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Lesson 17/25 - Introduction and Simona's Hair Kit


Working with Hair and Makeup


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Introduction and Simona's Hair Kit

All right, we're going a little cane out here all these out season robert you take you out you hear wait before we hand over today I just like teo tell you a little fan story before some minor starts with here and susan and I went out to dinner last night after the show because she looked so hard I thought it would be really nice to take her out and so obviously I've been working all day so my here's back I've got my flip flops on but she's rocking this outfit from the shoes with their high bates and we're walking down towards dinner here and ted oh and makes minute way surrounded by about twenty guys in this big plaster of men that are coming towards us and their roles tearing it susan and taking her out she standing in the middle there and I was like, hello over here susan, we just laughed all the way down there because people were steering it all the way to dinner and so we were talking about how it feels tio have here make up and I just I just wanted to have a laugh with you about ...

that it was hilarious. Well, the funny thing is when you look like that and you're not used to looking like that, you forget that you are looking like that on the outside so you're wondering why people are looking at you funny quiet guys walking by and goes like this tio which maybe you're not used to every day so we're walking around and I was just like why is that guy looking at me like that? Oh right I have a cat on my head I think glasses on and play with my exactly it feels great doesn't it feels amazing it feels amazing so it open and interesting conversation um is a glamour photographer for twenty three years I can honestly say that I photographed over five thousand women and I can honestly say I have had a conversation about self image with just about all of I'm also a woman that seems tio have lots of really great girlfriends and I have thousands and thousands of conversations about self image in my whole lifetime I seem to draw this conversation to me and uh if you look at your highest values like working through your highest values I wrote down recently that one of my highest values was that for some reason what I originally thought I did was to put here and make up on people and take photographs of them was maybe a shallow thing that I do through my twenties I thought it was a very shallow thing that I did I made people look pretty and I took the photographs and you could look at this here and make up section for what it is and so to say, war paint whatever you know, I've always joked about panel and bog, you know, panel beating when you do you hear on make up, but the one conversation that I am constantly having in my lifetime is, why does it make us feel so good when we feel beautiful? And I spoke to lorraine about it last night, and she said, turning to me, they're just absolutely just made me or go see, and that was as a woman, I just want to feel that my heart is listen to, and I feel like that conversation is so poignant, so it's one that I'm gonna bring back this afternoon, why is it so important to women to feel beautiful? And why does what we do make such a significant difference to the way you held yourself? Because I was watching this girl walk down the street yesterday, and she was walking in a different way than she normally walks, and yet there was nothing different about her, nothing, nothing different from my perspective and yet everything that she was showing the world I was getting stared right back up here, and it was so fun to watch, and I just think this afternoon we're going to bring that back and have a bit of a on the couch with all the girls about that because a, whenever I'm in a seminar talking about beauty all the women are sitting in the audience going like this and the guys are going to need stand that can you understand that so for the male photographers for the men out there that love women for the men out there that want their wives to feel beautiful the girlfriend to feel beautiful for the men out there that want to connect with that be part of that conversation and for the women out there that want to feel beautiful no matter who you are it everybody can get that feeling and it's not just about here makeup so sue can I just say that last night after we went to dinner we went played putt putt golf and you'll hear it micah yeah I saw the hair up but I had makeup on and I played putt putt golf better then I ever dio she got ahold of wine it's true true story changes everything about you pocket when you feel it's the confidence it's a confidence yeah and isn't it way thatyou I always joke about it you make up the outside so that you can feel more confident on the inside and then you shine from the inside out which has nothing to do with the outside and somehow the outside gets even better so I don't know how it works like that but that's how it works I've seen it for twenty years it's just magnificent so more of that today and gorgeous here I my whole life have had long here my whole life. I have loved doing mihir I think I'm not as attractive when I don't have here. I have actually cut on my hero. I think here is a really important part of who you are and it's a really important part of how your photograph nothing feels more sexy than beautiful here. And when you work with makeup artists and, um, we have a mutual friend who is an incredible here style is when you work with people like this and they can do you're here for you. I feel like a billion dollars if I had no makeup on in running tricks and I had nothing else. If I have great here, I feel incredible. So sunny morning and leave us finer. Thanks, master. So, really, what you need a ce forest tools to achieve the looks that we achieve is it is not a whole lot it's. Not an expensive kit. Um, I have your hairdryer, three sites, tongue and ghd and just a a range of different brush sizes. Attell comb for back, combing on dh, then just a few different big brushes for rushing out of here, um, sectioning clips, and then these little clips of got those by hundreds for setting the hair the way that you saw yesterday and you will see again today instead of using rollers these days I tend to use my tongue because I find that smooth hair look better, give it more direction and then used these clips to set them into like a roller set um all the hair that we do is pretty much the same and it stays the same through the chute and I don't really change it up except sometimes I brush it out a little bit more I pin it back to put a flower in and they just really quick, simple changes so these are just some images from a recent shoot that certain I did off jamie and we started off with quite a tight way just flick this way so we started with quite a tight sort of girl that said around her face and then I pulled it out brushed it out and then I will put some product backing to scrunch it back up and just pinned in different directions just to change up what we're shooting at a flower um that's it's sort of more wild and rushed out and that's rushed out even further, so the coals relaxed even more and now we've painted over to the other side and when I painted I don't take a long time it's literally standing on set you know, around the breast through it, run my hand through it, and then so you guys are just pin it up, he said. I just wedge a few pins in and it's it's, a matter of minutes. So it's it's really it's that easy. But having the right tools and putting the right girls to start with, I think, helps because then you know what you can do with it and where you can go. Um, let's. See if we got another slide. There we go, that's the same again and that's a final shot. So same here. Just a slight little tweak on it.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!