actually show, so you've got more contour there but you need to take it contour a little bit up so if you look straight ahead for you whichever way you look a bit down this is where your darker color needs to go can you feel that you've got it here and I'm putting it just about so when you do that, you actually see them a lot. Do you just go a little bit about so I'm just going to much for you? You're going a little bit too like I think you need to go a little higher let me just see if I can blown this out why's it not blending for you, I can't let that out quite easily maybe you're just not my pressing a lot harder than what you pressing. So so maybe what your doing also is going straight ing for the dark and wei thought I take out a little bit when I deposit my car, so I'll go in there tap a little, make sure I don't have a huge big chunk and then with the darker part close again, I'll usually start on the outer third because that's where I want the darkest it's always start there and then blending it looks like you went straight for how far you going. Um, I sort of blended out. It depends on the I really know how much I want to push back off the eye, but I'll start their deposit and then with a clean brush, I'll blend all the way to go all the way to dinner here. But I don't put the color there, but I do blend it through all the way to the eye just to get the color out graduated out. So this is where you want the darker parts, so this is where you should start putting it on and then out. And now now got hardly any product on my brush left, and I'm using it to blend out, give you all the time at home as well. Is there a way to take light shot over it, to kind of lightning? After you blend it through to your eye, can you put some white on it and bring it back? Um, it can look a little bit muddy. Depends how dark you've gone. Um, if you haven't gone to dark, you can lighten it up. What then you can do is apply a little bit more light on the inner thigh and just blend that dark area back with a q tip. So if it's too dark, I think trying to remove some of the color first before you reply with something else. Otherwise, you're just gonna have dark and, like it's, just gonna make lighter much. Do you make let's, see how you went with foundation? Do you feel that he's still got some on your hand? Um, see, I wouldn't maybe go ahead and just do another fine layer just through the area that you have trouble with. I'll do that for you because this foundational is really nicely when you're doing the second layer, it helps if you sort of stipulating look up for me and I'm gonna take it right under the eye and then see how much concealer actually need way. Lucy so with foundation, I don't I'm lazy, and I don't buy these. And until I just like what I do use I use with my fingers spread around and I feel like that's probably not a good idea, but, um, I use my fingers on myself. Yeah, that zit zit friend. Yeah, even leaving out. You just you just need to push it around. Teo, get it to spread and blend down like we didn't do your neck. So you see how much whiter she's under there you need to blend down working. Okay? I'm gonna go ahead and party with a press party just to make it nice and quick. And then I like using a slightly smaller brush around it just off the night so I could get writing. Look up for me. You can also sit underneath the eye using the other side of the witch looking up and you just pushed pad a ride in that way and then get rid of the excess do you have like with foundations you khun get basic ones and mix them but you have a recommendation for somebody who's just building on early makeup kit on the powders and different chains because it's hard to go in and just by shea yeah I've only got a few shades look up for me um we can put that up on the on the feed um you know I can say what what powders and my favorite for megan thinker um yeah I've got maybe five colors a really deep one um a light one and then sort of sea force is just a really nice medium just want a nice dark for me I just want to sit that liner that I put on and I want it to be really close to the I to the island and also you know beautiful big eyes this way so don't don't stop your liner like take it all the way around booth no matter how good you are thiss it's never the same as having someone do it for you you have a nice relaxing music made that look down that way so I just wanna get it riding all right let's do miss guard and then we can see you don't get a side to side comparison. But promise older, the other in the break. So you're not going back on camera is a wonderful looking down from we've got great long eyelashes. Okay. Someone do you love having your make up done with someone else? Yeah. I like having my hair down to its relaxing. Definitely. Did I did I just smudge it? Yes, by blinking again. They removed it perfectly. Okay, and look down that close just looked so you'll have clients that just blink and get it everywhere that happens to me all the time, and then you just go ahead and fix it up. Yeah, okay. Is it so much better than what I what I do, but do you feel comfortable with the foundation? Um, I guess it's still again. This is I like that. I always feel this feels heavy to me, but that's just but it doesn't. But at least you'll know howto. Vary it. You know, if you need to be on camera so you can go heavier and then fear ofthe day sleeping just goat into my streisand.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!