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Introduction to Sue and Simona

Hello internet um well my days of a kiwi accent that's pretty full on all I can say is thank you so much for having me back and thank you so much for just going to the effect that you've gone tio tio support me, my social media has never stopped and spain nearly six months since my last course and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't get hit on facebook multiple times about creative life it's an amazing results and I'm just you know, huge gratitude to be standing here again with an amazing group of students and make a pot of students photography, makeup out of students and all about models that actually in some way related to the photographic community as well a ll riel sort of models and not real models really sort of in our community before I leave simona to teach you about hair and makeup. I would just like to say that I left school when I was very young and I did hear a makeup that was first thing I did when I lives go hours about sixteen when I studied in here make up in my...

whole life has been about here and make up and so obviously when I became a photographer in lemon photography was really big in the late eighties early nineties it was off course something that I was very, very attracted to as a genre and when it died I just keep that alive and I have enjoyed twenty three years of watching people transform with here and make up and all the trains that go with it I could not do what I do without someone likes a minor you know because she takes my shoots to that next level and she also takes the transformation in the experience for my client to the next level so I'm very, very excited about about her teaching you how she does what she does so well um obviously part of some miners hit here part of her highest quality is that she's very calm and that she gives my clients and experience before they get into the studio that's just so beautiful and so coming and so reassuring and so confident and so beautiful and it makes a huge difference to what we doing how we do it so that's part of who she is personally and um yeah that's what I really love about here but she's been a professional make about us for sixteen years today I'm going to leave some minor to teach you about makeup we're gonna focus on here tomorrow I'm gonna shoot all of these beautiful girls today so that you can watch me photograph them and see their beautiful transformations from before and after later this afternoon I would um we're going to tell you a wonderful story because when I met simona two years ago she actually is married to a photographer and he's been trying to put a camera in her hands for about eleven years and she never ever wanted to pick one up until she met may so she went home to her husband and she said you're right I really liked you you were gonna work together and I want a photograph is well so simona has been building her little business glamour business while she's been working with me for the last two years and she's going to show you here uh journey from mica paris to photography studio in here behind the scenes and who before and afters and how after two years she's um has an average sale of turned a half thousand dollars shooting my genre and yet a great story and I can't my tissue that and thus I have to introduce how girls how girls and helping the girl said helping today for here and make up the reason I've done this is I wanted to have five models I wanted to have different ages I wanted to have different here types I wanted to have different ethnicities and samona can't do five makeups simultaneously so we asked these girls to join us they are all either photographers or working in photography studio ladies working in photography studio syria is obviously working in her own photography studio tiffany angelis is a photographer from los angeles so all of them shooting sort of my general of them, uh incorporating here makeup into the business in all of them are students. So, um, you're watch these these guys learn along with you, and I think we'll just get into it. Yeah, teach you how to do beautiful my cat thing. You're gonna hit that before we leave. I I've put a little spelling mistake, my canine, I just like to say my biggest my biggest role when photographing and working with makeup is asking the clients how they want to look on dh I think that's probably the most important rule is that I make sure when I have a new makeup artist or when I bring somebody into my studio, the first thing I say to my maker badasses you master asked them how they want to look. I also have this little trick when the makeup artist goes to wash your brushes or wash your hands. I turned to my client always, and I say I am happy with you here in my cap because I don't really care about the makeup artist like you're about my client and that my client looks exactly how they want to look, so that is more important to me than anything else is listening, and then I have rules. So my roles really uh um I've seen him before but I say them a lot the first thing I do when I sit down with my makeup artist is I say I do not want any glitters or any shimmer on the face because I shoot natural light and chinook and look beautiful and flesh photography even natural light it doesn't on an aged eyelid shimmer looks wrinkly and I don't like it um all the contouring the way we used to contour our faces with bronze of four flash photography has changed I find that I just remove it all in photoshopped in postproduction so that annoys me so I asked for no bronze contouring on the face and the old style of doing blusher on the cheekbone and using that as a contour in the bronzer that out for me as well I don't like that also I have really strong roles and then I realized over the years that we would really produce the same makeup for multiple clients so once I I talked to simone about what I wanted and she understood my roche's she works around you know what she knows is a makeup at us but then what I do and don't like what photographs well we create a look essentially that we use on every client it's really one look it's just a different level of makeup so it starts off natural and it goes right through toe a full smokey glamour lid, but it's only one makeup. Look, now there are multiple makeup looks in this world, and you can ask any makeup artist to teach you those. But the truth is, is at the end of the day, this one makeup that you're about to see on all five of these woman, it just looks incredible across the board. So that's, what someone is going to teach you this morning and those of my role. So I lay down the rules, and then I leave the makeup at us to do the work, and when I come back, I hope that everybody's happy. Thanks. So, okay, so makeup essentials. I'll be talking you through what I'm using as they do, um, these air, my favorite brushes that I have in my kit, plus many, many, many more over these have collected so much.

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Sue Bryce's hair and makeup artist Simona Janek came back to CreativeLive to teach hair and makeup for photography! In her course, she talks about how to start offering hair and makeup in your photography studio, how best to work with hair and makeup artists, and more. In two full days of practical instruction, she teaches technique and style. She teaches communication and how to get the look you want. And as a bonus, she also teaches women the fundamentals of how to apply their own makeup!