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Hairstyling for Each Model

Okay, so we've set, um, katie's here on the one inch, um, curling tongs, and we spread it with lots of setting lotion as we're doing it. Um, it's, a garden needed, um, spread it all through the hair, brushed it through, and then because she's got such, um soft but heavy here, that wasn't gonna hold very much. Um, we spread on each section as the hair was being set, and it just got taken off the tongue and pinned so cool in that, um called up position. So it holds. Give me that. So I actually want to brush it out. So he's, a big pedal brush she's got lovely, secure. Um, we find here sometimes I use a hairbrush. I've gone somewhere I'll show to you after, um one that sort of runs more over the top surface of the hair doesn't cut through like this one just so I don't pull out a ll the curl. But he I do want to loosen it up. Got a nice big, not hear you come in. Untangle this for what I did. The house just on the other side. That's not a yes. I take it back from the crown because I want a ...

little bit of height and through with so we'll take all the hair forward because she's young, I'm not going to tease up the crown and make it really huge. But I will do a little bit of back combing. Just so I stopped the hair from separating she's. Got a bit of a, um, patent the way that the hair gross and if I leave it it's all gonna sort of end up separating he and she'll have a gap. So just do it quick. So just hold the head type and pushed down. Take another section. And then I used the end of my crime to sort of smooth it out because you can't leave it like that if you find it hard to smooth out. Um you're teasing, just leave it a really fine section that you can cover it with that you don't tease at all, but generally with the with the end of that or then with the comb you can go through and smooth that out so I think we're going to be using the hair dryer at this point. I want the french to stick together a little bit more, so instead of spraying it, I'll go through with like, a self starting cream. Samantha, what do you look for in a silent scream? I like to give me a tiny bit of separation um a little bit of holds that not greasy certain needs to be more met and if she had more layers, I'd probably run it through the front a little bit more, but I'm not gonna run it all through here, so I'll just get all tangled in it with this on my hands thank you so the rest of those eugene, I actually just do when she's in position um, depending on which way she's lying down or sitting, then are going while sue sitting up and play with her here and maybe give a little bit more height just by sort of running my fingers through the crown were taking one part back and this forward so this point I'll probably leave it let me get changed get around, sit. And then I sort of do my final bits with it way. Do a swap. Um let's finish ur simona a few people. I want to know where the term justine came from. Wait, you don't use it in america way, dio yeah, I don't know where it came from, dr for a straight guy. That tv show carlton blond person. Thank you. Here we go. Coming here to see. All right. So we've got in it. Next. She's got quite a lot of hair and quite thick. Um, but it's quite flat on the top. So we've gone through and gh deed, um, curls into a hair at the back. I went sort of downwards in sideways, but through these section in the front, I took a ll the curls back away from her face because she hasn't got all that many layers. I didn't want all the here to sit, um, rolling forward into her face. Actually, wood. I'll do first do some tasing on the crown. Um, do we have the power of someone? Thiss yes, dustin that's. So here I will show you what I'd do if I want a good lift at the roots go through and tease not two biggest section and I go through and sprinkle a little bit of this in just another teasing holds and stays there and I normally work looking in the mirror so I actually know what I'm doing so I don't really want to take the head to wide but I do want to give her a bit more volume on top and I'm gonna brush those calls that a little bit my pulling does that hurt? You know I just always wonder I can't tell from being one of the big guy are you setting lotion so I can go through the hair after actually rush it out quite a bit so I don't want it to all dropped as soon as I put a brush through it that's why you sent my setting lotion um when the hair is dry and we're putting the hot irons or the hot tongs on it and if you've got someone was fine here actually aboard a demonstration with that you know we never really see the back of the head's a lot of the times I bring quite a lot of the hair forward could you clarify for people one more time? What setting lotion iss setting lotion is a product that you can spray on the hair when it's dry and then use a hot two or even a hair dryer again teo give you hold thank you. Okay, so same again leaving it at this point and then do the rest on set. Thank you. We might actually get you to under dori while I do your extension. So susan's got beautiful curly here, but when I pull it all back I find I want more, so we're gonna push all of hair forward and I'll brush it out a little bit more and I'm just gonna clip in a hair piece in the back just so we've got something back in the here and we're not seeing throw it here, so I went through and taste are ready, but I'm not just do that a little bit more. I'm tasting now said that extension has a comb inside so it's got something to grouping with it's not a perfect color, mitch, but it'll do for the shot and that's what I do a lot of pile different hand to people's here and then cover it up just so I've got extra here to blow and play with. So I've got a little comb he normally it's a crime that clips in and has really good hold but I'm gonna have to pin this morning this's actually half wig what they called so that's something that you were across he and then cover it with the rest cover the rest of it with your own hair but I just sort of painted in through the side with way it's actually not that different wade got anything? That's not just plug it in for you or just flicked a switch I just wanted curly's fit out so there's a gray because their heat up in seconds and you've got so I start he and a ribbon in the hair I read in the hair through the dhd and it's not hot yet so just give it another sick slide it through and I keep twisting and then you can just hold it for a little bit and you've got any instant girl I'll do this one again you have left the end a little straighter I don't really want it to be fully cold inside keep it open and slide it through on an angle okay, who are you? Do you ever apply mme or, uh, product? Are you heating up the product that you originally used like setting? Um if their hair's really dropping out, sometimes I pull it out and insult, then I'll go through, apply a little bit more starting washing and then re tongue is their front, their level where there's too much and it does something different, like weighs it down is that, um, can be but you can usually the setting lotion that easy you can usually brush it through the here and you'll know when it's too much because your tongue went drag through your kind of feel it, um, if it's falling out and you feel like there's, a lot of product, then just talking will be enough. You don't have to read the reply the product. Thank you. And can I have erica? So all I'm gonna do is run my hands through erika's curls on and just give it a little height here. She's got, um, she had a hare relaxed. So it's, um, well, straight then unnatural east way and we just went through two different tongue sizes, the really small one, and then that medium tongue america likes to wear here around her face, so we're gonna keep it there on this side, and then we just got midori, is it all and okay, thank you. And I'll do the rest on set. Dori coming down to you all ever find that people like coming not wanting any carl's in their hair and they say they just want it straight. Yeah, I do. You left so I actually don't want too much cooler in here, I just want a little bit of bounce, and sometimes I set the hand two curly so then I go through and blow dry sections out, which I might do with dori, but let me just put a bit of critics uncork studios has a question for you. What tips do you have for someone who usually who has naturally very big hair, very thick, and you would rather have a tone back a little bit, um, fly drawing at first and not creating a cool right from the route, but letting it sit flatter through he and then just creating the call through there or not curling it or just blow drying it with a round brush, leaving the rushing there to call for a little bit. So it creates just a a really soft flick at the end. So I'm just again always tears around people's crowns because it just gives more height, so always wants bigger here because here, but it does look good in photos. Sometimes I look in them and I think that that looks too big. You put them on set and then it's still not big enough, no matter what hair type it's usually going kick you. Unless they've got, you know, um really sleep cut with a fringe. Then I just go with the hair style that they've got just wanna create some high through the french here is, well, it's getting a little too flat for me. Just text, uh, photos is wondering when you do your own chutes. Do you style them yourself? And if so, what is your process for the shoot afterwards? Does it take longer? Um, I do have a head dress so that I'm training in makeup as well. That works with me, but I have done many shoots on my own without an assistant. So I do the hair and makeup myself and then shoot. It doesn't take all that much longer. It's nicer to hand that part over or share it with someone. So you don't have to do the photography in the hair makeup. Um, but, you know, suz waiting now for me anyway, so I think that I slay myself down with photography. I think more than the hair. Okay? That's better. Okay, so this stage I would leave it as well. Actually open a little bit of this. Probably what I would do for the photo always bring more hair across doris forehead okay, so we're ready to go yeah, I've done everyone and I'm just gonna put a little weight just during the last big okay any questions regarding the head almost looks like you were spraying above the hair quite a bit and letting out yeah sort of like covering the face with my hand and then sort of do that so I don't have one big glued section he what's a good way to ease the combing out of teased hair some people stray away from teasing because they dread pain and also people were asking about like the spare hairs that are coming out um what I said you can come out the teasing ways it's a boar bristle brush I'll find it there it is um this is a lot softer and doesn't pull the hair as much so you can then go through your clients here and just, you know, rush it out for them if they're worried about the hazing. Um but at the same time, if you put this in and really used the roots or possibly even dried like with the hairdryer push it into the here you'll get a really good lift without us well without having to tease if they really don't want it, but I've never had a client take don't tease my head

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!